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10 Things About Jake Paul His Fans (or Kids) Should Never Know


10 Things About Jake Paul His Fans (or Kids) Should Never Know

People don’t like Jake Paul. That’s really not hyperbole, if you type Jake Paul into Google or YouTube you’ll find page after page of people dissecting Paul’s behavior and nit-picking his success.  

Let’s dive into 10 things that Jake Paul’s fans — mostly kids — should never know about him — if they want to remain fans.

10. He’s Been Accused of Domestic Abuse

His ex-friend with benefits, Alissa Violet, came out at the end of August and said that Paul was physically abusive. Now, she had already released a very long, detailed and emotional video about her relationship with Paul that had received millions of views.

It was the start of the beginning of the end of Paul’s reputation as a guy next door who does goofy stuff. Now, she got a ton of views for her video about Paul.

And while she still continues to do well on YouTube — she’s worked with Paul’s older brother, Logan — and currently working with RiceGum, it seems odd that she wouldn’t have brought up the physical abuse before. Either way, it’s a black mark for Jake.  Parents should consider this when they let their 11-year-olds sit outside his house.

9. He Sleeps Around, Big Time — Maybe

Again. Imagine being a 20-year-old who suddenly has the ability to sleep with any woman he encounters — sort of. Violet started a rumor accusing Jake of routinely flying out girls he used to know before he became famous to sleep with them in L.A.

Jake’s an adult and he can do whatever he wants, but — if true — it sort of makes the entire situation seem sort of gross. Picture his house surrounded by children. He is in a committed relationship, now, though.

Paul went steady with Erika Costell, a model for Ideal Fit Models. She does a lot of swim, fitness and lingerie shoots beside her work with Team 10). She is from Michigan, not Ohio, so she wasn’t one of the girls Jake flew out — allegedly.  

8. He Exploits/Controls his “Friends”

Team 10 isn’t really a group of friends — though some were his friends before he blew up — but more a group of content creators Paul decided to add to his company. He got $1 million dollars from an investor who believes in what Paul and company have done and are going to do.

So far, so good as Paul’s only grown in subscribers and really also notoriety. The problem though, is that Paul has become his friends’ boss; they need him for their videos to succeed. While they all are adding a ton of subscribers, they know that if they attempt to leave Team 10 they’ll lose a lot of that coverage. 

Paul reportedly gets 20 per cent from each member of Team 10 for the first five years of their contracts. Therefore, the house has a ton of rules and expectations. Each member is expected to make a video a day and if they violate any of Paul’s rules — for example, bringing alcohol into the house — they are fined $50. And it goes directly into Paul’s pockets.

One has to wonder whether or not Violet still is giving Paul 20 per cent.

7. He’s Made Racist Comments, Recently

At one point, Jake filmed a fan coming up to him and his ignorance shined so brightly it was almost blinding. When someone off-camera asked the fan, “where are you from,” the fan answered, “I am from Kazakhstan originally.” Uh oh. 

Paul responded, “It sounds like you’re just going to blow someone up. Send the nuke!” People called this a racist incident. The famous YouTuber got in hot water and that interaction set off yet another Jake Paul media storm. One could even say it blew up. Wait a minute…

6. Team 10 Isn’t as “Tight” as You’d Think

It appears there has been a tremendous amount of turnover in the Team 10 house, to the point that it feels like those “Why I left Buzzfeed” videos that everyone was mocking a few months ago — just ask PewDiePie.

Here’s a quick list of people that have left Team 10: Alissa Violet, Max Beaumont, Neels Visser, The Dobre Twins and AJ Mitchell. Now, like Buzzfeed, there is a decent amount of turnover simply because people realize that because they have an audience built into their channel, they don’t really need to be affiliated with Jake Paul anymore. They might be seeing two possibilities:

A) Retain the audience they had whilst living in the Team 10 compound
B) Be able to retain 100% of their revenue as opposed to 80% (as Paul gets 20%).

One has to wonder how their contracts with Team 10 work. You’d think they’d still have to pay Paul for the five years that they agreed to sign up for. That means they’re willing to risk the audience loss that comes from leaving the Team 10 compound while also still paying Paul for the videos they make outside of the house.

