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10 TARGET Foods You Should Absolutely Be Buying


10 TARGET Foods You Should Absolutely Be Buying

Who doesn’t love roaming the aisles at Target? Grocery shopping is best done on an empty stomach. Yes, some will say that you should never go into a place full of delicious food while you’re hungry. Those people don’t know the trick to bring home tasty snacks. You always buy the best tasting stuff while hungry. You’ll be grateful for your trek to the store while starving when you have some late-night cravings. No one ever craves celery late at night when all the lights are off, and it’s just you in your pajamas. Here we’re going to talk about 10 Target Foods You Should Absolutely Be Buying.  

10. Soda Pop

Do you live in a household where soda pop is drunk like water? If so, then you probably are already aware of the steep discounts on soda pop offered up at Target. Those of you who guzzle down La Croix like a sports car does gasoline will be thankful for their low prices. You’ll be able to drink your way to having type two diabetes and save some money for insulin in the process. Those of you who are worried about your waistline can go with the diet varieties of soda pop. You won’t find a shortage of those in the soda aisle at Target. Are you planning on having a BBQ or a get together in the not so distant future? If so, then there’s no better place to stock up on your soda pop than Target. You can’t have any gathering without plenty of refreshments. What type of host would you be without offering up sweet, bubbly water that rots the teeth out of your guests? Head on over to target and pick up a couple of cases of the stuff. You’re sure to be a hit with all the dentists in your area. 

9. Salsa

We just got done talking about soda pop. What goes better with soda pop than chips and salsa? That’s a trick question, and your taste buds know it. At Target, there is a wide variety of salsas to choose from. Do you consider yourself to be the mild type? Is your idea of a good time sitting at home with a book while laying under a blanket? If so, then your life is quite like your choice of salsa. However, some of you like to live life on the dangerous side. Target has something for you in the form of habanero salsa. You’ll love the burn today, tomorrow, and the seared memories of spicy bliss that will be forever burned into your brain. There’s something better than the price of Target’s salsa, and it’s the variety. As we alluded to earlier, you can choose from run of the mill salsa to stuff that makes the devil sweat. There’s even a pineapple peach salsa for those of you who want to take your relationship with salsa to the next level. It shouldn’t be too surprising to anyone that fruit can be added to salsa since tomatoes are a fruit. It looks like we opened a whole can of worms here. Popeye summed up this debate back in the 1980s in his movie. There’s nothing more that needs to be said. 

8. Simply Balanced Organic Rainbow Quinoa

Are you on the quinoa bandwagon? If you are, there’s no better place to pick it up than at Target. Not only do they offer a great price, but it’s organic too. Now you don’t have to worry about putting any bad stuff in your body while you’re eating tasteless quinoa. You wouldn’t want any impurities getting in the way and possibly giving your quinoa any flavor. If you’re the type who loves the planet and your body, then go the organic route by buying your quinoa at Target. You’ll save money and the earth all in one transaction. Another great thing about saving money on quinoa at Target is that you’re not spending a lot on something you won’t be eating. Come on; you’re not going to eat that quinoa. Are you? The only reason why you want it is that Susan at work won’t shut up about the stuff. She’s into all that holistic stuff and rubs it into everyone’s face. It’s bad enough that she’s been wearing the same smelly sandals for the past twenty years, now she has to critic everything everyone eats. Get yourself a bag of quinoa and tell Susan all about it in the morning. You’ll make her smile and think she has done something good for the planet. Just don’t tell her how long it sat in your cupboard before you gave it away at the local food drive for the needy. 

7. Nut Butters

Who knew it was possible to make butter out of things other than peanuts? It seems that Target is on the ball, and they’re making butter out of all kinds of nuts. These nut butters make for a great sandwich as a part of a meal or a tasty snack for those who want something creamy. The whole peanut butter and jelly thing are so yesterday. There’s no need to live a retro life when we have modern-day amenities like nut butter. You’ll never go back to the peanut variety after you’ve had one sandwich made with these butters. The only question will be: Do you stick with milk from a cow or go the soy route? You’ll need something to wash your nut butter and jelly sandwich down with. The modern choice is to enjoy a creamy glass made from plants. Simply Balanced cashew butter is the product of choice for many who are wanting to break free of the peanut variety. You’ll pay more for any butter that’s made with nuts other than peanuts. That’s why you may want to keep your stash of cashew butter underneath your bed. No one needs to know that you have a creamy jar of delightfulness down there. Stuff some celery sticks down your pants and sneak into your bedroom and have yourself a little creamy fun. The guilt may be overwhelming at first, but something this good doesn’t need to be shared with anyone. Let Bobby get his own jar if he wants some cashew butter that bad! 

6. Market Pantry Wild Blueberries

These blueberries are of the wild variety. What does that mean? Does it mean that they live life in the fast lane? Do these blueberries do things they regret later on? No, that’s not what it means at all. They are wild as in from nature. There aren’t too many foods that we eat that come from the wild. Fish, it’s usually caught out in the wild unless it’s farmed. Yes, fish can be raised on farms. No, you don’t plant a seed and fish appear. Raising fish is somewhat like any other animal, with the exception that it’s done in water. It’s a nice change to mix things up and to include something directly from Mother Nature in your diet. Market Pantry wild blueberries have more antioxidants than the typical blueberry found on the shelves of your grocery. You also should know that these blueberries are frozen. They might be a better buy when blueberries are out of season, and you can’t buy them fresh. These berries can be added to everything from smoothies to muffins. It’s probably best to eat them as close to their natural state as possible so that they maintain all of their health benefits. Blueberries are thought of as a superfood in some circles, and they taste good. 

