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10 Walmart Foods You NEED to Buy!!!

Walmart has some of the best deals in town when it comes to certain food items. It not only caters to those with a low income, but also to those wealthier shoppers who love deals and saving money. Either way, here are 10 Walmart Foods You Need to be Buying.

10. Condiments

Walmart is the best place to shop for condiments for your pantry. One would never think so, especially with all the sales going on weekly in most major supermarkets. Aside from the known fact that Walmart is the cheaper alternative to many items. Did you know you can save more money while shopping at Walmart’ s because of all the extra perks they offer? For example, they have tons of “Rollback” offers daily on elected items. Most of the time it is even cheaper than your local grocers at any given time. Why wait for your favorite brand of ketchup to come on sale, before you snatch up a bottle. Sometimes you’re left waiting for a month till next sale rolls around and you’re are stuck doing without. Walmart is not only cheaper with its rollback offers; it is cheaper all year-round. Walmart is also a great alternative to stock your refrigerator with top brands at the beginning of the year. You can stock your pantry and refrigerator with all your favorite top Brands, like Heinz Ketchup, Maille mustards, Kikkoman soya sauces, Stubb’s BBQ Sauces in a plethora of smoky flavors and so many other items that are sold alone or in 3 Value packs, which affords you considerably more savings. If you want to really save bucks; they have comparable items in their own Great Value Brand. They even carry some favorite mayonnaise brands such as the smooth and creamy Duke’s and Japanese Kewpie and Sir Kensington Condiments lower than anyone else and much much more specialty products.

9. Coffee

In the past, we have all purchased that large can of Folgers for under $ 5.00 at Walmart’s but aside from the regular and generic Maxwell House, Folgers, and Chock-Full O’ Nuts barrels, that once permeated the Walmart shelves. Today, Walmart has now jumped on the Gourmet coffee bandwagon. It has become one of the cheapest places to get your favorite brand of java. It sells all the K Cups you can imagine along with most of the major brands of coffee you can think of.  They even have Café Bustelo from Cuba -with its El Sabor Latino. Its shelves are packed with most major brands of gourmet coffee like Dunkin Donuts, McCafé, Green Mountain and even Starbuck’s coffee. The price of Starbucks coffee is even cheaper than the cost at any Starbucks outlet. Some Walmarts also have the Starbuck café in-house where you can pick up a ready-made latte for a few cents cheaper. The reason being that Walmart is cheaper in comparison to other stores is due to its massive size. It has large purchasing power; it is able to negotiate cheaper prices for brand name goods and most importantly food. This means they can pass the lower cost of items to the consumer. Not every grocery item it sells is at the greatest value, sometimes, you can find a really good deal elsewhere. But most items will cost significantly less than at the grocery store, and when you add them up, it is a significant amount of money saved, that you can be using for other things.

8. Canned Goods

Every seasoned cook knows that a few cans of food in the pantry can save you lots of time and money. A well-stocked pantry is almost a necessity for good eating these days. Not only will it save you from spending lots of money on last-minute take-out; having a few cans of vegetables, fruits and protein in your pantry can save you from going hungry.  Anything, from Tuna to soups can provide a quick easy fix.  You can get a deal on canned goods in many grocery stores for, under a buck, canned goods are relatively inexpensive all year round and preserve well, for long periods of time. So why not shop at Walmart for canned goods, because you will save a few pennies here and there especially on some brand-named canned goods that range close to the five-dollar mark in regular grocery stores. It’s not just all about pinching pennies on your weekly grocery bill, its about saving money in the long run and stopping all that food wastage.  Walmart’s has some really good deals on canned foods weekly, their Great Value brand is always cheaper than the big-name brands. They have some pretty good stuff; a must TRY is Great Value chili beans, that taste just as good as Stagg’s chili.   Their Great Value Tuna is always under $ 2.00, add some Quaker oats at under $3.00 and you have yourself a Tuna Casserole fit for Poseidon. There is a long list of canned goods that you can get at Walmart from fruits to vegetables, to protein. Okay, spam and clams may rhyme, but not everyone likes them, but you never know when during that nuclear fallout, it may be the last thing you find in your cupboard. 

