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10 Subway Items You Can’t Get In America Part 2


10 Subway Items You Can’t Get In America Part 2

World cuisine is considered big business in the restaurant industry; even in the fast food industry, restaurants are trying to cash in on the popularity of ethnic foods. Subway restaurants are no different of course. The only thing is, a lot of these great-looking sandwiches that they offer aren’t available in the States.

10. Green Peas Patty (India)

Now we’ve all heard of mushy peas, and they really go a long way with deep fried fish and a side of ‘chips,’ but for peas to be the actual star of the dish, that’s a whole other thing altogether, isn’t it. Apparently not, for the people at Subway, however, as they’ve made the wonderful green pea, the central focal point of one of their sandwiches. But don’t get too excited, as it’s only available in India. So if you’re not willing to travel land and sea to give this one a shot, sadly you won’t be enjoying it anytime soon, we’re afraid. The peas simply aren’t sauteed and added to the sandwich though. They are formed into cakes, or patties if you will, and lightly breaded and fried. Now if you haven’t ever tried a fried pea, then you surely are missing something, as the frying process definitely brings out a new flavor in the tiny little balls of healthy goodness, and you won’t have all that hard a time convincing the little ones to eat them this way. These sandwiches are a huge hit in India, where vegetarian cuisine is certainly considered big business. But if you want to try them and pair them up beside the steak you were planning on making later this week, they shouldn’t be all that hard to make.

9. Corn and Peas (India)

In staying with the whole ‘peas’ thing, we’ve got yet another Subway item found in India exclusively, and this time, the peas aren’t pureed and formed into a patty, but they are left in the form we’d expect them to be in. The mixture here is a sort of succotash if you will, combining peas, corn, and even red bell peppers, all combined in a secret sauce which is described as an eggless mayonnaise. Succotash usually combines beans, corn and peppers (among other ingredients), only here, the eternal pea is the star ingredient and the addition of the sauce differentiates it from the classic age old dish, which was and still is known as a ‘poor man’s dish.’ In this sandwich, the result is yet another vegetarian offering that has the clientele in India jumping for joy. Reports state that it is in fact delicious, even though it would seem quite bland to carnivores the world over; yet it is a nice light, yet filling sandwich. Too bad it isn’t available here in North America.

8. Three Pepper Chicken (New Zealand)

At first, this one doesn’t seem all that special, as it seems to be a chicken tender, deep fried and placed in the fresh roll with veggies, but a closer look will show you that it is in fact different. What’s the secret? Nothing really, as it’s right there in the name of the sandwich offered only in New Zealand … the three peppers. Like the wondrous Havarti cheese loved and adored all over the world, the secret lies in the breading and batter that encrusts the chicken. It contains a three pepper mixture and the taste takes this tender from being a simple piece of breaded and fried chicken, which we can pretty much get at our numerous KFC outlets, it has the added value of the pepper and seasonings. Trust us when we say that it makes all the difference in the world, and the wonderful people of New Zealand definitely agree.

7. Mexican Bean Patty (India)

Leave it to the wonderful people of India to consistently find new ways to make vegetarian eating, good, healthy and interesting. They definitely went the extra mile with this one, meshing their own culinary styles and by borrowing from the tasty and epic cuisine known as Mexican or rather Tex-Mex. Tex-Mex is a vastly popular cuisine and the many burritos, tacos, enchiladas and other dishes have delighted millions upon millions for centuries. In India alone, this particular sandwich here is available, and the star ingredient is none other than the bean. It’s formed into a patty, much like the pea patty we saw earlier. It too is breaded and deep fried, and as we’ve learned from so many other epic vegetarian dishes from all sorts of cuisines around the world … veggies can go a long way in establishing that ‘Wow Factor’ to the foods we eat. Beans are in fact one of the main ingredients used when making vegetarian burger patties, and along with eggplant, mushrooms and of course lentils, veggie burgers sure have come a long way and actually taste pretty good—depending on which sort you buy of course. But beans pack a nutritious punch, and a big one at that, as they are high in fiber and extremely high in protein, and the carbohydrates they offer are the good sort, so beans are also quite popular among vegetarian bodybuilders and fitness buffs. And as we’ve mentioned, they are extremely common in both the aforementioned Mexican, Tex-Mex and Indian cuisines. The Italian and French cuisines also feature many recipes featuring the ever-lovable bean, namely Cassoulet in France and of course the ever-popular ‘pasta e fagioli’ in Italy.

6. Pork Riblet (New Zealand)

If you’re one of those that get extremely excited every time McDonald’s announces the return of the McRib sandwich, then we’d pay very close attention here if we were you. Just a heads up from your good old pals at Babbletop over here. Subway restaurants in New Zealand actually offer a sandwich on their menu featuring a succulent riblet and you sure wouldn’t be disappointed if and when you end up trying this one, as the sauce, the meat and the texture of the entire sandwich is most assuredly something you’d thoroughly enjoy. But, you actually don’t have to go all the way to New Zealand to try this one, as certain locations in Canada actually offer this bad boy in a similar form. So if you’ve got any buddies north of the border, have them tell you when this bad boy gets added to the menu, as it might only be seasonal, and get ready for the road trip of your life. And no, you won’t be packing up and seeking the eternal truths of this here life on that open road like so many have done before, namely Jack Kerouac, who essentially came up with the concept of soul searching out there on the highways and byways that connect us all here in North America in his novel On The Road, but you’ll be on a journey of a different sort, and one that will satisfy the craving you get every time someone mentions the word ‘rib.’ Hey, it’s profound enough, so go ahead and get the old station wagon ready for the long haul and head north. And by all means, if you can swing it … why not make the trip to New Zealand while you’re at it and compare and contrast.

