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10 Sonic Drive-In Secret Menu Items That Will Change Your Life


10 Sonic Drive-In Secret Menu Items That Will Change Your Life

Sonic Drive-In was founded in 1953 in Oklahoma under the name Top Hat Drive-In. They have three thousand six-hundred and fifteen locations throughout the United States. We know them. We love them. But, did you know they have a secret menu? Check out the top 10 Sonic Drive-In Secret Menu Items That Will Change Your Life.

10. Sonic Sunrise

You may know the Tequila Sunrise. Well, did you know that Sonic Drive-In is secretly serving booze?! That you can get a Sonic Drive-In version of the Tequila Sunrise if you ask nicely enough and keep it a secret? Just kidding! The Sonic Drive-In chain does not have liquor licenses at each of their locations. That being said there are two Sonic Drive-In’s that do allegedly have the legal right to serve alcohol. Perhaps you know them? There is one in Miami and one in Fort Lauderdale. Apparently they each offer twenty five different kinds of beer and ten kinds of wine. No mixed drinks though. Come on! Mixed drinks are where it’s at! Well… though the Sonic Sunrise does not have booze in it it is still delicious. It is made of orange juice and cherry juice. Perhaps if you do want it to be boozy you can bring it on home and spice it up there. Some people suggest rum. Others tequila. How about gin? Surely all of these will be yummy with the already awesome juice combination!

9. Sonic Frito Pie

Now, this next one does not look super-duper delicious but by gosh is it yummy! The Sonic Frito Pie is made from a bunch of Fritos topped with chili and nacho cheese. So it is like having nachos but with Fritos. Huh!? Pretty neat! Pretty clever! We all know what Fritos look and taste like. They are bite size and the wavy shape makes for perfect scooping. Each little Frito becomes a little spoon for you to eat up the warm toppings. The Sonic Frito Pie is just like regular nachos with the same crunch and sauciness but this time with a Frito base, making them saltier than more nachos. The price and size of this order will depend on the location. You could probably be your own advocate though and ask for a specific serving size if you want. It is all up to you! You know, when you are ordering off of a secret menu you are the boss. You are in control. Seize that power and make the Sonic Frito Pie everything you want it to be.  If you are feeling particularly adventurous you could have the Sonic Drive-In team add some jalapenos to your Sonic Frito Pie. They will spice it up and clean you out! Warning should come with this order… you may need a visit to the bathroom after this. But, hey! It’s worth it!  

8. Sonic Grilled Ham and Cheese

No secret menu is complete without a grilled cheese option. The grilled cheese from Sonic Drive-In’s secret menu is special and mind blowing because it has ham in it. This ham is such a strong addition you will not want to go back to just any old grilled cheese. You will find yourself craving the Sonic Grilled Ham and Cheese. The ham is so good that it even comes first in the name! It is Grilled HAM and cheese. Not the other way around. This is a popular secret menu item so you should not be afraid that the staff won’t know what you are talking about. The other reason this item is so tasty is the bread. Bread matters so much when having a grilled cheese and Sonic Drive-In toasts the bread to perfection. The Sonic Drive-In knows what it means to grill so let them grill your grilled cheese… or should we be saying grilled ham and cheese. Let them guide you to a new grilled bliss in which the ham comes before the cheese and both mingle together between two perfectly toasted pieces of bread and then meet all together in your mouth for the ultimate party. Ham. Who knew that ham was all it took for you to change your life? Well, the life you have when eating. Well, even more specifically the life you have when eating grilled cheese. 

7. Pink Flamingo

The Pink Flamingo… Now what is this referring to? A pink burger? Fries that are dressed up? No, no, nothing like it… The Pink Flamingo is a beverage. You can order the Pink Flamingo off of the secret menu at Sonic Drive-In and enjoy its freshness. This drink is quite a concoction; it is made of Sprite, pineapple juice, orange juice, and a little bit of cherry juice. The color of this drink is bright and fun. The Sprite in this drink also adds some carbonation that you may need on a hot day. Over the years the Pink Flamingo has become increasingly popular. Why? Because it is so good! So grab on of their reusable cups (because saving the planet is important so start cutting back on straws and plastic people!) and enjoy the Pink Flamingo! The reusable cups at Sonic Drive-In are well insulated and have cute designs on them. You will not regret a cup purchase. You will find yourself using it always and everywhere. You will also find you want to fill it right up to the brim with the Pink Flamingo because it is the refreshing juice mix you never knew you were missing.

6. Purple Sprite Attack

Okay. This next one comes with a major warning. Your mouth will turn purple. There is no avoiding it. The Purple Sprite Attack will attack you with purple in every way possible and that include color. Your mouth, your lips, maybe even your teeth will get a twinge of color from this order. The Purple Sprite Attack is a combination of Sprite, Powerade, cranberry Juice, and Lemonade. It is super refreshing and perfect for any hot summer day. If you are new to the Slush game at Sonic Drive-In this may feel a bit too out there… but it really isn’t. Just because there is the word “attack” in the name does not mean this Slush is anything but friendly and delicious. The Purple Sprite Attack is also great because of its carbonation. The Sprite adds just the right about of bubbly fizz and sweetness to the drink. If you are not so into sugar you can try this at home with any carbonated water, unsweetened cranberry concentrate, and freshly squeezed lemon juice. You will still want to add purple Powerade to give the drink its color and enhance the flavor. Though your homemade version would cut back the sugar content it will not be nearly as tasty. The Purple Sprite attack is in fact so great because of everything that is in it and that means the sugar too. So though you have the option of making it sugar free at home you may still want to give the original a chance. When you drink this one you will feel like a kid again who has eaten a purple Mr. Freeze or something like that. When was the last time you ate something that dyed your mouth? It may be silly but there is some comforting nostalgia in such a thing. A dyed mouth is akin to a summer afternoon with no work (because uhhh.. hello you’re a kid), no school, summer specials on TV, clothes hanging on the clothes line, mom walking around in flip flops, and dad wearing sunglasses. Let the Purple Sprite Attack dye your mouth and make you remember the good old days!

