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10 Things You’ll Learn from Jake Paul That’ll Impress Girls


10 Things You’ll Learn from Jake Paul That’ll Impress Girls

While Jake Paul may be the most hated person on the internet, fact of the matter is that he blew up for a reason. It’s everyday bro!

If you want to be successful, especially with the other sex, there are things you can glean from people who are successful both in business and in life. So, here are 10 things that you could learn from Jake Paul that would impress girls.

10. Intelligence

Some of the points on this list may surprise you, and this one definitely is part of that. People do think that Paul is as dumb as a sack of rocks, mostly because of his sense of humor and the fact that he named his subscribers the “Jake Paul-ers.”

Sure, that’s not really the definition of thinking outside the box — or perhaps it’s the definition of thinking inside the box — but it works, just like most everything Paul has touched.

His Midas touch isn’t luck, it’s the result of a ton of hard work. Besides, he’s set up an actual content creator/influencer business that has already received over one million dollars in investments. He’s a business guru and he’s very good at identifying what’s popular and taking advantage of that, pretty much every single day.

So, while people are calling Paul a moron, he’s laughing all the way to the bank with a group of YouTubers in his house that all get millions of clicks on their videos — each of which he gets 20% of. The best way to explain this is… If he was so stupid, or as lame as people like RiceGum say he is, why are they attempting to copy his business model?

RiceGum has YouTubers moving into the mansion he’s renting, just like Paul, so… Yeah. He can’t be that dumb. Girls like smart guys, especially ones who use that intelligence to make money.

9. Flexibility

One thing most girls don’t like is a guy that’s predictable — another word for boring. Paul keeps the girls he’s dating on their toes. Just watch the — admittedly horrible/sad — video from Alissa Violet: he played a ton of mind games by switching from a lovey-dovey guy to one who was emotionally distant.

Now, that’s not to say you should emotionally abuse or manipulate women at all. It just goes to show you that a lot of girls don’t like a man who is always available, always willing to do whatever she asks. Really, a lot of girls like a man who is in charge and who takes charge; Paul clearly does that.

A lot of that has to do with confidence, which is another topic on this list. But really, it’s about making sure that you’re comfortable with who you are and in making decisions for you and the girl you’re with. That also does means that you need to be available to try new things, as relationships are about compromise.

So, while you do want to keep girls guessing, you also want to be open to new experiences. If a girl wants to go try new food or go sky-diving, being open is the key. Paul shows that he’s willing to try most anything. That’s a major turn on for some women and that’s why so many girls wait outside his house — even if they aren’t legal.

8. He’s Kind…

Now, this may make Alissa Violet turn over in her… Youtube channel. But if you watch the interaction between Paul and his current girlfriend, Erika Costell, you’ll see a very attentive and kind boyfriend. He brings her pretty much EVERYWHERE.

And while they live a strange life — mostly filmed and thus perhaps always a “show” — that life does afford a lot of amazing opportunities. Jake has been taking advantage of all of those, with Erika. Now, of course there’s the constant accusations by his “ex,” Violet, but considering they were never officially a couple, it’s a bit different.

That difference is evident when you watch him interact with Costell. Sure, he torments her on a regular basis — for the clicks, bro — but it’s all in good fun. Besides, he seems like a great boyfriend that cares about his girl. Girls care about that and look for that in a guy.

While you might want to maintain some sort of edge — “nice guys do finish last” — once you’ve landed your girlfriend, it’s probably a good idea to be nice to her and include her in your daily activities.

7. World View

If you’ve watched any of Jake Paul’s videos, you’ll see that he talks about one thing — a lot. He really doesn’t see the world the same way others do. You can tell that he, along with his brother, probably got in a ton of trouble in school. They walk to the beat of their own drum.

A perfect example of this was the much maligned news segment on KTLA from last month. Paul climbed up the news van and when the newscaster told him that he “didn’t want to do that”, instead of just getting down, Paul replied with a question. A simple one that showed his worldview perfectly. “Why?”

Now, some labeled that as the response a toddler would give after getting caught him smothering baby birds. But it shows he believes in doing his own thing. It gives you that edge that’s been mentioned elsewhere on this list. A sort of “bad boy” image that girls like, for some reason.

6. Independence

That worldview also stems from the fact that Paul is indepdendent. He doesn’t want to rely on others, or work for others. He wants to forge his own path based on that worldview. And he has; he’s clearly been mad successful.

