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10 Tacos That Will Make You Run Away From Taco Bell!


10 Tacos That Will Make You Run Away From Taco Bell!

Taco Bell is a popular fast food place in North America, with many menu selections available. Some are hits, and others might be misses. This list contains some of the worst misses. If you plan on going to Taco Bell and order something new, perhaps you might want to try some items that did not make the list. Here are 10 Tacos That Will Make You Run Away From Taco Bell!

10. Doritos Locos Tacos

The Doritos Locos Tacos are tacos, but instead of a regular shell, the taco fillings are encased by a shell made from Doritos. This item is not the only item on the Taco Bell Menu that has Doritos in its name, as Taco Bell and Doritos have a great partnership. Doritos is a popular chip brand and are often coming out with new flavors themselves so Taco Bell joining forces with Doritos to make some unique creations seems like the perfect match – at least on the surface. Think about it, most people love cheese on their tacos, and Doritos are cheesy, so adding more cheesy flavor to the tacos should be amazing. Some people absolutely love these cheesy Doritos tacos, however, there are times when maybe, just maybe cheesy chips should not be made into taco shells, and this might be one of those times. The main issue lies in the mixture of the flavors that occurs when eating the taco. Like many other popular chips, Doritos are a processed food, and there’s a lot of artificial flavors in the chip itself. Having such a processed flavor (more so than the plain taco shells) mixed with the classic taco toppings like, ground beef, lettuce, tomato, and cheese, can unfortunately cause the artificial Dorito flavor to overtake the other flavors. The fresher ingredients only highlight just how processed that Doritos flavor can actually be. Also, there tends to be an issue with the way this taco gets seasoned, and it becomes less Dorito like than some customers would want or expect. This is one of those moments where the expectations of flavor will not meet with the reality of the situation.

9. Black Jack Taco

The Black Jack Taco made its first appearance during Halloween of 2009. The item is a taco, with a black shell, which is fitting for a Halloween themed item. This might seem appealing for the one day event, but having to eat a taco with a black shell may not be the greatest selling point. The taco itself is nothing new, in regard to the toppings. It has a Baja sauce, some ground beef, a little lettuce, and a blend of three kinds of cheese. So does this black shell really make this taco any better tasting or more special? Or better yet, will the black shell change the taco eating experience? Chances are, it will not because at the end of the day, it is still the same taco, just with a different colored shell. Perhaps Taco Bell could have put a little more effort into making the flavours fit into Halloween a little more. And after all, a black taco shell may not be the most appealing thing for hungry eyes to look at. We do eat with our eyes first right? All in all, what Taco Bell was going for here, makes a lot of sense. Halloween is a dark and spooky holiday, so let’s make our taco seem dark and spooky. So, in a sense, it is cool, you know, if you are into the whole Halloween thing.

8. Grilled Steak Soft Taco

Not in the mood for ground beef in your taco? Not in the mood for a crunchy shell with your taco either? Well, then Taco Bell has the perfect option for you. Or does it? On the surface their Grilled Steak Soft Taco sounds like one of the better choices to have offered to you. It sounds flavorful enough, and the nutritional value is pretty forgiving too. However, it might not be as wonderful as it appears. The fact that it is grilled meat tends to be appealing to most because of the slightly healthier implications. The idea is that grilled meat is always better than something fried. However, even though this taco meat is grilled it may not be as much as an effective different choice you thought it was. There have been reports that if the meat stays out too long it becomes slimy and therefore much less appealing, and some might argue inedible. And even without the slime, the pieces of steak do not look like they are of the highest quality. You could say that as a whole there is nothing wrong with this taco. It has grilled steak, some lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and cheese. So, the flavors and toppings seem to be quite traditional, and nothing outlandish. So, in this case, it seems like Taco Bell just did not focus on the quality of the meat that goes into the taco, rather than them trying something a little on the outlandish side with some crazy, new, and ground breaking idea.

7. Fiesta Taco Salad

Taco Salads seem to be quite common in our current world, and adding the name fiesta in the front makes it seem like this taco salad is going to be a real party. However, that might not be the case here. For starters, it is 760 calories, which is awfully high for an item calling itself a salad. Usually, a salad is meant to be the healthy option, but at Taco Bell it seems like not even the salad is healthy. Also, the price point seems a bit high for what you are getting compared to its counterparts. The fiesta taco salad has beans, rice, lettuce, cheese, salsa, sour cream and tomatoes, along with any other toppings you wish to add at an extra cost. The salad is just under $6 dollars in cost, but most of these toppings are also found in a basic burrito, which only costs between 1$ and 2$ dollars. So, is the price difference really all that worth it? Yes, a taco salad is a lot of fun to eat, especially when you get to the end and you get to eat your bowl. The issue, however, is mostly the price and the number of calories for a salad. So, perhaps this is not the item you want when going to Taco Bell.

6. Double Decker Taco

When the term double decker is mentioned, tacos may not be where your mind goes to first. However, maybe this choice at Taco Bell will change that. The double decker taco is well, in some ways, a two for one taco, at least with its shell. It consists of a hard taco shell, covered by a soft taco shell, that has beans as the binder. The inside of the taco itself is a standard taco from Taco Bell, but the shell is where it gets interesting. Having two shells might seem exciting because it adds texture and makes the taco a little more substantial, but the amount of beans required to keep this taco together is high, and if you have never tried refried beans before, it might be best to steer clear of this taco due to its extreme bean flavor. Yeah, the look of this taco is pretty cool because it has the two shells and it is visually appealing. However, if beans are not your thing, perhaps this is an item to steer clear from.

