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10 Unlucky People Who PAINFULLY Lost The Food Lottery!


10 Unlucky People Who PAINFULLY Lost The Food Lottery!

If you thought you were having a bad day, think again. These cursed food images will make whatever culinary mishaps you’ve been having look like a walk in the park. Prepare to cringe with this list of 10 Unlucky People Who Painfully Lost The Food Lottery!

10. Pitiful Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Going to pick up ice cream is one of the best things to do on a hot summer day; however, you might question your next visit to the ice cream shop when you see this pathetic and sad picture of what is supposed to be chocolate chip ice cream, but actually turns out to be plain vanilla with a single chocolate chip wedged inside. It’s hard to tell if this image is from a store-bought container or a giant tub of ice cream made to be scooped for customers, but the image is equally disappointing either way. Seeing as chocolate chip is a simple classic flavor cherished by ice cream fans everywhere, many people may think you can’t really go wrong with simple vanilla ice cream and chocolate chips; however, this image seems to prove that even one of the easiest ice cream recipes can still get screwed up. Believe it or not, this occurrence actually happens quite a lot at artisan ice cream shops; because tubs of ice cream are made by hand, there are more likely to be errors with the mixing of the toppings and consistency throughout the tub. This means that the bottoms of tubs may be either saturated with chocolate chips or have little to none in them, which is a gamble you’ll have to be willing to take if you’re craving some ‘scream. Luckily, artisan shops usually make their ice cream by hand, meaning it’ll still taste extra good even if the toppings inside are sparse!

9. The Cursed Watermelon

Whoever was shopping in the produce section and picked out this particular watermelon was definitely not having the best day. Imagine picking out a ripe, juicy-looking watermelon and then cracking it open expecting the inside to be pink and delicious, but you’re greeted with this instead: a sliver of pink about as big as an apple coming from the center of the watermelon, while the rest of it is completely green. That’s what this poor lost soul received when they opened up the watermelon they bought, their mood likely souring in the process. Though it’s not unheard of to eat watermelon all the way down to the rind — including the light green part — it’s definitely not better than biting directly into the juicy pink portion of this summer fruit favorite. It’s not like all watermelons are exactly the same on the inside, but this one would be downright unpleasant to actually eat, seeing as the good part is buried all the way in the center. Even so, the pink portion of this unripe watermelon doesn’t seem all that appetizing, either — with the amount of seeds in this malevolent melon, it would be hard to eat without spitting out the inedible parts every few seconds. Whether this was an unhappy accident on the part of the supermarket or not, we’re hoping that whoever bought this unripe atrocity managed to get their money back.

8. The Manila Menace

No matter where you’re traveling in the world, you’ll always be susceptible to tourist traps — schemes set in place by people who are smart enough to take advantage of gullible visitors and get them to spend money. Whether you’re in Tokyo or Times Square, you’re bound to fall for one sooner or later, and this burger enthusiast was no exception when they paid for a cheeseburger on the streets of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Expecting to receive a nice, satisfying blanket of cheese on their burger, they opened it up to check what was inside, only to see that the small, tempting rectangle of cheese poking out from beneath the bun was just that: a tiny rectangle of cheese. Otherwise, it looks like the meat was unceremoniously shoved in between two slices of bread, without any other toppings or condiments added. Though disappointing burgers are nothing new no matter where you travel, this one takes the cake for being the most deceptive, seeing as that tiny square of cheese was placed deliberately on the side of the bun to mimic a real cheeseburger. Though the Philippines may not be known for their burgers, whoever sold this burger should be charged with committing a crime against humanity, while simultaneously being commended for coming up with such a clever scheme to save money on cheese for burgers. We can’t imagine how much money the seller has saved by using so little cheese on each burger — but we’re hoping McDonald’s isn’t taking notes.

7. Sad Snack

There’s a certain je ne sais quoi that comes with opening up a fresh bag of Cheetos; your body seems to have a sensory reaction to the idea of munching on these cheesy corn snacks. When this unfortunate snacker got their hands on a mini bag of oven-baked Cheetos, they were probably expecting to pop open the bag and enjoy the salty, cheesy goodness. However, what they got was far, far worse; a sizable chunk of pure cheese flavoring that looked like an orange version of the lump of coal you’d find in your Christmas stocking for being bad. Seriously, this rock of pure cheese looks like it could actually bruise you if someone hurled it in your direction — making it more fitting to be a weapon found at a crime scene than a tasty snack. What’s worse about this orange abomination is that we’re pretty sure superfans of Cheetos would still find this appetizing and would want to try biting into this actual boulder of cheese flavoring like it was some kind of jawbreaker from Willy Wonka’s factory. We’re hoping that this unhappy customer contacted the execs at Pepsico and got a lifetime supply of Cheetos as compensation for the emotional damages this horrific incident may have caused. If not, this pure rock of cheese would definitely make a statement in the online Cheetos Museum, where contributors can win prizes for their oddly-shaped Cheetos.

6. Tiny Tomato

Growing your own vegetables is always a huge undertaking, especially if you’ve never done it before. It can be difficult to figure out how to care for your crops effectively, and it takes a lot of trial and error to get things right when you’re just starting out. With that being said, this tiny tomato is a pretty laughable example of what can happen with prospective farmers when their crops may not be growing as effectively as they could be. The tomato is minuscule in size, barely taking any space in the palm of the photographer’s hand. With that being said, the tomato itself looks perfectly fine, aside from its pitiful size; the stem appears to be a healthy green color, while the skin of the fruit is perfectly red. It’s so comically perfect that it may as well be used as one of those tiny food toys that kids like to put in their dollhouses. Though we’re sure Barbie and Ken would get a delicious summer salad out of this tomato, it doesn’t seem like it’ll have any practical use in a normal-sized human’s kitchen. With that being said, the person who grew this tomato still gets an A for effort. We can only hope that Mother Nature gave this man a more bountiful harvest in the following season.

