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10 Unbelievable Facts About Hit From Dragon Ball Super


10 Unbelievable Facts About Hit From Dragon Ball Super

For those who have no idea what we are talking about, Dragon Ball Super is an adventure that centers on Goku and his friends who bring peace to the world after their defeat of Majin Buu. Here, Goku comes across very powerful beings and in the process acquires powers akin to a God. His work is to defend earth and he travels across the universes fighting opponents and learns what his new powers can do under other universe gods.

Dragon Ball Super is quite good at bringing in new faces who take over and become the main characters and Hit is one such character who is almost everyone’s favorite with his respectful and cold attitude. These two characters make up almost the whole episode of dragon ball but the favorite is Hit who shrouds himself in an air of mystery and even after nearly 100 episodes, Hit is still a mystery.

The tall purple humanoid with flattened ears cut an impressive figure but what sets Hit apart is his personality which comes off as emotionless. The assassin is quite fearless and has only been known to show fear in one instance when the God of destruction, Champa in Universe 6 was hell-bent on destroying him. To find out some more facts about Hit, keep reading.

10. Hit Terrifies Goku

Goku has been portrayed as earth’s strongest character and so it is unbelievable that he could be terrified of Hit. For Goku, no opponent overwhelms him and each opponent is a challenge to be conquered. He bats whatever comes on and thinks later. The number of characters who have scared Goku is countable, one of them being Raditz, followed by Freeza and Hit as the third. The character who fought and conquered a God of destruction and has gone further to master God Ki freezes and shakes at the presence of Hit.

Hit is one of the most composed and formidable Opponent that Goku has ever come across and he has one of the shadiest abilities on the series which is time skipping. What makes this ability obscure is that it is not time stopping its skipping time literary for a few seconds in order to counter your punches. For anyone, having an opponent you can’t hit and who will hit you before you fold your punch and even before you get your balance is enough to terrify even the strongest of the lot and this is why Goku shakes in his boots at the sight of Hit.

9. Hit’s Mini Arc Is Filler

The original dragon ball had no filler arcs but when it came to Dragon Ball Z, the concept was adopted twice. The Garlic Junior Saga was the first where almost at the end of the Freeza fight, the anime would have caught up with the Manga in a few weeks. In order to buy time, a mini-arc was developed and was based on DBZ,s first film villain. . after the call games, the second arc was introduced in the form of the Otherworld Budokai and it permitted manga to progress and give Goku an let allowing the manga to make some more progress while giving Goku as alternative exit after the cell story.

Dragon Bell super has no real fillers. The filler that appears in Super was not penned down by Toriyama and doesn’t affect the whole plot as it has no bearing on it. Hits Mini – Arc occurred after the Goku blackout after Goku’s black arc and its sole purpose was to re-examine Hit prior to the tournament of power. Fans speculate that the only reason the Arc was there was to give Hit a better exit particularly because he and Goku never got to face each other in the Tournament of Power.

8. Hit’s More Dangerous Than Jiren

Hit is an assassin and his skills far outweigh Jirens brute force. This may rub Jiren fans the wrong way and this is in no way meant to diminish Jirens capabilities and prowess but when looked at critically, one will notice that Hit has some tricks up his sleeve that far outweigh any punching that Jiren can deliver. Jiren is the strongest of the two but outside of a tournament ring, Jiren is no match for Hit with his bag of tricks. As evidenced in their duals, Jiren uses brute force and he is able to go through anything by use of that but he has no surprises that surpass that. The hit comes with a multitude of skills and surprises and being an assassin, his surprises far outweigh any punching delivered otherwise. In the Universe 6. The deadliest assassin is Hit and there are speculations that his services find favor throughout the multiverse.

Hit has another neat trick, he can stop time. He is able to drop bodies before they even know anyone is hunting them and the best of all, he is able to lock his target in place and he is able to paralyze his target without too much effort. When it comes to Jiren, the only way he can get you is through some punches which are nothing compared to the stealthy ways of Hit the assassin.

7. Hit Is Goku’s Oldest Rival

Having established that Goku is terrified of Hit and that he is the one person who makes him sweat, what we did not mention is that his terror comes from far as he has been Hits Oldest rival. Goku collects rivals and he has had quite a few in the course of the series and in the original Dragon Ball, he made a rival out of Krillin, Yamcha, Piccolo and Tien Shinhan. in Dragon Ball Z, the rivalry between them Goku and Piccolo goes on but he still manages to brew a new rivalry with Vegeta.

In Dragon Ball Super his rivalry with Vegeta goes into full force but in the midst of it, he is busy cultivating a rivalry with Hit. Most of Goku’s rivals are his age or thereabout but Hit is hundreds of years old. By virtual of his age, Hit is quite dangerous to Goku due to his years of experience as well as his strength. Most of Goku’s rivals grow with him but in Hits case, he is grown and is quite an expert fighter with years of experience under his belt. Not a rival one would want to be pitted against and in Goku’s case, this is quite disconcerting.

6. Manga Hit Is A Pushover

The assassin Hit we know is quite different in the Manga with a Jekyll and Hyde kind of personality wherein it he is quite friendly and genuinely gets along with Goku even seeming to have an easy camaraderie with him giving the impression of a dynamic character. The other side of Hit is that he appears to be a pushover easily overpowered by Goku and he is not even able to defeat Jiren when they fight on the Tournament of Power. Manga Hit takes a lot more punches as compared to anime Hit who is a lot more ruthless and his power remains a mystery making him a more imposing opponent.

