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10 Times Adam Richman Demolished Food On Man v Food

Ever since Man v Food first hit our screens in 2002, it has become a pop culture phenomenon. Tuning in each week to see a man take on some of the biggest challenges, and portions, in the world of food has been a joy to watch for us all. But just which challenges have stayed in our  minds the most? Let us take a look as we relive those epic challenges with our 10 Times Adam Richman Demolished Food On Man v Food. 

10. Hellfire Wings 

There are many challenges on Man v Food that really pile on the food, and some of them have us truly wondering how anyone can eat so much food. However, there are some challenges that seem simple in comparison. The Hellfire wings challenge is one of those challenges, however, while the quantity of this challenge isn’t anything special there is a catch. Taking place at Smoke Eaters, San Jose, the challenge had host Adam Richman have to eat 12 chicken wings in 10 minutes. That seems doable, right? Well, we did say there was a catch and that catch was that the chicken wings were coated in 6 ounces of dried habanero pepper. To put that into perspective, that coating is so hot that 80 percent of all people that tried this challenge, failed. That was some odds against Richman. The man managed to finish the challenge but at some serious cost. The pain of having to eat those spicy wings was all over his face and to make matters worse, he had to lick the hot sauce clean off his fingers in order to complete the challenge. Even once he had finished eating the wings, Richman had  to wait a full five minutes before he was allowed to extinguish the fire in his mouth with any liquid. Even after downing some milk, the heat and pain could see be seen as Richman paced the restaurant for a long while after. This was one challenge that clearly left a bad taste in his mouth. 

9. The Dagwood Challenge 

While spice and heat challenges are tough on Adam Richman, it seems that the original host of Man v Food really suffers when it comes to quantity challenges. Piles and piles of food can take its toll on anyone and Richman is no different as at the end of many episodes, Richman really looks like he’s been put through the wars. The Dagwood challenge was a quantity challenge that almost beat him. Taking place at the Ohio Deli in Columbus, Ohio, the challenger was a simple one; eat a giant sandwich with a side order of fries. The sandwich contained a whopping 21 ounces of cold cuts – that’s 7 ounces of turkey, 7 ounces of roast beef, and 7 ounces of ham. The meat was squeezed in between slices of French bread, complete with mayo and cheese, and finished off with a pile of French fries. If the meat wasn`t enough to put you off then having bread and fries as well is enough to defeat any normal food lover. While the Dagwood challenge was not the biggest challenge Adam Richman had, it was one of his earliest and therefore one of his most important as it set the tone, as well as giving him a game plan, for the rest of his tenure on Man v Food.  

8. 72 Ounce Steak 

They say that everything is bigger in Texas and that is true with most things but it is especially true with food. The Big Texan restaurant is notorious for its food and their portions and they are no stranger to cooking shows either. Having appeared on many cooking TV shows, showing off the great food, both in taste and size, Adam Richman was ready to tackle The Big Texan’s infamous food. If the thought of a 72 ounce steak was daunting enough, which let’s be honest it is! Richman also had to eat a shrimp cocktail, a baked potato, salad and a bread roll all with in an hour. That’s so much food! The prize for consuming an entire cow was that your meal is free, if you didn’t keel over that is. Tackling this much food was one of Richman’s first challenges so he had a lot to prove and prove it he did as he consumed the entire amount of food in half the aloud time and finished his plate in only 30 minutes. We don’t know how he managed to eat all that food and walk away, but the 72 ounce steak challenge put Adam Richman on the food map and set him on the path to become a food eating legend.  

7. The Gigante 

If there was one food that has been a constant pain in Alan Richman’s side then it was the mighty Burrito. The popular food item has gotten the better of the Man v Food host on several occasions but the show continued to find new burritos for Richman to eat. One such burrito challenge was The Gigante at Sweet P’s BBQ in Knoxville, Tennessee. This 4 pound burrito by itself would be enough to defeat any burrito lover, but The Gigante challenge had more to it. As well as the burrito Richman had to also take on a half pound of banana budding and a half pound of mac and cheese. This mammoth pile of food had actually defeated all that had tried it as until Man v Food turned up, no one in the history of the challenge had managed to complete it. Up stepped Adam Richman to try his hand at this impossible challenge, and not only did he complete it but he completed the hour long challenge in only 29 minutes. This is one challenge when Adam Richman really showed us how to demolish a plate of food. 

6. Hellfire Spicy Tuna Roll

Over the course of Adam Richman’s tenure as host of Man v Food, there were a lot of challenges that involved piles and piles of food. On several occasions we witnessed Richman’s struggle as he ploughed his way through a seemingly impossible amount of food. However, Richman has gone on recorded several times to say that the quantity challenges aren’t as bad as the spice challenges. It seems that heat is the key to defeating the Man v Food legend. So, when Richman stepped up to the Kobe Sushi restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Hellfire Spicy tuna Roll lay before him. Before you start saying that Sushi isn’t a difficult challenge, this was no ordinary tuna roll. Before Richman could get his hands on this spicy roll, there was actually qualifying rounds of heat he had to pass through before he got to the real part of the challenge. According to Richman himself the Spicy Tuna roll explodes in your mouth like a nuclear bomb. That is hot. The roll itself may only be a 6 piece tuna roll, but that roll was covered in layers of Thai chilies. Luckily for this challenge there was no time limit and Richman was allowed to drink what ever he wanted in order to deal with the heat. Watchin Richman conquer this challenge is difficult to see as he clearly is uncomfortable with the heat and pain of what he is eating. But this is one of those many times Richman powered through the pain and triumphed to victory in the only way he knows how.   

