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10 Things You Will Love on Beyonce’s Private Jet


10 Things You Will Love on Beyonce’s Private Jet

So, what did you give your husband for Father’s Day? A mug, dinner for two, or was it a tie? Did you even remember it was Father’s Day?  Does marriage for you translate to beautiful and extravagant gifts to your better half or do you give hurried gifts and claim ‘it’s the thought that counts’? Well, there is marriage, regular marriage, the ‘yesterday was Father’s Day?’ kind of marriage, then there is marriage to Beyoncé.

Born Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter in Houston Texas, she is married to businessman/Rapper Jay-z and the two have three children. Blue Ivy and the twins, Sir and Rumi. Dubbed one of the world’s most attractive and rich couples, their combined net worth is estimated at a whopping $1.16 billion. That is equivalent to a small country’s annual budget.

So what kind of gift would these two couples give each other?  What do you give someone who can afford everything? It appears this couple is never short of ideas with Jay-z gifting his wife an island valued at $20 million for her birthday. She has also been gifted cars and, wait for it, a golden horse. To reciprocate, Beyoncé bought Jay-Z a $5 million dollar watch that tells time just like a $1 dollar watch, and to put the icing on the cake, she took the world by storm when she gifted him a $40 million Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet just for being a father on Father’s Day. Now that is what we call a gift.

Even with such an awesome wife, Jay-z reportedly cheated on Beyoncé and even though he apologized, he never disclosed who he had an affair with. Beyoncé made a song and called her “Becky with the good hair.” We find it unbelievable that anyone would cheat on Beyoncé. I mean the woman has it all, money, good looks and a body to die for. It would appear though that for Jay-z these are normal things and he decided to see how the other half-lives.

That aside, as much as the gift in itself is an unbelievable one, what is so unique about it? Is the Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet any different from the other celebrity planes like say, Oprah’s plane or Donald Trump’s customized jet?  While all these planes come with their own set of beautiful features, all suited to the owner’s needs, it is Jay-z’s gift from his wife that has filled us with awe. Well, we set out to explore the 10 things you will love on Beyoncé’s private jet and this is what we came up with.

10. It’s a Home Away From Home

Not a lot of people love to fly, and after two hours or so of flying, most of us want it over with already. We come out with jet lag, swollen feet and the feeling of just not being right. The cramped planes with the horrible food and probably even worse seatmates are enough to make one swear off flying. So what do the likes of Beyonce do to get over this minor annoyance, they go shopping and come home with a plane.

This globetrotting couple cannot afford to get jet lag. Their time is money and they, therefore, require transportation that would make all those business trips bearable. That is where the Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet comes in. This impressive jet comes fully equipped with all the amenities of home and with the space on this jet, home seems more compact. The leather interior and homey seats make the plane the perfect companion during those business trips.  

9. Is the Atmosphere Here Better?

Flying on a commercial plane is not nice. The planes are crowded, very crowded, the seats look like something you would find on a bus in China and even the isles seem to have shrunk. There is no room to manoeuvre and the atmosphere is non-existent. This is a normal people problem and since we cannot afford anything better, we make do. For Beyoncé, she chooses to rectify this annoyance by purchasing a jet for $40 million.

Now let’s talk about the ambience of the Bombardier Learjet. Being on this plane is akin to a day on a tropical island beach sipping mojitos and listening to the ocean waves. This plane feels like one is sailing on a cloud with not a care in the world. While a plane ride can be bumpy, one is always left wondering, “what did we hit?” Taking a ride on this jet is pure bliss. The ride is so smooth that you can sleep and wake up without feeling a single bump and the safety features on this plane don’t hurt our stress levels either.

8. Did You Say 40,000 Feet? Not so High Please

What makes a jet a jet? Is it the size or the looks? We say it’s the speed. For the thrill seekers, this plane can clear 41,000 feet no problem. It can climb 3,395 feet per minute. That means that you can close your eyes, open them, and you are as high as the eye can see. While this is a good thing for some, it is now recommended that one does not exceed an altitude of 38,000 feet.

This bummer rule was put in place in the wake of the Pinnacle Airlines pilots crash on a CRJ200 in the year 2004.  It is reported that they exceeded the recommended altitude because they wanted to join the ‘410 club’. Even with the Bombardiers engine power, this daring feet stressed the engines resulting in a blowout. Don’t be discouraged though, even at ‘just’ 38,000 feet, the ride is still a thrill.

7. I Need to Stretch My Legs

The worst thing about being on a commercial plane is the lack of legroom. If you are tall and you want to stretch, your seat can only go so far. It is even worse if you are seated next to a big boned person and you are stuck in the middle seat. For most people, travelling by air does get traumatic. These are the people who would love Beyoncé’s private jet.