5. Trail Mix

Trail mix is one of those things that you forget about until someone offers you a handful. Usually, the person who offers you trail mix is someone who is into some pretty funky stuff — the kind of person who you don’t even think about opening their refrigerator. You don’t want to seem impolite when they offer you some of their trail mix. It sure looks weird with all that dried fruit, nuts, and candy in it. All of that changes when you pop a little of the trail mix in your mouth. That’s when you realize that your friend who wears the terrible sweaters might be on to something. Target has a variety of trail mixes that are exceptionally reasonably priced. Sweet and salty has met its match and then some in these bags of crunchy delight. Target proves that trail mix had come a long way since the day when it used to be sold for next to nothing in those bags that stayed on the shelf for months, if not years at a time. They were filled with off-brand snacks hoping that someone visually impaired picked it up by mistake. Get yourself a bag of trail mix at Target, and you’re sure to fall in love with the stuff. 

4. Spices

Food isn’t the same if it doesn’t have a little flavor to it. Why do so many people like to go out to eat? It’s because the food packs much more flavor than what most eat at home. It doesn’t have to be that way if you’re a Target customer. It’s one of the few stores where you can fill up your spice rack without having to take a second mortgage out on your home. The savings are so significant, you won’t think twice about filling your cart full of these little canisters of flavor. The great thing about buying your spices at Target is that you know they haven’t been sitting on the shelf forever. Spices not only taste great, but there are many health benefits to eating them as well. You know what they say about preventative health and eating right. Yeah, who really cares? Let’s be honest and say that you’re going to douse your greasy fried potatoes in a healthy heaping of garlic salt because it tastes good. You’re not thinking about all of the healthy things about garlic when you’re dipping your potatoes in a vat of ketchup. No, all you’re concerned about is the rest of the potatoes that are in the pan. If anyone lays a finger on those potatoes, you’re going to have a fit. You knew you should’ve put all of them on your plate. The only reason you didn’t is that the thought of it made you feel like a glutton. 

3. Green Giant Riced Cauliflower

You’re trying to cut down on the carbs. It seems that every decade, there’s a new diet that makes carbohydrates seem worse than sin. Back during the Atkins craze, people were buying pizza without the crust. What kind of madness is that? Now people are eating pizza with a cauliflower crust. Oh boy, history doesn’t only repeat itself, but it gets bizarre. Yesterday it was the Atkins diet, and today it’s the Paleo diet. No one wants to believe that the reason they’re fat is that they overeat. It’s nice to be able to blame your morbid obesity on anything other than yourself. Green Giant riced cauliflower is a thing, and you can find it at your local Target. Sure, it’s best to rice your own cauliflower. Who knows how to do that? Better yet, who has the time? If you don’t know how or if you don’t have the time, then go get yourself some at Target. You’ll fake your brain out by thinking you’re eating rice without the carbs. Wait a minute, no, you won’t. You will still know you’re not eating rice. Don’t worry; you won’t have to eat this weird stuff much longer. No one sticks to the Paleo diet for more than a week or two at the most. You’ll be back to overeating high carbohydrate foods soon enough. 

2. Archer Farms Coffee

If you’re a lover of coffee, then you know how expensive your habit is. Sure, you can drink the cheap stuff that tastes like burnt motor oil. But, you’re the type who likes to extend their pinky finger while sipping on a cup of java. You want to enjoy the finer things in life even though you’re living in a house trailer on cinder blocks. If this describes you, then you’ve got the appetite of royalty while having the budget of a peon. There’s no shame in wasting all of your hard-earned money on lottery tickets. Not when there’s delicious Archer Farms coffee being sold at Target for a fraction of what other places charge. Did you know that Target will grind up your coffee for free? That’s right, you can buy Archer Farms coffee beans, and they will grind it for you for no additional charge. Some of you might be hesitant to purchase coffee beans, as grinding them is a chore. No one wants to get out of bed in the morning and grind coffee. We’re not Amish people, and we also don’t go to the chicken coup to get eggs for breakfast. Leave the grinding to Target, and they’ll make sure your morning starts without a hitch. They can’t guarantee your bus will be on time, but your coffee, it’ll taste delicious from the first cup to the last. 

1. Wine Cubes

Have you always thought that wine in a box was only for women who have way too many cats? If so, then you’re much mistaken. Target has wine cubes that are a modern-day version of boxed wine. Buying wine in a box makes you feel better than buying four bottles. Yes, each wine cube has the equivalent of four bottles of wine in it. Imagine how you’d feel at the check out aisle buying four bottles of wine. You’d look around to see if anyone thought you looked like a drunk. You’d have to wear your shoes instead of your house slippers to the store. That’s not a problem when you buy wine in a box. You see, you’re saving money by buying wine in bulk when going this route. Share your cube of wine with friends or sip on it in your basement; the fun is up to you. The average person who buys one of these cubes is probably a paycheck away from living under a bridge. The savings add up over time if you put your liver through enough stress. Boxed wine isn’t only for drunks; it’s also good for anyone who likes a good cry after drinking too much while watching Lifetime. No matter how loud you screamed at the TV, she decided to date the guy anyway. Why couldn’t she see that he was wrong for her? The wine dulls the pain and makes sitting through the commercial breaks bearable until you see the conclusion of her sad story.

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