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10 Things New Dads are Most Worried About

It is a great feeling to those guys who will embark on a new stage in their lives. Becoming a father is a momentous event and surely it is going to change his life forever. Others will mainly say there is no need to worry about everything because no one is ever truly ready to have a child of his own. Some will be excited, especially to those first-time dads, but still ,they are equally going out of their minds thinking of the coming out of their babies during delivery and after the event where they will be ones to handle the father responsibilities and duties in everyday of their lives.

Changing of status from being single to being committed and having a family can pose a lot of pros and cons. One has to bear in mind that a lot of things might change. All of the priorities before when one is still single might not be the current priorities when one will have children. Think of it as a beautiful struggle that must be surpassed in every step of the way. As a parent, a soon to be dad might be worried about a lot of things. Here are some of the things new dads are most worried about.

10. “Me” Time Disappears

First, he is worried that “Me” time might disappear. Being a guy, there are a lot of activities to do. Activities like hanging with their best buddies or colleagues after work, playing basketball or card games, watching movies and TV shows and sometimes going to the gym. But when guys are about to enter the fatherhood stage, “Me” time will soon disappear, considering the fact that he will devote most of his time to his new family. They are not going to have the equal amount of extra time that they used to have before. This is a common fear or worry of many new fathers out there.For new dads out there, they will think that having a baby will definitely force them to be mature or grow old with their present age. Life will surely change, but it is still fine if there is still time for oneself. An important thing to do is to talk with their wives sincerely about all his concerns so that they can fix schedules as to how they would manage their time for themselves and of course time for their baby. Planning thoroughly about how to make things work out will really help a lot with both partners and more importantly to the baby.

9. Intimate Togetherness Will Change

Interpersonal relationships really struggle among people nowadays, especially to a couple where a baby is coming their way. This kind of struggle can lead to be a primary focus for this new dad out there. Potential problems may occur, but somehow they can find solutions to the problem. One of the biggest struggles a couple or the new mom or dad has to face is the togetherness or time with each other more in an intimate way.Mentioning the primary focus a while ago is like balancing the togetherness in an intimate relationship more likely a balancing act. The fear of new dads is that when the baby is there, effort and energy are taken from their partners and finding time for being intimate with one another can be difficult to find. So in order not to lose the intimacy from each other, try to have or maintain the present communication that is there all the time. While it may that spending more time together will increase the intimate togetherness factor, there’s a big difference between being present together and intimate with each other. Here experts suggest that the couple should do activities where they interact together for this can sustain a relationship and build positive thoughts and memories to keep forever.

8. Health of the Baby

One of the main things new dads are worried about is most likely related directly to the baby. More specifically to the health of the baby. As the saying goes, “health is wealth.” Learning some effective coping strategies and ways to prevent becoming sick are the factors that are integral in keeping the baby healthy. While it’s really normal to wonder if the baby that is still inside the mother’s womb will be born normal or not, it’s important to be positive at all times. Most often times, he has to accept the fact that most babies are born perfect, especially to the eyes of the parents.

But it’s not in the favor of the good at all times, dads-to-be should know how to handle their emotions and if their baby does have a problem with health or even a birth defect. It is up to both the parents to share their concerns with each other and try taking things easy so as not to distress themselves and the baby. Take time to relax and focus more on all the ways the baby is perfect.

7. Losing Body Figure

It’s not their bodies, but for the bodies of their wives who got pregnant and surely, gained a lot of weight for the whole pregnancy period. New dads out there are still visual, meaning they want their wives to look the same way as they saw them the first time they met. The sad thing is that it is really normal for a woman’s body to drastically change after experiencing pregnancy. They gain weight for the baby and after pregnancy ,it is time for them to figure out how to be get in back into shape like the body they had before getting pregnant.

The positive thing to do for the wives is to offer motivation to get back in shape. Of course, women will do it for their partners, but also they must achieve the goal of getting back in shape for themselves. Nothing gets better when no one worries about how they look. This kind of issue might be a small thing for others but come to think of it, maybe one day it will be one of the reasons as to why the relationship between husbands and wives fade away. But a simple reminder for the new dads that they should also be sympathetic with their wives about losing weight after pregnancy. They should be aware that it will just take time for them to return to the way things were before they got pregnant.

6. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Who wouldn’t fear not getting enough sleep? Of course, all of us love to get that good night sleep. When a person’s feels tired and sleepy, his mood changes as well. It’s hard to perform the tasks and responsibilities in each given day. People nowadays are usually deprived of enough sleep, even if they don’t have any children. So how much more if for new parents? That’s why, being a new father, he could feel like he will be the most tired person in the world.

That is why, before the baby comes out into the world, soon to be fathers should try to get some extra sleep so as to prepare their body and minds once the baby comes. Life is going to change once the baby goes out. For new fathers, if their baby is crying in the middle of the night, sometimes they are the ones changing the diapers and preparing milk for their baby. Maybe their wives were the ones who took good care of their baby the whole day long and it’s time for them to be the ones who should wake up in the middle of the night or at dawn to these things for their baby. So the biggest challenge here is to adapt with the changes of the baby’s routine.

