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10 Sprite Flavors That Surprised Taste Buds

Sprite was created in the late 1950s, in West Germany. This lemon-lime-flavored soft drink was initially known as Fanta Klare Zitrone. In 1961, the drink was launched in America, as an alternative to 7 Up. While “lymon” is the classic Sprite flavor, there are other Sprite flavors that surprised taste buds.

10. Sprite Lymonade Contains 1% Real Lemon Juice

Sprite Lymonade is Sprite with a nice splash of refreshing lemonade. Before Sprite Lymonade, a lot of home mixologists added lemonade to Sprite and raved about the results. Now, it’s easier than ever for Sprite and lemonade fans to get a pre-mixed blend that has plenty of satisfying citrus kick. Sprite Lemonade contains 1 percent real lemon juice. In February of 2019, Sprite started teasing Instagram followers by sharing information about a brand-new Sprite drink with a touch of lemonade. The lemony beverage was launched shortly afterwards. The drink is now available in 20-ounce bottles. This particular Sprite flavor is definitely a new addition to the Sprite line-up. The lemon juice added to Sprite Lymonade is clarified lemon juice from concentrate. The drink also has other natural flavors. If you want to try a new twist on classic Sprite, that isn’t too radically different from what you’re used to, Sprite Lymonade may be right for you. This drink is perfect for summer. Bring it along to a beach outing or BBQ, to cool down while the sun shines. Each 20-ounce bottle has 220 calories. This soda isn’t currently available in a diet version, but who knows? There may be a lower-calorie Sprite Lymonade in the future. The team at Coca-Cola make Sprite and they occasionally tweak the Sprite product line. If Sprite Lymonade really takes off, a “zero” version that is diet-friendly may be on the horizon.

9. Sprite Ice Isn’t Available In America

 This Sprite variant was launched in South Korea during 2002. It was introduced in Belgium and Canada during 2003. It was the first Sprite variant and it did become popular in a range of nations. Eventually, demand for this soft drink, which is known for having a touch of refreshing mint, dwindled a bit. So did the drink’s availability. It is possible to find it in several countries, but it may have a different name. In Korea, Sprite Ice is known as Sprite Blue. In Belgium, it’s named Sprite Ice Cube. In Chile and Italy, this minty soft drink is called Sprite Ice Blue. It’s Sprite X in Japan. In China, this drink is called Sprite Icy Mint, but it’s known as Sprite Mynta in Sweden. In Brazil, it’s Sprite Ice Mint. This drink used to be available in more countries, such as Indonesia and Australia. Sprite Ice isn’t a drink that you’ll find in the USA. There are plenty of fun Sprite flavors available in America, but this mint-infused Sprite variant isn’t one of them. Some cocktails are garnished with mint springs, so the concept of adding a touch of mint to drinks isn’t new. Mint is energizing and refreshing. If you think you might enjoy a hint of mint along with the typical lymon taste of Sprite, you will probably love Sprite Ice…if you can manage to get your hands on a bottle or can of the soda. If you can’t, trying adding some mint extract or mint leaves to a glass filled with Sprite. There’s really no reason why you can’t experiment with Sprite at home, to customize its flavor to suit your preferences. 

8. Sprite On Fire Provides A Burning Sensation

Sprite on Fire is definitely an interesting and unique Sprite variant. It’s a version of Sprite that was launched in Hong Kong during 2003 and in China during 2004. In other regions, this intriguing soda may be sold as “Sprite Finger Lemon”. Sprite on Fire gets its spicy kick from ginger. This variation on typical Sprite is designed to provide a burning sensation. This soda is packaged in bottles with flame labels, or in cans with flame motifs. Most of us drink sodas like Sprite to cool off, so it’s fascinating that this one is designed to give a burning sensation.  That type of sensation is sort of the opposite of cooling off. While the ginger in Sprite on Fire does deliver a touch of spice, it may be soothing to the digestive tract. In moderate quantities, ginger does promote good digestion. For thousands of years, ginger has been a trusted anti-nausea remedy. If a person has too much ginger, it might cause a bit of gastrointestinal distress, but moderate amounts of ginger are generally very soothing to the stomach. So, Sprite on Ice may be a great drink to enjoy with a meal. It’ll aid digestion. Sprite on Fire isn’t something that consumers in America and Canada can enjoy. It’s an exotic Sprite variant that has never been available in North America. Do you think you’d enjoy Sprite on Fire? It’s a unique choice that probably isn’t for everyone.

