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10 Times `FRIENDS` made us LOL

Since Netflix decided to feature this 90s hit on their network, the world got to relive Friends in all its glory yet again. Friends was a massive sensation among television series and still has a huge following today and many classic moments viewers never forgot. The cast was very appealing to audiences because it brought together every different type of personality in which viewers could relate to. The show was light and comedic which kept it so successful, knowing an episode would never leave you with a heavy heart.

People got invested in the storylines of the characters and their relationships. Rewatching old episodes really emphasized how much has changed in society. Some of the thought processes and punchlines would not fly today and society has progressed since the nineties. People are more censored in what they say and joke about and that is one thing that really stands out when you watch the old series in comparison to how the world works today. Despite the changes, there is no question that this show was a hit and never failed to amuse its viewers. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and relive some of the times Friends really made us laugh out loud… 

10. The one with the ball

This episode never fails to amuse viewers for many different reasons. First of all Pheobe is in a relationship with Gary at this time and after a lot of back and forth, the couple finally decides that they are going to live with each other. After all of the drama, hesitation and decision making in regards to this being a pivotal step in their relationship, everything seems to be playing out nicely. That is, until Gary decides to shoot a bird that is singing outside of the couple’s window. They are in bed lying relaxed when he does this, and naturally this did not go over well with animal lover Pheobe and she decides to call it quits because of it. At the same time in this episode, the rest of the gang has become obsessed with not dropping a ball they all have been passing to each other. Ross, Joey, Monica and Chandler have been passing this ball around for ten hours when Pheobe comes it and breaks up the highly compeititive and meaningfull game the crew has established. Needless to say, the game players were not too thrilled about Pheobe’s lack of sportsmanship as she has ended the long game.

9. The one with Ross’ tan

This episode cracks people up because we have all been in a situation like poor Ross’ at some point. He saw that Monica was looking extra good with a healthy glow and inquired about her look. She referred him to a spray tan place that would do the same for him. The only problem is that when Ross goes, he doesn’t completely understand the instructions and ends up getting the worst fake tan of his life. He got multiple sprays of the tan giving him an insanely dark and obviously fake and ridiculous look. Jokester Chandler could not hold his tongue and they exchange hilarious banter. Ross says to him: “I went to that tanning place your wife suggested”, in which Chandler replies: “Was that place… the sun?”. This episode happens around the time that Joey and Rachel try dating. They go out and have a good time only to realize that when it comes to getting physical with each other, it is much less easy going as they thought it would be. This is just the first red flag as to how their relationship would not work out in the end. Sometimes it really is just better to remain friends.

8. The one with the routine

Since this show is based in New York City, it is no surprise that one episode would include the amazing New Year’s Eve festivities that happen throughout the city. Celebrating NYE in New York City is where everyone wants to be from all over the world. Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve was the highlight every year for most and this includes Monica and her brother Ross. Monica and Ross are able to get in to the filming of the New Year`s party curtosy of Joey’s friend. The siblings are so desperate to get on television, but they need to be on the stage for the crew to actually get a shot at them airing the dancing pair. They decide they stand a better chance doing “the routine” which is a really cheesy dance number they made up when they were kids. They get tricked into thinking that they will be on television because of their amazing routine, but that in fact was not the case. The camera crew wanted to use the duo for the blooper reel instead because they looked so silly. Needless to say that Ross and Monica fulfilled their dream of being on TV for New Years Eve, but just not for the original reasons of admiration they intended.

7. The one with the Prom video

These flashback episodes are the absolute best. We get horrible 80s outfits and a look into the past of all of the Friends and it is always hilarious and embarassing for them to relive their pasts. We get to see Monica when she was in her chunky stages and Rachel before she got her nose job, they look so different! The episode follows the long standing relationship ups and downs between Ross and Rachel. Ross was going to save the day and swoop Rachel off of her feet, but at the last minute, you see her running out of the door with another guy. Ross stands there with a broken heart and all the viewers get the feels. When all of the gang watches this on the home video that is dug up years later, they see what really happened. Rachel feels terrible and slowly gets up and passionately kisses Ross. The on and off again couple are most certainly on as it seems like in this scene. Despite the emotions that get triggered in this episode, the laughs outweigh the cries and we can not get enough of those 80`s flashbacks! Thankfully, this is not the only episode in the series that have them.

6. The one in Vegas

This episode is full of scandal which makes it really interesting and a must watch, it leaves you on the edge of your seat! The whole gang heads down to Las Vegas at Phoebe’s request because she missed out on the London trip. Monica actually confides in Pheobe that she had lunch with her ex Richard before marrying Chandler and insisting she felt no feelings. Pheobe accidently lets the news out of the bag and Chandler finds out about this lunch date. This eventually gets settled and we lead into the hilarious drama happening between Rachel and Ross. They both are trying to embarass each other because of a misunderstanding that happened back at home. Rachel was walking around naked in the house and Ross took it as a sexuaul invitation, which it was not. Ross draws a mustache on Rachel while she sleeps and she publicly walks around with it on without knowing. Rachel also decides to spill a drink on Ross pants crotch to make it look like he peed in his pants. The gang is full of laughs despite the silly drama. The one in Vegas is a two parter because there is major scandal that ensues!