5. Sausage Roll with Cheese (Japan)

Now Japan certainly offers many of these sandwiches featured in this article, and why not, they are considered to be culinary giants and they probably have one of the top five more famous and accepted cuisines the world over. But they didn’t get there without a little borrowing from other cuisines, now did they? Certainly not, and they too have a plethora of fast food joints in their crowded cities. McDonald’s is a big seller, but Subway too has its very own niche. Among the many different sandwiches we’ve seen offered at Subway Japan, they offer one of the simplest concepts known to man, and it comes in the form of sausage roll. If you’re anything like us, then the sausage roll is definitely something you enjoy, and maybe it’s in its simplicity, or the exquisite taste of the pork sausage, but people get wicked cravings for these things, no matter how cheap and simple they are. Picture if you will, a banquet at The Plaza in New York City. The gathering of two-hundred people was catered by a top New York chef. There is a multitude of menu items planned for the evening—a whopping eight courses—and you await with bated breath. Before the dinner gets started, however, the chef has prepared some hors-d’oeuvres to pass around and as you stand with your dink in hand, pretending to ignore the many amuse-bouches passing you left and right; you spot a particular waitress passing around a platter of sausage rolls, or rather pigs in blankets, as they are also known, and you can’t seem to fight the urge to pop a few in your mouth, even though it very well might spoil your dinner. Well, it’s this urge that the people at Subway Japan wish to inspire in their clientele, and we’d say that it has worked famously. Even we are thinking of mounting an expedition to the gorgeous country and give this one a try. It’s served with a lot of cheese and fresh veggies on flat bread rolled delightfully to entice one and all.

4. Cheese Roasted Chicken with Mushroom (Japan)

And while we’re on the important subject of fine dining and the succulent cuisine that saturates the industry, how about cheese roasted chicken with mushrooms? Sounds like a new offering at some gourmet restaurant by an up and coming chef, doesn’t it? It certainly does, and it is once again the marvelous folks at Subway Japan that have decided to offer this recipe in the form of a subway sandwich. Here they are, once again bringing the gourmet to the fast food industry, combining flavors you wouldn’t expect to get at a Subway restaurant, essentially a fast food joint of all places. And although, the food is mass-produced and many would argue that that cheapens the product and lowers the quality of the food considerably, we’d still argue that it would be a mighty tasty sandwich to give a try. So … if you happen to stop by Japan on your next trip around the world, give it a whirl why don’t you.

3. Herb Sausage (Japan)

And the sausage roll isn’t the only thing that Japan uses sausage for, as they also have this tasty little item on the menu, and fans of herbed and seasoned meat won’t be disappointed when they try this one. It’s served on a bread of your choice and the sausage is seasoned specifically with basil and oregano, two spices that have been going well together since time out of mind, especially in Greek and Italian cuisines. The addition of fresh veggies would certainly take this sandwich over the top and beyond, that’s for sure.

2. Basil Oven Potatoes (Japan)

Now sides at most North American Subway locations are pretty important, and there are many offered across the continent. Soup being the main one, of course, and that sure makes a lot of sense, seeing that people have been pairing soup and a sandwich for quite a number of years now and it’s a trend that seems to work quite famously. Most locations have a soup of the day or offer more than that at times as well, especially during colder periods. They also have salads and of course an assortment of chips, particularly Baked Lays for those out there trying to eat a tad healthier. Now speaking of healthy side options, they’re pretty hard to find at most fast food restaurants, as the most commonly offered side dish are French fries, but what if we told you you could get healthy bakes potatoes for your side dish when ordering a combo at Subway? Don’t get too excited, though, as these puppies aren’t available in our own back yard, but they are available in … you guessed it: Japan! That country, more than any other country in the world has some pretty interesting menu options at its Subway restaurants, as we’ve clearly seen, and these seasoned roasted potatoes are just another mouth-watering example.

1. Chicken Seekh (India)

The incredible cuisine found in India is at times hard to beat. Perhaps there is no other cuisine that blends fresh vegetables, proteins and incredibly floral and tantalizing spices to make some of the most savory and explosive dishes known to man. For some, the cuisine is tad too spicy, but hey, a little spice never hurt anybody, or so we hope. So, while we’re on this kick, why not spice up our lives a tad and take a look at this sandwich offered exclusively at Subway restaurants in the beautiful country that is home to the Taj Mahal (the real one), among other culturally rich landmarks. It is in their Chicken Seekh sandwich that they unleash some of their most traditional culinary styling and recipes. It’s as old and as tenured as the cuisine itself and actually sounds really good. But to understand the sandwich and what it offers, first we’ve got to understand what Seekh is in the first place. Well, as foodies, we’re sure we piqued your interest in Seekh (see what we did there?) … and the recipe is an interesting study in the way Indians prepare the succulent foods and dishes they’re famous for. Firstly, Seekh can be made with a wide variety of meats, but here, the star protein is none other than chicken, so the recipe calls for a grinding of the chicken meat, chili flakes, ginger, garlic, coriander, cumin, garam masala (which is  a blend of many spices in one), salt and of course lemon juice. The process continues from there and to the mix you already have, onion, bread crumbs, eggs and oil are added and you do the grinding process once again. It is then set aside to cool. It is essentially the end result from this combination of ingredients that is known as Seekh, and it’s this that is available in the form of a Subway sandwich. So, it’s definitely cultural and stays true to the foods and spices indigenous to the territory in which it’s offered. And it certainly sounds good, doesn’t it?

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