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10 Things You May Not Know About Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery

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10 Things You May Not Know About Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery

Have you been to a Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery yet? If your answer is no and there happens to be a Tilted Kilt establishment near your place, chances are, you’re probably way too scared to go. Maybe you’ve been to the restaurant chain’s website and didn’t like what you saw? So allow me to take your hand and guide you through your first time to make it all worth your while.

10. Hey Baby, A Tilted Kilt Is Las Vegas’ Take on the Scottish Male’s Skirt Tradition

This is the first truth of a 10-part mother load on a restaurant franchise that began in earnest in the Rio Casino in Las Vegas in 2003. Like anything incubated on the Las Vegas strip, and most especially in a hotel and resort in one that attempts to recreate the thrill and the riot of the Rio carnival, this can’t be tame. The best that I can do is to break it down for you in 10 easily digestible bite sizes.

You see, a long, long time ago, back in the 16th century to be exact, the historic kilt as it was known then consisted of two parts: a top coat and a bottom skirt. But, as Celtic tradition would have it, the beloved Scottish tradition would shrink gradually until what’s left is a plaid, knee-length skirt. However, with Vegas handlers, and Las Vegas showgirls at that, having anything at knee length is tacky at best.  And yet Tilted Kilt hasn’t decided to do away with the knee socks.  Nevertheless, the original plaid bikini top depicted in the stained glass opening doors of the first Tilted Kilt establishment has undergone transformations as it’s worn today. So hello, tilted kilt; goodbye, Scottish man. Voila, the kilt is now the property of a Catholic school girl straight from the adult entertainment store. As most nuns are aware, the secret school girl tradition is to harness the power of double adhesives to turn otherwise flowing plaids into instant minis when the occasion calls for it.

9. The Bikini Invention May Have a Lot to Do With the Tilted Kilt, Too

Tilted kilt equals tilted minds, or so claims Kilt girl Kaliane who got into trouble with this interpretation in an episode of the Undercover Boss. Unknown to Kaliane and the rest of the reality TV show cast, Tilted Kilt CEO Ron Lynch was doing a cameo appearance or so reports Dan Fastenberg on November 9, 2012. Apparently, lovely Kaliane crossed the line when she demeaned what is supposed to be a classy image of the Kilt girl–by cracking lewd jokes with a live Tilted Kilt clientele. In These Times writer Kari Lydersen points out that female servers are expected to flirt and play with the club’s clientele just like in Hooter’s, Twin Peaks, Bikinis and other so-called breastaurants.  Blame it on the bikini, which, ever since its invention has shrunk just like the TK uniform worn in  47 chains and still growing.

Just like the James Bond ladies through the decades, there are both good and bad Tilted Kilt girls. For the bottom line is, consistency, McDonald’s or Walmart style is very difficult to achieve in a part of the restaurant industry where cleavage, an impressive derriere and wow legs are a major selling point. The fact remains that only the truly exceptional can excel in this business. Like Shayna who works for the Tilted Kilt in Atlanta, Georgia; she’s a rarity for always exuding sex appeal, professional friendliness, and ultra-efficient waitress service. Obviously, her caliber takes years to master, even though Shayna was born with it. 

8. Tilted Kilt in the Age of #MeToo: What an Odd Combination

From the point of view of a male customer, Jacques T. writes on Trip Advisor on 8/26/2014 that he thought the Tilted Kilt was just another pub until he saw the waitstaff in little kilts! He was all praise for the food, the myriad TV screens, and the ambience of the restaurant. Online reviews are mixed when it comes to Tilted Kilt. After all, people, especially men have different agendas for going to a pub and eatery in one.  Obviously, there are males whose main purpose for going to bars is to seek out young women with a gifted physique let alone a full bosom.  Although Tilted Kilt promises full-throttle visual fulfilment on its website, some men have actually been disappointed by the slim pickings at some TK establishments. As J E. writes on Yelp on 8/24/2018,  he saw seven girls working during his visit. Now three of them weren’t up to the standard he expected. J E. would elaborate that the girls were very nice and delivered exceptional service. At the same time, he claimed that the ladies weren’t up to par with those depicted in the Tilted Kilt website.

