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10 Things You Can’t Do in Disney Parks

Every establishment has a set of rules, either implied or explicit and Disney parks are no different. There are a set of rules at the theme park dictsting what guests can do or cannot do, the way they can act while at the park – failure to which, one gets an instant ejection. Some of the things one cannot do are no-brainers and are in place in almost all the theme parks but when it comes to Disney, some rules are outright unexpected.

The most magical place on earth, Disney gets millions of visitors each year. With this mammoth crowd all in one place, it is necessary to have rules to govern what they do or do not do at any one time. While these rules can be quite infuriating if one is caught at the receiving end of one of them, the rules help in ensuring that as everyone drinks in the magic of Disney land, there are no unruly people messing up with their joy. Most people by now are aware of the rules in place and while it is quite unlikely that a tourist in Disney land will be breaking their rules, we would still like to sensitize them on the do’s and don’ts while on Disney property.

10. Go Topless or Shoeless

In the summer, it can get quite hot but this is not exclusive of summer. Disney theme parks get very hot and especially those in California and Florida. With the excitement that comes with visiting the park, before one knows it, you are racing around in excitement at all there is to see which can make someone even hotter. This is where one gets the brilliant idea to take off their top to cool off. Bad move. The minute you do this, you will be approached by one of the casts members and told to put it back on and if you refuse to comply, that earns you an immediate ejection from the park.

When you visit the park, wear comfortable shoes because taking off your shoes because you are tired or they pinch will earn you an ejection too. Disney prefers that everyone in the park is wearing their shoes, this is not stone age. This rule can only be broken in four places, the Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach and the two water parks otherwise, if you want to get the full experience of Disney without the humiliation of getting thrown out, keep your top on and your shoes on your feet.

9. Shoot video on a roller coaster

So you made it to Disney World which has been a lifetime dream of yours and with all the excitement you plan to try it on. The one you want to do is take on those monster roller coasters that so many people are too chicken to try and you want evidence of the crazy ride captured on video. Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but carrying any loose object on a roller coaster is forbidden in Disney world. Their reasons make sense though because if that camera or phone was to accidentally drop, it could hit another person on the ride going at high speed and this could lead to some pretty gruesome results.

If you feel that people will not believe your crazy adventure on the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and on Space Mountain then you can have someone on the ground take a video of it. It may not be as clear but it will serve. This is not the only place you get in trouble for filming, you cannot film during attractions that come with copyright material like star tours but you can slide by some shooting on it’s a small world but it is still against the rules to do so.

8. Ride a Segway

Disney world is quite extensive and you may be tempted to get yourself an easier way to traverse the vast grounds but this won’t be happening here. Disney them parks explicitly prohibit any mobility devise that has less than three wheels as well as devices that are not able to keep balance and stability if not occupied, unpowered or stopped. That means you have to leave your Segway at home. They are truly serious about this rule and were even challenged over it in a court of law by one woman who suffered from muscular dystrophy without success after the judge ruled against her based on the evidence provided.

It emerged that in 2010, the person who owned the company that manufactures Segway’s lost control while cruising on his Segway and died. That news doesn’t instill confidence in those things in Disney world or out of it. If you thought that skating through the crowds is a safer option, think again. Skateboards, roller blades and roller-skates are also prohibited in all the Disney parks. They do allow wheelchairs and strollers though. So if you are thinking of saving on your shoe soles while in the park, you would have to fit in one of the two and if you are caught cheating on that, you will be thrown out.

7. Wield A Weapon

Nothing instills aggression more than a crowded park. It is even more irritating if the people around you do not follow all the rules laid down and for some reason you seem to be the only one with some form of decorum and the only one following all the rules to a T. standing on line for half an hour then having someone cut in line or walking around on the blazing sun and having someone wheeze past you without the decency of an ‘excuse me’ is enough to drive anyone bonkers.

Getting into arguments and fights in this situations is quite easy especially for the short-tempered but before you sneak that knife into the park in anticipation of a fight, you may want to think again. True you may have to defend yourself from an infuriating Darth Vader or any of the shady characters in the Disney parks but while in Disney, you may want to try a negotiation technique. Ever since September 11, the protection in all the Disney Parks has been beefed up and there are strict body and bag searches which means you and your knife will be out of the park in a Jiffy.

6. Sit on a Folding Chair

It’s a hot day and you have been rushing up and down enjoying one attraction or the other. It’s now time to watch one of the famous Disney parades and you find the place packed up and you have to line up on USA Main Street in the hot blazing sun. The wait for those who have been there being quite brutal and can last for over an hour before Mickey and his friends show up. Families gather an hour or more in advance, lining the pavements of Main Street, USA and waiting in the blazing sun for Mickey and his friends to pass by.

