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10 WWE Stars and Their Super Hot Cars


10 WWE Stars and Their Super Hot Cars

Most WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) superstars are aware that they are athletes who have the talent to be actors in movies as well as the ring. WWE superstars are pretty much like Hollywood stars who are paid well for all the risks and effort they put in throughout their career. That much dedication and passion towards their career should give them what they truly want, and that is a lot of money and what comes with it. Being part of a big company gives them the freedom to enjoy what they want to do with their earnings. Most of them reward or pamper themselves with luxury cars. These cars are not just defined by a boundless and advanced level of technology, but the great prestige it will reflect on the owner.

It is the talk of the town when the discussion is all about WWE superstars in both the past and present and ways they have dedicated their earnings in securing cars that are just the perfect means to totally show off one’s wealth. It’s a reward system for them since they pour out their sweat and blood, quite literally.  Today, we are going to look closer at 10 WWE wrestlers who own seriously mouthwatering rides.

10. The Rock’s Chevrolet Chevelle

Whoever watched the trailer for the movie, Faster where Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Chevelle SS was featured throughout the video, one would truly be amazed by the vintage car’s beauty. It was as if the car overshadowed Dwayne Johnson and the plot of the trailer itself. Car enthusiasts can understand what I’m talking about. It was revealed that the prop production team of the movie used 1972 and 1971 Chevelles instead of the more valuable 1970 model. The reason is only a matter of simple economics, that is, wrecking a 1970 Chevelle was determined to be too much of a luxury and only crazy people would have the guts to go about destroying one. Also, in Ryan Gosling’s movie Drive, the said Chevelle SS was the first choice of the movie director, Nicolas Winding Refn. So much love showed to this vintage car.

From the picture above, we can see that he’s more than proud to show off his great possession; the Chevrolet Chevelle. An epic idol to many, he has reached the heights of stardom, from WWE to Hollywood that is. Not only does he have this vintage automobile, but he also has a cool car collection that includes other luxurious cars in his garage. Dwayne Johnson’s car collection includes a $1.3 million Pagani Huayra, Ford F-150 Pickup Custom-Built, Rolls-Royce Wraith, and a 2017 Ford GT not to mention many others.

9. Eddie Guerrero’s Lowrider

He is considered one of the best-remembered wrestlers of all-time and of course nothing beats Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero’s Lowrider. Lowriding enthusiasts and all of the fans of WWE may truly recognize his strong desire for lowriders and he is the only wrestler to always enter the ring with this kind of valuable car. Many superstar wrestlers use vehicles as part of their publicity devices during their matches, but with Eddie’s lowrider, it is classic. Remember the segment where Batista surprised him with a new lowrider backstage? He was truly stunned with the present from Batista. It’s totally an unforgettable moment.

Eddie loved lowriders ever since he was little and saw them roaming around town during his younger years. Though not all of the lowriders he rode in and showed up at his matches in were owned by him, he did own one lowrider and that is the one in the picture above. Big thanks to all the low riding groups and communities because they have offered their most valuable possessions to Eddie to roll into the ring with style. They somehow met with Eddie and took time to discuss with him a way to loan their cars to him to use live in WWE matches. This shows how much Eddie truly loves lowriders.

8. JBL’s Limousine

JBL was a financial analyst for Fox News before pursuing his career as a wrestler in WWE. No wonder that he plays a repulsive urban cowboy in a suit, riding in a limousine and then a stock market bell rings in the background whenever he enters a match. His limousine is one of the highlights of WWE episodes. Anyone remember when the great Batista destroyed JBL’s (John Bradshaw Layfield) limousine in one of the episodes of WWE? All the fans were amazed and talking about it when it happened and it was considered one of the most hilarious car smashing scenes in the history of WWE. By the end of Batista’s rage, not one single window was left unbroken and the limousine was a total wreck. Also, remember when the Undertaker chokeslams JBL through the roof of his limousine? Who can forget this happening? Lastly, Eddie Guerrero stole one of JBL’s tires off his limo during a Smackdown event.

Limousines have a lot of quality and they stand in the market as one of the most luxurious cars in the world. This has been the epitome of high-class travel for years and for JBL owning one of these luxurious cars, it makes him a part of history as well. He has the most well-known and impressive limousines among all the WWE wrestlers.

7. Randy Orton’s Hummer

Hummers are considered the most reliable off-roader on the streets nowadays. If this is representing a WWE wrestler, surely he’s going to be a beast on his own. The second version of this luxurious fighter vehicle was not far different from the first one when it was tested for its capabilities off-road. Randy Orton owns a custom H2 that rolls and rocks down the street with massive power and strength. It is sure to be one of the tops in the market, even these days. It is said that this is one of the most expensive cars Randy Orton owns among his entire collection. So this Hummer seems to have an intimate connection to the WWE superstar.

Randy Orton is one of the most talented and feared superstars in WWE history. He is popularly known by different names such as “The Apex Predator,” “The Viper” and “Legend Killer.” He is a very proud Hummer owner. This matches his personality and naturally shows and emphasizes his current style as well being as a WWE wrestler. He doesn’t really seem to be a guy who would throw cash at some fancy car and for the most part, that’s true. That’s why there’s a report that his Hummer H2 Dub is just a gift from his fellow friends.

