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10 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Jake Paul


10 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Jake Paul

If you had to point the most hated person on the internet right now, it’s a safe bet it would be ex-Disney Channel star and celebrity vlogger, Jake Paul. He’s has become Internet  famous, Internet fast and with that does come a lot of jealousy and anger.

That’s not to say that Paul is innocent of the things that people loathe him for, but it seems to be working for him. There’s a lot more to him than meets the eye. Here are 10 things that everyone gets wrong about Jake Paul.

10. His Videos are ALL Fake

When you look at top YouTubers, you see a consistent theme of top channels/people copying one another and desperately following fads. The biggest one that sticks out here is the ouija board and ghost stuff that every channel has been doing with a straight face.

While Jake Paul did participate in a lot of videos like this, it seems like he’s moved more towards doing more legitimate activities these days. Sure, you could say that the “beef” between him and his brother Logan was staged, but a lot of the pranks they pulled were real — as were their reactions to them.

There’s an article elsewhere on BabbleTop that breaks down both every time Jake Paul has trolled someone and also the top 15 times that he’s been trolled. You won’t find one fake reaction among that bunch. Paul is smart enough to have moved away from that fake stuff.

The best evidence is the fact that his neighbors legitimately hate him. If he was doing fake stuff there wouldn’t be all this hype and he wouldn’t have lost his gig at Disney.

9. He’s Selfish/Self-Centered

Jake Paul is the alpha male at Team 10 house, and it’s really not that hard to see why. Any content creator who ends up living in the house can expect millions of subs in their first week and a pretty quick ascension to the top of the YouTube world. Because of that, he is surrounded by people who do want to make sure they can stay in his good graces.

While they could be considered to be “yes (wo)men,” some of them are Jake’s childhood friends. Besides that, while Jake does appear to be immature in his videos he does take some things very seriously from a business perspective. He spends a lot of time with his fans, especially those battling disease. He has done a lot of work for charity, for example.

He’s played in numerous charity sports games to raise funds. Jake has stated that he’d love to be involved in media that makes positive changes. While he has said that he’d love to branch out into more “serious” acting roles, he also wants to focus on roles that highlight inequality in society, pointing out the smash hit horror film “Get Out.”

While he was widely mocked for stating he wanted to make films that point out that “racism is horrible,” it was a nice gesture considering he could’ve said anything else.

8. He Doesn’t Take Anything Seriously

Sure, Paul doesn’t seem to take life too seriously and he clearly has a tiny problem with authority. Of all vloggers, one could argue that Jake Paul is the hardest worker of them all. Vlogging nearly every single day — and most hours of that day — Paul takes his “job” very seriously.

He’s developed a fervent following, amassing over 10 million subscribers on YouTube alone in a little under a year — some, including Jake himself, say that’s a record. That wouldn’t have happened if he were lazy. In fact, it’s the exact opposite and you can see how his work ethic differs from even some of the people on Team 10.

He has numerous rules about working before playing — or some say, playing at all as alcohol isn’t allowed in the Team 10 house and the members are expected to keep a tidy room, and filming a certain number of videos a week. Fame can be fleeting and social media flame can be even more so.

It seems Jake understands that so he’s looking to diversify what he does before his immense popularity disappears as quickly as it’s come. The only way to do that is to work hard right now, so perhaps he won’t have to for the rest of his life. Unless he wants to and it appears like he really likes what he’s doing so why wouldn’t he?

7. He’s a Terrible Boyfriend

There’s a difference between being a bad “boyfriend” and being a friend with benefits that doesn’t feel like being exclusive with said friend with benefits. Now, his “ex” Alissa Violet is gorgeous and has a great personality — her videos are popular for a reason.

You’d have to have a heart of stone to watch her video where she discusses her relationship with Paul and not feel for the girl, who is baring her heart to the entire world. The problem with that, despite the fact that they pretended to be a couple on their vlogs, they actually weren’t in real life.

Paul was 20 at the time, he was being hit with a ton of money, fame and opportunities that he never expected, solely for being himself in videos. While that’s no excuse for poor behavior, if Paul never committed to Violet at any point or made it monogamous, then he’s really not a bad boyfriend — he’s just a crappy friend with benefits.

Compare that to how he acts with his actual girlfriend, Erika Costell, who appears to be smitten by Paul and has had nothing but great things to say about him. Sure, there’s a financial incentive there and if they do break up it could get messy.

But Costell is really buying into what Paul is selling. Right now, it appears like he’s selling trips to tropical locations, monogamy and a ton of money and fun. 

6. He Abuses his Girlfriends…

This is a recent update regarding Paul and his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet. She was the first person hired to join Team 10 and was responsible for a lot of their initial success and growth. Jake and Alissa became Jalissa on YouTube and while Jake pretended to be in a relationship with her online, he apparently wouldn’t commit offline.

Instead, he used his fame and wealth to hook up with a ton of different girls he flew out from Ohio — according to Violet. It is gut-wrenching to watch her describe the situation she was in with Paul in her “Truth” video. Yet, you have to think that if he had abused her physically, as she stated in a recent video, she would’ve brought it up in her first video.