Believe it or not, some men get actually offended by Tilted Kilt’s Las Vegas showgirl style of service. Like Marc K., for instance, from New Rochelle, New York who wrote on Yelp on 5/19/2018 that he came for a nice lunch to hang out and catch up with a colleague. Instead, he was dismayed to discover that it was the waitresses who were the ones hanging out in their overstuffed bikini tops and well above the knee plaid skirts.  The customer said that had he wanted to be treated that way during his visit, he would have asked for it. In fairness, however, client Marc K. finds Tilted Kilt to be more sophisticated than Hooters; oh well, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

7. Tilted Kilt Isn’t a Strip Club

Tilted Kilt definitely isn’t a strip club, but sometimes the sheer presence of scantily clad servers is enough to give some people the impression that it is. It is precisely this wrong impression that can land the female staff of Tilted Kilt in sticky situations. When a male customer has had too much to drink,  he may over-reach or otherwise expect something else from the ladies–like a striptease.  Meanwhile,  on the part of the Tilted Kilt servers, trying to be sexy while being professional can be a tough act.  To prevent any kind of misunderstanding, Marc K.’s advises fellow customers to avoid bringing guests who are underage, prone to asthma attacks or who are very conservative.

For their part, many Canadian outlets of Tilted Kilt are still grappling with the establishment’s Las Vegas style of doing business, or so claims a review from a former Tilted Kilt manager on the Glassdoor review site. But even in the United States, some cities are still vehemently opposed to the mature kind of entertainment that Tilted Kilt espouses. To illustrate, the city of Evanston, Illinois has successfully prevented the club and restaurant from ever opening there.  However, Tilted Kilt customer Nathan D. who’s from Hoffman Estates, Illinois disagrees.  He writes on Yelp on 7/22/2018 that Daisy  is one truly exceptional server. Nathan D. adds that he and his son love the food at the eatery, the local beer list, and the gigantic TV screens from which to watch various sports.

6. Some Tilted Kilts Have Security or a Bouncer, But Some Don’t

This situation can make matters worse for Tilted Kilt servers who want to feel safe in their work environment. When scantily clad servers are the eye candy of an eating establishment, a lot of bad things can happen without the proper controls in place. Another Glassdoor feedback, this time from a former Tilted Kilt server in a Canada outlet goes on 02/27/2018, that there’s no security guard on the premises. Worse, managers won’t intervene when guests become inappropriate with girls. Head office facilitates stalking by forcing girls to accept the status quo. Maybe that’s the reason why she chose to quit Tilted Kilt? It’s rather tempting to put two and two together in a situation like this.

You can’t put all the blame on customers who are often described as mostly middle-aged to old men who consider Tilted Kilt as a meat market. The smoking gun as Meh puts it in her own review, is that both she and her colleagues have to continue entertaining rowdy men and that they are forced to sit at customer tables, flirt, and be part of sleazy photo opts. Hearing sexually degrading remarks or being touched can happen daily, as Meh herself attests. Obviously, Tilted Kilt management needs to establish some acceptable rules of engagement to prevent any further escalation? As Meh suggests, hiring security personnel wouldn’t break the bank.

On 9/7/2018, yet another Canada Tilted Kilt employee writes in Glassdoor that the only good thing with working for the restaurant is the tips. The employee’s advice to Tilted Kilt management is that managers at every Tilted Kilt need to take the initiative to protect employees from sexual harassment. On 8/18/2017, a former Tilted Kilt manager who has worked for the enterprise for more than a year writes with candor that there are very few pros in working for the company. Instead, there are lots of uncertainty and little direction from the part of management. The former manager urges present management at Tilted Kilt to follow through on their promises.

5. More on What It’s Like Working for Tilted Kilt

Negative reviews show how Tilted Kilt management is taking a lot of flack for its treatment of employees at different branches of the franchise. It proves beyond reasonable doubt that the problems with running the enterprise aren’t an isolated case. I can only wonder how Tilted Kilt management has wisened up from the time the Tilted Kilt Undercover Boss aired on TV in November 2012.  Surely, there should have been some changes or ripple effects caused by bad online reviews as well as the initiative taken by the Tilted Kilt CEO himself to turn bad publicity into an agent for change. On the brighter side of things at Tilted Kilt, the vast majority of online reviews still appears to suggest that in many cases, the tips received by the service staff can be great. So here’s the scoop: If you’re a woman who’s got what it takes to make the male clientele swoon and balance it with a nice touch of professionalism, you may be in at the Tilted Kilt for the long haul.