7. Sprite Zero Cherry Is Calorie-free

Diet soft drink fans will be happy to know that Sprite Cherry is available in a diet version called Sprite Cherry Zero. The diet version has zero calories and a touch of sweet and tart cherry flavor. Sprite Cherry and Sprite Cherry Zero are available in the USA and Canada, so this exciting Sprite variant is easy for Americans and Canadians to find and enjoy. Designed to offer typical Sprite taste with a pleasing splash of cherry, this soda is a popular Sprite variant that is usually easy to find. Sprite Cherry and Sprite Cherry Zero were launched in 2017, so this version of Sprite is fairly new. Sprite Cherry tends to have a stronger cherry scent than the diet version, as well as a more pronounced cherry flavor, but both versions deliver enough cherry aroma and flavor to satisfy cherry fans. If you want maximum cherry taste, you might want to try the version that contains sugar, which is Sprite Cherry. Many fruit flavors blend well with Sprite’s lymon taste, and cherry is definitely a fruit flavor that complements Sprite to perfection. Those who love the taste of fresh cherries will appreciate Sprite Cherry Zero and Sprite Cherry. If cherry isn’t a favorite, there are lots of other Sprite variants to sample.  

6. Sprite Cranberry Is A Festive Delight

A cartoon LeBron James promoted Sprite Cranberry in a memorable ad. The cartoon character asked, “Wanna Sprite Cranberry?” This Sprite variant has more than an animated version of a basketball legend as a celebrity spokesperson. It also has a splash of enticing cranberry flavor. Sprite Cranberry is a part of Sprite’s current product line in North America, so it’ll be easy for residents of the USA, Canada and Mexico to find, but it’s typically rolled out for a limited time only, around the winter holidays. You can also order it online, year-round, at places like Amazon and Dollar General. Sprite Cranberry is something that a lot of people look forward to drinking around the holidays. The touch of natural cranberry flavor gets people into the holiday mood. The drink is also a perfect complement to holiday meals. Bricks-and-mortar retailers usually start stocking the product around the end of September of each year, to get ready for the holiday rush. If you’ve never tried Sprite Cranberry and you want to give it a whirl, start looking for it in stores in late September, or use the product locator at the official Sprite website to find bottles and cans of this delicious, cranberry-infused Sprite variant, or any other Sprite product. This festive delight was launched during 2016.

5. Sprite Tropical Mix Was Introduced In 2016

This version of Sprite contained tropical fruit flavors. It was originally named Tropical Remix upon its launch in 2002. In spring of 2015, it was re-introduced under the name, Sprite Tropical. In 2016, in the spring, it was renamed Sprite Tropical Mix. Like many Sprite variants, Sprite Tropical Mix is a popular mixer for alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. Most people who’ve tried it describe it as having a delicious strawberry and pineapple taste, on top of the typical lymon taste. A few people found Sprite Tropical Mix to be too fruity. While this product is still listed in Sprite’s official product line, it’s reportedly no longer available, although it’s still possible to find this Sprite variant at some online retailers. Sprite Tropical Mix may make a reappearance in the future. Some versions of Sprite aren’t available long-term and this is one of the reasons why they are special. Sprite may consider them limited-time-only, due to sales or because they want to boost marketing efforts by pulling the drinks and then re-introducing them later. If you think you’d enjoy a Sprite drink with splashes of strawberry and pineapple, then you should keep an eye out for Sprite Tropical Mix. If it comes back, grab a bottle or can as soon as you spot it on store shelves. If you can’t wait that long, you can try to find it online.