6. John Cena’s Ford Mustang

Perhaps one of the most beloved wrestlers in the history of WWE, John Cena. The public can’t seem to stop giving him accolades and loving every bit of him. He dominated the WWE world when he made his debut, joining other wrestlers in 1999 at the ‘old’ age of 29. He has now also started to make films and actually has been the main star of a handful of movies. But one of the most highlighted features of John Cena is his love for automobiles. As the picture above shows a Ford Mustang, he is very much into it.

A car enthusiast will always be a car enthusiast no matter what it takes. John Cena, who is a huge car guy and loves to collect different types of cars. Cars that are almost as muscular as he is. John Cena has a massive collection of vehicles that anybody would be jealous of. To be exact, he owns a total of 20 cars, and take note that some of these are very unique or one of a kind. Imagine 20 cars? So you probably would conclude that he has numerous garages and large driveways, as we’re pretty sure it is difficult to fit all these cars in one place.

5. Batista’s BMW 745li

Another wrestler famous for having a lot of cars is none other than Dave Bautista. For Dave Bautista, one would really be surprised about the quality of cars he prefers. The first ever expensive car he bought and started his collection with was a black 2003 BMW 745Li. Consequently, he is content with the space and design of his first expensive car since he didn’t have the time to change anything or customize it. Since it’s the first of his own, he tells everyone that he still has a strong connection with this car. He most loves the wheels of it, which can’t be found on any other vehicles. BMW with its own brand is popular worldwide for its high-class and quality style.

Last year, he sold his 2008 BMW M6 for a good price and his reason for selling is simply because he owns too many cars and he wanted to get rid of some of them. So what are the other cars in his garage? Other cars you will find are a gleaming white Mercedes Benz, which is said to be a gift for his wife, and Hummer H2.

4. Goldberg’s 1965 Shelby Cobra

Bill Goldberg has a big love for collecting classic restored cars. Born to be a muscle car enthusiast, most of the cars in his garage are presently American muscle cars. Of course, his quest for collecting cars started when he became a certified wrestler. So instead of choosing his ultimate dream car, what he did was totally insane. He chose to buy 20 cars. He is known for upgrading classic cars as he owns Goldberg Garage where restoration of classic cars takes place. He even mentioned that whenever he feels like going to his garage, he feels like he’s cheating on his wife. This goes to show how much he loves his cars.

In the picture shown above is the 1965 Shelby Cobra Replica. He just recently upgraded the clutch of his beloved Shelby Cobra. This car is said to be very special to Bill because Birdie Elliott, Bill Elliott’s brother, was the one who built this specific car for him. Also according to him, he imagines what individuals are thinking whenever they see him in this kind of car. But it’s for sure full of fun and excitement whenever he’s with this special replica.

3. Stone Cold’s Monster Truck

If other WWE superstars are into cars, this famous wrestler makes a different statement. Though this former WWE wrestler loves different kinds of rides, he is famous because he loves to ride in all sorts of crazy vehicles, including monster trucks, a cement truck, and trucks carrying beer. There’s an episode in WWE showing the feud between Stone Cold and The Rock where Stone Cold’s monster truck demolishes and ruins Rock’s car. It is considered a notable event since it’s the only match where a wrestler used a car during a fight. Not only did it crush The Rock’s car, but also a car belonging to Vince McMahon; a brand new Corvette. Fans really went wild and cheered for the wrestler when he drove that cement truck.

The famous monster truck is now kept by Stone Cold himself (Steve Austin). It was reported that one monster truck was a gift from Vince McMahon because of WWE’s rising success and big ratings. The monster truck reflects the personality of Steve Austin: big and strong-willed.

2. Hulk Hogan’s 1994 Dodge Viper

Is anybody out there who doesn’t know Hulk Hogan? Typically, all individuals of most generations know who he is. Yellow and red are the prominent colors of this famous professional wrestler. First generation Dodge Vipers are considered a classic in the market of automobiles. Wrestling champion Hulk Hogan takes care of this prized possession. He mentioned that this is the vehicle that he would still choose over and over again. Though he also has a number of other cars in his garage, the 1994 Dodge Viper is his primary choice.

It might be remembered that there was an instance where people thought it was the Dodge Viper that his son was driving when he was in an accident, but turns out it was a different car. In 2008, there was news mentioning that the injured victim who was a passenger of the wrestler’s son was filing a lawsuit for negligence against the wrestler, his estranged wife, and his son, who was the driver of the car when the accident occurred. The car his son was driving was not the Dodge Viper, but instead, a Toyota Supra, and was street racing against a silver Dodge Viper driven by a friend. So the 1994 Dodge Viper is still in superb condition. It’s still vibrant and loud and thus perfect for Hulkster himself.

1. Chuck Palumbo’s 1965 Chevrolet Corvette

This 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is Chuck Palumbo’s first choice among his other cars in his garage. This is the second generation of the Corvettes and is one of the most prized possessions of the professional wrestler from his early years. The former WWE wrestler now has time for doing business with his partner Rick Dore, picking up neglected automobiles to buy and sell to make a living. A wrestler turned restorer he has a heart for helping out those car hoarders out there. This is something he didn’t expect to happen after retiring from being a wrestler.

He is currently the host in the series, Lord of the Car Hoards on the Discovery Channel. He stated that at first he thought the main impact of the show was to be all about cars, but it didn’t turn out as he expected it to be. For him, it comes down to those people he helps and he found his greatest pleasure – helping people in this way. A big man also with a big heart. Palumbo is also known for once saving a woman who was involved in a car accident.

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