Being indepedent gives you options, and if a girl thinks you’re not going to latch onto them or be too needy, they’ll be more open to hanging out with you. Besides, if you show a girl that you perhaps like them but don’t “need” them, or better yet, that you have other options, you change the dynamic in the relationship and end up being “in-charge.”

That sounds super manipulative but the reality is that Jake Paul has girls chasing after him. Showing that you are an independent shows that you’ve got a good enough self-esteem to stick to your beliefs.

That’s a really hard dynamic to create. If you can, it makes it a lot easier to meet girls and also to maintain your identity later on in your relationship.

5. Loyalty

Loyalty should probably be a lot higher on this list. It’s probably the most important trait a person can have when it comes to relationships, whether they be friendly or romantic. It’s also super important because it’s increasingly rare, especially in the days of Tinder hook ups.

The reality is that girls know they can find someone at any time. While some do experiment with that, most of us search for someone who will be loyal. To take advantage of that dynamic, like Paul has, you must show that you’re good boyfriend material.

There’s probably nothing more important in a relationship than trust, and by showing his loyalty to his Team 10, Paul shows he’s decent boyfriend material.

4. Sense of Humor

If you were to ask 100 women what the most important thing they’re looking for in a relationship, about 80 per cent would say a great sense of humor. Even if you don’t have the looks, a great body, or wealth, if you can make a girl laugh you increase your chances of going out with her.

While it’s not for everyone, Paul does have a sense of humor and he clearly uses it to his advantage. Even though he’s tortured Erika — snake in the bed, the “sharks” when they were para-sailing, etc. — it also keeps the relationship interesting. Again, a boring relationship is a dying relationship.

As, your sense of humor is a huge part of your personality, it shows how your brain works, your intelligence level, basically everything. If a girl gets your sense of humor, she gets YOU. If you find someone that gets it, then you’ve found your “one” — even if it’s for one night.

3. It’s the Money, Stupid

Now, this one is fairly obvious and it’s probably the most unattainable aspect on this list but the fact that Jake Paul has a lot of money helps him in the dating game. Fame could also be here, but it’s easier to make money than it is to suddenly become famous.

Paul uses his money and influence to travel around the world with his girlfriend in tow, and it keeps the relationship fun. He also uses that influence to help his girlfriend make money, much like other YouTubers like PewDiePie do — his girlfriend’s channel is getting more clicks than his.

Even if you don’t have enough money to buy a self-driving Tesla, girls like to be pampered from time to time. So, be a gentleman, offer to pay for dinner, a movie, flowers, etc. You don’t have to be rich to show that you care by spending any amount of money. It’s the same thing Paul is doing —  just on a much larger scale.

2. Work Ethic

Part of what makes money so attractive to a potential mate is the fact that it brings the idea of stability into focus. It shows you’re able to offer a decent life to the person you care for and that you’re not going to end up in Section 8 housing.

Regardless of the amount of money, showing the person you’re dating or looking to date that you’re a hard worker and that you can provide is important. It may be unfair, technically, but really, when anyone looks at dating someone they look at things outside of personality and looks.

They also consider whether you’ve got a decent job and a nice place to live. The reason Jake Paul is one of the top YouTubers is because he works extremely hard. If you show that you’re willing to work really hard, especially on something you’re passionate about, then you’ll show that you’re a great person to date and perhaps spend the rest of your life with.

Just ask Erika Costell, who “married” Paul. While that was a joke you could tell there was some excitement in her eyes. Paul has a pretty rigid daily schedule, but the first thing he always does is work out — and encourage his followers to do the same.

By doing so, he’s taking care of his body and shows he isn’t lazy. That means something, even if it’s a subconscious response. 

1. Confidence

Besides a sense of humor, if you asked 100 women their favorite trait, the second response would be confidence. We all like a man who believes in himself and what he’s doing. It’s a great indicator of your potential success in life. Jake Paul is more attractive than people who don’t believe in themselves. 

Confidence also tends to show that you understand you’re a good catch; you may have multiple dating options. So, try believing in your decisions and realizing that even if you’re insecure about how you look, as long as you show that you really don’t care what other people think, you’ll greatly improve your chances of landing the girl(s) you want.

I mean, Paul isn’t a supermodel by any means, but he’s a catch. It’s not only because of his confidence but thanks to everything above. These are all achievable goals if you believe in yourself.

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