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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Whataburger


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Whataburger

Fast food fans will really enjoy getting the inside scoop on Whataburger! This USA fast food chain is a privately-held company with headquarters in sunny San Antonio, Texas. Whataburger, as the name suggests, specializes in producing juicy and tasty burgers for its many customers. The company was founded by Paul Burton and Harmon Dobson, way back in 1050. These days, this fast food restaurant chain remains a family-owned concern. It’s still in the hands of the Dobson family, plus twenty-five franchise owners. As of spring of 2017, 824 Whataburger restaurants are open for business in Southwestern and Southeastern parts of America. This fast food chain’s restaurants feature unique roofs with white and orange stripes. The very first Whataburger was constructed in Odessa, Texas. These days, it’s a heritage site. Visit Whataburger for the “Justaburger”, the original “Whataburger” or the “Whataburger Jr.”, or go for the fish sandwich, which is called the “Whatacatch”. Another enticing menu item is the “Whatachick’n” chicken sandwich. Breakfast options are also on the menu. Now, let’s share 10 Untold Truths About Whataburger.

10. There’s A Secret Menu

Secret menus are a fast food craze these days. Fast food fans love to order off of the typical menu. When you indulge in the secret menu at Whataburger, you’ll be able to enjoy some exciting novelty items that you’ve never had the opportunity to try before. One example is the Whataburger Hulk. This beverage is so popular that people sing its praises on social media. This drink is as green as a certain muscle-bound superhero and it’s made by combining Powerade and Vault soda with ice. While you can easily whip up your own version of the Whataburger Hulk at home, just by picking up the ingredients at a convenience store, it’ll be more fun to try this frosty drink at Whataburger. Prepare for a green tongue. It’s a harmless side effect of sampling this Whataburger secret menu item. Another fun choice is a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. It’s not on the regular menu, but most Whataburger servers will be more than happy to provide you with this crunchy, gooey sandwich. Lots of people love secret menu Grilled Cheese Sandwiches from Whataburger. They love the crispy toast and creamy American cheese. They also love the affordable price, because customers get charged for the toast and the cheese and these items aren’t very expensive. If you want a grilled cheese sammie at Whataburger, ask your server for one. It’s usually that easy to get this sandwich off of the secret menu. If you’ve got a hearty appetite, consider ordering pancakes and chicken off of the secret menu. It’s a delicious alternative to classic chicken and waffles. If you want pancakes with chicken, you’ll need to place your order between eleven at night and eleven in the morning. This is the time frame when the fast food eatery offers pancakes to its valued clientele. To get this item, you’ll need to order pancakes, plus a biscuit sandwich with chicken strips. Then, you’ll need to set the biscuit aside and wrap your fried chicken strip with your pancake. Add lots of syrup and enjoy.

9. Whataburger Cookies Have Traveled To Space

If you want taste that’s out of this world, you’ll be pleased to know that Whataburger cookies have actually been in space. The Columbia space shuttle crew requested cookies from this fast food chain for their space mission in summer of 1999. This crew survived their mission, unlike crew members of the Columbia STS 107 mission, who met tragic fates because their shuttle broke apart while re-entering the atmosphere. The space shuttle mission with the Whataburger cookies on board happened four years before the ill-fated mission. Today, customers can choose from a couple of yummy cookie types off of the fast food chain’s delightful dessert menu. The options are Sugar Cookies and Chocolate Chunk cookies, both of which retail for just under one dollar each. If these cookies are good enough for astronauts, they’ll be good enough for your dessert, too. Whataburger also offers cinnamon rolls to its customers, along with Fruit Chews, Hot Apple Pies and Lemon Pies. Is this list of Whataburger dessert menu items making you hungry? If it is, be sure and treat yourself to some dessert items from this popular American eatery soon. Once you’ve tried Whataburger cookies, you’ll see why they were the preferred cookies of hungry NASA astronauts.