5. The Alaskan Feast 

Over the course of Adam Rickman’s time on Man v Food the most common foods he devoured were the mighty big sandwiches, hot wings and of course giant burgers. However, when he turned up at Humpy’s Great Alaskan alehouse for The Kodiak Arrest challenge, the food on the menu was a little different and more exotic than the usual food. Richman had to consume 6 pounds of food which included; reindeer sausage, Alaskan crab legs, fish cakes made from wild salmon, mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables and if that wasn’t enough food to fill you up, the challenge also included a dessert of ice cream, just in case you need something sweet afterwards. With enough food on the table to feed most of Alaska, Richman sat down to beat this challenge. With only 90 minutes to complete this feast, it actually took Richman 15 minutes to crack open the crabs and just when it looked as if the Kodiak Arrest challenge would defeat him, Richman rushed through the rest and beat the challenge in quite a comfortable time. Richman actually enjoyed this challenge so much that he has been quoted as saying that The Kodiak Arrest challenge was one of his favorites through the entire series of Man v Food. It seems that reindeer sausages are the key to a good and happy challenge.

4. The Kitchen Sink 

While Adam Richman has eaten his fair share of food on his time as host of Man v Food, most of the food he got through were savory rather than sweet and dairy in particular was often Richman’s Achilles heal. One of his more famous food fails involved downing a ton of milkshakes. While he did complete that challenge, just, within minutes of finishing the last of the milkshake, Richman rushed to the bathroom as the milkshakes came back to haunt him. So, having the bad taste of milkshake in his mouth, Richman went off to The Kitchen Sink at San Francisco Creamery in San Francisco, California. After hurling up so many milkshakes, you may think that Richman would want to avoid dairy for a long while, but wanting to get back on the horse, Richman was ready for the Kitchen Sink ice cream challenge. This challenge consisted of 2 pounds of dessert with 8 scoops of ice cream plus toppings, and plenty of whipped cream on top. At the time of filming this episode, only 4 people had ever completed this challenge so it was looking slim that Richman would complete it. Picking your own flavors of ice cream is a good way to give you a leg up with this challenge, but the odds are still very much against anyone that tries to take it on. The challenge started off well for Richman but he soon hit that sugar overload wall and he looked to be going the same way as everyone else that had taken on, and failed, this challenge. However, Richman is no fool when it comes to eating and he had a plan; he ordered a side of fries in order to counter balance the sugar and then he was ready to push through and beat this sweet dessert challenge. With so many people failing this challenge, when Richman conquered it, he truly put himself in the food hall of fame. 

3. Hot Dog Record 

There were many great eating challenges that Adam Richman did on Man v Food and most of them made us sit back in awe as he demolished food in great quantities. However, there was one challenge he did that actually broke a world record and that was the chilli Hot Dog challenge. Taking place at the Roast Grill in Raleigh, North Carolina, the challenge was to eat 17 hot dogs in 60 minutes. The hot dogs were covered in mustard and chili, which was made fresh every day. Richman demolished this challenge in half the time he needed and set a world record for this challenge. As a prize for his record breaking achievement, Richman got the honor of renaming the challenge and he called it the ‘Man v Food Hot Dog Challenge.’ That’s a pretty simple and good title but the previous winner and record holder of this challenge wasn’t happy with Richman’s victory and name change. So, the ex winner came back to the Roast Grill to try and take back the crown from Richman. He managed to eat 18 hot dogs in 23 minutes and reclaimed his record and title, and also changed the name back to its original name ‘Hot Dogger Eating Challenge.’ While Adam Richman didn’t hold his world record for long, he really brought his A game to this hot dog challenge and considering that Richman had no past in competitive eating prior to his time on Men v Food, he showed the hot dog eating world just how it should be done.  

2. Oysters 

There aren’t many foods in the world that truly divide people into a love or hate mind set quite like Oysters. People either really love these shell fish or absolutely loath them and couldn’t imagine anything worse than downing the slimy oyster. But, even if you love oysters the thought of eating 180 of them in one sitting, would be enough to put you off for life. That’s exactly what this challenge was about as Adam Richman had to eat 15 dozen oysters to become a member of the 15 dozen club. Taking place at the Acme Oyster House in New Orleans, Richman did in fact charge through this challenge and become the newest member of the 15 dozen club. Before he took on the challenge, 150 people had tried to defeat this challenge but only 28 people were victorious. So Richman found himself as one of the elite but it did come at a price as the challenge ruined oysters for him and he has hardly eaten them since. We think that is the sign of a difficult challenge, it’s not that you complete or fail the challenge it’s that fact that afterwards, you never want to look at that food ever again.   

1. The Stuffed Pizza 

Throughout our list of the 10 times Adam Richman has demolished food on Man v Food, we have focused on those truly incredible times that Richman has finished a crazy amount of food. For this entry however, we are choosing a slightly different challenge. Unlike all the other times Richman was confronted with a table full of food, with the Stuffed Pizza challenge he actually had help. Traveling down to Randy’s Wooster St Pizza Shop in Connecticut, Richman was faced with 10 pounds of stuffed pizza that measured 22 inches in diameter. For this challenge Richman wasn’t alone, luckily, as this stuffed pizza would have been virtually impossible for one man to eat by himself. The guys completed the challenge in the time frame, although it was clearly a sweaty struggle for all involved! The trick apparently to this one was using plenty of dipping sauces to help the dry pizza base go down easier. That may be a good tip to eating pizza, but they ended up ingesting more food than planned. This was a crazy amount of food for someone to eat and another reason why Adam Richman truly was the king and victory over his battle with Man v Food. 

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