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10 Things Pregnant Women Should Stop Worrying About

The joy and pride of expecting mothers are already enough for a constant celebration. If there is one universal emotion for all women who are pregnant, it is worrying about certain things with regards to their present situation. It is a normal thing to think about some things to worry about. Especially for first time mothers. who aren’t sure of what will happen.

But for some who are not having problems in their bodies then there is no reason to worry or freak out. Stress is a very terrible thing, especially if the person is pregnant because there is a baby she is carrying inside and the stress can affect the baby through hormones. Here are the ten things pregnant women should stop worrying about.

10. Body Changing and Transformation

Pregnant mothers are usually consciously worrying about gaining too much weight. But, gaining weight is just a natural and necessary part of pregnancy. Also, they are already thinking about what their postpartum body will look like compared to that of their bodies before conceiving. After carrying a baby for nine months, it is obvious that it is difficult to have a body without extra skin in some areas afterward. Actually, the “five months pregnant” look can last for longer and for some others maybe it will take years.

Overcoming the fear of these body changes and transformation is a must. There should be an acceptance that bodies of pregnant women will go through a lot of changes. Instead of focusing on the weight, they should give their attention to health and fitness, which is very beneficial for the mother and her baby-to-be. Also, it is nothing to worry about because the sagging skin and postpartum belly will go away if the mother will do some exercises and proper diet. From the start of carrying a baby, there will really be a big change. So the thing is they need to embrace is the new versions of themselves. Postpartum exercises are needed in order to get back in shape.

9. The Baby Nursery Room

Planning how the baby nursery will look is one of the favorite parts of pregnancy for expectant mothers. With or without experience in interior design, one can truly be inspired by such a rewarding task, since it’s going to be for their soon to be baby. But, aside from the excitement, expecting mothers worry about how the nursery will look before the baby is born. They think the nursery must be completed early, so the tendency is that they worry about every detail about it. But, unless it is done, worrying is just endless for them. Things like walls must be painted, newly designed floorings, rugs should be placed, delicate pieces of furniture and bedding for the baby are a huge concern.

The significant thing to consider here is the usefulness of the details inside the baby nursery room. Of course, one would consider if she is going to choose whether she will buy a crib or a bassinet. A crib is of more long-term use because there are convertible cribs that can be changed into a toddler bed and even a full-sized bed nowadays. Also, there needs to be a crib mattress, nursery humidifier, mother’s big chair for late-night feedings, storage cabinet and hampers. This is the list of necessary things that should be in the baby’s nursery.

8. Harming the Baby

“Is it safe?” This is a common question that makes women feel a lot of stress when they are expecting. Eating the right kind of food and diet, taking the vitamins and supplements and doing some activities. These are some things that bother them and they wonder if they are causing any harm to the baby inside their womb. Do not worry if there are times that you forgot and mistakenly ordered a turkey sandwich because cold cuts are supposed to be off-limits, especially during the first trimester. Or you accidentally tasted a different kind of colored juice during parties then realized it’s unpasteurized. Things like these are just normal to consider.

Being too stressed out worrying too much could hurt the baby inside the wombs. Severe stress can increase the risk of having a preterm baby or worse, some congenital defects could occur. Medical professionals suggest that it is all about how expectant mothers are handling the situations they are in. Take time to get enough rest and sleep. There is no need to be a worrier. Instead, act like a warrior that can handle things and be prepared for whatever challenges will come on your way. It is best to focus on the good things that will happen for yourself and for the baby.

7. There Will be Less Sex

Not only are there a lot of body transformations that will happen during pregnancy, but also the libido of an expectant mother can really change. Also, there’s a belief that couples whose wives are pregnant should not engage in intercourse because this activity could cause miscarriage or preterm labor. But most of this is hogwash and not true. it is also not possible to hurt the baby while having intercourse or bump its head. However, the doctor will tell you to abstain for several weeks after the birth to give everything a chance to recover.

When the baby is born, especially if it is through the normal delivery, then it is very hard to imagine that everything down there will ever get back to its pre-birth condition. Believe it or not, it will. There are other procedures that can almost make it be the same again, like the posterior repair. This kind of surgery is best for aiming to tighten the tissues supporting the vagina and removing any bulging parts in the walls of it, thus making it look like nothing came out of it. There’s a study about breastfeeding mothers where their libido is somewhat affected by it and thus the presence of pain can occur. But, as long as both partners are healthy, there is no reason to not have sex during pregnancy.

6. What Labor Will Be Like

It is normal to dread the feeling of labor, especially for soon to be first-time moms.They are afraid that maybe something bad might happen to their baby or to themselves.They think that it is better for them to do the cesarean section because it must be very painful for them to do the normal delivery and that they can never make it through. Well, the thing is, labor and delivery have been around since people have been making babies. If you are the type of person who wants to know every detail of the delivery, then the best thing to do is to talk with your doctor. Your doctor is the best person to share your worries and fears with. It will go a long way toward setting your mind at ease.

