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10 WWE Star Who are Extremely Tough to Work With


10 WWE Star Who are Extremely Tough to Work With

Professional wrestling is not a sport. It is much more than that. Professional wrestling is a sport, entertainment, and an art form. It’s easy to try to knock out or submit an opponent inside the octagon, that’s no big deal. What’s difficult is to fight your heart out and know that you will lose in the end. At least, that’s how everyone starts, by losing. This is why people say professional wrestling is fake. It’s not fake, it’s fiction. All the TV shows people watch every day, their stories have been written, why aren’t they fake? This is a showtime bomb of sport, athleticism, drama, and good old-fashioned acting.

It is as dangerous as any other contact sport out there, perhaps even more dangerous. Take the UFC, 2 fighters in a ring going at it for 3 or 5 five-minute rounds. Inside a cage that no one can see through clearly. Seriously, they expect us to watch through thick black chicken wires? These fighters can do whatever they want, they just have to protect themselves and knock the other one out first. Professional wrestling is a dance, a choreographed match-up that takes hours of practice, coordination, and timing. Only the best get to do it. But sometimes, among these best, there are some with not-so-nice characteristics. Whether it in-ring, or out-of-the-ring antics, these things make the wrestler extremely hard to work with. Here are 10 of WWE’s wrestlers who most find extremely hard to work with.

10. Randy Orton

Randy Orton is one of the best wrestlers today, we can argue that he could be the next face of the WWE. He’s a bug guy at 6 feet and 5 inches, and he has the most explosive finishing move. The Randy Killer Orton, or the RKO. That gets the fans riled up. But Orton said that RKO actually just means his initials. We’d like to think it means the former. Randy Orton, by professional wrestling and WWE standards, is a beast. But why is his name on this list?

Randy Orton’s poison is not manifested in the ring, it’s what he does outside the ring that makes him a tough professional wrestler to work with. More specifically, it’s three letters: E, G, and O. His big ego probably had him kicked out of the military, his ego is what is poisoning him and the WWE for years. He’s a performer, fans love him, and he rakes in the money. But his off-camera personality is too much for his peers and the management. He even spills some of that ego of his on air, with the incident involving Diva Kelly, and his poor performance comments against the other wrestlers. He’s one of the greats, but this is a lethal poison that would likely make or break his career in the near future.

9. CM Punk

Everybody loves CM Punk! CM Punk probably is too nice and very professional towards his peers that we have not heard of any bad things the other wrestlers ever said about him. In conclusion, CM Punk has been a great colleague, in and out of the ring. That’s a fact. The story is different, outrageously different when you turn the mic and put it on management. Here lies the problem, in here the boogeyman emerges. We’ve watched, heard, and read all the exchanges between CM Punk and WWE management, particularly Vince McMahon. Vince even went out on a calculated comment saying CM Punk was harder to work with than a drugged-up Shawn Michaels. Vince’s attempts were futile, CM Punk just took that one as a compliment.

Up until today, no one really knows what the truth really was. No one can point out who was at fault, was it management’s fault, they managed the situation, and their talent, poorly. But isn’t that their job, to manage their people? Was CM Punk that bad that they had to resolve it this way? We also think it might be the burnout, WWE is known to work their big-name talents to the bone. CM Punk may have just found a way out, he got tired of it all and saw that ticket out.

8. Goldberg

Goldberg was Greenberg when he started out in WCW. With very little training and virtually zero professional wrestling experience, the management threw him in the ring, in the spotlight, and with the big time professional wrestlers of that time, like Bret, The Hitman, Hart. We’ll get to Bret Hart in just a quick thrust kick. Greenberg was carried by his totally more experienced, and highly trained peers inside the ring, on the actual game. A little practice here and there, of course, but nevertheless, very green. What’s worse was that after all the support he got from the veterans in the organization, his already big head (literally) got even bigger (figuratively). So big that he was caught once saying that Chris Jericho was beneath him. What? Greenberg, you sob! You were still wide-eyed and full of hope in the NFL when Chris Jericho was already making waves in independent circuits.

Greenberg, er, Goldberg, then had a match with former tag team partner, Bret Hart. It was Starrcade 99 and it was the last match of Bret Hart’s professional career. A poorly-placed thrust kick would hit Hart square on the temple, then Goldberg goes to work on him by banging his head on the mat a few times. He is on this kind of list every time for all time, sorry Greenberg.

7. Lana

A true sight for sore eyes, Lana is not just a WWE diva. She is more than a professional wrestler. She is also an actress, a singer, a dancer, and a model. Such talent in that sexy, athletic body and a beautiful face. Her attributes almost want someone to think that it’s all so good, she may have something bad about her. Well, they are correct. Lana embodies everything a diva is, the looks, the talent, and the demeanor. And not just on stage, but off stage too. This is serious Daniel Day-Lewis method acting, and that’s what makes her a really hard wrestler to work with.

Some wrestlers draw the line, or kind of pick one of the two to be bad against, her co-stars or the management. Being the total diva that she is, she chose both. She’s had altercations with her workmates left and right, and with WWE management as well. She went off the character, one that Daniel Day-Lewis would never do, and off-script by telling everybody about her romantic relationship with Rusev. This was a big headache for management, everyone knows we should never mess up a WWE storyline. This was a mess they had to clean up just because Lana was being a diva.

