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10 Times Fast Food Went Too Far PART 2


10 Times Fast Food Went Too Far PART 2

We have looked at some odd sounding menu items from our favorite fast food chains – some that fall into the delicious category and others that definitely do not. After that first video, you guys let us know some other items that were odd enough to make the list. So we listened and are counting down the 10 times fast food went too far part 2.

10. Red Robin Ramen burger

The chefs down at Red Robin came to work one day with this brilliant idea: why don’t we make hamburgers with Ramen noodles for buns? Though this idea may seem very weird to most, the burger actually reviewed quite well. It might not have been the most necessary thing to have ever been made by a fast food chain, but at least this over-the-top item tasted good. The Red Robin Ramen burger is exactly what you might think, a hamburger that is in between two buns made of Ramen noodles. The noodles were cooked and then mixed with a bit of egg to hold it together, it then gets compressed into a sort of bun shape, and grilled on both sides to give it a bit of a crunch. The bun isn’t the only thing that made this hamburger special though, if it was, it would actually be pretty boring. Red Robin included some special flavourings along with the Ramen buns of this menu item, which made it stand out more and according to a lot of reviews, was the reason that this hamburger was actually good. This limited time menu item included a Teriyaki and Chiu Chow aioli, fried Jalapeños, and some chili-infused shredded cabbage, carrot and onion on top. Though this menu item was not exactly something people had been begging for, and the buns lost integrity quickly and became a mess of noodles, it actually went over pretty well with a lot of customers, thanks to the flavours of everything else on the hamburger.  

9. Pizza Hut hot dog bites

Pizza is a very popular food item, and over the years, it has grown and evolved and become something completely different than it was in the beginning, and there are countless pizza restaurants, from fast food delivery style places to firestone oven gourmet pizza places, you can get pizza almost every where you go. Some of these evolutions have been fantastic, but some of them have just been downright weird. Pizza Hut is one of the leading makers of fast food pizza, and apparently a few people who work in their test kitchens have some strange ideas of what pizza crust should be like. Pizza Hut introduced the Hot Dog Bites pizza crust back in June of 2015, and media picked up on this idea quickly, leaving a trail of mixed reviews in its wake. Needless to say, there wasn’t a huge demand for hot dogs in the crust of pizza before Pizza Hut came up with this gimmick. A lot of the bad reviews of this Pizza Hut menu item talked about the grease content, which everyone expects when they order a pizza from the fast food chain anyways, but according to multiple reviews, the hot dog bites crust only added to that gross feeling you get when you know you made a mistake eating that greasy piece of pizza. Whether or not you liked the fact that you could eat pizza and hot dogs at the same time, this menu item isn’t something that ever needed to see the light of day.  

8. Papa Johns Frito chili cheese pizza

Papa John’s isn’t the first pizza place to come out with strange pizza toppings, and they most certainly won’t be the last, it seems to be a popular way to try and stand out from the various other pizza chains. Many fast food places are testing the boundaries when it comes to what people will eat on their food, and sometimes the strangest items are the ones that actually go over well with consumers. The Frito chili cheese pizza from Papa John’s is one of those ones that fell sort of in the middle with reviewers and customers, with people saying that it was pretty good for the first few bites, and then it was just kind of boring after that, there was nothing particularly exciting to make you want to eat this pizza over and over again. This isn’t one of the craziest pizza toppings to ever exist, it’s basically like an already existing dish called a Frito Pie, but it definitely wasn’t really something that needed to be made. The Papa John’s Frito chili cheese pizza was nothing super special, and the sales numbers show that, it was just sort of a basic pizza flavour profile, and something that could easily be replicated at home by even the newest home cook. This isn’t the most over the top menu item on our list by any means, and it didn’t take things too far in the usual sense, but it wasn’t something that there was much of a market for, as the pizza restaurant learned with the mediocre reviews.  

