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10 Things Meghan Markle Can’t Do Now


10 Things Meghan Markle Can’t Do Now

The romance of Meghan Markle who is now married to Prince Harry of the British Royal family is no news at all, following from their dating to the elaborate engagement, which saw the end of Meghan Markle’s acting career, was a spectacle to behold by the whole world. The wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry was the talk of the whole world, almost all the media stations around the world had to put a hold on their activities for the day just to carry the grand wedding live.

The American actress who was formerly married to Trevor Engelson in 2011 and got divorced in 2013 is now a Royal as she is married to the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II. Being a Royal, there would be some slight, maybe not so slight changes to her life that she seemed prepared for, owing to the fact that she made some herself even before the Royal wedding. We are here to let shed more light on the little adjustments Meghan Markle would be going through, from a divorcée actress, to a Duchess of the Royal British Family. Below are some highlights of the things Meghan Markle can’t do.

10. Meghan Markle Can’t Take Selfies

Being a Royal comes with its responsibilities. As a free citizen of the United States of America, even the president of America has no restrictions on taking selfies. Meghan Markle was first a citizen of America before she became royalty so she was free to take selfies, associate, and other things. Before she met Prince Harry, she had been a fighter and a socialite. She loved taking pictures, in fact, a huge part of her life was spent in front of a camera, whether it is taking pictures or videos or even selfies. But all that would no longer be possible as she is now a Duchess, and as royalty, she can’t take selfies with fans any longer.

A reliable source said, that this is because the Queen doesn’t like selfies and they have all being banned from taking selfies. Although some people find it strange and no concrete reason has been given why taking selfies is out of her to do list, we would all have to wait until an official statement is released. Till then, we just have to accept that no more selfies would be given by Meghan as the new addition to the Royal Family.

9. Sign Autographs

The Royal Family doesn’t sign autographs because it is considered a security risk. Meghan Markle is not allowed to sign autographs as the Royal Family doesn’t. Although she was used to doing this before, as soon as she got engaged to Prince Harry, she began to adjust. Just before her wedding, news had it that she violated this ban and signed an autograph for a young girl known as Caitlin Clark while she was on a visit to Wales, but it has been clarified that although she signed an autograph for the little girl, it wasn’t her signature.

She just wrote a ‘Hi Kaitlin,’ which was a misspelling, but the little girl seemed to be more than thrilled, not really minding the misspelling. According to Caitlyn, it was a first time for her to be given an autograph by the Royal Family. There are several sources that revealed that Prince Harry and Prince Charles had also done the same on different occasions, although it has never been heard that anybody from the Royal Family actually signed their names on an autograph for security reasons. Although they can actually sign their signatures on official documents or visitors books, these have rarely happened too.

8. Have Social Media Accounts

Meghan Markle has been a lady in the spotlight from her beginnings to date. Yes, she had it rough from the beginning due to her being biracial, but she loved the media. From her career as an actress to fighting for human rights to her other activities. She also graced our timeline with her dog and selfies, having over a million followers on Instagram and keeping us all up to date with her interesting life, but all these have changed now. It looks as if she accepted the change before we did because she deleted her accounts before her wedding to Prince Harry.

Rumor has it that it is an unspoken rule in the Royal Family to no use social media and it is confirmed because none of the members of the Royal Family have a personal social media account. And with the addition of Meghan Markle to the Royal Family, she would no longer be feeding our timeliness with her selfies anymore. Although Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice have social media accounts, word on the street says that they are not directly from the Royal Family since they are cousins of Prince Harry and Prince Charles. They really don’t officially attend Royal functions and they also live their lives separately from the royalty. They are not working royals and they have jobs. So, they have fewer rules to follow that Meghan Markle.

7. Vote

Megan has technically lost part of, if not all of her rights as a citizen, which includes freedom of expression. She no longer has a public personal opinion, she can no longer express her voting rights because she is now part of the Royal Family and all her opinions must reflect royalty. Word on the street says it is an unconstitutional act for the Queen to vote in any election, although it doesn’t legally prohibit her from voting. This is supposed to affect the Queen only but as it is, what the Queen can’t do, her family also can’t do.

So, as Meghan Markle has signed up to be in that family, she also won’t be able to express her voting rights anymore. Furthermore, she is not yet a British citizen, she is an American citizen. Although married to Prince Harry, it would take some time for her to be able to express full citizenship. So, if she wasn’t bound by the Royal law, she would have been bound by the British law. Whichever way, she won’t be able to vote.

6. Colored Nail Polish

Meghan can no longer use any other color of polish that isn’t nude. You know what they say about letting there be moderation in everything you do, although Americans don’t have that phrase in their vocabulary apart from freedom to do anything you like provided it doesn’t hurt others. But apparently, the Royal Family does have this in their vocabulary. It is said that the Queen favors nude polish only and that is on special occasion.