5. Cheesy Gordita Crunch

This option from Taco Bell is one that is truly interesting. From the looks of it, it’s basically a taco within a taco. Who wouldn’t want more taco with their taco? However, maybe this item is one that will not meet the expectations of doubling down on how much taco you get. Let’s break it down a bit. In the taco, there is the classic seasoned beef, lettuce, tomato, and their three cheese blend. Then, they add a spicy ranch sauce. Then there is more cheese to secure the soft shell and hard taco shell together. Taco seasonings and spicy ranch does not seem like the most common mix, and sometimes there is such a thing as too much cheese, and this taco might be one of those instances. If you look closely you can see that there is a ton of cheese used as the glue. Cheesy is in the title after all, so it’s to be expected. But the issue is that the cheese tends to get stuck and hard quite quick, which makes the cheese more of a brick than the gooey delicious thing people love. And all that sauce and cheese can cause the crispy shell to become quite soggy, which will not please people expecting a crisp, crunchy bite. It all makes sense, cheesy and crunchy sounds yummy, so Taco Bell trying this is actually not surprising, but their execution of it was not ideal. 

4. Chicken Biscuit Taco

Chicken and Biscuits seem to be quite a popular food combination. So again, making it into a taco must be the best idea that Taco Bell has come up with. Then again, maybe not. The idea, in theory, is wonderful because chicken and biscuits seem like things that are easy enough to transform into a taco. Well, for starters trying to turn a biscuit into a taco is maybe not the best way to go about this. A biscuit is supposed to be round, and shaping it into a taco will change the texture. And as a taco shell, it seems to be a little too on the thick side, which might make the taco a little too doughy. Also, all that is inside this taco is a piece of chicken and a bit of honey on top, which just screams dry! Sure, there are some other options you could put in like eggs and cheese, or sausage, but it’s a chicken biscuit taco, so it would make the most sense to get the protein that is in the name of the item. The appeal of this makes perfect sense because chicken and biscuits are popular and tend to be a loved food by many. The execution of it however may not have been as wonderful as the thought that went behind it. 

3. Waffle Taco

Tacos are a popular lunch or dinner item, and waffles are a popular breakfast item. So, why not make a mix of the two and make the ultimate all day item? A waffle, filled with a sausage patty and some eggs, and some maple syrup, what sounds better than that? Well, unfortunately, a lot might sound better than that. The thing is this, while all these items are great breakfast items, they may not be suitable to be mixed in together in a waffle as the shell. Usually sweet and savory work really well together, but in this case, it seems like there might not be enough sweet in this to combat the salty, which then throws the balance of flavors off. Also, the waffle itself must not be the freshest or the best textured because it needs to fold to create the taco shell shape. Typically, a waffle is meant to keep its shape, or it is cut into squares or triangles, and it is usually not meant to be a bun for a taco. So, again, wonderful idea, in theory, but in practice, it falls short of delivering something delicious for guests to have for breakfast.

2. Spicy Potato Soft Taco

Spicy potatoes are often a side dish to many meals that people get. However, what if you could get the side dish and the main meal all in one? Well, Taco Bell has the perfect choice for you. But is it really? Taco Bell offers a spicy potato soft taco as one of their options, but if you expect a classic taco that has meat then this is not the taco for you as this taco uses potatoes as the main source of protein inside it. One of the issues is the structure of the taco. It is made of a soft shell, and potatoes, which isn’t the best idea because the heaviness of the potatoes can break the soft shell. There also are not many additional toppings – this taco is nothing but potatoes, sauce, lettuce and cheese. So, if you want something with many toppings included, this is not the taco for you. Also, the toppings just don’t really seem to go with potatoes. Spicy potatoes, which tend to be texturally soft, mixed with cold lettuce, might not also have the best mouth feel. Ultimately, this taco is just missing something to make it pop and stand out for the right reasons.

1. Firecracker Burrito

Even though it is not a taco, it is still incredibly worthy of making the list. This burrito is a classic burrito filled with rice, beef, and cheese, all wrapped up in a red tortilla, which makes sense for firecracker. At first glance, this burrito seems pretty basic, but this it Taco Bell, and basic, for the most part, just will not cut it. If you are wondering where the firecracker comes from, it’s something you can add on to the burrito. Of course, it is not free, but it will only cost you an additional twenty cents. For these twenty cents you can get cayenne pepper Poprocks to be added to your burrito. Yes, you know the classic popping candy that comes in many flavors. So imagine the process of eating this: along with all the classics of a burrito, you get a popping sensation as well. While this seems like a fun idea, it also seems incredibly dangerous as well. Think about it, when things start popping into your mouth you tend to have a physical reaction to it, but usually, there is nothing else in your mouth. With this, there is other food mixed in, and with that reaction to the popping it may cause some issues such as choking on some rice, and no wants that when eating their food. While it looks great, the possible negative effects of it make it one of the items that will make you run away from Taco Bell.

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