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10 Things Subway Doesn’t Want you to Know


10 Things Subway Doesn’t Want you to Know

About ten years ago there was no better bet than to open a Subway franchise. Subway rode the wave of people looking for healthier options at their fast food spots and one of the best food promotions ever in the “Five Dollar Foot Long” to the top of the fast food-food chain. While most people assume that McDonald’s is the king, Subway actually has and had more locations both in North America and the world than McDonald’s. Recently, however, Subway has been closing down locations as their business has suffered, so we’ll attempt to get to the bottom of it by finding the Top Ten things Subway doesn’t want you to know. Keep in mind that a lot of this stuff just comes with the territory of owning a restaurant (or tens of thousands of them). Except the Jared thing. Outside of that whole Mayor McCheese bribery scandal there really has never been a spokesman that has.. Well, you’ll find out.

10. The Flatbread is a Steal!

Coming into this list I’m sure that each of you know at least two of the entries that we’ll go through, one involving Jared and the other involving a “foot-long” sandwich and a measuring tape. The “11-inch” scandal made people feel like they were being lied to, that Subway was using false advertisements and getting rich off that one inch of sandwich, etc. However, very few people know that you can actually get back at Subway for that by ordering a flatbread sandwich. According to those in the know, the average “foot-long” flatbread sandwich actually measures at over 14 inches! That means you’re getting two inches of sandwich for “free” and all you have to do is, you know, eat flatbread. Considering the fact that Subway is losing customers left and right, perhaps they should advertise the $5 flatbread to get people back in the door. If you do want to order the flatbread just avoid the… Well, you’ll see. Again.

9. The Halal/Kosher Subways

If you’re unfamiliar, people the abide by certain religious practices don’t tend to eat pork (for the Jewish population it’s part of being Kosher, for Muslims it’s part of Halal). Namely, people that follow the Islamic faith don’t eat pork as pigs/hogs eat garbage and are thus sort of disgusting… Come to think of it, they have a point, but then again… Bacon. That means that in certain areas with high muslim populations, even in the United States, the Subway stores don’t stock ANY pork products (as to avoid any issues with cross-contamination should the ham touch the turkey). However, those stores still advertise pork products for people who either aren’t religious or don’t follow scripture. What gives? Well according to a former Subway employee: “Subway stores located in areas with a high Muslim population have removed all pork products and all the meat is halal. So that ham and salami are actually just flavored turkey meat made to look like pork products.” The question becomes how they flavor the turkey to make it taste like pork. Assuming it can’t use any pork products it must be a decent amount of chemicals, which is even more unhealthy than eating an animal with cloven feet and a stomach full of garbage.

8. Avoid the Mayo, Period

As this list has and will show, a lot of people eat at Subway because it’s a healthier option when it comes to the fast food industry. While it is true that most everything Subway offers is healthier than a burger and fries, there are still things that are deceptive about how things are advertised both on television and in the store. While we’ll touch on that further down on this list, there’s one thing that isn’t advertised anywhere that a former employee admitted during an interview online. When people are eating at Subway to lose weight they typically forgo mayonaisse or go for the “light mayonaisse”, the only problem with that is that, according to this former employee: “Whenever the light mayo bottle ran out, my manager would just tell me to fill it with regular mayonnaise… And this is pretty common in a lot of stores.” Now that, is a scandal!

7. The Dead Mouse Salad

This one is rough. Any restaurant has to deal with all sorts of critters like mice, rats, raccoons and the elusive sasquatch. You’d think that a restaurant like Subway would have less of a problem in that regard because everything seems so organized and put away, but vermin are crafty and when they smell food they’ll do most anything to get to it. Case in point, awhile back a man name Matt Jones ordered a spinach salad from his local Subway and found a dead mouse inside his salad. While that technically counts as protein, its really, really gross and is something that Subway admitted was their fault (which was surprising as there have been instances of people faking images like this for financial reasons) while saying it was an “incredibly rare” circumstance. It was, because the mouse died in the salad, but that means that a bunch more probably made their way through that spinach without dying. That’s just unsettling and actually explains the food borne illness outbreaks that they’ve had in recent years. On the bright side, though, at least the mouse died doing what he loved?

6. Don’t Eat the Chicken

The internet is a great tool. Unfortunately for some companies, though, especially those that tend to hire teenagers or people who aren’t really looking for a career, there’s a large chance that anything negative that happens at that business will be talked about online at some point. Case in point comes from an article on the site,, who spoke with a former employee from Subway. That employee basically stated that you should NEVER, under any circumstances, order the chicken and it’s not what you expect (considering all the issues that come from serving chicken), at least not totally.