5. Uncomfortable Bread

Though some of the entries on this list may be simply unlucky and funny to look at, this image manages to toe the line between “incredibly unlucky” and “possibly Satanic.” Looking at this horizontally-sliced loaf of bread will make you question humanity in its entirety, and wonder who managed to commit such an atrocity. Though it was likely a factory defect that occurred in the late stages of the bread’s production, something about the way this loaf is sliced in all the wrong ways makes us think it’s been placed on this earth to torment us. What makes this image worse — or better, depending on how visceral your reaction to it is — is that the bread is otherwise in perfect condition, meaning that it could be completely edible if you really needed to build a sandwich. Though the long slices would be anything but convenient, they’re still completely usable, if you don’t mind eating a foot-long lunch. The impractical nature of this bread, paired with the fact that it’s still technically perfectly good to eat, make it fall into the “uncanny valley” of cursed food images. Though it would otherwise be a perfectly appetizing loaf of bread, the single fatal flaw in the slicing is what makes it super uncomfortable to look at.

4. The Lone Broccoli

Buying frozen veggies is a great way to eat your vitamins without worrying about your produce going bad, and can be super convenient if you’re looking to cook a nutritious meal without taking up too much of your time. Needless to say, this frozen-food lover must’ve been devastated to see that the broccoli-cauliflower mix they bought only had one tiny, sad sprig of broccoli inside. Even though broccoli tends to be a controversial vegetable (with many either loving or hating it), it’s completely unacceptable for there to be only one in a bag of what’s supposed to be a 50/50 split between broccoli and cauliflower. This image wouldn’t be as sad if there were two or three sprigs of broccoli, which could likely be passed off as a manufacturing error. What takes this image from sad to comical, however, is the fact that the single piece of broccoli is about a tenth of the size of any of the cauliflower, pretty much dashing any hope this person had of eating their daily dose of green veggies. Even so, cauliflower is still a great low-calorie food, making it perfect for those who want to lose weight. Don’t let this photo discourage you from buying broccoli-cauliflower veggie mixes; both of these foods are super healthy for you, even if the package in the picture didn’t really give the consumer what they bargained for.

3. SpongeBob the Cyclops

Taking a visit to the ice cream truck on a summer day always brings about good memories, but we kind of want to wipe our memories after seeing this SpongeBob-shaped popsicle that looks more like something out of one of the Saw movies than a kids’ dessert. The character-shaped frozen treats never tend to look exactly the same as their cartoon counterparts, so mutations are bound to happen when you open the package. There are countless pictures of the Powerpuff girls looking like they were subject to some Frankenstein-esque experimentations or Tweety Bird looking more like a deflated hot-air balloon, but this picture manages to be the funniest and scariest of the bunch. This Squarepants-sicle looks more like the cyclops from Greek mythology as opposed to the endearing protagonist of a Nickelodeon TV show. Luckily, the ice cream doesn’t look as disfigured as SpongeBob does, so the person who took the picture likely still had a tasty dessert to enjoy. The cinematography of the image makes it even funnier (and scarier) to look at; with the zoom on Spongebob’s misshapen face adding a new level of terror that we didn’t know we could feel about what’s supposed to be a token sweet treat, taking it from a funny picture to a genuinely cursed image you’d find nestled in the depths of the internet. Though this ice cream bar will probably give us nightmares in the future, we’re sure it still tasted great!

2. The Unsightly Avocado

Whether you’re putting it on toast or making fresh guacamole, there’s nothing quite like opening up an avocado and seeing the ripe green inside, ready to be eaten. This avocado enthusiast was probably expecting the interior of this avocado to be soft and ready to eat, but were subjected to feelings of intense disappointment when they saw that the inside of what was supposed to be a delicious and healthy fruit was about 90% pit. There’s bound to be variation between avocado shapes and sizes based on farming conditions and geographic location, but the size of this pit is ridiculously large, especially if you know what avocado pits are supposed to look like. With a pit this huge, it’s unlikely that whoever scooped this avocado was left with much to work with, making it a waste of the customer’s time and money. It’s especially frustrating when you know that avocados take a while to ripen in the first place, and only stay that way for a day or two before going bad. If you weren’t a big fan of avocados to begin with, this picture may as well be the nail in the coffin; the flash in the picture, paired with the enormous pit and slight brownness of what little of the fruit actually remains don’t do much to bolster the reputation of these already polarizing fruits. If you’re one of those people who like to put avocado on everything, it’s also completely understandable if you’re reconsidering your obsession after viewing this tragic and unsettling photograph.

1. Lightly-Salted Lies

Look, no one said that airline food should be considered five-star gourmet cuisine, but whoever got handed these peanuts on their flight probably didn’t want to use up their entire sodium intake for the day on a tiny bag of nuts. If these are what Delta claims to be “lightly salted,” it’s pretty hard to imagine what their “fully salted” peanuts look like. Not only that, but it looks like there’s a higher volume of salt in the package than peanuts themselves, which takes this photo from sadly funny to pathetically hilarious. You shouldn’t expect too much from airline snacks to begin with, but we’re sure that the other people sitting in coach class on this flight were thoroughly disappointed when this tiny snack failed to meet even their lowest expectations. With how much airline tickets cost these days, it’s only fair that Delta at least tries to give their customers a suitable snack for the amount of money each customer is paying. These super-salty peanuts could’ve also been seriously upsetting for anyone who genuinely needed a low-sodium snack, whether they were simply dieting or couldn’t eat too much salt due to high blood pressure. No matter who this customer was, we can only hope that they informed Delta about this mishap and urged them to fix this salty issue.

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