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10 Ways Dairy Queen’s Food Menu Is Surprisingly Awesome


10 Ways Dairy Queen’s Food Menu Is Surprisingly Awesome

Dairy Queen is one of the few fast-food restaurants that can hit every pleasure point a diner could ever hope for. You can get your fix of sweet, creamy, salty, and greasy all in one place. Reading that last sentence had to make your mouth water. Admit it; you love dessert just as much as you love fries. The average fast-food joint doesn’t do an excellent job of delivering the type of desserts that make you come back for more. Dairy Queen produces delicious desserts that go perfect with your meal. The only question is, do you order before or after you eat your meal? The answer to that question lies in if you like melted ice cream or not. Here are 10 Ways Dairy Queen’s Food Menu Is Surprisingly Awesome

10. Classic cone

Let’s start this off with a real classic. It doesn’t matter if it’s blistering hot outside or freezing old, a classic cone is a real treat. It’s a no-frills dessert that cuts right to the chase. Sometimes you don’t want to guild the lily too much. You know what we’re talking about. You just ate a deliciously greasy meal, and now you’re craving dessert. There are a ton of sweet, creamy treats just begging for you to bite into them. It’s when you’re feeling full that the guilt of wanting a tasty treat comes over you. That’s when you make a compromise and eat a cone. You don’t feel so bad for being a glutton when there’s no whipped cream or toppings involved. It’s just a little cone. How bad could that be? Do you go plain or have your cone dipped in chocolate? The great thing about the chocolate dip is that it makes the ice cream a little soft. The cone dip is warm, and it causes the ice cream to melt ever so much. You notice it when you first sink your teeth into the cone. Yes, you do have to bite into the cone-like you’re a hungry dog. The first bite makes all the other cone dip munching possible. The creamy ice cream pairs so well with the chocolatey dip that coats it. You don’t need an excuse to enjoy something as fantastic as a DQ cone. Any day can be turned into a special occasion when you savor their soft serve ice cream no matter if it’s dipped in chocolate or not.

9. Hot Dog

What DQ list would be worth its cream if it didn’t talk about their hot dogs? Why is it that fast-food restaurants all but have forgotten about hot dogs? Luckily Dairy Queen isn’t the type of place that forgets what their customers like. Any hot dog aficionado knows that not all hot dogs are created equal. Sometimes you bite into a dog and wonder what it’s made out of. You don’t have those concerns when eating a dog at DQ. You can taste the quality ingredients from the very first bite. There is a reason why hot dogs have been on the menu all of these years, and it’s because they focus on the quality of the meat and the seasonings used to give them flavor. Do you go plain or with chili cheese? The adventurous types probably get a few of the chili cheese variety in their sack. If you’re taking the hot dogs home, then probably order an extra one for the road. You can’t possibly drive down the road while the smell of chili is wafting up through the bag. You’ll end up causing a wreck! What you do instead is satisfy your cravings long before you leave the parking lot. Make sure to get a few extra napkins if you’re going the chili cheese route. It’s easy to make a mess when you’re scarfing down something so good it makes you grunt like a hog searching for truffles in the Italian countryside.

8. Pretzel Sticks with Zesty Queso

If there is one item on the Dairy Queen menu item that is genuinely bizarre, it would have to be their pretzel sticks. It seems like a menu item straight out of  left field. Who goes to DQ wanting to eat soft pretzels dipped in cheese sauce? This is one of those items that so many people overlook. Though, those who love Auntie Anne’s pretzels know what all the hype is about. No doubt, the pretzel sticks are DQ’s way of competing with Auntie Anne right in her own backyard. It’s not unheard of for these two quick service behemoths to square off in the same food court. Some people won’t want to go to two separates restaurants to get their fix of dough and sweet frozen cream. The Pretzel Sticks with Zesty Queso is a tasty snack for those who don’t want a full meal. Everyone has those cravings that need to be addressed right away. You’re driving down the road, and you want something chewy and doughy dipped in cheese. That’s when you head on over to DQ for an order of their pretzel sticks. As you probably already know, it’s almost impossible to walk out of the joint without ice cream, as well. It’s funny how you go in wanting to drip freshly baked bread in cheese sauce and walk out with a sundae so big you need a shovel to get it in your pie hole.

7. Treatzza Pizza

It’s impossible to say Treatzza Pizza without having a silly smile plastered all over your face. Pizza is a fan favorite, no matter how you slice it. If you’re unfamiliar with the Treatzza Pizza, you’re in for a real shock. This isn’t like any pizza you’ve ever eaten before. You’ll never think of pizza the same way again after enjoying one of these sweet and creamy delights. Yes, it’s full of the DQ ice cream that you already love. There’s nothing pizza about it other than the shape. It’s okay to feel a little uneasy at first about a frozen treat shaped like the pies you dream about in the middle of the night. There are currently four Treatzza Pizza varieties. There’s Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, M&M, Choco Brownie, and Heath. You might as well go down the list and try all four of them. You know you want to. Many of you have already done just that and have a favorite. Some of you go to DQ and never venture too far off of the deep end. You get your favorite items and stick to those. Now it’s time to see the other side of the menu. There’s a whole tundra of treats waiting for you to devour them.

6. Chicken BLT and Side Salad

Who goes to Dairy Queen in search of a salad? That’s like going to a Mexican restaurant and ordering the hamburger. Evidently, some people go to DQ for salads, and they have two varieties for those people. Someone somewhere is trying to eat a salad because they feel guilty for all of the ice cream they’re eating. That must be the logic behind going to Dairy Queen and ordering a salad. There are two salads, and one of them is for those who are really naughty. So naughty, they can’t stand the idea of eating anything other than grass. You have a choice between the Chicken BLT and a side salad. The Chicken BLT Salad comes with your choice of deep-fried or grilled chicken. It also comes with crumbled up bacon. This is one of those salads for people who like to think they’re eating healthy, but aren’t. It’s a salad for the fast-food generation who wants to pretend they’re eating something good for them. If you’ve pigged out on the ice cream, go with a Side Salad. It has nothing but chopped up vegetables and your choice of dressing.