4. Sprite Aruba Jam Remix Was Part Of The Remix Series

This unique Sprite variant was part of the three-part Sprite Remix series. It was the final flavor of the series. This Sprite version was launched back in 2005, to replace a “berryclear” flavor, and Sprite Remix Aruba Jam was only available until 2006. Those who were lucky enough to get their hands on this innovative version of Sprite enjoyed its sweet taste. It had a hint of pineapple and some people who tried it detected a pleasant strawberry aftertaste. Others described the taste of the soda as having a big hint of cherry. Overall, this drink seemed sweeter than regular Sprite. For some critics, it was maybe too sweet, but most people did like it. People enjoyed the novelty of the Remix series in general. The Remixes got people excited about Sprite. The remix series was inspired by DJ culture. Sprite decided to remix its classic Sprite recipe by adding enticing flavors. Some people weren’t happy when they couldn’t get Sprite’s remix sodas anymore. The three flavors in the series were Tropical, Berryclear and Aruba Jam. The Remix series petered out, apparently due to sluggish sales. There are rumors that Remix sodas are still available in some nations, but the products aren’t listed at the official Sprite website anymore. It’s always interesting to see which variants Sprite comes out with. While classic Sprite is always a fave, the variants give Sprite a whole new vibe.

3. Sprite Peach Had A Splash Of Peach Flavor

If you visit a restaurant with a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine, you may be able to enjoy Sprite Peach with your meal. There’s not much information about this Sprite variant available online, but some Canadians spotted it on store shelves back in 2018. It’s not listed in the official Sprite product lineup right now. Most people will need to do the freestyle thing in order to try this version of Sprite. Some may have enjoyed it already. As the name suggests, Sprite Peach is typical Sprite with a splash of juicy peach flavor. Peach isn’t everyone’s fave fruit. People who do enjoy peach usually love products with peach flavoring. For peach fans, Sprite Peach is the ultimate soft drink. It’s got that summer-sweet peach vibe, plus the lymon flavor that Sprite is known for. The best way to sample this drink is via a freestyle machine. There may be a diet version, called Sprite Zero Peach, available. If an eatery with a Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine isn’t handy in your area, try and make your own version at home. Just add a splash of fresh peach juice to a glass of Sprite. This could be the base for an interesting cocktail.

2. Sprite Zero Vanilla Is A Sweet Option

If you like getting soft drinks from Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, and you haven’t tried Sprite Zero Vanilla yet, you should give it a go. It’s Sprite with a welcome hint of sweet and fragrant vanilla. Freestyle machines do make it easy to experiment with Sprite variants. This diet variant with Vanilla will be a sweet choice that doesn’t have a single calorie. Like all Sprite versions, including original Sprite, it won’t contain caffeine, either. Vanilla is definitely a sweet flavor, so some people may find that Sprite Zero with vanilla is a bit too sweet. Others will find that it balances the lemon-lime taste of Sprite perfectly. We all have our own tastes. Luckily, there is a Sprite variant for everyone. While some Sprite fans have been upset when their favorite Sprite variants were taken off the market, the prevalence of Coca-Cola Freestyle machines means that people can enjoy a lot of different versions of Sprite when they eat out. These freestyle machines aren’t cheap, so you won’t find them everywhere. They are an investment for fast food franchise owners. Fast food joints that do have the machines know that they get customers excited about soda, by offering them tons of amazing options. When it comes to Sprite, people who have access to these machines can enjoy so many cool Sprite and Sprite Zero variants, including Peach, Grape and Vanilla, with just the touch of a button.

1. Sprite Blast Was A Sweet And Sour Choice

Sprite Blast isn’t around anymore. It was launched during 2014, in the summertime, and it was available exclusively in 7-Eleven retail outlets. The product came in 7.5-ounce cans. This Sprite variant offered Sprite fans a burst of sweet and sour taste. If you’re the type of person who loves the taste of Sour Patch Kids and other sweet and sour candies, this particular Sprite variant might be the Sprite version of your dreams. Maybe the team at Sprite will bring it back one day. Some people who tried this soft drink while it was available found that the sour payoff wasn’t intense enough. On the can, an intense experience is promised, but maybe this soda didn’t quite deliver. This Sprite version had a youthful vibe. Its sour taste did call to mind sour candies. Now that you know more about some Sprite flavors that surprised taste buds, you’ll got the inside scoop on years of Sprite innovation. Chances are good that new flavors will keep on coming, and that some Sprite variants from the past will be re-introduced. Sprite is a perennial favorite and fun new Sprite versions keep consumers excited about Sprite. While most people prefer original Sprite, some love to sample the variants, whether they get their Sprite versions from stores or from Coca-Cola Freestyle machines. 

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