8. Employees Compete In Whatagames Cooking Competitions

Whataburger management keep morale high by doing one unique team-building exercise on a biannual basis. It’s all about friendly competition and it’s called the Whatagames. That sounds like the opposite of the Hunger Games, doesn’t it? This competition happens in a kitchen and it’s held every other year. The competitions last for three days apiece and they bring Whataburger staff members together, to see which employees are able to offer the most impressive customer service, in keeping with the company’s values. This restaurant promises that hot food will be served hot and that cold food will be served cold. It also promises customers that they will see smiling faces as they are served. In the Whatagames, the company’s “family members”, as they are called in Whataburger’s corporate lingo, compete for five grand in cold, hard cash. It’s possible to win lower cash amounts, too, such as twenty-five hundred bucks or a thousand bucks. During the games, the company closes a Whataburger fast food joint and then brings in guests who aren’t typical guests. The guests are fake. These guests order food and then grade the family members on how well they deliver on customer service.  They also rate the employees based on how friendly they are. This competition dates back to 1996. It started as a training exercise and then gained momentum. The Whatagames are just one more reason why Whataburger stands out from its competitors. By offering its staff members the chance to compete for lucrative cash prices, it incentivizes its team.

7. Guns Aren’t Allowed At This Fast Food Chain

Trips to Whataburger fast food joints are part of Texas tradition, but Whataburger VIPS decided in 2015 that those who were “open carrying” guns would not be permitted in their restaurants. This new edict from Whataburger upper management happened in response to the open carry law that went through in the Texas Legislature. Governor Greg Abbott signed the open carry rule into law during the 84th meeting of the legislature. People who are clearly armed are not permitted to enter 24-hour Whataburger restaurants, despite the new law, even though they are lawfully “open carrying” guns, according to the 2015 Lone Star law. It’s not that Whataburger is anti-gun, according to its president, Preston Atkinson. The CEO of Whataburger does own guns. He hunts and has a license to carry a concealed gun. It’s about meeting the needs of customers of all kinds. Whataburger is a place for families. It welcomes so many young people, from students to church group members and beyond. The “no open carry” rule at Whataburger is about maintaining an atmosphere that is totally non-threatening. It’s about making kids, families and other feel very safe at the burger restaurant. 

6. The FLOTUS Dined At Whataburger

The FLOTUS, Melania Trump, visited Whataburger and so did Mike Pence’s wife. Of course, Donald Trump is a fast food fan. McDonald’s is his fave. Melania doesn’t have the reputation for loving fast food. Melania has said in interviews that she’s a healthy eater in general, who tries to consume plenty of fruits and veggies every day. Apparently, she enjoyed a cheat day at Whataburger during 2017. She visited Whataburger with the Second Lady, Karen Pence, during a visit to Texas. The ladies were in the Lone Star State to meet people who were negatively impacted by Hurricane Harvey. According to a rep for Whataburger, the First Lady and Second Lady enjoyed lunch at a Corpus Christi Whataburger. The rep expressed gratitude to the First and Second ladies for their assistance to Hurricane Harvey’s victims. No word on what these VIPs ordered at the restaurant. There were a lot of pics of Melania, dressed in a simple parka and pants, standing at the Whataburger counter to place her order. Photo ops like these make once-percenters like Melania more relatable to the common people. It’s quite common for politicians and their wives to take full advantage of these types of photo ops. They make VIPs seem more down-to-earth.

5. This Company Was Founded By A True Alpha Male

The founder of Whataburger was a fascinating guy. His name was Harmon Dobson and he was good at so many things, including fast food. He drilled for oil, got involved with shipbuilding, delivered diamonds and flew planes. This alpha male created one of America’s most beloved burger joints. He was an adventurous person who always pushed himself to achieve. Today, his burger joint has become an American mainstay. People rely on Whataburger for delicious fast food in a family-friendly atmosphere. Dobson is a great example of a gifted USA entrepreneur who found a way to live out the American dream. Dobson and his co-founder decided to create burgers so hearty that customers would need to hold them with both hands, instead of just one hand. He wanted people to say, “What a burger!” after taking their very first bites. In 1950, Dobson received a trademark for “Whataburger”, through the Texas office of the Secretary of State. Soon enough, neon “Whataburger” signs were flashing all over the Lone Star State.