If you are thinking about carrying a folding chair to rest your feet as you wait, don’t. This is another rule that is enforced in the theme park. The rule is understandable considering the number of people lining up and the space the folding chairs would take up. This is where you dress comfortably, wear comfortable shoes and carry an umbrella to cover up when the sun is impossible to handle, hydrate and keep in line without agitation and without breaking any of the many rules that govern the theme park and you are set.

5. Shoot a Video

Disney theme parks are teeming with excitement and crowds from every corner of the world. This is the perfect atmosphere for a video or homemade movie. If you are thinking your trip there will be the break you need and it will put you in the money think again. Recording, videotaping, transmission or broadcasting for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden. There are some loopholes involved with this as those who have blogs on theme parks get to shoot videos of new rides or even old ones for their commentary but if you are thinking of bringing in a film crew to shoot that movie then it’s not happening. It even emerges that all those Disney movies were shot undercover using amateur cameras. Who knew?

If you thought that the rule only applies to video recording you are mistaken. Flash photography is also forbidden. This is because they can be annoying to other guests and more so if done on atmospheric attractions like the Pirates of the Caribbean. This rule is broken a lot by guests who visit any Disney theme park but it is still a rule and it can land one in trouble. With this one, we support them.

4. Bring a Large Picnic Hamper

Buying food in any business establishment is very expensive and more so if you are a family of more than two. Saving a buck here and there is what drives the world and most of us prefer to carry our own food to buying. When it comes to Disney world, there has always been this long-held belief that it is illegal to bring food into the park but this is a false impression we are here to uncover for you. You can take your sandwiches, drinks as well as snacks or any other food you fancy into the park apart from beer which can only be bought from the park.

Drinks should only be in plastic containers as glass containers are prohibited unless they are baby food jars. The only rule about food is that you cannot take your enormous picnic hamper, boxes coolers and bags that exceed 24” x 15” x 18”. Yes they are that specific. When it comes to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, coolers are strictly not allowed unless they are for medical purposes. You can take juice but not in a box and not with plastic straws to prevent the animals from getting a hold of the straws

3. Wear An Adult Costume

We like to dress up and any excuse to feel like a princess or prince charming is grabbed with enthusiasm. Unfortunately, Disney does not give us the pleasure of pulling that Flash costume out of the closet. Just because you are going to a theme park does not mean you can go in costume. That Cinderella costume you bought that you think would make your eyes sparkle should be left at home or relegated to Halloween because guess what, as tempting as it is to dress up as a Disney character or princess when you visit Disney, don’t.

Dressing up will prevent you from gaining access into the park unless you are under the age of ten. The rest of you adults, stick to your normal clothes. Disney enforces a ban on anything that looks or can be conceived as a costume but if you are bent on wearing a costume to Disney then you would have to wait for Mickeys Halloween party where the rules are not as strict. In the meantime, how about dressing normal and enjoying some of Disney magic without the danger of being pushed out the gates or denied access which can be quite embarrassing.

2. Wear Offensive Clothing

When you visit Disney, you are expected to dress in clothing that cannot be deemed as offensive. Disney is sold as a family park and they have spent a fortune to sell this image which many of us actually buy into and this is why year after year we clamor to visit the parks. Wearing offensive clothing is therefore not allowed and by offensive we mean you cannot wear t-shirts with obscene slogans. Clothes that are excessively torn – no matter how fashionable you think they are, g-strings, or bikini bottoms.

Any piece of clothing that you would frown upon if your small daughter left the house sporting it is prohibited and even though our opinions differ and cast members view offensiveness from varying angles, bear in mind that anything that you wear that anyone may consider offensive is most likely to get you thrown out of the park, the rules are a bit relaxed these days and people have been sported in the theme parks wearing t-shirts with slogans that are a bit derogatory but to be on the safe side, it is advisable to keep this in mind when visiting the park because who knows, the day you go in an offensive one may be the day they enforce it.

1. Sell stuff

There is a huge crowd, it’s a hot place and it is teeming with kids. Disney world is a hotbed of business opportunities and potential. If you are an entrepreneur with a strong sense of smell for business then am sure your tentacles are up by now. Selling anything in Disney world would turn a person into a millionaire in no time. Enticed yet? Don’t be. There is a strict no selling rule in Disney so if you are thinking of undercutting them by being the guy with a cart selling hotdogs forget it. Even if what you want to do is face painting the patronage are not having any of it.

Disney theme parks are an investment that hires thousands of people in order to provide the services you are thinking of offering and like any other business, they have no intention of sharing their profits with you, after all, this is their dream. job and their dream company and there is no way they will let you muscle in on their idea grown over hundreds of years. If you can sell a few lollipops before the cast members catch wind of you then you re in luck but if not, stick to the streets of a less magical world.

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