5. Doing Duties As A New Dad

Their big question is, “Will I do everything right?” New dads simply fear that when the baby comes out, will he be able to do the duties and responsibilities of being a new father to his baby? The good thing to know is that any man who becomes a father can care for his baby. Of course, no one is all knowing or better yet, to say that no one is perfect. So in order to conquer the worry about this, they must be prepared for the coming struggle that comes their way.Before the baby comes, soon to be dads, especially those who are first timers, can practice the techniques such as how to properly hold a baby. They must ask guidance from a friend or relative who has a baby and they can discuss and show them how to pick them up from bed or cribs, putting them down again, changing diapers, baths, making milk and giving milk in bottles, burp the baby and even how to put them to sleep. The reality is that practice makes perfect and it is really simple to think that the basics for caring for babies are relatively not that complicated at all. Also, they can read books and magazines or simply one can download an app to their mobile phone about how to be a great new dad and study the techniques. It’s all pretty simple and the main thing is to love the baby.

4. He’ll Be Attracted to Others

This may be the worst worry above all. During pregnancy, moms-to-be may not look so good because of the baby bump and the body weight gain. Their moods change as well. Their concerns are mostly focused on their pregnancy and after the baby comes, they will focus on their babies. When they are taking care of the newborn, wives are not going to have enough time to stroke his ego and have a meaningful get-together time. So what is left for their husbands? This can be the reason as to why some new dads turn their attention to others, or should I say seek attention and begin to be tempted by other women.A good reminder to those good men is that they should never go astray to whatever circumstances may come in the relationship between them and their wives. New dads should also focus on their duties and responsibilities of being a dad because that’s what their wives have been habitually doing. Their primary focus should be raising their new family. Having good communication, setting rules and giving boundaries can be the ingredients to have a peaceful and meaningful relationship of soon-to-be fathers and mothers.

3. “Dad Bod” Figure

He may think of it as the hottest new fad to talk about, but to some men, they are very conscious about their body changes once they enter the stage of fatherhood. “Dad bod” is a slang term in these present times referring to the body shape particular to middle aged men. It is believed that the term came about because once a man has found a partner and has a family of his own, there is no need to worry about maintaining a perfectly shaped and toned body. Others believe that having “dad bods” are more attractive to women these days.

But the best thing to consider is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not just for his own sake, but because he has a family of his own. He will take care of his wife and baby that takes a lot of effort. It may be difficult to maintain a routine, but it takes the right attitude and discipline to do so. Things to do are to prevent those activities that will lead to gaining of weight. Do exercises and prevent eating unhealthy foods and beverages. These habits can help keep the body at a healthy state and lowering the risk of developing new diseases.

2. Making Love the Whole Night Through

After pregnancy, new dads think of having sex the whole time while his wife thinks of the baby the whole time. This is normal since changes of desire happen a lot even before, during and after pregnancy. Some women may feel that they are unattractive and that is the reason why they still do not want to engage in such sexual activity. This can be the whole reason for a lot of conflicts and misunderstandings. Also, they think that one must not resume this kind of activity with their partners because they still feel that their body didn’t go back fully to its normal functioning.The solution here is not as difficult as it could be. New dads and moms out there need to discuss and talk to each other about their desires and worries. If they agree to do so, they must expand their sexual horizons as to where their partner feels comfortable in doing so. New dads can take care of this since they must know that their wives just went through a lot of pain during pregnancy and it is not that simple sometimes. Within the span of the first few months, their parenthood stage will be focusing more on their baby, but this doesn’t mean that they have to neglect their needs as well. Think of why you have a baby in the first place and how did you did it.

1. Money Matters

Money can always be the root to many kinds of problems. Even to new dads, money will be everything they need as soon as the baby comes. Actually, even when the baby is still inside the womb of the mother, expenses are getting higher. Think about the monthly check-ups, vitamins, food, and a lot of stuff needed for the preparation of a new baby. This is one of the most commonly feared thing new dads have.

According to the U.S Department of Agriculture, it somehow costs an average of $286,050 to raise and care for a child until he or she reaches the age of 18. Looks like a lot of money is needed for the span of those years. But before worrying too much, because remember all that money isn’t needed all at one time. However, once you know a baby is on the way it is a good idea to start looking for ways to save money. New parents may find that some things take care of themselves, as things like dinners out and time with friends at the bar are no longer expenses. For the clothes of their new baby, it is not practical to buy a lot since babies grow quickly.

s a good idea to start looking for ways to save money. New parents may find that some things take care of themselves, as things like dinners out and time with friends at the bar are no longer expenses. For the clothes of their new baby, it is not practical to buy a lot since babies grow quickly.

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