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10 Things About Grand Theft Auto, You may Have Forgotten


10 Things About Grand Theft Auto, You may Have Forgotten

The Grand Theft Auto series started on what we would call mediocre footing because, for a game that was meant to thrive on the thrill of car chases and grand theft, the first two series were pretty tame, to say the least. Then the series transitioned into 3D and in came the most thrilling, adrenalin injecting episode of the game’s world in the form of the third Grand Theft Auto. This episode left many gamers seated at the edge of their seat with daunting tasks that left them biting their lip in sheer frustration or dead trial after trial. This game took the crown as the number one gaming series in the market.

Rockstar is known for its elaborate games with an attention to detail that is unprecedented making the game so realistic that getting lost in it for hours on end is quite possible. The series came with a rich history and secrets most of which fans never even got to explore. The gamers who were used to the easy life could hardly make it past the driving school and don’t even talk about getting the 100 %. this was the hardest task in the game with hundreds of items to complete all of which has placed grand theft auto at the top of the gaming world and to prove it, here are 10 things about grand theft auto you may have forgotten.

10. Swing Glitch – GTA IV

This is one feature that most of us forgot but swing glitch is well known by anyone who has ever played the game Grand Theft Auto. The swing glitch was the work of genius and leaves everyone who tries to play the game in awe at the level of ingenuity that went into making this exploit a success. Unlike what is expected of the higher level exploits of any game, the swing glitch was quite easy to achieve. All it required was for a fan to select a car of their choice drive into the middle of a park and back the car onto any swing set.

This simple act if done with accuracy comes with a thrilling and unexpected reward. The car will be propelled sling style through the air and hurled to the farthest edge of the map. This move was not very efficient but it is a great way to move from one corner of the world to the other. The thrill of the game is in trying different aspects of the game and any move that made the game more interesting was welcome. Games come with numerous tricks and hidden aspects and some of them slip through our hands but it’s too bad the fans have forgotten this one.

9. Hidden Interiors Universe- San Andreas

Let’s agree on this one, Grand Theft Auto exceeded everyone’s expectations and then some. This is a game that keeps gamers on their toes fighting to access one level after the other a feat that is not that easy. Consider San Andreas which has its own kind of mysteries and secrets that only the die-hard fans are aware of or even able to access. You may have forgotten this one but just a reminder, all the interiors that are highlighted here do exist but on a different plane of the game.

Confused? So am I, let’s elaborate, their existence is beyond the sky’s limit. Here, it is not possible to fly a helicopter or plane. Not to worry though, one can access this universe through diverse means one of which is to get rid of all the people in Ganton Gym, put on a jetpack and glide through the ceiling at the corner with all the punching bags. This trick allows the gamer to access the hidden universe with much ease.This trick may have been forgotten but it makes the game quite cool and accessing this part of the game is amazing especially for the rookies.

8. Porter Tunnel -GTA III

Gamers are thrill seekers and they approach a game with an attention to detail that is out of this world. If you are one of them then you probably concur that when it comes to games, this is serious business and no one knows how serious the gaming business is quite like Rockstar. Making a game for them is handled much like a scientific experiment meant to heighten the player’s interest as he goes ahead and this is how this company has managed to come up with gold mine after gold mine.

There are those glitches that every self-respecting gamer is aware of. The most iconic of these glitches is the Potter tunnel’s blue hell. This glitch has the ability to let the player scale into a different area even before it is time for him to gain access to it. The tactic involved here is rather twisted but if one follows the steps keenly and to the point, it allows the player to gain access to shoreside vale eons before his time but it comes with a price that is rather high. A player who manages to take this shortcut into shoreside vale using this method loses his eyeballs. Ouch!

7. Fighter Plane Theft -GTA V

So you made it through flight school, congratulations. That was one hard nut to crack and it’s a miracle you made it that far. There is so much stuff to do in grand theft auto that one is left feeling like they are in a constant flight mode or a crazy run across a mine saturated field. Even with all these infuriating detractions, grand theft auto still remains the best Rockstar game. That said, nothing is more infuriating and nerve-wracking as trying to penetrate any military base on GTA. The minute one tries to fly across a secure area, you get slapped with 6 stars or 5 stars rating if one is playing grand theft auto V which unfortunately means you are finished.

There is a trick to bypass this slap on grand theft auto V which is a Franklin trick. To use this, trick, stick as closely as possible to the entrance in a vehicle and activate franklin’s ability. Drive up to the fighter plane in the base, alight from the car quickly and board the vehicle. Do this without any hinges and the reward will be an awesome fighter place that comes with no zero strikes on your record.

6. Bigfoot -GTA V

Bigfoot has always been the greatest secret of all time be it in folklore or video games and when it comes to grand theft auto series, this legendary creature is the most enduring secret of the series. It came with widespread hints in San Andreas where it was alluded to in most corners but never quite seen. The legendary creature was later reinforced by rockstar in grand theft auto V. Here, if you get to this point, of the mission. ‘Predator’, the gamer is able to get a glimpse of a figure by the use of their thermal scope that eerily resembles the Sasquatch.

