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10 Tattoos These Celebs Try To Hide

Celebrities always surprise us with their different changes of image and glamorous dressing rooms on red carpets, but there is something they can not change easily because they decided to wear that mark all their lives, their tattoos. These drawings on the skin have already become part of the famous. Although sometimes they can be a complication to play a character, they always manage to hide them and only show them on special occasions. Sometimes celebrities make fatal mistakes when they are getting a tattoo and they have to do everything possible to get tattoos not noticed.

Definitely, celebrities from the artistic, sports or political world always have their stories to tell. So, celebrity tattoos are no exception. Well, they always give a lot to talk about. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you the stories and meanings. Who is hiding the tattoos of the most representative personalities in the entertainment world? So, get relaxed because you are going to enjoy it. These are 10 tattoos celebrities are trying to hide (Some of them are pretty embarrassing and horrible, don’t scream!).

10. Adam Levine

Adam Levine is a renowned American singer, born on March 18, 1979, in Los Angeles, California. Adam Levine is the lead singer of the pop rock band Maroon 5. One of the most famous songs is Sugar, that undoubtedly got more than one person to dance. Now, Levine is one of the judges of the TV show The Voice, which is a program where thousands of people compete to prove their talent as a singer. Adam married the model Behati Prinsloo in 2014, and currently, they have two children.

Now let’s talk about the tattoos of Adam Levine because apparently of the 17 tattoos he has, there is one that he says it is very stupid. On his back, he has a tattoo that shows a kind of mermaid with wings. Apparently, Levine decided to get that tattoo when he went to Russia. He saw a boy who had a similar tattoo on his back and, of course, Adam tried to imitate him. In an interview, the singer was asked about his tattoo, and he replied that it was a bad idea to get that tattoo. He also said his tattoo is like a cauliflower with a sun in the middle.

9. Tom Arnold

Tom Arnold is an American comedian and actor who was born on March 6, 1959, in Ottumwa, Iowa. Currently, Tom is married to Ashley Groussman and has two children. Throughout his life, Arnold was married four times, but his last three marriages were not stable enough. During his first marriage, Tom was addicted to drugs, which led him to divorce. He remarried two more times but also divorced. Tom Arnold was first known as a comedian, his first stand up was Tom Arnold and the Goldfish Review.

Tom’s first marriage turned out to be a bit complicated, due to his addiction. Roseanne Barr brought Arnold in to write for her comedy show Roseanne and the two eventually married. Then-wife Roseanne decided to divorce Arnold in 1984. However, to try and gain back Roseanne’s love, Arnold decided to get a tattoo of Roseanne’s face. In an interview, Tom said it was the worst mistake he could have made since he got that tattoo to try to save his marriage, but he could not. Sometimes we do things that eventually we regret. Do not worry Tom, you are not the only one who makes mistakes.

8. Angelina Jolie

The famous actress and Hollywood film director Angelina Jolie is one of the most popular personalities in the entertainment world. She is also part of the current trend in the world of celebrity tattoos because she has several tattoos on her body. Each one of them has a different story and meaning for her. However, there is one in particular that she considers a big mistake and therefore decided to cover it with another tattoo. Tattoos represent a way to express many things, but when you get the wrong one, it’s hard to get rid of.

Between 2000 and 2003, Angelina was married to Billy Bob Thornton, and then they divorced because of Billy’s insecurities. In an interview, Billy confessed that he was not a good husband to Angelina, she deserved better. During their marriage, Angelina decided to tattoo Billy’s name on her bicep, but when they get divorced, she decided to cover it with another tattoo. According to what Angelina said, she did not want to cover the tattoo, but she also didn’t want to have it on her for the rest of her life. Well, when we fall in love we do crazy things, and eventually, we repent, love entices us to do stupid things.

7. Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony is an American singer born on September 16, 1968, in New York, New York. His father was also a musician and Anthony started his career writing and singing for underground New York music houses. He was the chorus of the Menudo group, then he met Tito Puente who in 1991 asked him to participate in a concert at Madison Square Garden. The same year he obtained a #1 hit on the Billboard charts with his song Ride On The Rhythm, from the album When the Night is Over.

Jennifer Lopez broke up with her fiance Ben Affleck in 2004 and Jennifer was left heartbroken. Her great friend Marc Anthony helped her to go through all the pain she was feeling due to her breakup and they later began to have feelings for each other and decided to start a relationship. Surprisingly Marc and Jennifer got married, and they had two beautiful twins, Emme and Max, but later they were divorced. During their marriage, Marc decided to get a tattoo in honor of his wife Jennifer, but when they divorced, he covered the tattoo with another one. Poor Marc, he really fell in love with Jennifer.

6. Demi Lovato

American pop singer and actress Demi Lovato, like other stars such as Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber, is considered to be addicted to ink. She is also known for being a social activist in anti-bullying campaigns. She has continued to add new designs to her skin over time. That’s why it’s all a sensation in the world of tattoos. The first tattoo that the Disney star got was a phrase, in cursive and black and white. The message: “You make me beautiful.” A design, under her chest, that she got at only 16-years old and that according to her is what she feels when she looks in the mirror.