5. Hickory Burger

Up next on this mouth-watering list of Sonic Drive-In Menu Items That Will Change Your Life is the Hickory Burger. This is a simple change. A small secret. A little tweak. Bu, it has big, big, big effects. The Hickory Burger uses Hickory Smoked BBQ sauce instead of your standard condiments. That. Is. It. Sounds like nothing right. Sounds like a change that you would not even notice. Wrong! This small change has a huge impact on flavor! If you like smoky flavors then you really need to try this. Ordering the Hickory Burger just once will change the way you order at Sonic Drive-In. Some people also suggest you ask them to thrown some onion rings on there. Then you are really in for a treat. The Hickory Burger is a quarter pound of beef, the ever so important Hickory BBQ sauce, some chopped white onion, and some iceberg lettuce. Enjoy the smokier version of the classic Sonic Burger! 

4. Pickle O’s

The next item on the top ten list of Sonic Drive-In Menu Items that Will Change Your Life are the Pickle O’s. Some of you may remember this item from back in the day because the Pickle O’s were in fact already featured on the regular menu. They are pickles coated in a rich batter that is then deep fried until crispy. If done properly they are a nice golden color and give off the most appetizing aroma. Some locations may not know what this is. If they do not you can tell them what to do and hopefully they are daring enough to trust you. However, if you are in the Southern U.S. you should not have a problem as these suckers are super popular there. The serving size of the Pickle O’s is also usually very reasonable. At any other establishment when you order a deep fried pickle you get like only one. Not the case here with the Pickle O’s. You get a whole much of them and they are almost bite size. Sonic Drive-In has taken you and typical eating habits into consideration. As we say with Lays Chips, “you can’t have just one.”

3. Slap Your Mama Slush

Slap your Mama is the name of this wonderful secret menu item slush offered at Sonic Drive-In and not an action you should take when your mama is getting on your nerves. This secret menu item is life changing because it is tasty and its silly name may just get you giggling. Nothing like pairing a secret menu item with a good chuckle! Some of you may even be shortening the name to Slap Yo Mama. Either way the staff will know what you are talking about when you order this item because it is oh so popular. This drink consists of Raspberry, lemonade, and Powerade. Did you know that Sonic Drive-In takes their slushes very seriously? That they pride themselves on their slush recipes and slush consistency? Well, they do! They really do! They take their slush drinks so seriously that in April of 2019 they sent a cease-and-desist letter to Wiley Roots who had been spoofing Sonic’s Slush with a beer series. Sonic Drive-In also believes in their Slush drinks so much that they have brought some into grocery stores. Keep an eye out, you may find some next time you are in the frozen food aisle. The Slap Your Mama is one of their most beloved secret menu drinks. There is no way a Sonic Drive-In employee won’t know what this is when you order it so no need to be shy.

2. Dr. Pepper Orgasm

With a name like that it is no wonder the Dr. Pepper Orgasm is not on the menu. Not that there is anything wrong with orgasms… But, at a family restaurant you can imagine the kinds of questions that would come up if this was on the regular menu. All of a sudden Sonic Drive-In would become the number one location where children across the States learn about the birds and the bees. Though the Dr. Pepper Orgasm is not on the menu it does deserve a spotlight. It consists of Dr. Pepper, Lemonade, and Powerade. What a great idea! Three amazing beverages that you love and would drink gallons of on their own now all mixed into one! The color is certainly not so appetizing, but the mix is! If you are not sure about this one you can try it at home first. The thing is you will not know what quantities to do! Sonic Drive-In has the whole chemistry of this drink down to the T. Trust them. They know what they are doing! Thumbs up to them and their great recipes! Let the Sonic Drive-In give you the orgasm you deserve. That sounded a tad weird didn’t it? See… That is why this item has to be on the secret menu!

1. Extreme Tots

So, the tots at Sonic Drive-In are pretty legendary. Cue Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. Yes. The tot’s at Sonic Drive-In are that legendary. They are like little hash brown balls. They are like savory munchkins from Dunkin’ Donuts. They are like little bombs of joy exploding in your mouth. Did you know you can get extreme tots? Extreme tots will blow your mind because they are covered in layers of goodness. The extreme tots from the secret menu are topped with chili, cheese, jalapenos, onions, and ranch dressing. Yummy! The flavors pair so perfectly together and though the toppings are much like nachos this order is nothing like nachos because it is on a soft bed of tots. Tots can be crispy on the outside (Yes, so do all love them that way) but we must also remember they are soft on the inside. The potato is warm and moist and rich. When you eat the Extreme Tots you will be eating a softer version of nachos. Kind of. In a way. This meal is extreme because it packs in so much on to the tots which are small by nature! So load up on this! Eat this until you are full! The Extreme Tots are like a whole meal in itself. Or they can be. If you want them to be… That is up to you! You are the boss! When you order off of the secret menu the world is your oyster! Nothing can stop you! What you pair your extreme tots with or don’t pair them with is your choice. However, you will need to wash them down so why not eat with and then wet your whistle with the Dr. Pepper Orgasm? Then it really will be a party in your mouth and tummy! 

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