That sounds an awful lot like people are miserable in the Team 10 house, or some people. The Dobre Twins actually said something similar to that when they made a video explaining why they left Team 10. They said they were homesick and sad.

Meanwhile, the Martinez Twins said that the Dobres were mean and left because they were jealous of them. 

5. He was Fired from Disney

Now, Jake wants people to think that he left his Disney Channel TV show. However, that same week, he appeared on a local television news station and made a complete a** of himself.

Jake said his departure was a mutual agreement with Disney — in the middle of the season — and his contract. Jake said he wanted to pursue more “adult acting roles.” He said that he’d love to play the Joker or any superhero or supervillain in a Marvel or DC movie. Paul compared his departure from Disney to Selena Gomez’s.

One of the better responses to Paul’s justification for being fired came from comedian Seth Rogen. When he heard that Paul wanted to pursue more “adult roles” he tweeted:

Roast. Beef!

Rogen also tweeted about Paul’s “apology raps” being his “new favorite genre of music.” 

4. He Dropped Out of High School

As much as Jake Paul likes to position himself as a role model for kids, truth is he dropped out of high school to follow his brother out to Los Angeles/YouTube County.

One can’t blame him for doing so. He’s made more money this year than he would’ve his entire life had he stayed in Ohio, graduated from high school and ended up working at some canning factory. People believe that what goes up has to eventually go down.

There’s a growing contingent of people that dislike Jake. While that may just be hive-minded online hate, it could catch up to him. The fact that he doesn’t have a high school diploma to fall back on means he could end up in a lot of trouble in the future.

3. He Lies in General

YouTube is built on a ton of lies. Jake’s personal assistant Meg Kelly accused FaZe Banks of roughing her up in a nightclub. Meanwhile, Banks said he was too drunk to remember what happened. He claim he must have accidentally hit her in the neck while dancing at the bar.

Paul — who wasn’t even there — ranted in his vlog that Banks, who is quite tall, decided to almost kill his personal assistant with multiple chokeholds. Team 10 “COO,” Nick Crompton, had the following conversation about the beef, the bruises and Jake Paul’s credibility:

So, while he does play some genuine pranks on people, it’s clear Paul feels the need to create a ton of drama between anyone he can think of to keep his name in the news. Apparently, it has gotten to the point where he’s lying to stay fresh. 

2. He Lied about Faze Banks

Recently, Jake Paul somehow forced his way into another YouTube “beef” with RiceGum’s best friend, FaZe Banks, who is in a pretty serious relationship with Alissa Violet. The story goes that Paul’s personal assistant ended up at the same bar as Banks and his crew and apparently beat up his assistant, Meg Kelly.

In a video titled “PROOF I’M INNOCENT,” FaZe actually interviewed a member of Paul’s Team 10 who actually was at the bar when the clotheslining went down (Max Beaumont). Max corroborated FaZe’s account and was immediately kicked out of the house and Team 10.

Max said that she was indeed clotheslined by Banks but that it was “totally an accident.” Because of that, Paul attempted to end the beef with a video that wasn’t so much an apology but was more of a “Let’s Move On” type video but it didn’t work. FaZe announced he’s suing Paul and Team 10 for defamation of character.

Realistically Max could sue for wrongful termination, especially if Banks does sue and win. Stay tuned.

1. He Used Hurricane Harvey for Publicity…

Hurricane Harvey was a once in a millenium event. The entire city of Houston, as well as surrounding suburbs were under water. Many celebrities used their social media platforms to look to help those in need by donating money, or coordinating shout outs to other celebrities to get them to match the amount of money they’re sending. Not Jake Paul, though. He decided to go all-in and drive to Houston from Los Angeles whilst filming the entire thing. He said:

“We have the chance to save thousands of lives and show everyone the power of social media,” Paul explained in a nearly 20 minute video . He continued: “The city needs us. We cannot get there fast enough.”

Paul filmed his entire experience with waterproof equipment to keep filming. He stopped at a store to buy waterproof cameras to film himself saving “thousands of people.” Jake is aware of what is popular. He jumps onto trending topics before other big YouTubers do.

That’s been a key to his success, but in this instance it just comes off as gross and self-absorbed, considering that Houston was flooded. It’s gross to think that someone would take advantage of a natural disaster for clicks.

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