7. Carl’s Jr double loaded omelet biscuit

This wasn’t exactly a fully brand-new menu item for Carl’s Jr when it was released, it was a previously existing menu item that the restaurant then decided to double up on, as if it wasn’t enough to have just one option for the same sandwich on the menu. It was a mess of a menu item, and that is meant literally, the large amount of cheese contained in this breakfast sandwich oozes out the sides and gets everywhere while you try to eat it. There’s no real reason that Carl’s Jr needed to add this item to the menu, if people really wanted to double up on their loaded omelet biscuits, they could have just ordered two of them on their own. This stack of egg, cheese, breakfast sausage, ham and bacon, is probably not the best idea for breakfast, unless it’s the absolute only thing you can get. Though the idea of the fresh made biscuits sounds nice, the three different meats and three different cheeses piled on this sandwich aren’t necessary for a balanced breakfast. This mess of a breakfast item reviewed as average, with most complaints being how messy it is, and the fact that even though there are three different types of meat involved, they are mostly concentrated around the edge of the sandwich, leaving the middle of it sort of plain. All in all, though this menu item wasn’t something new for Carl’s Jr, it wasn’t something that needed to be added on the menu as a separate item.  

6. Sonic chocolate jalapeño shake

If you’ve ever had a craving for a milkshake, you probably weren’t sitting there thinking about a milkshake that involved both chocolate and something spicy, let along Jalapeno peppers, though someone over at Sonic apparently was. This menu item seems like something that you would get if you let a small child mix you a drink out of whatever they could find in the fridge, the idea of a spicy pepper and smooth chocolate milkshake together doesn’t sound appealing to most consumers. Initially promo images showed the milkshake containing small, chopped up pieces of the pepper mixed in with the chocolate shake, but customers reported that the real menu item was in fact just a chocolate shake with some rather large pieces of Jalapeño in it. As if the idea of the milkshake alone wasn’t enough to make you not want to try it, just imagine trying to enjoy the milkshake and getting a large piece of Jalapeño pepper caught in your straw, that should be an image that would turn most people away from ordering this specific menu item. Consumers reported that you didn’t really get the real flavour of the milkshake until you mashed your straw around a bit to get the Jalapeño pepper juices to really mix with the chocolate. The combination of tastes did not go well, with most reviews of the drink being negative, it seemed like the Jalapeño and chocolate flavour combination was not something that the average consumer enjoyed, you need a very unique sense of taste to enjoy something like the Sonic chocolate jalapeño shake.  

5. Burger King Mac N’ Cheetos

What’s better than good old-fashioned Mac N’ Cheese, most Mac N’ Cheese lovers would say nothing is. According to Burger King though, deep fried Mac N’ Cheese inspired Cheetos bites are. Considered widely as one of the most popular comfort foods, Mac N’ Cheese has been a household staple for a very long time, so when Burger King decided to add a menu item to their lineup that included this quick and easy favourite, it was hard to imagine that they could somehow ruin it. Against all odds, Burger King managed to wreck this noodle and cheese filled dish by throwing it in the deep fryer and coating it in Cheetos flavouring. Surprisingly, Burger King wasn’t the first or only restaurant to do something along these lines. Despite the absolute trainwreck that Mac N’ Cheetos were, they actually sold out fairly quickly, they were a popular item among their customers. Though they sold well, the snack items weren’t pleasing to everyone. Reviews from media outlets as well as blind taste tests conducted by several sources indicated that half the people who tried them disliked the Mac N’ Cheese bites. Though this item had mixed reviews, enough people seemed to like it that when they were first introduced by Burger King in 2016, every location that offered them was sold out within the first few weeks of launch. If this unnecessary menu item peaks your interest, you’re in luck. Burger King has brought this item back twice since initial launch, so they may just come around again.  

