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10 Ways Dream Will Be Treated Differently


10 Ways Dream Will Be Treated Differently

In a world where notoriety equals classy and celebrities have nothing to be celebrated about, where the most popular person is the one who pulls cringe-worthy stunts without batting an eyelid, in a world where superstars are born of vices and honest people are labelled mediocre, in comes the Kardashians with their close-knit family that doesn’t care what anyone thinks about them or even what the world thinks.

In every family, there is that one person who doesn’t quite mesh. That person who always seems to be on the outside looking in. This is the family black sheep who is doomed if he does and doomed if he doesn’t. The one who will never do right. Such a character is Rob Kardashian. According to the richest, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna had a baby in 2017 and named her Dream. While the two were supposedly in love when they got together, their relationship ended in unsavory drama with Rob posting nude photos of Black Chyna online leading to her taking out a restraining order against him. Even though Rob insisted that Black Chyna cheated on him, two wrongs don’t make a right and the excessive drama was in bad taste.

This two drama queens added one more baby to the Kardashians and with this new addition, Kris Jenner became a truly blessed grandmother. This household has no shortage of love for the kids and here, the new generation is treated like royalty apart from Dream who is treated differently from the rest of her family in these 15 ways.

10. The Kardashians Feel Her Mom Is Beneath Them

An infant child needs her mother regardless of how bad, low class or ill-mannered the mother is. The Kardashians were brought up in luxury. Maybe not in the kind of luxury they are in right now but their upbringing wasn’t that bad and they most certainly never grew up in the ghetto.

Black Chyna, on the other hand, did not grow up in the lap of luxury and their socioeconomic status at the moment and in yesteryears are worlds apart. Being a Kardashian, almost everyone is beneath them and for a person like Blac Chyna to come into the family, they feel as if she is there to sully their family tree. Unfortunately for Dream, this woman is her mother and those are her blood aunts. She is a baby caught at a crossroad with both families pulling at her and she is bound to be the little girl who suffers. Even though the Kardashians try not to say anything untoward about Blac Chyna, they still snob her and no matter what her age, at some point, Dream will want to know why her mother is not a part of that family and why they treat her different. This is truly heartbreaking for a little girl.

9. The Family Can’t Stand Her Mother

Blac Chyna used to be friends with the Kardashian family and she even attended Kim’s wedding accompanied by her then-boyfriend Tyga with whom she had a son. There is a bro code and then there is a sister code. Kylie seemed to have missed the memo on this sister code and she broke all the rules of this code. Hatred is normally brewed over one major event. When it comes to the Kardashians and Blac Chyna, their hatred started over Kylie’s involvement with Tyga and even though Tyga denied it at first, he later owned up to it and here the enmity was born.

Even though she knew he was her man, she still snatched him and the two started a feud which they turned into an online rivalry with each trying to outdo the other but soon Chyna got the upper hand. She decided to hit and hit hard. Revenge they say is best served cold and Chyna was not one to take things lying down. She found a new man. Right in the Kardashian household under Kylie’s nose in the form of her brother, Rob after which she promptly got pregnant. This is why for the Kardashians, Dream will always be a revenge baby and not a fruit of love.

8. Her Dad Is the Black Sheep

In a family that is controlled by women who seem to have a Midas touch, it is no wonder that Rob Kardashian who is a nonstarter feels like an outcast. His five sisters are not only blessed with good health and perfect business acumen, they also enjoy a rich following in their reality show “keeping up with the Kardashians “ as well as various other spinoffs. Even though the women tend to have their own drama in their not so perfect relationships, they handle their issues with dignity and they are strong believers in standing by your man at least until he is better then they kick him to the curb

Rob, on the other hand, is the kind of man who goes out to marry a woman who is out for revenge probably in a juvenile way of rebelling which only seems to put a wedge between him and his sisters. He has had his struggles with his weight as well as the whole sordid drama with Dreams Mother which did nothing to endear him to his sisters but instead, it turned him into the black sheep of the family and his daughter feels the blunt as she is not exactly their favorite either.

7. Her Mother Sued Her Granny And Aunts

The world is full of successful men and women have to work a lot harder just to fit into that world but with the new wave of girl power, the women are winning and doing so in six-inch heels and manicured fingernails. While men are still having a hard time accepting this, no family has discovered this power more than the Kardashians. Their reality show, as well as its spinoffs, is a staple in all households and even for the moralists, switching on their TV to see what ‘evils’ the family is up to has become the norm. Rob is the outsider in this circle of women and to fit in, he and his better half got their own reality show, Rob & Chyna which airs on E! The show was not as successful as his family’s reality show but it was doing okay and for a while there, Rob got some little attention.

That is until Rob and Chyna imploded then everything went haywire and the show was canceled. After its cancellation, Chyna decided to sue the Kardashians blaming them for the cancellation of her show saying the cancellation affected her earnings.even though the suit was dismissed, nothing spells family bonding like a lawsuit and for this one, Dream will have to suffer for the sins of the mother.

6. Her Parents Volatile Relationship

The Kardashian family has family drama like every other family but this family has mastered one art, their fights happen behind closed doors and what they let you see is children play choreographed to appear like fights. This family likes to give the impression of unbreakable unity and familial love but unfortunately, this little girl has no one to teach her family values with her parents doing nasty things against each other throughout their relationship.

