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10 Ways Wendy’s Can Beat McDonald’s And Burger King


10 Ways Wendy’s Can Beat McDonald’s And Burger King

The fast food wars have been going on since the first hamburger came off the grill. And these days, with social media as a chosen battlefield, this war can get quite aggressive. Who can climb to the top and vanquish the competition? Can a little red-headed girl defeat a king and a clown? Let’s find out with the 10 Ways Wendy’s Can Beat McDonald’s And Burger King.  

10. Wendy’s International Expansion

Perhaps the biggest part in getting McDonald’s to that top spot in the fast food realm, is that they have restaurants located all over the world. McDonald’s truly is an international brand, and this fact alone has certainly given them a big advantage over competitors. The fact that they’re a household name in so many languages proves their overall worth and dominance. This is the reason Wendy’s has decided to launch a worldwide expansion campaign, placing restaurants in countries that have never seen a Wendy’s before. It’s hard to win the war when your only watching from the sidelines. This would help Wendy’s compete in places where they weren’t even in the game before. Many believe that it’s a great tactic, but it needs to be done just right for it to work. Wendy’s has tried a similar expansion like this before, and it didn’t work all that well. But with an updated strategy it just might work in their favor. They’ll be able to bring all the traits that set them apart from their competitors in North America to new locations scattered across the globe.

9. The Purchase & Eventual Sale Of Tim Horton’s 

It was back in 1995 that Wendy’s purchased the popular Canadian coffee and donut franchise Tim Horton’s for a whopping sum of $425 million dollars! For years they speckled the Great White North with dual locations – buildings that housed a Timmy’s on one side and a Wendy’s on the other. These side by side locations certainly did well for a time, but Tim Horton’s on its own, had failed to achieve the success that the Wendy’s group had originally hoped for. So, it was in 2014, that Burger King purchased Tim Horton’s for an even larger sum of $11.4 billion dollars! These were dark times at the home of the square burger. Wendy’s expansion and its allegiance with another restaurant looked to be unsuccessful. But that was then, and this is now. Without the added stress or overhead necessary to oversee the Tim Horton’s brand as well, Wendy’s can now focus and concentrate on garnering some steam for their namesake brand. And just think of the profit they made on that Tim Horton’s sale! Now there’s a rainy day fund that they can surely pump back into the Wendy’s brand. And Tim Horton’s wasn’t the only restaurant chain they purchased. They purchased many over the years, including the Mexican cuisine-themed Baja Fresh. Apparently this chain isn’t doing well at all, and it’s been reported that it just might see its end sometime in 2020 or thereabouts. So it may have been with their investments in other restaurant franchises that Wendy’s lost some focus on themselves. Of course the Wendy’s company still has many other holdings and investments, but with Baja Fresh soon to be doomed and Tim Horton’s weighing down their competitor, Burger King, maybe they can now focus on Wendy’s and make a run for the top spot. 

8. The Addition Of Breakfast

With the exception of those that practice intermittent fasting, breakfast is viewed as being the most important meal of the day. And even for those who skip breakfast altogether, or don’t wake up until noon, many still enjoy the many breakfast foods available to one and all – even if it’s not first thing in the morning. This is one of the reasons that McDonald’s offers some breakfast items all day long at certain locations. It’s just good business sense. Now Wendy’s has offered breakfast before and unfortunately, over time, those breakfast items were pulled from the menu … specifically because they weren’t selling as well as they had hoped. But, as we can see, Wendy’s seems to have a new hope for the future. Wendy’s is getting back on the breakfast bandwagon and things look bright indeed. They launched their new breakfast menu in early 2020, and have hopes that their new breakfast menu will do well with consumers compared to their last breakfast roll-out. And the new menu looks to be quite interesting, as this time around it isn’t just be a carbon copy of what other restaurants are serving. There will be the standard breakfast sandwiches seen at other restaurants filled with eggs, bacon and the like, although with slight differences. They also have three croissant and three biscuit sandwiches, containing sausage, egg, bacon and swish cheese. But the crown jewel of this new breakfast menu has to be the Breakfast Baconator. It’s Wendy’s famous Baconator, taken to another level for breakfast. Featuring a grilled sausage patty, american cheese, heaps of applewood smoked bacon, a fresh-cracked egg, and topped with more cheese and more bacon, all covered in a swiss cheese sauce… Now Wendy’s has put together a breakfast menu that’s uniquely their own and we’re pumped Wendy’s is back in the breakfast game!

