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10 Times Jake Paul Got Trolled

Jake Paul is known as someone who consistently pranks those around him — just ask his neighbors. With that, comes retaliation and while Paul is known more as the aggressor than the victim, again, just ask his neighbors.

There have been countless times where Jake’s been on the receiving end of a nasty prank. Whether it’s the members of Team 10, his girlfriend or even his brother, Jake Paul’s got a pretty crazy life. So, let’s kick back and look at 10 times Jake Paul, the guy YouTube loves and hates, was actually trolled himself!

10. His New GF is “Pregnant”!

After he kicked his now ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet out of the house, Jake Paul hooked up with another girl he seems to be treating a lot better, Erika Costell. Perhaps it’s because they have a lot in common. She refers to her fans as “Costell-ers” like Jake Paul and his “Jake Paul-ers”.

Besides that, she organized a good prank on Paul. In the video, Erika drew two lines on a pregnancy test with a pink pen and hid a camera in Jake’s room — even though it’s moving the whole time. Jake’s reaction seems genuine though. He doesn’t say anything for a good minute outside of a few “hmm’s.”

He handles it pretty well. He hugs his girlfriend and lays down to take it all in. She then points out that her friend is filming and admits she’s successfully pranked Paul for the “first time.” Like Paul said at the end “That could’ve made me look so bad.” 

9. His Channel Got “Suspended”

Now, there’s one thing that you have to understand if you’re moving into the Team 10 house. Or really, 10 things. First and foremost, Jake Paul is in charge and it’s his way or the highway. You can pick up on that in his vlogs, when he complains about how clean some of the Team 10’ers rooms are for example.

Apparently, drinking alcohol isn’t permitted in the house and if people violate rules, apparently they have to pay Jake a decent chunk of change. Besides that, in Team 10 house, you can’t trust anyone; there are pranks going on constantly to drum up online traffic. The main goal of each Team 10’er is to provide content as often as possible.

By including one another in their videos — and probably even more importantly, their thumbnail — via prank wars, they get those delicious clicks. One of the better pranks happened when the Martinez Twins brought in someone to act as one of the head YouTube managers.

The actor told Paul that his channel was suspended for 60 days for violating site policy. Now, because of their thick accents, they couldn’t actually call Jake, so they instead had a friend call and read from a script while they secretly filmed the conversation from Paul’s side. The call seems legit as does Paul’s reaction.

It’s hard to make out exactly what they were suspending Paul over but it sounded like it had to do with one of his many pranks, where he pretends to sell someone’s house or place of business. Paul even tried to sell YouTube’s headquarters. In that video, Paul enters YouTube’s lobby after putting a ‘for sale’ sign up. 

Paul completely buys that he is speaking with someone at YouTube and that’s what makes this so fun to watch.

8. Cremating Yeezys

I’m not sure what the definition of trolling or even pranking someone is in Spain but, the Martinez Twins think that destroying someone’s hyper expensive personal property falls under the umbrella of one of the two. Considering the definition of trolling is saying or doing something to create an angry response, perhaps they’re on to something?

In this video, a precursor to the epic fire that ended up getting Paul on local news and his neighbors on the phone with their lawyers, the Twins burn Jake’s Yeezy’s in the pool — that was emptied when his brother Logan filled it with green slime.

Paul is speechlesswhen he sees his new Yeezys on fire. Meanwhile, his friends all celebrate how “savage” the Martinez twins are for burning the luxury items. 

7. Team 10 EVICTED?!?

The fellas behind the JOOGSQUAD PPJT YouTube channel are well-known for their online pranks and stunts. The JOOGSQUAD put an eviction letter on Paul’s door. They took adavantage that Paul was renting the Team 10 house and violating his lease on a daily basis.

The media is coverage also depicted him as a terrible neighboring a high priced neighborhood. It would’ve been funny because it would’ve scared Paul and company for a minute or two — until they texted their landlord.

But it became next level when the local media in Los Angeles filmed one of the JOOGSQUAD fellas putting the “order” up. The prank ended up on local news, legitimizing Trump’s rants about “fake news.” 

6. Jake Paul vs. Logan Paul

If you weren’t already aware, Jake Paul has an older brother, Logan, who’s considered a lot less obnoxious and maybe smarter and funnier than his younger brother. When the brothers combine their efforts, even if it’s against one another, they get an amazing amount of views.

They’ve pranked each other many times. The crown jewel in their prank wars was when Logan had actors pretending to be Secret Service to arrest his brother. The reason that it worked so well is that Jake Paul had had multiple conversations with the Secret Service regarding a couple pranks he pulled that involved the White House and the President.

