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10 Things Pregnant Women Do That Drive Gynos Crazy


10 Things Pregnant Women Do That Drive Gynos Crazy

There are definitely a lot of things that happen during appointments with gynecologists. Throughout pregnancy, prenatal checkups are done in order to ensure both the mother and the baby are progressing the way they should be. It provides the chance to answer all the random questions and also to develop the relationship between the doctor and the mother so that they will be more comfortable and at ease when they go into labor. Also, by going to regular prenatal visits, the doctor can easily identify if there are complications to be treated as soon as possible.

Some pregnant women do not like going to their doctor, it is very difficult on their part. Even medical professionals have a thing about dealing with their own reproductive systems. There might be some complaints about issues in OB/GYNE, but it is rare. It may the doctors who are the ones complaining with regards to the behavior of their patients. There are things that women cannot stand when visiting their gynecologists, but what they don’t know is that there are certain habits of patients that drive gynecologists crazy. These are the ten things pregnant women do that drive gynecologist almost out of their minds.

10. Not Coming to Prenatal Appointment 

Going to any doctor isn’t exactly fun. But when it comes to a pregnant woman and of course her baby, it is very significant to follow through with the routine check-ups that are vital for the mother, as well as for the baby. There could be a lot of things that will happen during these appointments, like checking first the vital signs and having the urine tested for mothers. There isn’t anything more exciting than hearing the baby’s heartbeat when doctors do the sonar and get the chance to see the baby’s activity inside the mother’s womb. These are such good things that can happen during routine check-ups for pregnant women.

Despite the excitement and importance of these prenatal visits, many women fail to come to their appointment. They can have their own reasons as to why they didn’t come to their appointment. But, this can make the doctors mad because it could put the mother and her baby at risk because there isn’t any close monitoring. Doctors need to be secure about the safety of the condition of the mother and the baby all the time, especially for those mothers who are at risk during the pregnancy stage.

9. Refusing to Wear Maternity Clothing

Bodies of pregnant women go through a huge transformation during the pregnancy period. Of course, a baby is growing inside their body and the result is that their bodies are also adapting. While there are those mothers who are embracing the change in their bodies, there are those who are hesitant to accept the reality with regards to their body transformation. But, being pregnant doesn’t mean that there’s no time for being fashionable or are they not allowed to wear the same type of clothing they wore before.The important thing here is not only expectant mothers are thinking of how they look because of what they wear, they should also think of the baby inside their womb.

So, whenever expectant mothers are visiting their gynecologists for their prenatal visits, some of them are still wearing tight-fitting clothing that automatically shows that they are not adapting to the body transformation that happens during pregnancy. The fact is, that as the bump gets bigger and bigger, the clothes that mothers were wearing prior to being pregnant get tighter and tighter. So this is another reason why gynecologists are wondering what is going on in the minds of these kinds of mothers.

8. Not Trusting the Advice Given to Them

Gynecologists are highly skilled in the treatment of women’s health. They are mostly concerned with the health care for women, especially the diagnosis and treatment of some diseases and disorders affecting the reproductive system of females. So, they are fully trained surgeons who know the right treatment to give to their patients.

That’s why, if ever there would be a patient who doesn’t believe in what the doctor is saying or just simply do not want to follow their orders, then it is something for the gynecologists to worry about. Expectant mothers should trust their doctors because these medical professionals are just doing their duty to provide the optimum level of wellness. Of course, there will be times when doctors tell the patient some things they don’t want to hear, but it is necessary, to tell the truth in order for the condition of the patient not to be put in any jeopardy. So, whenever a situation like this happens, it is right to follow the procedures and instructions of what to prepare and do given by the doctors themselves.

7. Stopping or Starting Medications without Prior Notice

The basic rule here is very simple. Pregnant women should not stop or even start any types of medications without talking first to their doctors. Even those who are not pregnant yet but are considered to be seeking to get pregnant should get an appointment and discuss the pregnancy plans with her doctor. With this, they can surely get the proper medications that are safest for pregnancy. There are some medications that should be prescribed only by the doctor, as well as those over-the-counter medications and dietary or herbal products.

Studies and investigations have been conducted for the safety of pregnant women taking medications. Especially that there are some new medications that are coming out onto the market. There is a lot of risk and the effects they will bring can depend on many factors. Factors such as the health condition of a woman, when the pregnant woman should take the medication, the proper dosing of the medication and if there are other medications she has been taking already. Right from the very beginning of the prenatal check-up, it is very important to tell about all the medications, even those dietary supplements as these play a vital role in prescribing the right medications. Another thing is they shouldn’t stop abruptly any medications being prescribed. If they are in doubt as to why they are taking such medicines, they should be sure to talk to their doctors.

6. Skipping the Annual Gynecological Exam

A gynecologist said that if a woman is not pregnant at all and doesn’t have any symptoms like abnormal bleeding, the presence of pain, urinary incontinence and vaginal discharge, it is just fine to skip the annual routine exam. But for others, especially after one month of delivery, it is a must to do pap smear as a precaution to make sure one is safe from any abnormalities that could somehow indicate signs of cancer. Also, having a baby does not exempt anyone from doing this annual exam. So, if the patient complains of doing so, this can really make gynecologists crazy.