7. Wendy’s Has Past Failures To Fuel Them

The true measure of success is how you react to adversity. After a set-back do you just give up and go home or do you use that set-back as fuel going forward? When it comes to Wendy’s, it’s their past failures that may provide the catalyst for their potential future success. Wendy’s was founded in 1969 by Dave Thomas. And it’s in their storied and bumpy past, that we can see a common thread held strong and true over time – Wendy’s doesn’t give up all that easily. No matter what obstacles came their way. Their legacy is rich and they are a big part of the fast food culture that gripped North America in the mid 20th Century. And it is in that storied past dotted with failures that made Wendy’s stronger in the end. They encountered numerous failures with their international expansion efforts in the past. They also failed majorly with their first foray trying to get into the fast food breakfast game. But as they say, it is out of one’s failures where they can find the focus and drive to finally succeed. And Wendy’s has succeeded in many more avenues than they have failed. So this fast food giant has learned and has continued to push into the market shares held by the almighty Mickey D’s and Burger King. And they plan on a continued to push to take more of the market share until they reach the top!

6. Wendy’s is Fed Up With Not Being Number 1

While many award winners say it’s nice just to be nominated, after fifty years of watching others pick up trophies, you would want to finally get a win. Wendy’s is sick and tired of being number two, or three when it comes to the big burger chains. They want to be number one and finally get the chance to give an acceptance speech. Sounds like a long shot but don’t count them out. Losing time and time again is enough to get the underdog ready and willing to do whatever it takes to nab that top spot. And this, quote unquote, “underdog” ultimately has a lot of fans out there. Slow and steady wins the race and now Wendy’s is sending warning shots across the competitions bow. Wendy’s is sending a clear message to McDonald’s and BK that this time, they mean business. Of course McDonald’s still reigns supreme and there are many sceptics out there who think that dethroning them is simply an impossible task. We still have to admire Wendy’s for continuing to try and not just standing pat. With competition comes innovation and Wendy’s is primed for a push to the top. No one wants to be the bridesmaid forever so we are not counting out Wendy’s, especially when she has a chip the size of a Baconater on her shoulder.

5. Fresh Beef Vs Frozen

Since the opening of its first restaurant, Wendy’s has been serving fresh beef to its customers – never passing up an opportunity to bring that up in announcements and commercials. This of course was a dig directed at the other burger chains serving up frozen patties to the masses. The fact that their meat is grilled fresh and on the spot, gives Wendy’s burgers that wholesome, meaty goodness that can be appreciated by one and all. They continue to use social media to rile up the competition about Wendy’s never frozen beef. The taunting may have played a role in McDonald’s recently releasing a fresh beef version of their quarter pounder – which by the way hasn’t gone over all that well. Many feel that the integrity of what was once the classic beef patty at McDonald’s has seemingly lost its luster. Go figure. What Wendy’s has on its side of course, is the fact that they’ve always served fresh meat, so their burgers haven’t lost any of their luster now have they? But the answer to the eternal question of whether people prefer fresh or frozen beef seems to have been answered, since the big M still stands at the top – for now.