Forget it, if you don’t match the vital statistics. As the Tilted Kilt CEO says himself,  if a job applicant didn’t fit in the standard Tilted Kilt uniform–there’s a good chance that she won’t get hired.  So if the shoe fits, so-to-speak, it’s all good. Just remember, part of the deal of Tilted Kilt hiring you as a server is that you must be willing to subject yourself to a beauty scrutiny by the management prior to the start of your work shift. Not fitting the bill means that you could be doing Tilted Kilt disservice by not living up to the image of the standard Tilted Kilt girl as depicted in the calendar. Are you picture perfect or camera ready? If so, you can be looking at a bright future at Tilted Kilt.

4. The Extraordinary Perks of Working at Tilted Kilt 

As far as the perks go,   as a server, you get to sample all the foods, especially the new releases. In addition, you also get to sit down every now and then as clients invite you to their table. Who knows, you might even carve a lasting friendship with some of your guests. You just can’t blame customers for picking favorites. Take it from loyal TK customer Eddie K. of Wilmette, Illinois, who told Yelp on 3/17/2018 that Tilted Kilt will always be home to him. He adds that Alexa and Lauren are doing a phenomenal job; these wonderful ladies make him feel welcome every time he enters the establishment.

As a team member, you can likewise look forward to establishing a lasting friendship with the Tilted Kilt family, especially with the other girls in your team. True, there may be drama every now and then, but girl-to-girl friendships are pretty much how you make them, these days. To illustrate, some women, especially the prima donna ones, may be courting trouble when trying to fit in. But for the Miss Congeniality types, the sky is the limit to carving a strong bond with people of the same sex in the burgeoning Tilted Kilt workforce.  You can pick up a lot of shifts here if you’re needing lots of hours but beware, some managers may practice favoritism especially when it comes to awarding full-time hours. The trick is to ask around before you apply for a job at the Tilted Kilt Nearest you. You might know someone who works there.

3. Holy Shepherd’s Pie and Pretzels Galore at Tilted Kilt

Aside from the nachos, which are always homemade at Tilted Kilt, the restaurant’s Shepherd’s Pie is very good, take it from Dough P. of Algonquin, Illinois who just can’t stop telling Yelp about it on 10/18/2017.  Danny Boy’s Shepherd’s Pie consists of seasoned ground beef, carrots, peas, and mushroom gravy topped with garlic mashed potatoes and parmesan cheese;  it’s served with garlic bread.

And when it comes to the pretzels that Tilted Kilt serves, here’s the scoop from Mark K. himself. He was so happy to report that the pretzel was huge and perfectly cooked and served–with a medley of four dipping sauces if counting the table side ketchup. Each sauce reportedly has the oomph factor and a full-bodied flavor.  True, I’ve read about a lot of complaints online when it comes to bad food at Tilted Kilt. But when the culinary staff follows the recipes to a T and don’t burn or overcook the food–heaven can’t be far behind for customers.

2. Surprise, Surprise: TK Has a Healthy Food Collection

Well Tilted Kilt never actually labels their dishes by whether or not they’re healthy for you or not. Nevertheless, Brenden P. from Brisbee, Arizona reveals to Trip Advisor that he was only too happy to find a healthy option of fish with veggies on the menu with the waitress’s outfits complementing the overall experience.

Jean T. from Hoffman Estates, Illinois concurs,  writing on Yelp on  o9/18/2017 that she comes to TK with the hubby often since the restaurant is less than five minutes from home. She also knows the bartenders and has been enjoying the food for years.  What really sweeps her off her feet is the Citrus Cod with rice and steamed veggies.  She finds the dish light and hits the spot without overfilling.

1. What Makes Tilted Kilt a Meat Lover’s Paradise and a Salad Expert

Order Tilted Kilt’s Meatball & Sausage and this restaurant can win you over in an instant. Feel free to also try the eatery’s SOB chicken sandwich with fries. As Rawlins R. from Chicago, Illinois explains on Yelp on 1/6/2017, SOB stands for South of the Border and definitely not a sob story. 

Tilted Kilt’s Spicy Southwest Chicken Salad also enjoys a great reputation overall as far as online consumer reviews are concerned, so don’t forget that when you have the salad gene in you. As always, not all Tilted Kilt establishments may be able to maintain the same consistency that the recipes require. But when they do, they’re bound to hit the jackpot. The trick is to tell your sexy server that you want it done right according to Tilted Kilt specifications and encourage the Tilted Kilt girl to take her sweet time–you’re not in a hurry. It also helps to be extra nice and to come during non-peak hours. Ordering TK takeout also enjoys a great reputation with typical turnaround times at 15-20 minutes. So there: my top 10 revelations regarding Tilted Kilt should have you going there in no time. Bon appetit! 

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