To be really honest, no woman wants to see her OB/Gyne and go through the annual exam. But it is known that women should have the annual gynecological exam in order to preserve the ongoing optimum health of their reproductive system. It is a fact that having a pelvic examination plays a vital role in detecting cervical cancers. The key to prevent an occurrence of cervical cancer is early detection. As they say, “it is better to be safe than sorry,” right? So, whatever reason there is, it is a must not to skip the yearly exam even if one is expecting.

5. Soaking in a Hot Bath Which Includes the Bump

Having a baby inside the womb is a natural process and should be an enjoyable experience. Our body is trying to be on its better than usual behavior in order for the baby to grow normally inside the womb. That is why there are a lot of alternative ways to beat stress when it strikes. Fresh air and sunshine can improve the mood and thus lessen the possible stress one might experience. Also, the healing power of water can be particularly relaxing during the pregnancy. But is it safe to take a hot bath with the whole body in a tub that includes the bump?

Sure a simple shower can aid relieve aching muscles and limbs and of course let the body feel freshened up, especially after a very long day at work or any strenuous activities. But for a pregnant woman to soak her whole body is not advisable. A condition called hyperthermia, where it causes a rise in the core temperature could increase the heart rate of a pregnant woman, thereby decreasing blood flow to the baby. This could lead to increased risk of birth deformities and defects.

4. Trying to Wax Before Checkups

Well, there’s nothing wrong if someone is so conscious about how her private parts look, especially if she is going to a routine prenatal checkup. She can be very self-conscious about her private parts and that’s the reason one wants to primp everything, especially do the waxing. While pregnancy is really an exciting experience, the body also goes through a lot of changes. Some changes, like growing hair, will be visible in some unwanted areas. It feels embarrassing for them and that is why they may really find some ways to just eradicate it.

A dermatologist once said that waxing can make more irritations to swollen skin and skin areas with the presence of some breakouts. Though skin breakouts may usually be managed by some topical ointments and antibiotics, there will still be a chance to develop local infections in the skin. So the right question is, is it safe to do waxing during pregnancy in the delicate areas? Yes, it can be safe, but the best advice is to let it be done by a professional at a spa or salon so that it is safer.

3. Smoking is a Habit

Cigarettes are not just bad for the body, but also it is bad for our environment. There are a lot of disadvantages when somebody is smoking. Even when a woman is not pregnant, we all know that smoking doesn’t contribute anything good to our body. Moreover, what happens when a pregnant woman does not give up her smoking habit? When a woman smokes during her pregnancy, the toxic substances found in cigarettes will go into the bloodstream and then to the baby. The blood is where the baby gets his or her source of nutrients, food, and oxygen in order to survive. Together with tar and nicotine combined, there would definitely be a lot of diseases associated with smoking cigarettes.

When there is a change in the supply of oxygen to the baby inside the womb, there could be detrimental effects on baby’s development. Possibilities of stillbirth or the baby will not grow to its maximum weight and height. So with this, the best thing to do is to give up the bad habit, even just during pregnancy. However, it is still best if a smoker would quit completely. So, pregnant women who smoke is another thing that can make gynecologists get mad.

2. Wearing Heels Instead of Flats

Come to think of it, is it easy to wear heels at all? Now, what about wearing heels during pregnancy? It would seem that it would not be wanted. Wearing heels during pregnancy is not at all advisable. Doctors strictly suggest not to wear heels during pregnancy as it can lead to serious harm, not only to the mother but also for the baby. Aside from feeling discomfort, there are certain risks that could happen if they do not follow the direct orders from their doctors. It might not be the most dangerous thing to do, but still, it is not safe to wear such things. There are many reasons as to why it’s better to wear flats instead of heels while expecting.

The occurrence of back pain is probable when wearing high heels because it would alter the proper posture of the body. Wearing heels will put more pressure on the pelvic area, thus resulting in back pain. There would also be less balance and a high probability of causing injury, not only to the expectant mother but also to the unborn baby. Another is the swelling feet or edema. Not only in the legs, but also in the ankles and feet.

1. Caffeine Infusion

Caffeine, when entering the body, stimulates the central nervous system, which can somehow relieve stress and tiredness. It also increased awareness for the individual. It is not necessary to give up caffeine altogether while a women is pregnant. However, it is important to know that one should definitely cut down the intake, especially if it is more than 200 mg of caffeine a day. Like cigarette smoking, there would be the increased risk of miscarriage or a baby with very low birth weight or birth defects. Take note also that caffeine is a diuretic, which means that it will make a pregnant woman urinate more often. It can also interfere with the sleeping pattern of the mother.

It is better safe to say to avoid caffeine or limit the intake to about one cup of either coffee or tea, or other beverages that contain caffeine. So, whenever there would be an expectant mother who comes to the doctor’s office, do not show up with a cup of coffee. The gynecologist may not be happy at all.

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