5. Onion Rings

Onion rings should be in a food group all of their own. Have you ever reached into your fries to find a single onion ring? You have to wonder if it’s a plot to get you over to the other side. You’re either someone who loves onion rings or a fries person. No one isn’t saying that you’re not allowed to enjoy both. Though, it seems that onion ring people are a breed of their own. Fry people never entertain the thought of eating anything other than fries. It’s those who eat both onion rings and fries that end up having the hardest time deciding. Worry not my friends, there will be more visits to DQ, and that means more opportunities for side dishes. What makes Dairy Queen’s onion rings so good? That’s a trick question that could only be asked by a fry person. It’s the golden delicious deep-fried outside of the onion ring. You know what, it’s not about the onion at all. The onion plays second fiddle to the crispy, greasy outside coating. You don’t need to be told that if you’re an onion ring lover. They come in two sizes regular and large. Go large and save yourself from the near future regret of having too few onion rings.

4. Chicken Strip Basket

Who would’ve ever thought that an ice cream place would give fried chicken joints a run for their money? DQ does just that with their Chicken Strip Basket. There are several options to get your fix of these crispy deep-fried morsels of perfection. You can get the chicken strips by themselves. If that’s not enough artery-clogging goodness for you, then you can go with the basket. The Chicken Strip Basket comes with strips and fries. Let’s be honest and say you went to DQ with the desire to eat all of this and ice cream. Don’t sweat it; you can order the Meal Deal, and they’ll throw in a sundae. Still not enough? You can upgrade your sundae to a small Blizzard for an additional charge. To dip or not? That’s the real question in life. Are you the type who dips their strips in sauce, or do you eat them plain? Even dippers need to take a bite or two plain so they can enjoy the deep-fried deliciousness of the chicken strips. Do you live life on the edge and use two different dipping sauces? Some people do like to live life in the fast lane. No one will say a word if you wipe out the bottom of the sauce containers with your fingers. Some things indeed are good to the last drop.

3. Cheeseburger

DQ has made many higher-ups at the burger chains shake in their shoes. Anyone who has ever eaten one of their cheeseburgers knows why that is. Dairy Queen is one of the few places that can give industry leader McDonald’s a run for their money. DQ’s cheeseburgers can go toe to toe with McDonald’s, and that’s saying something surprising. It is considering that DQ is thought of as that place you go for ice cream. Today, it’s so much more than that. Some people prefer their cheeseburgers over their competitors. Maybe the fact that a person savors the flavor of their burgers differently while eyeballing frozen treats has something to do with it. But their burgers can stand on their own. It should also be noted that Dairy Queen has a variety of sandwiches. You can get big beefy burgers and grilled or fried chicken sandwiches. But, for many, the cheeseburger is the king of all sandwiches. It’s the backbone of the fast-food industry, and no one would deny that it’s one of the tastiest items on Dairy Queen’s menu. If you’ve never had one of their cheeseburgers, now is the time to savor one. You will never think of Dairy Queen the same way again after eating them.

2. Fries

People are on to what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter if you’ve pulled the shades, and you’re at home. You might even go to your basement bunker, and everyone knows what you’re doing with your fries and DQ delicious soft-serve ice cream. You’re dipping your fries in it. Aren’t you? You rush home with your little paper bag full of delicious sticks of deep-fried salty carbohydrates. You make a mad dash to where ever you feel safe and then let the chowing down begin. That’s when you drip your fries right into the creamy delicious fresh ice cream that DQ serves up daily. You’re not alone. Many people like you dip fries into ice cream. Knowing this information probably makes you feel less alone. Those who dip fries into ice cream aren’t pregnant or sick in the head. It’s a common occurrence at Dairy Queen. It’s not unheard of for someone to buy fries and ice cream without considering a drink or sandwich. The fries at DQ are great. They’re golden brown sticks of perfection. This is going to sound weird to some, but there are those who go to DQ for just their fries alone. They will order fries and munch on them while watching their favorite YouTube videos. Who knows, maybe they’re watching our channel while savoring the delicious greasy flavor of hot and savory fries.

1. Blizzard

What’s the first menu item that comes to mind when you think about Dairy Queen? It’s the Blizzard. No item on their menu is anywhere near as famous as the Blizzard. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking cakes, cones, or burgers. Everyone knows the Blizzard, and there’s a good reason for that. DQ has made it so everyone can get a Blizzard filled with all of their favorite sweet treats. We’re talking candies, cookies, and even brownies. Who doesn’t love the idea of eating ice cream with real pieces of Reece’s Peanut Butter cups in it? There’s nothing like it anywhere in the world of fast food. Sure, McDonald’s has the McFlurry, but it’s not nearly as good as a Blizzard. Maybe the best thing about Blizzards is they have limited time items. These are things inside the Blizzard that change depending on the season or if something new is hot. DQ knows that people love their Blizzards, and they like to keep it fresh. Many people go there just to try the latest flavor of Blizzard. The timeliness of the limited-run items is partly to do with that. Though the classics will always have a following and that’s why it’s not uncommon to see people sitting down and eating a Blizzard and nothing else. There are few fast-food menu items as iconic as the Blizzard, and that’s why it’s been a staple ever since its introduction.

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