Here’s why: “Subway chicken is given a two-to-five day shelf life depending on the variety. The chicken teriyaki SHOULD be thrown out by the fifth day, but a lot of employees just change the date to avoid throwing it out. This means, with shift changes, varying staff and other factors, five-day chicken could be out as long as nine days.” So what meat should you order? Speaking of which…

5. The Six-Inch Hepatitis A with Mayo

Unfortunately the reality of the food-service business is that most every restaurant will deal with some sort of food poisoning situation at some point. That has happened to Subway more than once and they all basically boil down to an employee not washing his or her hands after they go to the bathroom (or cross contamination between uncooked meat and the vegetables or bread). In 1999, for example, over 40 people in Washington (State) ended up contracting Hepatitis A from their sandwiches. Eat Fresh, indeed. Hepatitis of any kind is no joke and all involve a virus that infects the liver. Hepatitis A impairs liver function and if left untreated it can actually kill your liver. Yikes. More recently nearly 100 people ended up contracting salmonella from a Subway location in Illinois. If you simply Google “Subway” and “Food Borne Illness” you’ll see the number of outbreaks they’ve had and to be fair that’s sort of standard for a lot of fast food restaurants especially, but because Subway doesn’t cook their meat on an oven (to kill any critters) and also because of their fresh ingredients, it’s just a recipe for disaster. Again, this is just part of the reality of eating mass produced food served by teenagers. Every week it seems there’s an outbreak of this or that at a restaurant or gas station eatery, so the point is that everytime you eat you’re rolling the dice that you’re going to get violently ill. Enjoy Dinner!

4. Their Fat Shaming Adverts

Subway was the leader of the “Eat Fresh” revolution thanks to their ads with Jared Fogle and the fact that most sandwiches are healthier than a hamburger and fries. In today’s day and age, though, people get in an uproar over most everything so it’s hard for a company like Subway to promote healthy options without “offending” those who prefer burgers. Subway walked straight into a feeding frenzy, figuratively and literally, when they released the above advertisement that basically shows a group of women eating hamburgers because summer is over and they no longer have to look hot in their bikinis. The girl reminds them that if they gain weight they won’t be able to fit into their sexy Halloween costumes and because of that, people were offended and claimed that Subway was fat shaming them. As with anything like this you have to look at the intent behind the commercial and clearly they didn’t intend to insult those who get insulted by anything and everything, but it didn’t matter as Subway immediately pulled the ad and issued an apology. It’s really too bad because they didn’t mean to fat shame people, they just meant to show that you can still enjoy good food without gaining weight, something most people don’t want to do (hence the reason Subway became so popular in the first place). Although…

3. The Sandwiches Aren’t as Healthy as You Think

Because of Jared Fogle’s transformation from a morbidly obese man to a thin monster by only eating at Subway for over a year, people assumed that the “Jared Diet” essentially was anything at Subway. The reality is that Jared was ordering sandwiches without condiments or cheese, lowering both the calories and grams of fat. It’s not only the commercials that give you that impression but it’s also the signs in the restaurants that show a certain nutritional value for each sandwich (with a decent amount of fine print). A former Subway employee explains it best by saying: “these values are only for a six-inch sub, on white bread, with no cheese or sauce. The truth is, about 99% of customers have either cheese, sauce or both. So that means your ‘low fat’ six inch Subway with chipotle sauce and swiss cheese (the most popular choices) goes from six grams of fat to a whopping 19.7 grams!” Beyond that, if you adhere to the Atkins or Keto diet(s), then Subway is a complete no go anyway, unless you get the salad or perhaps a low carb wrap. But, if you’re on Atkins it’s probably better that you avoid Subway totally, as the smell of that bread cooking might drive you crazy.

2. Their Foot-Longs Aren’t a Foot Long

If you’ve ever been to Subway you know that you order your sandwiches in terms of their length. The two options (outside of wraps, salads and those weird round sandwiches they give kids) are a six inch and twelve inch/foot-long sandwich. Back in 2013, though, a teenage named Matt Corby ordered a foot long sub from Subway in Perth, Australia and decided to actually measure the sandwich since he had a tape measure for some reason. He posted the results to the Australian Subway Facebook page and the “11-inch Controversy” was born. Corby asked that Subway “pls respond” and after his post received over 100,000 likes Subway finally responded that, get this, the term “Foot long” is “creative license” and a “name” and not a “measurement”. What? There were other rationalizations, like that the bread starts out as a footlong but shrinks in the oven while cooking, but either way it made people feel like they were getting cheated and because of that, it really hurt Subway’s brand.

1. Basically Anything About Jared

You knew this entry was coming. Jared Fogle was perhaps, no he WAS the best pitchman not only in fast-food history but in the history of pitchmen on television (Sorry, Grimace). He became super famous and rich over the years after he was initially introduced as a man who lost hundreds of pounds by only eating Subway sandwiches. Dubbed the Subway diet, the timing couldn’t have been better as people were suddenly looking for food that wouldn’t eventually kill them and there Jared was, holding up the world’s biggest jeans, letting people know that if they eat at Subway they too can get in shape. Little did we know that Jared was using all of that fame and money to sexually assault minors. It’s hard to fathom that that actually happened, but it’s true and it’s something that was a gigantic PR disaster for Subway. Granted, it wasn’t their fault and they didn’t know anything about his sinister leanings, but to have a pitchman that personifies your business end up in prison for all the things Jared did, it’s clear that it’s something that Subway hopes you’ll forget.

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