That’s not the only mission that features this legendary creature. Let’s go over the last one mission and here one comes face to face with Bigfoot or an imitation of him. The illusion is later twisted to be a deranged man in a bigfoot costume but for a while there, we are all left chasing a ghost and waiting to see what the Franchise would come up with. This whole twists and turns make the bigfoot existence in the series rather interesting. For those of us who had actually bought into the creature, this one we took long to forget.

5. Heart of Liberty City -GTA IV

Die-hard gamers love to make their own discoveries and there are some things that we really should not disclose because they are spoilers. Nothing beats the thrill of getting unexpectedly bombed and escaping without a scratch or even exploring the infinite possibilities that come with gaming, the twists and turns are what makes gaming that unforgettable That notwithstanding, in case you forgot, we cannot illuminate the amazing things on grand theft auto without talking about the spoilers with a hope that the die-hard gamer will be reminded of the beauty that is grand theft auto while the new gamer gets an easier time than we did.

Nothing is more enthralling and scarier than the Heart of Liberty City. One needs to perform a methodical jump so that they are able to access the hard to reach the platform that is right below the Statue of Happiness. Pass through a false door and you will be able to ascend a ladder which leads the gamer in the direction of a beating heart that is tied in chains. The plot is so elaborate and quite confusing for the starters that is has been adopted as the signature Easter egg in all the GTA series

4. Ghost Town -GTA III

You may have forgotten lots of things but I certainly hope no one forgot the ghost towns. These are the epitome of any game and they are the source of many surprises in any video game. In grand theft auto III, the ghost town is a part of the game that was meant to remain a secret. That was its core function. Like every other surprise that is meant to be stumbled upon to heighten the thrill of the game, the ghost town was set at a corner of the map that is so discreet that no player could find it unless the player actively seeks it out.

It would appear that the stage for this game was made for one purpose and one purpose only. To serve as the cutscene for the opening. There is no collision detection on the walls of the ghost town and so a gamer can fly through them using the Dodo without a care in the world. This is a superb part of the game that highlights the shortcuts taken by developers when staging the set pieces for the game base. Ghost towns are quite a thrill for the gamer who finds the town.

3. Mount Chiliad Mystery-GTA V

The most intricate mystery in all of the gaming comes in the form of the mural on top of Mount Chiliad in grand theft auto V. This mural infuriated gamers to no end due to the diagrams obscure nature. even years after the release of the game, gamers still had no clue what the murals secrets were. It would be years before this secrets could be unraveled by the most astute players.

The secret contained in it was that by the time one had completed the game at 100% which even the experienced gamers will tell you is a tough act when it comes to GTA, one could see 3 UFOs alloted all over the map. Rockstar put a lot of work into making this game unique and sprinkled it with dose after dose of secrets that we are still not sure whether that is truly what is meant by this feature and that makes GTA a game that is in a class of its own. To be a lead gaming company, Rockstar needed to keep us on the edge of our seats and they did exactly that with a game whose secrets emerge one at a time, years after its release.

2. Buying Tickets At The Airport -San Andreas

For a game that is not exactly new age, San Andreas is a game on top of its game especially since it shows that developers made a great effort to make it great with hardware that was not as grand as what we have today. If you do not believe me, check this out, It is possible to board a train to go to different places in GTA but the icing on the cake is that the gamer gets to actually drive the train for fun. Push the train beyond some speeds and the coaches will derail and the gamer will slide down the countryside.

This gives the gamer the kind of adrenaline rush that tends to come with risky vehicle speeds. If that doesn’t sell the thrill of the game, one can purchase tickets right at the airport and use them to travel to diverse corners of the map. This is a reminder for the gamers who may have forgotten the thrill and even though not many gamers paid attention to this cool features, San Andreas was and still remains a work of genius and considering when it was released, the game is a winner by all means.

1. Hidden Mini game -Vice City

Games nowadays just glaze over the surface and leave the gamer feeling short-changed because most of them are not as challenging as we want but this is not an issue when it comes to Grand Theft Auto. This game has one hidden secret after another and it makes for quite a thrilling tie for the gamer. The beach ball game at Vice City is the secret that takes the crown as it is the best-kept one in the whole franchise.

Disclosing this is not cool but in order to remind the gamers of all the things they forgot we have no choice but to let you know about this cool feature. Sorry rookies but at least we will make it easy for you. In order to start this mini-game, all one needs to do is to find at least one beach ball and work with it. The ball starts to bounce and this triggers a counter. Getting the counter number will depend on how many times the gamer is able to make the beach ball bounce before it hits the ground. All in all, we have to admit, grand theft auto still remains unforgettable and is the one game that challenges and excites over and over again.

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