6. Brock Lesnar

Some people say Brock Lesnar is like the Terminator. We tend to agree, but only with the fact that he is like a machine, a machine in his work ethic, and nothing else. He has the emotional level of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in The Terminator. It’s not that hard to believe, just look at his eyes, those blank stares that we always see on TV, you cannot train for that. That’s who he is. That’s what made him the worst man in the UFC. He is the champion for a reason, he is the best. But all theatrics and script aside, when the day is done and it’s time to let go a little of your on-screen persona, nothing actually happens to Brock Lesnar.

That’s what makes him hard to work with, he is like a cyborg. A big pile of muscle and bone, no heart. He is all business when it comes to practice and rehearsals. Just a dull guy with a lot of muscles and a head and arms and legs.

He will not try to make friends with you and forget about small talk, you’ll be lucky to get more than 2 syllables from him. That and also his clumsy play, maybe a little camaraderie, big guy, that could go a long way, am I right? You’re not all muscle and no brain, let’s have some fun while we do it.

5. Seth Rollins

Please be old enough to remember Sting. Every breath you take, what? No, not the singer, the wrestler! Sting was notorious for inadvertently injuring his colleagues in the line of work. There are just people like him. A gardener can be a green thumb, whatever they put in the soil grows into a nice plant or tree, or produce lots of fruits and stuff.

Sting is the broken thumb, he breaks every wrestler he works with. Not really everyone, but he has the most cases of matches where he accidentally injures a fellow wrestler. He stands at the highest part of the podium and owns this award. To his side is Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins is quickly becoming the Sting of today. He has injured a few wrestlers to date. A knee to John Cena’s nose, that prevented Cena from getting all those pretty boy roles in Hollywood. Finn Balor fell when Rollins did a Buckle Bomb on him. But Finn Balor never blamed Rollins for it. And the cream of the crop, his life’s work, cue Alanis Morissette’s Ironic, Seth Rollins ended one wrestler’s career with another Buckle Bomb, who was it? It was Sting. Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think, it’s like rain……

4. Ryback

In deep in this article now, we’ve already learned of WWE professional wrestlers and their lack of professionalism, on air and mostly off the air. How they disrupt the well-oiled machine that has been the organization’s system for decades. Some stars, WWE puts up with, some they eventually let go. For whatever reason these wrestlers may have, be it against another performer, or against management, there are still the majority that can work with their peers and gel very well with management.

The more pressing issue or the unavoidable ones are the accidents that happen that result in injuries, even ending careers, and on very rare cases, death. This is why professional wrestling is very real, it takes hundreds of hours of training and experience, countless practices and rehearsals.

After all of that, things could still go wrong, and they do, more often than the industry likes it. Take Ryback for example, he is a talented and experienced wrestler. But he still gets it wrong at times. Ryback is on this list because he is walking the fine line between accident and clumsiness. One such victim is CM Punk, whose back injury was aggravated by Ryback, he often performs with sloppy carelessness, watch closely and you might see it in one of his matches.

3. Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is a WWE superstar diva. She is beautiful, talented, and just a spectacular athlete to watch. She has her own army of fans, loyal fans that admire her and support her no matter what. Speaking of fans, ever seen a selfie of a fan with Sasha Banks, no smile whatsoever, right? Maybe that’s how she wants it to look, maybe it’s part of her diva persona. But c’mon just a little smile in that selfie with that cool kid adoring you, that’s not too much to ask from a fan. Here’s another professional wrestler whose professionalism went out the window. There really are some real-life divas, at least Sasha is a WWE diva, we’ll give her that.

If we ever heard or read something about Sasha Banks being easy to work with and friendly, that’s all part of the show. In reality, she is one tough “beach”, that’s the consensus among her fellow divas. The camaraderie and friendship backstage is non-existent, what you saw or heard might have just been the script talking. People even think, and they may be correct on this one, that the reason she has not elevated yet to that big name in the WWE is largely because of her personality.

2. Dolph Ziggler

Here we have a diva that’s not a WWE diva. Shame on you, Dolph Ziggler, for adding to the bad rap the WWE divas are already getting. Dolph Ziggler is a very good wrestler, he is skilled like the best of them. He draws fans and is electrifying in the ring. He is a very good example of a money-making wrestler for the WWE. But he has serious flaws that’s stopping him to take on that next step in his already illustrious career, to be the face of the WWE. He is a world-class diva, his arrogance is astounding, and his professional demeanor off-ring and off-camera has made it difficult for the others to work with him.

It’s one thing to personify a character, but to do it in a way that would negatively affect the people around you, and the organization as a whole, is something the WWE is not prepared to tolerate. Dolph Ziggler’s ego is so big that he’s started to alienate friends in the business. The cockiness, the self-importance, and the total disregard for other people really makes him sound like a narcissist. Maybe he can be the new Narcissist Lex Luger. No, Lex Luger is too good for Dolph Ziggler.

1. Triple H

What Triple H has achieved in the WWE organization is no big feat. In fact, he was the only one to make it into the inner circle and transition from a superstar wrestler to a real management position. For years we’ve learned that only the McMahons can do it. For a regular wrestler to infiltrate that McMahon wall of protection and get inside the circle is a talent no regular wrestler could train for or possess. But Hunter Hearst Helmsley managed to do it on his own. But it did not come with a price, or should we say prices.

He has burned bridges left and right and had other big-name superstars say something about him that does not help his reputation. This is not a squabble of wrestlers with bad blood or scores to settle with the man, this is verifiable and probable concerns from the likes of Chyna, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, CM Punk, and Chris Jericho. He has mostly used his influence through the years to blatantly block other wrestlers from getting to the next level when it suits him, or when he thinks it would be a threat to his own career. He is a sneaky, two-faced guy, a perfect fit in management.

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