7. Cereal & Dried Goods.

Cereal is the most important meal of the day and when you do the math it can also be quite costly for some of us. Especially when feeding a family who just loves cereal for breakfast and as an after-school snack or a late-night midnight snack. Have you noticed that most Cereals hover close to the $4.00 mark?  If your family goes through a few boxes of them a week, no matter how many coupons you cut out or how long you wait for a sale to stock up, you will eventually run out of them before the week’s end.  That means you are at least buying two boxes a week, at the end of the month it is close to $ 35.00 on cereal alone, not including the cartons of milk to boot.  Fret no more, Walmart’s guarantees that you will find one of your favorite brands at a few cents less than other retailers.  A Family size box of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes sells for under $4. 00 at Walmart. They have most major name brands, from General Mills, Quaker, Kellogg, and Kashi for those healthier minded consumers. They have also good sales on Oats in regular format or in bulk. They sell their Great Value Brand whole milk for under $2.00 a gallon, a pretty good buy for a good start in the morning. They also have the same pricing for chocolate milk and for those who like Almond or Soy Milk they have comparable pricing with a few cents saving than any local grocery store at any given time. 

6. Beverages

About 48 % of Americans drink at least one glass of soda a day. That is an average of 22 gallons of pop every year.  Can you imagine all the sugar and not to mention the cost? Even though the stats are not favorable to drinking pop daily, sometimes we all need that sugar fix. If you must, then at least you can save a little bit of money towards this expense by finding a deal here and there.  We all love our cola with that daily junk food, it’s a must, so we’re not going to stop cold turkey anytime soon.  OK, maybe we can curb the daily intake a little. We have two ways you can save money on annual beverages. One you can switch out to tap water, but if you prefer bottled, Walmart has great deals on many brands of Bottled Spring Water, Mineral water, juices, and pop.  It even has the fancy names brands of water like Fiji. Walmart’s Great Value brand is the cheapest way to go and comes under $ 4.00 for 40 bottles, that is .10 cents a bottle. It can’t get any cheaper than this unless you stick with tap water. And if you must go with the pop, not only can you pick up a 12 pack of Pepsi or Coke for under $ 5.00, but you can also score some major bargains on any name-brand soft drinks. It will always be cheaper than the local Seven-Eleven for sure, or your local supermarket.

5. Chips & Snacks

What goes better with pop than those morsels of deep-fried potato chips.  Legend has it that the potato chip was invented in Saratoga Springs, NY  by a chef named George Crumb for Cornelius Vanderbilt. Crumb, who at the time worked as a chef at the Moon Lake restaurant in Saratoga was serving Mr. Vanderbilt who was unhappy with the way his french fries were cooked and kept sending them back to the kitchen. He complained that they were too thick, too soggy, and not salted enough. Frustrated, Crum tried to appease him, sliced several potatoes extremely thin, fried the potato slices to a crisp, and seasoned them with extra salt. Mr. Vanderbilt loved them and the rest is history. Today, they have become a staple for many people who eat bags of them in every combination and permutation. These American favorites can put you back a buck for a small bag, which we all know is not satisfying enough.  But eaten in big quantities, aside from being unhealthy can add a few bucks to your budget weekly. Plus, who just wants one bag, sometimes in a week we need variety. If you buy a pack a day, you are looking at close to $ 10.00 a week for snacks.  At Walmart, you can get the variety pack for under $7.00 and you do not need to stop there, with the savings you can purchase some other favorite snack for your lunch box. They have a large variety of most of the popular brands of any snack you can think of like Doritos, Plain Nachos, popcorn, or mixed nuts and crackers at reasonable prices, that are affordable a won’t break your budget.