So instead of being afraid and always worrying about what is going to happen on the final day, the best thing to do is simply to prepare.There are childbirth classes to have proper orientation and to fully understand the nature of birth and delivery. Another way is by reading books that will enlightenment you to be able to perform well during labor and delivery.

5. Eating For The Two Of You

Pregnancy is a stage where the body goes through a lot of changes to support the growth and development of another life. So, the nutrition and intake levels are very important to know and expectant mothers need to understand the right amount they need to eat. It is obvious that expectant mothers need to eat more than their usual diet, but it is important to take note that there is a specific number of calories that a pregnant woman should eat.

“Eating for Two” is a myth, and expectant mothers should know this. The general recommended amount of extra calories needed is about 300 calories per day. But the specific caloric recommendations will depend on the specific stage of pregnancy. So on average, it is within 25 to 40 pounds of extra weight gain throughout the period of pregnancy. It can not be used as an excuse that “eating for two” is the reason for eating extra unhealthy meals and snacks.Take note that many overweight women may have bigger babies, who will be in turn become obese and will develop some health problems later in life.

4. I’m Not Going to Be a Good Mother

Little girls are fond of dreaming to be a mother someday. While playing with other kids, pretending to be a good mother is a favorite role play to a lot of girls. The time has come that pregnant women are facing the situation they were dreaming of ever since they were kids. Becoming a mother is actually a responsibility. You want your child or children to think of you as a good mother. It is important to make plans ahead, but one must not put all the expectations in one place so that there will be no turning point and becoming discouraged about something. Worrying a little about becoming a good mother is okay since it proves that one is really serious about this matter.

There will be days of having lack of sleep and tiresome days full of daily activities at home, school or at work. But the advantages of being a mother is what makes it big time. It will be the hugs, grins, and giggles and they will make you more patient, loving and more appreciative of each special moment of the family that you have. They will bring out the best in you and that you will be at your best when you having kids. Remember that this special task is being given to you to cultivate the new incredible life that came from you.

3. Babies Won’t Sleep

Who is not afraid of not getting enough sleep? Everyone worries about it at some point. Sleep is a very important factor for the growth and development of babies. So, it could be worrying for mothers that their newborns are not getting enough sleep. It is a common complaint from anyone, especially from an exhausted new parent, but there are great solutions to this simple kind of problem. If anyone considers this a problem though. Breaking a baby’s bad sleeping habits is one of the important things to do in order for him to get good health, mind, and body.

Of course, we want what’s best for the babies. But during the early days of the life of newborn, sleepless nights are the usual rhythm for the parents of the newborn. The first six weeks can either be a smooth rhythm where babies tend to let their parents have the time of their lives, or it could be the opposite. One would be lucky if you are going to be the one who will wonder why other new mothers seem to be so tired all the time. It is normal by the way, for the newborn to stay awake at night and sleep during the day.

2. Budgeting Problems

It isn’t unusual to start worrying about the money situation. Expecting a baby is an exciting time, but it will be an expensive thing too. You have a lot of important things to do and dates to remember when expecting a baby. Aside from the fact that it is one of the biggest changes that can happen in life and with it comes to the cost of raising a child. It is very important to plan ahead.

It will never be too late to work out a good budget for the family. Knowing what amount of money is going in and out each month is quite an essential way to look closer and have proper monitoring of the money. For the needs of the baby that will come into your lives, it is advised that new parents ask more experienced mothers what is actually needed and what purchases could wait. One does not need to do fancy shopping because of the fact that there will be a list of what is needed only and not what is wanted.

1. There’s No Movement From My Baby

It is being said that feeling your baby move for the first time can particularly be an emotional and unforgettable moment in your life. It is very exciting to imagine what the baby is doing inside your womb. But one of the normal fears of pregnant women is that they cannot feel any movements of the baby. Fetal movement is usually felt for first-time mothers between 18-22 weeks, but for the second or third-time mothers, it can earlier as 14-16 weeks during pregnancy. So, if it is going to be a first-time pregnancy then nothing to worry too much about because it may take a little longer than those who are not first-time moms. However, after 26 weeks of pregnancy, there should be a fetal movement that can be felt by the mother. Many doctors will tell the pregnant mothers to do a “fetal kick count” each day.

Sometimes active pregnant women dwell on their work so much that they tend not to feel the movements of the baby. Maybe he or she is doing the activity while you are the one who is at sleep or could be deep asleep or concentrating on something. There will be times as well, that the baby wants to sleep and rest just like a normal individual would do. The best thing is to go to the monthly checkups and do the ultrasound scans as these can give incredible views of the movements of the baby.

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