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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Heinz Ketchup


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Heinz Ketchup

For 150 years, thick and rich Heinz Ketchup has been a beloved favorite. People who think they know Heinz Ketchup may be surprised to discover that there are plenty of lesser-known facts about this best-selling condiment. We’re here to share some fun and fascinating information about this awesome dip and sauce.

10. Mayochup Is Heinz Ketchup With A Twist

Mayochup is a tasty blend of Heinz Ketchup, special spices, and mayonnaise. Some people don’t realize that Heinz offers Mayochup, in addition to the classic Heinz Ketchup product. If you love Heinz Ketchup and you’re also a mayo fan, you may find that Mayochup is the condiment of your dreams. It’s creamy, rich flavor is unique. Heinz tested out this ketchup-and-mayo hybrid in Middle Eastern regions before offering it to a wider audience. It’s an ideal dip for fries and also works well as a sauce for burgers and sandwiches. When it comes to Mayochup, the only limitation is your own imagination. Mayochup resembles Thousand Island dressing, but it doesn’t have the sweet taste of Thousand Island dressing. It’s a little zestier, thanks to the addition of onion powder and other spices. When Heinz was preparing to offer this ketchup-and-mayo blend to customers in the USA, the company posted on social media, asking Heinz fans if they liked the proposed name, Mayochup, or would prefer a different name. Heinz probably got some amazing alternative names for the product from followers, but ultimately decided to formally name the new condiment, Mayochup. Clearly, most Heinz fans liked the name, Mayochup. Combining ketchup and mayonnaise isn’t anything new. In Puerto Rico, people have been enjoying “mayoketchup” for ages. Sometimes, Puerto Rican blends of ketchup and mayo feature a little garlic flavoring for added depth. Mayochup has a touch of garlic, too, as well as paprika, not to mention the onion powder that we mentioned earlier. Sauces made with ketchup and mayo are also popular in Columbia and Venezuela. There are Utah, USA residents who believe that the whole ketchup and mayo thing started in their home state. There is a ketchup and mayo condiment available in Utah that is called Fry Sauce, which dates back to the 40s. If you’re new to Heinz Mayochup, you may want to give it a try.  It’s one of four “Heinz Flavor Mashups” that the company currently offers. 

9. Experts Know How To Pour Heinz Ketchup

There’s a little trick that in-the-know Heinz Ketchup fans use to get the thick condiment out of the bottle as quickly as possible. If you don’t know the secret, it’s time to learn! The key is to turn the bottle almost upside down, at roughly a 45-degree angle, and then tap the bottle where you find the number, 57. Tapping that sweet spot once, or a couple of times is the secret of getting the ketchup onto your food in record time. If you don’t get results with one or two taps, just keep tapping until the ketchup flows. A few taps will usually be more than enough. Of course, these days, a lot of people choose to buy the plastic bottles, because there is less chance of breaking them than breaking glass bottles, and because it’s simple to squeeze ketchup out of the plastic bottles. Still, there is something so iconic about the glass Heinz Ketchup bottles. These bottles are really a part of Americana. Knowing how to get Heinz ketchup out of a glass bottle is useful. Trying the trick will be fun. Roughly 11 percent of Heinz ketchup fans know this little hack. Others have never discovered the trick. This clever hack really works and there are situations when you may want to use the trick. Plenty of sit-down restaurants offer the glass bottles to customers, rather than the plastic squeeze containers. When you sit down at a restaurant that does offer patrons glass bottles of Heinz ketchup, impress everyone by giving the bottle a firm tap in the sweet spot. The ketchup should come out a lot faster than it usually does.  With this trick, your fries will never get cold because you’re spending too much time trying to coax Heinz ketchup out of the glass bottle. 

8. Eleven Billion Packets Of Heinz Ketchup Are Sold Annually

Heinz Ketchup is popular all over the world. That’s why 11 billion packets of this flavorful condiment are sold annually. Many people believe that Heinz Ketchup is the best ketchup. They don’t want to use other brands. This isn’t just about Heinz Ketchup’s premium brand recognition. Even culinary experts, such as gifted chefs, have sung the praises of Heinz Ketchup. When a product really delivers for customers, it stands the test of time. Heinz Ketchup remains incredibly popular because it delivers a superb taste that is consistent. Invented by Henry J. Heinz, this legendary ketchup was believed to be inspired by a Chinese condiment called ke-tsiap. As the origin story goes, Heinz made some adjustments to the Chinese condiment recipe and Heinz Ketchup was born. While tomato ketchup is definitely at the core of the Heinz company, lots of Heinz products have loyal fans, including the company’s baked beans. You’ve probably opened more than a few Heinz Ketchup packets in your time, right? You’ll probably open a lot more in the future. Many fast-food joints have doled out Heinz Ketchup packets for years. McDonald’s stopped offering Heinz Ketchup in 2014, but it’s available elsewhere. 