Even though the American singer has several tattoos on her body, there is one out of the 14 she has that she does not like. Apparently, Lovato decided to tattoo a lip on her left arm. She revealed on her Instagram account that she got the tattoo when she was under the influence of some substance and later she decided to cover the tattoo with a rose. It is clear that lip tattoo had no meaning for Demi. Oh my God, Demi! Think straight next time.

5. Pharrell Williams

Pharrell William is an American singer born on April 5, 1973, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In 2013, he collaborated on several songs that became successes such as: Get Lucky and Lose Yourself to Dance by Daft Punk, and Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. Due to the success of those songs he received a Grammy for Producer of the Year. Back in 2014, he ranked first on the Billboard Hot 100 with Happy, a single that led the popularity charts of half the world. The song appears on his album G I R L, released in March 2014, with collaborations with Miley Cyrus and Daft Punk.

Famous and successful as a singer and music producer, Pharrell is another celebrity who made the decision to remove some of his tattoos. He had both arms covered by tattoos, but something in his life led him to not want them anymore. He did not undergo painful laser treatments, as Pharrell Williams would describe them, but underwent an expensive new skin graft procedure, and he did it on both of his arms. Although they can still be observed, the truth is that they are much fainter, which means, they are much less noticeable.

4. Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon is an American actor and rapper born on October 8, 1980, in San Diego, California. In 2008, the rapper married the singer Mariah Carey, with whom he had two children. During the marriage, Nick got a tattoo on his back with the name of his wife Mariah. According to him, he decided to get the tattoo to show her his love, but in 2016 they divorced and Cannon had the tattoo on his back covered up. Oh, Nick! Sorry for your break up.

As it was said before, love forces us to do things that we later regret. Nick has undergone an intensive tattoo session at a Covina studio in California to make the design of a Christ on his back to completely camouflaged the name of his ex-wife, that he got between the shoulder blades in the happiest years of his marriage. Far from wanting to give meaning to this gesture, Nick, who has also taken advantage of having tattoos to get a tattoo of cherubs with the faces of his children, considers that it is simply a way like any other to move forward with his life.

3. Kylie Jenner

It seems that Kylie Jenner wants to leave behind any hint that reminds her of the three years of her turbulent relationship with Tyga. Both put an end to it, no one knows who made the decision. But it allowed the girl to be in another relationship with another rapper, Travis Scott. The last step of the young woman to bury her ex in the past was to get rid of the tattoo that was made in his honor in a very intelligent way without resorting to the painful laser.

The 19-year-old businesswoman wore on her left ankle a small T in honor of the initial of the rapper, but now that letter has been transformed by the work and grace of the ink into ‘LA’ in a clear nod to the city of Los Angeles. It is her place of residence since she was born. The discreet calligraphy will be next to the tiny butterfly that Kylie tattooed on her right ankle, this time to symbolize the union with her new partner Travis Scott and demonstrate that the celebrity does not believe in not repeating the mistakes of the past.

2. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has a tattoo that practically covers his entire back. Of course, while there are many actors and actresses that illustrate their body, Affleck’s gets special attention because of how horrible it is. The piece of art in question it is a giant (too colorful) Phoenix bird that is reborn from ashes. Apparently, for a long time, Ben hid this tattoo, and it could only be seen through Ben’s little carelessness that revealed the possible existence of the gruesome image. When everyone found out about Ben’s horrible tattoo, they started to laugh at him on social media.

In 2017, something totally ridiculous happened when Affleck made a capital mistake: lying about his tattoo and saying that it was really just makeup. On the Ellen DeGeneres TV show, Ellen asked about the rumor, and the actor said it was part of the make-up he used in the film Vivir de Noche, his fourth film as a director that was about a gangster that took place in the twenties. As expected, at no time in the movie do you see the tattoo (which incidentally, would have been very unsuitable for a character of that era).

1. Hayden Panettier

Actress Hayden Panettiere was seen sunbathing in a bikini at the Cannes festival. The protagonist of the series Heroes revealed in those photos another big problem that adds a point in our list of errors in tattoos. And this time it is more problematic because the tattoo has spelling errors in Italian. At the time she got the tattoo, she decided not to show it off to people much because the tattoo is too embarrassing. OUCH, Hayden! You should think things through very well before getting a tattoo on your body.

The tattoo on this girl is badly written in a language not so “distant” because at least it is Western and uses the same alphabet as her language. The tattoo says “Vivere senza rimipianti,” when in fact it should say “Vivere senza rimpianti,” which in English is translated like “Live without regrets.” Unless of course, you want to express that you do not feel like living without regrets. An Italian that must be quite annoying, I suppose. When everyone found out about Hayden’s tattoo, the tattoo photo went viral on social media. The moral of this story is always know how to spell that your tattoo is supposed to say, and keep an eye on the tattoo artist.

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