4. Candies and Chocolate

We would never think of buying candy or chocolate in a store other than your local candy store. But candies and chocolate are another category where Walmart excels at, and who would think! They have become the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory in terms of choices. We are all used to buying candy in small packets at the local convenience store, along with picking up that pint of milk.  But do the math and see how all these little items add up. It can get expensive and it becomes quite an indulgence and a luxury over time.  Next time you get a craving and want to satisfy your sweet tooth, look at picking up your favorite gummy bears, jelly beans and candies at Walmart in bulk while you are there. Or else make a weekly pit stop just to stock up on your favs and hide them in the cupboards when you get home. Walmart has the most major brands and proverbially almost everyone’s favorite candies, including chocolates. They even have fine dark chocolate bars. During the Holiday season and on special occasion days, they have specialty gift items at a fraction of the cost and much lower than most major retailers. If you wait till, after the holiday season, you can even get your favorite Xmas mints for half price off. If you are a prolific eater of jelly beans and gummy candies, try their bulk Great Value brands, there is a big saving to be had as opposed to picking up dime packages.

3. Meats & Frozen Meals

Since Walmart started to switch over to Supercenter in the late 2000s, it has virtually become the go-to place for grocery shopping in the US & Canada. It may come as a surprise that they have amped up their game in terms of not only cheap but good quality foods. They not only sell regular fresh beef and chicken, but you can find a variety of organic meats and produce. They have a large selection of any type of food including fish, lamb and deli meats in Family packs or smaller versions for those who do not need items in bulk quantities, further adding to your savings. They also have a variety of frozen produce and prepared foods that are comparable to Costco and include most major brand name brands at cheaper prices than the local supermarket.   Fresh or frozen, prepared or not you will find almost anything you are looking for at a good price-quality compared to the weekly sales. Their frozen section is amazing and contains anything from pizza to party favorites and including dessert. In the past, people were skeptical of purchasing meats from Walmart because they preferred the high-quality butcher cuts, but today it can be said that they can match many items that can be purchased elsewhere at almost double the cost. 

2. Wine

Move over wine stores, did you know that Walmart sells wine as cheap as under $ 3.00 for a bottle for Oak Leaf Cabernet Sauvignon, where will you ever get that? They have added some pretty good brand names to their repertoire. Even if you do not want to drink the stuff, it makes for very good cooking wine. So now you don’t need to make that extra trip to the liquor store, Walmart has become a one-stop-shop. Other than Oak Leaf they have brands like Barefoot, Apothic, Ménage a Trois, Cupcake, and even Robert Mondavi. They have stepped up their game in the wine section to include brands other than Fetzer, and even sell Prosecco. They carry brands not only from California but as far as Australia. They even have a party pack carton of wine for under $ 15.00.  The prices for their wines are cheaper than any other retailer, variety may differ, but they cater to consumers that may not be able to afford a $25-30 bottle of wine weekly but can still have a nice bottle of affordable wine with their weekly meals.   

1. Prepared Takeout Food.

Aside from Walmart’s having McDonald’s and Starbuck outlets inside their stores, they also have a prepared food pickup counter, where you can pick up chicken for under $10.00. They have the likes of a whole rotisserie chicken, fried chicken pieces and even baked potato wedges or fries. Next to the chicken, you can also find coleslaw and potato salad or fresh green salad.  They also have a bakery section where you can pick up fresh rolls and bread as well as a quick-frozen dessert for literally less than a cost of a meal elsewhere. It is much healthier and will save you lots of time and money. If coleslaw is not your favorite, all you have to do is cross over to the salad section and grab a salad in a bag to go. Some prepared bagged salads even come with special gourmet dressing included. If you do not feel like cooking, just pick your favorite meal after you are done the shopping and you have a quick healthy meal for the whole family in less than $ 20.00. Beats restaurant prices and including time spent cooking. 

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