7. A Twilight Star Has A Heinz Ketchup Tattoo

You may already know that Ed Sheeran is a huge fan of Heinz Ketchup and that Sheeran has a tattoo of a Heinz Ketchup bottle on his upper arm. What you might not know is that Twilight star, Jackson Rathbone, also has a tattoo of a Heinz Ketchup bottle. Sheeran and Rathbone aren’t shy about showing their love and loyalty for Heinz Ketchup. Ed Sheeran partnered with Heinz to introduce “Edchup” on National Ketchup Day in 2019, on June 5th. On the big day, a limited-edition ketchup product was released, under the official name, Ed Sheeran X Heinz Ketchup. Most people call it Edchup. It’s typical Heinz Ketchup with a label that features a tomato that resembles Ed himself. While Rathbone hasn’t collaborated with Heinz yet, Jackson did go on The Wendy Williams Show to give curious viewers a glimpse of his unusual tattoo, which is located on his calf. It’s a sizable tattoo. While Jackson was on The Wendy Williams show, he said that his love of ketchup started when he was a child and that his dad would make jokes about the fact that he put so much ketchup on his food. When Rathbone played one of those sparkly vampires in Twilight, his tattoo was covered by his clothes. When he does need to show his bare calf while he’s acting, Hollywood’s gifted makeup artists can cover with ketchup bottle tattoo with makeup. Makeup artists are used to applying heavy-duty cosmetics to mask celebrity tattoos. One interesting fact about Jackson Rathbone’s Heinz Ketchup tattoo is that it’s, in his own words, “life-size”. 

6. Heinz Buys 2 Million Tons of Tomatoes Every Year

To meet demand for Heinz Ketchup and other Heinz products that feature tomatoes, Heinz must purchase 2 million tonnes of tomatoes annually. Heinz employs “tomato masters” to oversee the tomato-growing processes of its suppliers. These tomato masters make sure that all suppliers produce non-GMO, premium-quality tomatoes. Some of the suppliers that Heinz buys from have been farming for Heinz for decades. Heinz currently has 7 tomato masters. These experts are world-renowned for their “ketchup tomato” knowledge. Heinz also takes steps to reduce waste, by re-utilizing all parts of tomatoes that aren’t put into Heinz Ketchup for other purposes, such as fertilizer or compost. Since Heinz is committed to using high-quality tomatoes, it’s no wonder that the company’s ketchup is a classic and legendary product. Every tomato plant cultivated for Heinz gets its start in America, where seeds are planted in USA soil. 

5. The 57 On The Bottle Has An Interesting Origin Story

The first batch of Heinz Ketchup was produced by Henry J. Heinz, way back in 1876. Two decades later, Henry J. Heinz decided to put a 57 on each Heinz Ketchup bottle. He did so after seeing a shoe store ad that touted 21 types of footwear. Even though the Heinz product line actually included more than 57 products, or “varieties” at that point in time, Henry believed that the number 57 was the right choice for his bottles. In his opinion, 57 would bring good luck. In the present day, this ketchup’s good luck just keeps coming. Every year, 650 million bottles of Heinz Ketchup are sold, along with other products, including the Mayochup that we discussed earlier. Some people don’t know the origin story behind the famous “57” on Heinz Ketchup bottles. They assume that there really were 57 varieties when “57” appeared on the ketchup bottles. Now, you have the inside scoop. Henry J. Heinz came up with an amazing ketchup recipe and also had a natural flair for marketing his condiment. The “57” on the bottle is just one more reason why this ketchup is so memorable and iconic.  