The space in that jet is something unprecedented. There is so much legroom and with leather recliner seats that are made in a way that you can stretch your legs as far as you want and you still would not hit the person next to you. This is a dream come true for big and tall people and if you want to dance, there is space for that too. You can walk around and even stage a concert if you are so inclined. The plane is just enormous on the inside.

6. Let’s Have a Party for Fifteen

People are attracted to attractive people and nothing makes people more attractive than fame and fortune. If you can afford to buy your husband a $40 million jet then your friends are most likely more than a whole classroom. The genuine ones would probably not fill a room and even these would leave you in a heartbeat if you became broke. But, the hangers-on who claim to be your friends and who want just a piece of what you’ve got can most definitely fill a stadium.

So what does a couple who have more money than a whole country do to pass time as they globe trot? They throw a party. The Bombardier can fit 15 people easily with no congestion and no stuffiness. This couple works hard for their money so when they just want to unwind after a couple of days making money, they invite their friends over, around thirteen of them, on the private plane and they have a party, up in the air.  Now isn’t that the coolest thing ever?

5. I Am Hungry, What’s for Dinner?

Airline food is truly bad food. When you are really hungry you make do, but sometimes even hunger cannot make this food taste better. This is every traveller’s worst nightmare and most of us dream of takeout food as we eat their tasteless meals. For some people, food is not an issue and they can make do with the drinks, but for the foodies, getting on a plane is a source of real stress. We are always tempted to sneak in some snacks.

If you like your food made just right and you love your eggs sunny side up, if the thought of taking a cup of coffee at 20,000 feet fills your heart with gladness, then, welcome to Beyoncé’s private jet. This jet comes fitted with a fully equipped kitchen. Yes, you heard me right. The jet has a modern kitchen where the couple makes their own meals. No stale food and no canned goods for this power couple and with the kind of fitness they maintain, we would not expect any less.

4. I Need to Sleep Now

Imagine flying for four hours, getting off the plane and rushing into a concert, wearing heels and constricting clothes and performing in front of millions of screaming fans for two hours, rushing out and getting back on the plane for another four hours to go and repeat the same routine in another state. This can make even the strongest of people break and this is what this couples life is made of.

Beyonce and Jay-z work hard. If they are not in concerts, they are running their businesses or acting in movies or in rehearsals. They struggle to earn their money the hard way and that is why for them, making it rain is a way to repay themselves or wipe off the sweat, so to say. So what is the consolation prize after a long day at work when you are travelling? A warm relaxing bath, followed by a rest in their ‘jet bedroom’. This jet comes with a full bedroom, complete with a modern 6 x 6 bed. After a long day at a concert, they can retire to their room and rest while they fly to the next concert.

3. Where is the Restroom

Every woman’s nightmare is having to share a bathroom. The nightmare is real on a commercial plane.  Most people do not know how to hygienically use the bathroom and this can really freak a person out. For a couple that loves to party, their plane hosts more than ten people at a time and the wrong use of the bathroom can lead to the spread of some nasty bacteria. That is why, Beyonce’s jet comes with not one, but two bathrooms.

The ultra-modern bathrooms are fitted with modern seats and are more comfortable than your average bathrooms. I suppose when you are Beyoncé, your main issue would not be the airfare, rather it would be where do I get the privacy to use the bathroom, and that’s where you go out and buy your husband a small gift of a Bombardier jet, just because of its Father’s Day.

2. Let’s Have a Fashion Show

Have you ever tried to change a dress on a plane? Disaster. There is never enough space to stand, let alone get changed. The bathrooms are too small, so you can count that room out, and you keep getting hit by this or the other. The experience is so painful that one opts to get off the plane crumpled and with unkempt hair.

Beyoncé has been known to do mini fashion shows for private consumption and of course Instagram. There is so much room on this jet that she can afford to change into shorts and cowboy boots and pose for a photo, or dress in a Bombardier outfit to show off the interior of the plane. With her in the background of course and her husband scrolling on the phone. This is truly a digital family and they love to take selfies. We also love to follow them and envy from afar.

1. Did You Say Leather?

Beyoncé’s private jet comes with a leather interior and cream leather recliner seats, complete with a living room. While you are busy fretting over the lap tray that never stays put on a plane, Beyoncé and Jay-z have a living room complete with a home theatre to watch their favourite movies, they can play games as a family, bond or have meals. That is on days when they do not want to eat in the kitchen.

On the days when their daughter Blue Ivy flies with them, she gets enough room to play with her toys as the parents work. Theirs is truly a home away from home with all the amenities that one would expect in a Beyoncé household. We truly love this plane and for those who can afford a $40 million gift for your loved ones, skip the tie and try this one.

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