4. Dunkin Donuts glazed donut breakfast sandwich

Breakfast sandwiches are a popular item, an easy way to eat breakfast on the go, it includes all of the delicious items most people love about breakfast: eggs, bacon, and in this case donuts. If you were to ask most nutrition experts, they would tell you all of the things you should have in the morning to equal to a balanced breakfast, and they wouldn’t include a glazed donut in their list, but Dunkin Donuts would have to disagree, the Dunkin Donuts glazed breakfast sandwich adds the sugary fried dough to your morning. There’s no surprise with this item, it was exactly what it sounds like, a regular breakfast sandwich with a glazed donut cut in half and used as the bread. This isn’t some revolutionary item, it’s been done before, but never really on a larger scale at a well-known fast food restaurant. It would be an easy enough dish to make at home if you really want to try them, or if you really like to combine eggs and donuts, it wasn’t a very revolutionary or gimmicky menu item for Dunkin Donuts to add. Though this sandwich probably tasted alright, most doctors or generally health conscious people would never suggest that you should have a donut or two for breakfast. The Dunkin Donuts glazed donut breakfast sandwich wasn’t ever something that the public needed access to, and as it adds no real nutritional value to your breakfast, I would suggest just skipping the glazed donut.  

3. Dominos specialty chicken

The name specialty chicken suggests that it would just be some new flavour of chicken wings or a new take on chicken nuggets, but instead of keeping it simple like that, Dominos decided to create a monstrosity that no one really asked for, though you have to give them credit for coming up with a way to make a chicken based dish that is so simple, and yet so off-putting. This menu item sounds like something they decided to add just because they can add whatever they want to the menu, and for no other reason than that. Put simply, the Dominos specialty chicken consists of some chicken tenders, cheese melted on top of it, along with various ingredients and some sauce. The whole thing just looks like a dish that was dropped on the floor and hastily scraped back onto the plate and served while the waiter pretends like it wasn’t dropped and it’s supposed to look like that. It’s a mess of a dish, but despite its looks, a lot of reviews said it tasted alright. Reviews state that the sauces were pretty bland, and the cheese at the bottom of the box was burnt to a crisp, but other than that the chicken itself was what you’d expect out of Dominos chicken, and the toppings were the same ones found on the pizzas already. All in all, this menu item seems like something that someone threw together hastily with the left overs in their fridge.  

2. Burger King Bacon Sundae

Burger King seems to enjoy taking things that have already been done by other restaurants and rehashing them in their own locations, the Bacon Sundae is another thing that they weren’t the first to offer, but they definitely should be the last to offer it. We can only hope that the idea of a bacon sundae ends with Burger King and the idea crawls into a pit and stays there for eternity where it belongs. For most people, the idea of vanilla ice cream and bacon mixed together doesn’t seem appealing, and for a good reason. Bacon and ice cream do not belong together. Not only did this limited time menu item include bacon and vanilla soft serve ice cream, but it also came with chocolate sauce and caramel sauce on it. Despite the fact that no one should have ever made, or even thought of making, a sundae that included bacon in any aspect, some people actually enjoyed this dessert. Some reviewers were disappointed with this sundae, not because of the odd combination of ingredients involved, but because they thought that the ice cream was going to be bacon flavoured as well. Even without the bacon flavoured ice cream, the strips of bacon alone on this sundae were enough to push it over the line from delicious ice cream treat to just completely over-the-top unnecessary.  

1. Friendly’s grilled cheese burger melt

Stuck deciding between grilled cheese and a hamburger? This menu item solves that problem, combining both grilled cheese and a hamburger into one ridiculous sandwich that most people never asked for. Friendly’s introduced this dish with absolutely no regard for the health of anyone who eats it, packing a ridiculous number of calories and sodium, the grilled cheese burger melt is something that absolutely no one needs to consume in their lifetime. Though the combination of both grilled cheese and a hamburger sounds delicious, the reviews on it were mixed. Setting aside the dangers to your health, some people found that this hamburger wasn’t that exciting, simply just a hamburger with twice the bread and some extra cheese, it wasn’t really something that all consumers were going to get a second time. This item wasn’t really as popular as Friendly’s probably hoped it would be, a lot of people were simply put off by the daunting amount of calories included in this sandwich, and it made headlines for a lot of the wrong reasons, most media outlets reporting only on how outrageously bad for you the Friendly’s grilled cheese burger melt was, which was not great marketing for the grilled cheese burger melt. 

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