5. The one with all the kissing

This episode is so funny because of how crazy it gets! Monica and Chandler are still trying to keep their relationship a secret from all of their friends. They accidently kiss goodbye in front of everyone when Chandler is going off to work and realize the mistake right after the damage is done. So the secret couple must do damage control immediately and play it off, so nothing seems suspicious. Chandler’s speedy idea is to kiss Rachel and Phoebe also to say goodbye. The couple say that it is a European thing that he picked up in London. So now, everytime he leaves he continually kisses everyone on the lips, which makes the gang really uncomfortable. This episode is also very special because it is when Phoebe’s water breaks and she is about to go into labour! After feeling like she missed out on so much fun with all of her friends, they try to make her feel better by planning a picnic in the park. Phoebe is not impressed by this and acts very whiney. Everything seems to change pace once her water breaks though, leaving the friends all excited and happy for the arrival of the baby and the events to come.

4. The one that could have been

This is a great two parter episode because it gives us a glimpse into what the friends` lives would be like if they did not do some of the things they were set out to do when they all met. Pursuing different relationships alters their entire world and characters and it is an interesting episode to see because all of their lives are so opposite of what they actually had become. They all wonder what their lives would be like if Phoebe was still a major workaholic and never had her heart attack. They wonder what would happen to Ross if Carol had never come out as a lesbian. They wonder about Chandler and his career changes, Monica’s obesity and Rachel’s romantic relationships. This episode Monica reveals that she is actually still a virgin while she is fat and they are reminising. Funny enough, Chandler ends up taking her virginity and the couple have no idea that they would actually end up marrying each other years later. Some things are truly meant to be and this is shown in television with this show. Everything always works out in the end and what is meant to be will be. They were destined to be friends.

3. The one with the two parties

This episode is comical, because we have all experienced the dreaded party guest list invitation squabbles at some point in our lives. Wanting to pull off a great party can be really stressful and guest clashing can be a big party foul. The friends try to cover their bases when it comes to inviting Rachel’s mother and father to a birthday party that Monica has planned for Rachel. It is suppose to be a classy affair and Rachel’s parents do not get along. Rachel’s father shows up unexpectedly and the gang must keep the parents in separate parties across the hall from each other and hope that they do not run into each other. Being typical Monica, she has taken total control of the party in her house and wants to be better than the party across the hall. Guests want to sneak out and go to the party across the hall that is a lot more fun because there are no rules like the ones Monica is instilling. After all of the chaos, the friends manage to pull off both parties without any problems from Rachel’s parents. The kicker at the end of this episode is when Joey gives a big kiss on the lips to Rachel’s mother!

2. The one where Ross got high

This episode has got to be one of the funniest. It takes place during Thanksgiving and the interactions between the friends and their ridiculous antics are show stoppers. First of all, Monica’s parents come for dinner and they do not know that the couple have been living together. Monica drops the bomb right before their arrival that her parents really dislike Chandler, so the visit starts off incredibly awkward. Rachel decides to try her hand at making dessert. Unfortunately the pages of her cookbooks get mixed up and she combines two recipes together resulting in a beef triffle. The entire gang tries to be supportive and eat it to not upset her, but would you really want to eat beef, jam and custard all together? At the end of the episode, all of the truth comes out and shocks everyone. The parents find out they are dating. Rachel finally realizes she is not suppose to mix those two recipes together. While all of this is going on, Phoebe cannot resist Monica’s father. Any mundane and simple thing the father does completely turns Phoebe on. The entire episode is cringe worthy, entertaining and completely over the top funny! Thanksgiving episodes are the best.

1. The one with the monkey

The holidays can definitely play on any person’s emotions. It is a time for family and love and can make anyone feel down if their life is not exactly perfect during that time. At this time, all of the friends decide that they will all go solo to the New Year’s Eve party and not bring dates. Knowing how Friends episodes work, things never go to plan and always end up unexpected. This episode is no different. All of the friends end up bringing dates to the party, but at midnight, none of them even end up with their date. The biggest bang of this episode is that Ross actually gets a monkey named Marcel and brings him to the party as his date. The famous monkey ends up playing a pivotal role in Ross’ life and the rest of the series. He is an honorary cast member, let’s say. It is really special because the monkey ends up being like a second son to Ross and they become very close and establish a relationship throughout the show. The show never fails to emphasize the value of the friendships between all of the characters and at the same time having the viewers hooked!

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