First, he attempted to stay overnight in a White House bathroom while Obama was still in office. Then he put a “for sale” sign on one of Donald Trump’s homes in California. So Logan took advantage of the situation, sending the actors to Team 10 house while Paul was already waiting for the REAL Secret Service to come speak with him. 

The main actor did an amazing job and kept repeating that Paul had committed a federal offence by leaving the tour group and staying in the White House bathroom. You can tell  he’s terrified. He didn’t even laugh when the actor asked if he was “pooping the whole time” because “that’d be impressive.”

When they told him that his YouTube channel was going to be deleted for “Homeland Security purposes” and attempted to detain him, he started to panic — his dad didn’t help. 

5. Jake Paul vs…. Jake Paul?

There are non-stop diss tracks coming out between different YouTube channels and vloggers. Some of them have targeted Paul himself. Aware that he’s being exposed left and right, Paul released a new tongue-in-cheek diss track… on himself. The track, titled F**K JAKE PAUL, is Paul’s attempt to pull an Eminem.

In it, Paul raps about himself and attempts to take away anything that people can say about him by saying it himself. He calls himself “Tubby”, despite the fact that he’s in relatively good shape and works out everyday.

He then responds to himself and tries to explain that he understands why people dislike him, despite rapping about a lot of things that aren’t the real issue people have with him. His neighbors don’t like him. If anything, this song succeeds in that it makes you realize he’s become super successful for being a douche bag.

4. Swatting

If you’re not familiar with the term swatting, it probably means that you’re a decent human being — or over the age of 35. Swatting is a prank that became popular a few years ago  in the video game realm. Gamers started sending SWAT teams to one another’s house by calling 911 and saying some sort of hostage situation was going on at their rivals’ homes.

It’s a horrible thing to do and really not funny in the slightest, even if you really dislike a person. As the video of Paul’s house being swatted also shows, it takes a lot of resources and could very easily get someone killed — SWAT teams swarm homes pretty aggressively.

Now, Paul probably should’ve seen this coming. He posted his address publicly online, even allowing for people to rate their experience. Because his address is online and because the internet can be a cesspool of sadness, this was really only a matter of time. 

3. It’s Chessa Brooks!

Now, Jake Paul broke the internet when he released It’s Everyday Bro on the world. Somehow his “song” landed in the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for only one day but that’s one day that will live in infamy.

The song was so bad that it was almost a parody of itself, especially with lines like, “it’s everyday bro with that Disney Channel flow” — fellow Team 10’er Nick Crompton’s “England is my city” lyrics were the icing on the cake.

You knew basically every other YouTuber was going to comment on the video — and they did, every single one of them. It wasn’t hard to find parodies and reaction videos to the song, but it was hard to find good reactions or parodies. That was until Bart Barker released his parody of the song.

It’s extremely well done and pretty much a shot for shot remake of the original video. They even found a couple of Spanish Twins — and that has to be a clone of Nick Crompton! They got similar outfits but they apparently couldn’t find a single woman to be in the video — except his “Mom” at the end.

So their Chessa Brooks is extra hilarious. This honestly almost got the top spot on the list.

2. His Ex

At one point in time, Jake Paul and Alissa Violet were an item. Jake and Alissa were known as Jalissa — and on camera — they had a picture perfect relationship. Off camera, though, Jake was playing a lot of mind games and reportedly bedding some of his female fans.

Sick of it, Alissa confronted Jake and awoke the next morning to find out that she was being booted from the house — after she slept in the same bed with Jake. So, she made a video explaining how Jake would tell her he loved her one night and then ask her to leave the house for awhile so he could have a girl over the next.

It was the first stain on Jake Paul’s squeaky clean public image. While she seemed to lose some of that pity after appearing in diss tracks along with Paul’s brother, Logan and YouTube diss track god, RiceGum, her video is still one of the defining vids of 2017 on YouTube.

1. It’s Everynight, Sis

RiceGum is a vlogger who creates diss tracks on other vloggers. He created a Jake Paul diss track with the help of his angry ex Alisssa Violet. They trounced Jake in the track “It’s Everynight Sis — a riff on Team 10’s “It’s Everyday Bro.”

It’s been pretty well known for awhile now that he doesn’t write his own stuff — another YouTuber named TheDissRapper has been linked to Gum as a ghostwriter but he has far less viewers than RiceGum does.

This is the age we live in and if this is what is “cool” these days. This has to be the best example of someone trolling in a diss track or in general. There’s so much shade and so many references that it’s the YouTube drama’s version Tupac’s Hit ‘Em Up.

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