Have you heard about the phrase, as long as you are in my house, you would do what I allow and desist from what I don’t allow? In the Royal family, there are rules for everything. Meghan Markle used to be a lover of black polish, but not anymore. From the look of events prior to the marriage of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, it looks like Meghan had already adjusted after her engagement to the Prince because she was seen in public wearing nude polish on several occasions. Unconfirmed reports said Meghan Markle went through training after the engagement to adjust to her new life.

5. Eating at Her Own Pace

Along with many other things that Meghan Markle can’t do, she would also learn how to eat at the Queen’s pace while dining with her. This seems to be an unspoken rule in the Royal Family. Word on the street has it that the Queen is a fast eater and when dining with her, nobody starts to eat before the Queen. Meghan Markle would have to wait for the Queen to start eating before she starts eating and also keep has to keep an eye on the Queen’s plate so as to stop eating as soon as the Queen drops her cutlery.

It really doesn’t matter if Meghan is done eating or not, it is more like a curtsey thing in the Royal Family and if it isn’t followed, the Royal Family greatly frowns at it. On the bright side, Meghan can eat the way she likes in her house, but she has to follow the royal rule both while dining with the Queen and when dining in public. This is also one of the new adjustments to Meghan Markle’s life along with learning how to greet the Queen and how to sleep when under the same roof with the Queen.

4. Crossing Her Legs in public

Hmmm, the crossing of legs in public is so not a Royal thing. Meghan Markle, who has lived her life defining who she is and to live the way she wants, has been seen in public over the years prior to her meeting Prince Harry crossing her legs while sitting down and doing a lot of fun things Americans do, but being a Royal is a different ball game for her as she is no longer allowed to sit the way she likes but the way the Royal Family likes.

It is said that crossing the legs at the knee is not ladylike and doesn’t show elegance, that is why it isn’t allowed of royals to do that. Also, rather than the crossing of legs at the knee, it is advised to tighten the thighs and cross the ankles. This style is typical of Kate Middleton, as she has been taught the duchess slant from a tender age. Not only is it not allowed for Royal to cross their legs but also medically and socially advised for ladies to sit elegantly and ladylike by not crossing the legs at the knee. This is another life change that Meghan Markle has to adjust to although, this is not bad after all.

3. Acting

Meghan Markle seems to have retired from the acting career she worked so hard to get to before she retired. This is not unrelated to the fact that she is now the wife of Prince Harry, a member of the Royal Family. The actress turned duchess who was shooting Suits, which is season 7 with six unreleased episodes remaining, although rumor has it that she had already finished shooting the remaining six episodes before resigning from acting.

Although there is no clearly stated rule from the Royal Family that prohibits a member of them from engaging in activities such as acting, being royal is already a job that is demanding and acting, on the other hand, is also very demanding. So, both can’t really be handled alongside. Secondly, being a Royal comes with a lot of security, so it would be quite challenging walking in and out of a set with so much formality and security. Thirdly, it is really in the best interest of the new duchess to limit public activities as much as possible to limit media presence and avoid unnecessary scandal.

2. Being Alone in Public

Meghan can no longer be seen in public alone for obvious reasons and this includes not being able to shop in public as a Royal. Meghan Markle being a part of the Royal Family means that she would be going out with a lot of security detail, even if it means to walk her dog. This is because so much attention would be focused on her due to her new status, she would have to be properly escorted and protected from harm’s way since she is now the responsibility of the Royal Family. So, no more privacy for Meghan Markle, no more taking a cool breeze alone on the beach to clear her head or going to see a movie alone or even shopping alone. She would have to be followed around by a security detail to keep her safe. That’s what comes with Royalty.

Of course, when at home, behind the secure walls, she will be able to have alone time, and we are certain that she will enjoy those moments. Having come from America, where she went where she wanted when she wanted, it will take a lot of getting used to, to having her every step followed while out in public.

1. Wearing of Short Clothes in Public

Meghan Markle would have to cover up properly; she is no longer allowed to wear some fashionable clothes that would expose her bare legs. She would also say goodbye to dressing as she pleases because she is now royalty and has to conform to the ethics of royalty. Meghan Markle would have to do a change of wardrobe to include nude stockings because the Queen doesn’t seem to like a show off bare because to her it isn’t decent or ladylike, so, she would have to go covered and cover some skin. Meghan Markle would most importantly get used to following set up rules on how to dress, what to wear in public and what not to wear.

Whereas she used to go without wearing pantyhose, as most young women do these days, it isn’t considered ladylike to be seen with bare legs. This rule also applies to the wearing of shorts or short skirts, which is also not allowed. Royal’s skirts must always cover the knees. Meghan was well known for wearing business shorts during warm weather, but once she became engaged to Prince Harry, they were never seen again.

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