Also, when someone tells you that they don’t want to be in a committed relationship because they want to keep their options open — and then they do that — some of that is on you. His current girlfriend/wife, Erika Costell, recently said:

“I want to clear the air here, Jake has never harmed me in any shape or form…but let’s not take away from the importance of what’s going on. Aggression toward anyone under any circumstance (including myself) in unacceptable. We should focus on this issue at hand, not the drama surrounding it.”

People will point to the time he shoved Tessa Brooks after he lost the newlywed game, but that was a harmless situation and doesn’t mean that he beats his girlfriends or all the girls he hooks up with.

5. He’s Losing Subscribers

When Jake Paul reached 10 million subs this week he had a reason to celebrate, as he may or may not have been the fastest person in YouTube history to reach that mark (that fast). While some have added more in the same time period, it wasn’t at the beginning of their channel and that’s an important caveat.

It’s easier to add subs when you’re established and your channel gets preferential treatment from the YouTube algorithm. But when you first start, even if you’re well-known on other platforms, the algorithm doesn’t know that or care. So it is an accomplishment in and of itself.

Except once he reached 10 million subs, he suddenly began losing thousands upon thousands of subs. Some say it was due to his reaction to the abuse allegations of FaZe Banks and Paul’s personal assistant — something he talked about in length despite not being there.

A TON of websites started celebrating with articles that started with things like “how the mighty have fallen!” and “it was only a matter of time!,” all linking to this sub tracker that was showing that Paul was on track to have 0 subs by the end of next month.

The problem with that is, if you click on it now, it appears that Paul is back over 11 million subs and is adding a healthy amount every second.

4. He’s a Bad Neighbor…

If you really put things into context, it’s sort of funny that people are describing Paul as a monster or a bad influence considering he’s really not doing anything that terrible. Climbing up a ladder on a news truck?

Sure, he’s probably not the best tenant — his house has spray paint on the walls, the pool had to be drained because it was full of green goo, etc. — but he’s really not a “bad” neighbor. Besides of a few incidents, which he apologized for and learned from, he spends most of his time either inside his house or in his car, filming his vlogs.

The biggest issue that his neighbors have had is that there is a consistent crowd outside of Paul’s house. And as you’ll see in the next point, that’s not something that Paul actually wanted to do or even set up himself.

Besides, even if he did film a conversation with his neighbor — which was a bad move, potentially illegal — it did show that he is a compassionate person simply is trying to do what made him famous in the first place whenever he is on camera. This explains his cringeworthy news appearance that went viral about a month ago.

Because of all of the drama, Paul has been on his best behavior, mostly thanks to the COO of Team 10, Nick Crompton, who seems to be the voice of reason in the house. Wherever they do end up moving, it’s probably a good idea that Paul finds a house that doesn’t have a neighbor for at least half a block.

But considering the fact that he lives in LA county, that may be a hard sell.

3. He Invites Fans to his House

One of the main criticisms when the KTLA “scandal” broke was that Jake Paul lists the Team 10 house as a “business” on Google. Fans flock to his house, disrupt his neighborhood and cause overall mayhem.

It turns out that while his house is listed on Google and has thousands of reviews from “customers” —  teen girls crushing — it was listed without Paul’s consent or Team 10’s. Jake has asked his fans not to list his house. Sure, he interacts with his fans outside his home — and if he stopped doing that they’d potentially stop showing up.

Still, it’s not something that he does all the time and if you watch most of his daily vlogs he spends a ton of time inside the Team 10 house or in his backyard, most likely because he finds it hard to go anywhere in front of the house or out in public, to begin with.

2. He’s Only Popular Because of his Brother

One of the first things that people will point to when they’re dissing Jake Paul is that he’s only famous because he’s the younger brother of Logan Paul. There’s some truth to that but it’s a lot more complicate. One could argue that they’re famous because of one another.

The brothers both got their start on the now defunct platform Vine, filming 6-second videos together as a duo before transitioning to YouTube in 2016. Sure, Logan was and is more famous and — as the older brother — started first.

It’s assumed that because Jake Paul was still in high school, his parents wanted him to wait till graduation before leaving Ohio for Los Angeles. So when you hear Logan Paul claim in his funny fake diss tracks that he made him and brought him out to Los Angeles, it’s true but without context.

Also, Jake appears to be a lot more business savvy than his older brother, extending his influence to an entire group of people who provide him with extra revenue:  the infamous Team 10, which leads to our final point…

1. He’s “Stupid”

Immature? Definitely, but what guy in his early 20’s isn’t? Especially when that immaturity has given him such amazing success over such a short period of time? Logan Paul’s videos, while they do include his friends from time to time, are mainly about him and he doesn’t seem to have the overarching business acumen that his younger brother has.

Of course, both Paul’s are notorious for plugging their “merch” at a nearly nauseating level in every video and in the description for those videos, but a lot of YouTubers do that. What a lot of YouTubers don’t do is build an entire brand and team.

Many YouTubers aren’t able to maintain their popularity because they find it hard to catch lightning in a bottle over and over again. Paul has a very good sense of what’s popular and finds ways to exploit that before a lot of other people do. His ability to keep his finger on the pulse of what’s “cool” makes him consistently relevant.

When he noticed that people were starting to turn on him, he turned “heel” in his videos and played that up for effect to make more money. So, of course, he’s an immature person who may or may not be a douche bag. But he’s pretty smart and knows what he’s doing. Very few people give him credit for that.

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