4. Colorful Kid’s Ketchups Were Launched In 2000

Maybe you remember Heinz EZ Squirt Ketchup for kids or kids of all ages? The most popular varieties were red tomato ketchup, funky purple ketchup and “blastin’ green” ketchup. These fun ketchups were fortified with vitamin C. All of the varieties tasted just like typical Heinz Ketchup. Kids do tend to respond to novelty food products that allow them to play with their food and experience something new. For a while, EZ Squirt was a big deal, but this kid-centered product line from Heinz just wasn’t destined to last. Launched in the fall of the year 2000, EZ Squirt Ketchup was designed to spark the imaginations of kids. Each bottle had a thin nozzle, so kids could draw things with the ketchup, such as happy faces. In 2000, 2001 and 2002, 25 million bottles were sold. Heinz started out offering the green ketchup and then added more options later. The colors of these novelty ketchups were created through the addition of artificial coloring. Over time, kids and parents became less enamored with the colorful, kid-friendly ketchup line. Some parents possibly found the bright colors of the novelty ketchups slightly off-putting. Kids could mix the colors together to create new effects. By 2006, the wacky ketchup craze calmed down and EZ Squirt was no longer being produced. 

3. The Ketchup Is Known For Its Superb Flavor

Heinz ketchup gets respect because it offers a flavor profile that is remarkably balanced. This is surely the secret of the condiment’s exceptional staying power in the marketplace. Heinz ketchup has been around for ages and no other ketchup brands have eclipsed Heinz. It is the most famous ketchup brand on earth, bar none. Heinz grabs 60 percent of the global ketchup market. While Heinz Ketchup tends to be a little pricier than some comparable brands, most people find that spending a bit of extra money for real Heinz Ketchup is well worth it. So, how does Heinz offer the perfect balance of flavors? Well, it’s partly the quality of the tomatoes. It’s also about the other ingredients, including, but not limited to, distilled vinegar, onion powder, and corn syrup. The second most popular brand of ketchup in America is Hunt’s. Hunt’s is also respected and some people actually prefer it, but Hunt’s doesn’t even come close to the sales that Heinz gets. Heinz is established and people feel comfortable and safe buying it over and over again. While some people love to branch out and try other ketchup brands or make their own ketchup, most people are content with Heinz. It’s renowned for its great taste. 

2. Kranch Sauce Is A Ketchup and Ranch Dressing Hybrid

If you love Heinz Ketchup and you love Ranch dressings and dips, you should definitely try Heinz Kranch Saucy Sauce. This fascinating new mashup between ketchup and ranch has been getting hyped for a while now. It’s currently available, so there’s no reason not to try it. Like another Heinz mashup, Mayochup, the new Kranch sauce contains two classic sauces, plus special spices. Purists may reject Kranch and other mashups, but there are plenty of consumers who love these unique sauces. The mashups are novelties that may or may not stand the test of time. So, how to use Kranch sauce at home? Well, a lot of people who’ve posted reviews of Kranch online, and reviews of this sauce are a mixed bag, seem to enjoy dipping chicken nuggets or chicken fingers in the “saucy sauce”. A few people couldn’t quite figure out how to use this new ketchup and ranch mashup at home. Everyone has his or her own tastes. Some people will adore Kranch, while others won’t see the point of it. The best way to see if it’s right for you if to try it. It won’t be hard to find. You can always mix ketchup with ranch dressing at home, to get a sense of what Kranch will taste like. Bear in mind that the Heinz mashup contains spices that make it unique. 

1. Classic Heinz Ketchup Is A Low-Calorie Condiment

Some condiments are laden with calories, but classic Heinz tomato ketchup isn’t one of them. This tasty ketchup has just 20 calories per tablespoon. If you try the Heinz mashups, you’ll find that those products have more calories per tablespoon. Mayochup, which is a blend of mayo, ketchup, and spices, has 80 calories per tablespoon, and Kranch, which is a blend of ketchup, ranch, and spices, has 50 calories per tablespoon. Sometimes, indulging in higher-calorie sauces and dips is worth it.  There are other times when people may be interested in keeping calorie counts on the low side. If you’re used to dousing your fries with Heinz Ketchup and adding Heinz Ketchup to other foods, you’ll be pleased to know that the overall calorie count of Heinz ketchup is pretty low. Of course, you’ll also need to consider the calorie count of what you’re adding Heinz ketchup too. Some burgers, fries and hot dogs have their fair share of calories. Now that you know more about Heinz Ketchup, you may be craving the stuff. If you’re at home, it’s quite possible that you have a bottle of this ketchup in your fridge. If you’re on the go, there’s probably a lot of local eateries that are offering this iconic ketchup to their valued customers. Nothing could be easier than finding Heinz ketchup, because it’s the ketchup that most people want. 

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