Manga Hit is quite weak and is not even able to hold his own against Saiyan God Goku who doesn’t even bother to use his Saiyan Blue Kaioken because he doesn’t need to prove just how weak Manga Hit is as even the regular Super Saiyan Blue has the ability to push Hit back. Goku tests Hit using all the Super Saiyan forms as a test but when he realizes that Hit isn’t giving him any competition he just quits proving just how weak Hit is in the Manga.

5. Hit Starts Super’s Favorite Trend

The trend with Dragon Ball Super has always been to ensure that series win even when they lose or is it lose even when they win? There is a trend there but Universe Survival Arc sidesteps it and lets Universe 7 get outright wins. The prior arcs do offer twists that prevent predictability a trend started by Hit but in his case, it is not easy to discern the difference between winning and losing.

Goku’s lose to Beerus in the battle of Gods was a breath of fresh air since we were all used to him winning in every Dragon Ball Z prior to this. a win which he would pull out of his hat at the end seemingly from nowhere but here, he loses and the margin is not close something that matches the series base theme. When it came to Resurrection F, Freeza gets revenge when Whis’ turns the time back to give Goku time to save the day. Goku forfeits his dual with Hit and this shows that super wants a less conventional arc ending. The beloved or not, assassin started this great trend and it is a welcome relief and offers some form of a surprise for the fans.

4. Hit’s “Transformations”

Most anime fans look forward to the transformation of a character but when it comes to Hit, his transformations are not conventional but he has two mock transformations which are more than normal power-ups. When Hit is overwhelmed by Goku in the anime, he develops what his fans call the “Awoken.” When he is Awoken, Hit using a trick known as pure progress is able to move his time skipping prowess to greater heights. The stronger Hits foes are, the more his abilities grow provided he is in the Awoken state.

He does not have this ability in the Manga but he has an unnamed form that is similar to the Awoken. When he is in the Manga, he taps in a Super Saiyan Esque that increases his base strength instead of tapping into the awoken. This ability does not transform his looks or physique but it powers him up enough to help him dual on the same level as Goku but only with Goku as a Super Saiyan God and not Super Saiyan Blue. In the Manga, Hit is not as powerful and is quite easily defeated which is sad considering he is quite a powerful assassin in other realms.

3. Dragon Ball’s Fifth Assassin

Hit is an assassin and that is the character that dragon ball fashioned for him in the anime. Most people actually perceive him only as that but what most people apart from the die-hard fans, of course, do not know that Hit is not the first assassin in the anime. He is the fifth assassin with the other four having featured in the original dragon ball one closely followed by the other. The four earlier assassins Tao Pai Pai, Chaozu, Tien Shinhan, and Tsuru Sen’nin were all crane school members. The four assassins in training were quite ruthless and they were more than happy to push their opponents to the edge of destruction.

Roshi does manage to perform a mini-miracle and convert them into proper and disciplined martial artists but this is after they have served as assassins for quite a while as the backstory goes. He may be well known as an assassin and that is his most defining feature but Tao Pai Pai is still the first and most iconic assassin in the dragon ball. Hits only unique aspect is the fact that his character as an assassin is the longest running one in the anime.

2. Hit Stopped Goku’s Heart

We have established that Hit makes Goku quiver in his boots which is quite ironic but what we have not explored is the fact that Hit literary stopped Goku’s heart. Hits Mini arc is meant to explore the imaginary re-match between Hit and Goku but Goku does something that comes off as weird and convoluted. He refrains from challenging Hit for a no-holds-barred fit and instead hires a hit on his head through Hit to ensure he is always in the loop whenever Hit is about to hit him.

He feels it’s a genius idea but it is a disadvantage to him and there is no fair fight involved anymore and in this whole complicated and hard to follow the story, Hit stops Goku’s heart literary. Goku has had heart problems before as was witnessed in the cell saga but this was the first time that Goku passed away and then came back to life. When they were fighting, before the final blow where Hit would finish Goku off, Goku launches a Ki blast up in the air and when Hit stops his heart, the Ki blast on its way down hits Goku and resuscitates him and he comes back to life.

1. Hit Looks Down On Earthlings

Dragon ball has many things that catch us by surprise but the one that is really ironic is the fact that the beloved adventure actually has a racist superhero as one of its characters in the form of Hit. Dragon Ball defines its races, not by culture or ethnic rules rather on the planetary origin. This makes everyone equal by this virtue and everyone is human but they are defined by where they originate. Earthlings come from the earth, namekians come form Namek while Saiyans are from Sadala or Vegeta. Like every other culture, real or imagined, dragon ball has racism where a Vegeta looks down on earthlings because they come from the earth and Hit does too.

Hit is condescending and quite impolite to earthlings In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Choose to play an earthling in dragon ball with Hit as your master and his opinion of you will be less than flattering and he will not keep it to himself and will go ahead and say it to your face. He may be 1,000 years old but his age doesn’t stop him from being a big-time racist. For those who finish training with him if you are an earthling, he may rethink his perception of you and view you in a better light.

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