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10 Ways In-N-Out Is BETTER Than Whataburger


10 Ways In-N-Out Is BETTER Than Whataburger

There are a vast array of multi-million dollar fast food chains competing and trying to outdo each other. The competitive ecosystem has its cogs churning, finding the ways and means to stay on top of the ‘food’ chain (pun intended). Straying away from renowned chains like McDonalds or KFC, this list will delve into two regional family owned chains, In-N-Out and Whataburger. Both have roots in California and Texas respectively. Both restaurants have their fair share of menu items and an individual style that works for them. It’s time to to put on the boxing gloves and look at 10 ways In-N-Out is better than Whataburger.

10. Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication

We all want to walk in to a restaurant and not get overwhelmed by an overly complicated menu, especially in a fast food restaurant. That’s what In-N-Out has in mind and is aiming for. Unlike the complicated menu at Whataburger, In-N-Out keeps it simple. You want burgers, fries, and a drink to go on top of it? The restaurant has you covered on that front. Whataburger on the other hand seems bloated with items and sometimes it’s difficult to get exactly what you want. So you want an extra patty in your burger? And cheese added to it as well? Then In-N-Out is the way to go. Within no time you’ll be walking out of the restaurant with exactly what you want. Moreover, In-N-Out does not intend to franchise its operations as rapid growth would compromise their ideology and goal for quality control and customer stability. Looks like their menu is part of their “being consistent” philosophy, and we are not complaining at all. Sometimes keeping things simple makes the presentation more elegant and we think In-N-Out knows that, which is why it’s better than Whataburger in that context.

9. The sloppiness of the animal style, but we still love it

In-N-Out has a secret menu up their sleeve and part of that menu is the Animal Style Burger. The exploits of the item have even reached the most outer parts of the internet with comments and stories all over social media platforms. The Animal Style order is not just a source to satisfy your cravings, it is an experience. It’s the most well known secret for obvious reasons. Between your single, double or quadruple burger patties, mustard, onions and cheese compliment the item and are balanced and fried on each patty. The combination sure is a sloppy mess to eat, but the sumptuous delight is hard not to notice on the not-so-secret secret menu. You will be fighting to not embarrass yourself and keep things tidy, but it’s all well worth it as it is delicious in all the good ways. Sure they could come up with a better name but its not that big of an issue once you start demolishing it like there’s no tomorrow.

8. War of the burger

When it comes to all things burgers, the execution of In-N-Out speaks quality. Crisp patties, toppings of your choosing and sauce to top it all, everything is placed within the buns to please your taste buds. Seems like they take their motto seriously, “quality you can taste.” The ground beef tastes fresh and the patties have a homemade texture to it. Unlike the burgers available at Whataburger, it doesn’t have a manufactured feel to it. Without overpowering the burger, like some restaurants usually do, the lettuce adds further to the crispiness of the In-N-Out burgers. Yes they might have combinations of sauce that are hard to resist, but having the right amount of ingredients in an In-N-Out burger wins this round. Furthermore the fresh burgers and a secret menu are incentive enough to give the restaurant a vote of preference. Keep them coming as we munch away and indulge our taste buds.

7. Its all about the ambiance

Fast food chains are not just places you go to satisfy your hunger. Besides the food, it’s important for a restaurant to create the ambiance that best suits its personality. The color schemes and the interior design have a symbolic meaning in context to the ideologies of any given restaurant. The staff and their uniforms also compliment the place, depending upon the style they’re going for, and In-N-Out follows these traits to serve their interests. As you walk into one of their restaurants, you are treated to an old school type of menu and the employees uniforms might remind you of rolling skating servers back in the day. Yes, the uniform is white and if there is an accidental spill, the staff is expected to change, but the attire just adds to the charm. Whataburger on the other hand has the usual standard uniforms which one can expect to see at any fast food chain. The nostalgia and the style of In-N-Out works in its favor so Whataburger doesn’t beat them in that department. To top it all off, the pricing at In-N-Out is more economical compared to Whataburger and the staff are happy to serve you efficiently and with a smile. Especially since full and part time workers at In-N-Out receive insurance coverage and good compensation. All in all, the chain has a homey feel and you can even get your very own paper hat during your visit, all you have to do is ask.

6. Health is wealth

Need an extra dose of protein after spending all those hours at the gym? Worry not as In-N-Out has got you covered. Part of their menu includes the protein style burger. There are many different combinations of the protein burger and the best part is they can be modified to your liking. For instance the 4 by 4 can be ordered without the bun, has tomatoes and four small beef patties with some lettuce thrown in the mix. It’s also called the Quad Quad Protein Style burger. The triple triple or the 3 by 3 comes with three beef patties and the same toppings found in the 4 by 4. The only difference is that it comes with three patties instead of four and you can get it without the bun as well. The double double can be acquired within a lettuce wrap and has two patties with the rest being the same. If you want to go low on carbs, you just have to avoid the buns and get lettuce to replace them. Sure there is some dressing you want to watch out for and go easy on that ketchup. If you want a cheeseburger then that is also available. It has a small beef patty, American cheese slice, tomatoes and the staple In-N-Out spread. If you want to get a bit adventurous or are avoiding carbs, this burger also comes wrapped in lettuce if ordered that way. You can have your very own low carb cheeseburger with a twist. Sure Whataburger came up with a new menu design a few years ago and boasts under 550 calorie offerings. The Whataburger Jr., Cinnamon Rolls and Egg Sandwiches are some items to name a few, which do not cross the 550 mark depending on how you order them. Still at the moment, it’s not the same as In-N-Out and the flexibility in terms of modification helps the chain earn another bonus point.