There were shouting matches as was evidenced during their reality show Rob & Chyna and even though this could have been a publicity stunt, it was proven to be much more when Chyna went as far as to sue Rob for violence. By far the most shameful thing this couple has done was when Rob decided to punish Chyna for allegedly stepping out on him by posting nude photos of her online. We are not sure whether they were trying to pull a ‘Kim’ and catapult her career to fame with this photos but the two forgot to keep their private issues private. The other family members are not happy about this behavior either and neither are we. When this little girl grows up, she will be so ashamed of her family and some of these things she will never be able to live down.

 5. Blac Chyna used and Played Rob Kardashian

Mediocre or not, blood is thicker and even though the Kardashian women seem to sideline their brother, he is still their blood and everyone gets defensive when it comes to blood. When a woman is obviously using our blood then we tend to show our fangs. Blac Chyna has proven to be a bad girlfriend by all means. E!online recorded her taunting Rob with another man and even though relationships are hard, his reaction was not exactly manly. He retaliated by posting some unsavory images of Blac Chyna and even going as far as to get physical. Some things should really not be done and even when they are done, they should not be posted online because the internet never forgets and one day the little girl will come to see them.

According to the talko, during an episode of the Jimmy Kimmel Show, when Kim was asked about Chyna she replied that the rule she follows when asked about her is remembering that one day, Dream would see her reply. This is commendable as she appears to respect her niece enough not to taint her future with foul words, unlike her parents who do not seem to remember that they share a child or the effect of their actions on her life.

4. She won’t Be Around As Much As Her Cousins

Spending holidays with family is what makes them magical and for most of us, the holiday season is about togetherness and having a good time. Blac Chyna has never been invited to any of the Kardashian family events and she never will be not even to their Christmas parties. The Kardashian family has blacklisted her because they feel that she is too messy due to all the family drama that ensued during her breakup with Rob. On this one, we cannot blame them. As much as we would like them to take the high road and treat her as a family, Chyna has proven she is not their family and sometimes, it is better to keep people at arm’s length.

According to their parental agreement, Dream has to spend 50% of her time with her maternal family which means she cannot be with the Kardashians at that time. This division means that her cousins will always be around their grandmother and their aunts bonding with them and while in her case she will have to shuttle between the two families she is bound to feel this divide as she grows up. She also does not appear on their reality show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ yet her cousins make appearances often.

3. Kris Jenner Likes Kids Who Bring In The Money

Kris Jenner has been accused of being materialistic often referred to as the Momager, according to the talko, she takes a cut of her children’s earnings and she prefers the fat cut. Her favorite according to her kids is the one who is making the most. Kris has worked very hard to get her family the kind of fame they boast of today and there is no telling where the family would be if she did not push them to that path and so we feel it is only right that she gets her cut.

These accusations have been confirmed by her kids often in their reality show as well as Khloe in her comment after Kris Jenner cooed about Kylie’s success when her cosmetics sold $420 Million in the span of one and a half years jokingly said that they were dead to her. Since dreams father is less famous, the little girl is not in as much demand as her cousins are. She would have become a favorite if her reality show had kicked off but it seems like that dream was far-fetched but who knows, she is probably going to realize it someday, after all, the Kardashian name she carries is TV gold and if that does happen, she may become granny’s favorite.

2. Black Chyna Cannot Take the Kardashian Name Legally

Nothing sparks more than knowing that your family can’t stand your mother and that they hold her with so much disdain. Dream will always know that the Kardashians truly hate her mother and that is evidenced by court documents filed by the sisters banning Blac Chyna from patenting the name Angela Kardashian. To ensure that their lineage stays clean, they ensured that she would never legally take up their family name.

According to people, the lawyers of Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe opposed her taking their name saying they would suffer damage which would include irreparable injury to their goodwill and reputation. With such a low opinion of her mother, Dream will always be a class lower than the rest of her cousins and the division will be seen in subtle ways like when she can’t go on family vacation with the rest of the Kardashians since her mother can’t join or when she is invited to her cousins birthday parties and the card says ‘Dream’ with no plus one. Children tend to get their identity primarily from their mothers and dream will always feel out of place besides, with her track record, Chyna is definitely going to bad mouth the Kardashians every opportunity she gets.

1. Tokyo Toni Her Maternal Grandmother, Is Mean To Her Paternal Family

Divorce kids have one advantage, they get the best of both worlds with parents from both sides trying to outdo each other. On this front, Dream is lucky and she gets to spend her days in the company of two families who try to make her feel special and prove to her that they love her more. According to eonline, Dreams maternal grandmother Tokyo Toni who was present at the birth of her granddaughter was the proudest grandma out there after the little girls’ birth and with good reason, the girl is rather cute. She has however developed some entitlement issues as far as Dream is concerned and she feels that the Kardashians are trying very hard to outshine her by having other children in quick succession after Dream.

Tokyo also scorned at the Kardashians for handing their babies to the nannies as they do their business and to add salt to the wound, she reminded them that the only legitimate Kardashian is Dream as she carries the name Kardashian unlike North West, Chicago West or even Saint West. While we do not blame her for taking sides, after all, this family despises her daughter; we would have respected her more if she had kept her cool and given Dream the kind of grandmother most of us boast of.

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