4. Wendy’s Is Ranked High In Polls 

In a recent poll, Wendy’s beat Burger King as a favored fast food restaurant, but still came in 2nd to McDonald’s. The fact that they beat one of the top dogs (or kings) of the fast food industry is still something to be proud of and something that can only further fuel Wendy’s desire to win the fight in the end. Other fast food chains like Subway placed below on that same poll. When it comes to these three titans of the fast food industry, Wendy’s is still the baby. McDonald’s was launched in 1940 and Burger King in 1953. Each of these restaurant chains has a long history and loyal supporters. As we mentioned, Wendy’s is only fifty years old, so yeah, they’re still the youngest. But the fact that they can actually score higher than one of these other two burger titans shows definite promise for the future. And furthermore, gives them more of that “edge” we mentioned earlier. In war, you’ve gotta have an edge. Whether the battle is fought in the boardroom, or in the kitchen. “Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” So said Sun Tzu in his magnum opus, The Art Of War. It is in this book that the shrewdest of businessmen have sought knowledge and advice on how to behave in business, and not just in war. The book served as a keen advisory to all businessmen, and was quite popular. Also from the book: “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” And maybe chaos is the right word when it comes to the ever changing fast food landscape. Maybe Wendy’s can throw a giant monkey wrench into the the competitions plans thus creating an opening for them to grab that number one spot overall. In 2011 Wendy’s actually did finally score that top spot in a telephone survey, so it can be done. But polls and surveys aside, what matters most is the end result, who is making the most money. 

3. Expansion Itself Is A Positive Stride Forward

So let’s say that in 2020, Wendy’s expansion moves forward as planned, and that the new locations flourish with clients flocking through the doors. Then that would conceivably mean we will be seeing more and more locations springing up here and there on an international level. This in and of itself is a positive move forward. Because, you see, this is the advantage that McDonald’s has over all other chains and restaurants. They have so many more locations, and oftentimes, for consumers, seeing the same restaurant spread out over large spaces and distances is a sign of quality. This of course is often a misconception, as more isn’t always better, as we can all attest. But overall, the message will be sent, and it will be read by one and all. The thought process is simple and like they say in Wendy’s business school 101 … “the more people who see our locations popping up, the more they will think that what we offer is top notch.” So basically Wendy’s has figured out that well, availability is the best ability, and just having a presence in most markets will give them a leg up. Visibility also leads to perceived success, if there are multiple Wendy’s around, well people must love it so much, that they needed to open multiple stores within the same vicinity to each other. While yes, this is all starting to sound like a big mind game, the reality is, the more locations you have,  chances are you’ll be able to serve more people, and stay within their minds when they are choosing a place to go eat.

2. Better Service at Wendy’s

When comparing the big 3, it’s not just about the food being served but the service itself. There are those who say that Wendy’s offers a better customer experience overall. Now we’re not just talking about the quality of the food here. What we mean is the actual service. Many have argued that employees at their local Wendy’s are actually a lot more polite than those working at McDonald’s. This is sometimes a common theme when it comes to huge conglomerate businesses. Oftentimes, it feels like the workers are doing you a favor by taking your order and they don’t end up treating the client as they should be treated. There are many online videos out there of McDonald’s employees being quite rude to patrons of the restaurant. But if social media and reviews are to be trusted, these types of incidents happen much less at Wendy’s locations. Of course this always varies from location to location and if the night manager at your local Wendy’s is having a bad week, your experience with Wendy’s service may differ of course. That said, in general, perhaps the fact that Wendy’s is the “nicer” place to eat will work in their favor towards toppling the king and clown.

1. A “Homier” Environment at Wendy’s

The same can be said about the Wendy’s establishments themselves as their  customer service. Many prefer the restaurant atmosphere at Wendy’s compared to other fast food chains. McDonald’s has revitalized their locations over and over again, going from run of the mill burger place to coffee shop in what seemed like the blink of an eye. But many feel that the coffee shop decor is a tad colder and less inviting than the classic burger place theme. Now, even Wendy’s has changed over time, as their decor is a bit different than it was, but they still seem to have kept the old fashion burger place theme intact, and really, that’s what we look for in these places. The smell of the burgers on the grill, a pot of chili on the stove and fries frying in the fryer… Ah …. smells like home, doesn’t it? Or at least our home away from home, where we like to sit down and be reminded of simpler times, and meals shared over a laugh or two. Now … who else has a mad craving for a Baconator? 

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