4. You Can Customize A Burger in 36,864 Ways

Someone did some sleuthing and figured out that it’s possible to customize a Whataburger burger in over 36,000 ways. If you decide to go for a custom burger, you may just get a “special” sticker on your order. With Whataburger, it’s possible to enjoy a different burger every single time if you want to. You won’t be limited and you won’t get bored. Of course, you may not want that much variety. So, how do most customers choose to customize their burgers? Well, asking for triple meat is one filling option. If you don’t get filled up by the typical single patty hamburger, going for extra patties will make sense. You’ll feel more satisfied after your meal. Another option is asking for jalapeno peppers, or grilled onions, or a bit of extra cheese. By customizing your burger to your exact specifications, you’ll get a burger that is perfect for you. You won’t need to compromise on how much meat is in your burger and which toppings are added. Whataburger is proud to offer its customers so many exciting and tasty choices. 

3. Their Ketchups Are Amazing

This company’s ketchup options get glowing reviews from fast food fans. Whataburger ketchup has become famous because it’s really special. Original ketchup is available, as well as spicier versions. It’s possible to buy the ketchup in plastic bottles at certain grocery stores in Texas. Look for H-E-B grocery stores to get your Whataburger ketchup fix. Of course, you’ll also be able to enjoy these savory condiments when you order a meal at your preferred Whataburger location. In addition to specialty ketchup products, this fast food chain offers mayo, mustard and jalapeno ranch products. Some condiments produced by the restaurant are limited-time only, sort of like McDonald’s special McNugget sauces. A Houston Press article revealed that some people actually prefer Whataburger ketchup to Heinz. In particular, Whataburger’s spicy ketchup is a huge hit. It adds a little zesty kick to burgers and French Fries. If you’re a ketchup fan and you haven’t sampled ketchup products from this fast food chain, you are missing out. Try them when you can and then decide if they are better than what you’re used to.

2. What-a-burger Isn’t Affiliated With Whataburger

Now, it’s time for a little brand confusion. There’s Whataburger, which we’ve been discussing in this list. There’s also a restaurant called What-a-burger. Sure, that sounds exactly the same, but the “other” What-a-burger uses hyphens in its brand name, after every single word. Naturally, some people don’t realize that the two fast food joints aren’t the same. The truth is that the hyphenated What-A-Burger restaurant is not affiliated with the much-larger, non-hyphenated Whataburger. So, how did two fast food chains end up with such similar names? Well, the names aren’t technically the same, because one name has hyphens. It’s only fast food fans in South Carolina and North Carolina who need to worry about this issue. These customers need to know that there are no Whataburger locations in South and North Carolina. We mean the big, popular Whataburger. In North and South Carolina, there are the smaller What-A-Burger restaurants, which offer different food entirely, even though it’s fast food. As long as you’re not in South or North Carolina, you won’t need to worry about going to the wrong restaurant by mistake. The What-a-burger with the hyphens isn’t nearly as a big of a chain at the Whataburger that most Americans know and love. It’s a different restaurant and customers need to know this before they drop by.

1. The 5-inch Bun Was Invented By Whataburger

Whataburger is the pioneer of the 5-inch bun. This fast food eatery is all about offering hearty burgers to customers, which they need two hands to hold. So, it created the 5-inch bun, first, before being copied by other fast food competitors. To get these burgers made, management at Whataburger had to hire a Corpus Christi bakery to make them from scratch, according to the fast food chain’s larger size specifications. Custom pans were designed for the soft and yummy buns. Burgers from Whataburger have been voted the best in the USA in the past. Customers do appreciate the sizable buns, as well as the plethora of topping options and the ability to choose the number of meat patties that they want. This is a fast food chain that really cares about customer satisfaction. Now that you know 10 Untold Truths About Whataburger, you may be craving this fast food chain’s menu items, including its popular burgers. If you’ve never tried Whataburger, make plans to visit one of its restaurants in the future. While Whataburger isn’t the biggest fast food chain out there, it’s very popular, because it offers customers the choices that they want and need. From burgers to secret menu item Chicken and Pancakes to cookies good enough to make it to space and beyond, this restaurant goes the extra mile to offer tasty and hearty food to its clientele.

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