5. Locker room talk

For the sake of this list we are giving reasons why In-N-Out is better than Whataburger. But who would have thought that it was part of a serious debate as to which would outrun the other. The conversation was part of a debate in the Golden State Warriors’ locker room. Players like Jordan Bell, DeMarcus Cousins, Alfonzo McKinnie and Steph Curry carried the torch of this ongoing debate and gave their own opinions as to which chain was the best. Bell asked his teammates who won this debate in this fast food battle round and most of them preferred Whataburger. Later on, he posted a video on Instagram and backed up by Cousins, they disclosed their liking of In-N-Out. To get a broader perspective on this topic, Bell put up a poll on his Instagram story asking his fans, what they had to say about this. The results came in with In-N-Out dethroning Whataburger, 77 percent to 23 percent. Now we’re going to let the stats speak for themselves and to make this argument even stronger, we could ask Beyonce for her vote and she would surely give it to In-N-Out as one of her social media pics showed her enjoying champagne, burger and fries at one of the restaurants.

4. The Flying Dutchman

Okay so let’s not confuse this with Davy Jones’s Flying Dutchman which pops out of the water with its sinister crew of hammerhead shark people. It is in fact another secret menu item worth mentioning on this list. It is indeed an interesting item on the menu and for good reason. Two beef patties sandwiched between two slices of cheese. Yes that’s it. No lettuce, no buns to cover it up and no wrapper. The name might make someone think that this is some complex food item requiring a team of cooks running around the In-N-Out kitchen, but its not. Its simplicity makes it special. To further add more flavor to the Dutchman, you can get it Animal Style or put in a grilled onion while you are at it. It’s also possible to make a giant 100 by 100 burger out of it, in case you have a massive appetite or you just got rescued from a deserted island and have been eating nothing but coconuts. The combination of burgers that can go with it and the name alone makes it better than hanging out at Whataburger. Also this would be something even Jack Sparrow would like, because unlike the heart of Davy Jones, this would surely be tasty.

3. For the love of fries

French fries are a common item whenever you go to a fast food chain. But what makes the In-N-Out version so much better is that they are fresh to the core. This too should not come as a surprise as the restaurant likes all things fresh on the plate. With an open kitchen, the guests can walk by and see how the fries are made. To make it more unique, you can even have your fries Animal Style. In doing so, you have automatically accessed part of the secret menu. Bathed in cheese, grilled onions and the famous spread, this is something truly worth checking out. It would be a crime not to do so. As stated before, Animal Style can be a messy affair and it would be advised to maybe grab a few extra napkins. The fries at Whataburger do not seem to compare with the ones at In-N-Out. The heavenly delight of those In-N-Out fries leaves an exquisite taste in your mouth with every bite and that is an experience in itself. According to an employee Animal Style fries are considered a favorite secret menu item. This is reason enough for In-N-Out to take the prize over Whataburger.

2. Bible verses at In-N-Out

Now how does a Bible verse relate to a fast food chain? It doesn’t when it comes to Whataburger or any other fast food restaurant really. But it does when it comes to In-N-Out. This restaurant franchise is known for doing their own thing and this particular practice sets them apart from the rest of the competition. Very discreetly, the restaurant adds Bible verses at the bottom of their cups and their wrappers. The company has never come out publicly to give a reason as to why they do this. Rich, the son of Harry and Esther Snyder, the founders, once said in a radio ad, “ask Jesus to come and live in your heart today. Choose life by choosing Jesus. In-N-Out Burger wishes you a full and abundant life forever.” Faith in God or a genius marketing move, whatever the scenario, the practice sounds unique if one hasn’t heard or noticed the phrases on their cups. It could be quite the “revelation” (again, pun intended). Though admittedly, for some, this could actually be a huge downside for the company. Maybe that’s a part of their tactic, too – bad publicity is still publicity, after all! Whatever the mystery behind the tactic, the cryptic verse names and number notations are not easy to spot and appear conveniently in out of the way locations. For the untrained eye, it’s something that can easily be missed. But for those who have the eyes of an eagle, deciphering the phrases will be as easy as pie. Sounds like a good pastime while you eat. Although if you are having your Animal Style burger, it would be hard to pay attention to it because half the time you will be fighting with your food to avoid any spills or unwanted stains.

1. Let the monkey out of the bun

Yes a Monkey Style burger is actually a thing. It’s not something that is on the normal menu at In-N-Out or even a part of the secret menu hall of fame. It would almost seem like a mythical legend had we not seen it for ourselves in the Twitter-verse, and as you know, seeing is believing. The Monkey burger is a combination of Animal Style Fries piled on a burger. As mentioned this item is not available on the regular or secret menu. However, all hope is not lost as you can get creative and make your very own Monkey Style burger. Sure you may get a quizzical look from the employee taking your order and the people sitting at the next table, but in our opinion it will be well worth it. Pretty sure such myths and legends don’t knock on the doors of Whataburger, which is why if you want to try out a Monkey Burger, In-N-Out is the place to be. Time to put the monkey back in the bun and cherish its mythical reality.

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