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10 Snapchats Mom Got In Trouble For


10 Snapchats Mom Got In Trouble For

Snapchat is more popular among older people than ever. Moms love to use it to connect with their children and they’ve learned that their maturity and confidence can lead them to be braver with their snaps. This can make their children cringe, and at worst can get them into serious trouble.

There are some hilarious Snapchats that parents have shared with their children. They show their ineptitude at using the social media app and are simply embarrassing. Some mothers have used Snapchat in a much more sinister way. There are stories of horrific acts being shared on Snapchat and ending up in the perpetrators being imprisoned. Don’t be fooled by the ten-second life of a Snapchat shot.

10. Halloween scare

One mum took her snapchatting a little too far when she planned a little Halloween prank for her daughter. She used the filters available on snapchat to alter her face into a super scary Halloween face and then screamed for real, sending her terrified daughter running for the shelter of her blanket as she tried to recover from the site of her mother as a Halloween monster. Snapchat filters allow you to alter your face into a variety of weird and wonderful images. But some parents thought it was inappropriate for parents to be deliberating frightening their children using the app. The prankster parents used different filters to alter their faces and showed them to their children, who appeared to be terrified.

Parents also used the app to alter the faces of their children and caused them to scream with terror at their image. The children in question were very young and some commenters thought it was bad parenting to use Snapchat to frighten these youngsters so badly, according to the Daily Mail. The response on social media was divided, but most parents thought it was horrific to subject children to the images.

9. Kim Kardashian sharing pregnancy test results

We are used to seeing Kim Kardashian’s moment by moment life broadcast on social media. The Snapchat queen provides her fans with plenty of fodder to feed their interest. Before the surrogacy of little baby Reign was announced, Kim had a moment of pregnancy panic on a plane. She shared pictures of the multiple pregnancy tests she had bought, and then shared with the world that she was concerned that she might be pregnant and was going to use the plane facilities to check. She shared the minute by minute process on snapchat, including her relief when the test turned out to be negative, as reported by Made for Mums.

The revelations of Ms. Kardashian were slated by social media commentators, who thought it was over-sharing in the extreme. It does seem slightly odd to even take your phone into the loo but to take photos of pregnancy tests and share them with the world was received with mixed reviews. The shots of the actual pregnancy test that Kim had ‘provided a sample for’ to put it politely, was thought to be indelicate and inappropriate and completely unnecessary, even for the media-savvy wife of Kanye West.

8. Irish mum documenting her pregnancy and birth on snapchat

One Irish mother to be has received shocked reactions to her decision to document her birth to the world using Snapchat. The regular blogger has a legion of 70,000 fans who keep in touch with her life, and her fans found the whole story of her birth progress fascinating according to Mummy Pages. Grace kept her followers informed of every development of her labor. She started by explaining that her contractions were starting, then showed pictures of her progress to the hospital and arrival. Then she shared pictures of her in the hospital bed and kept her fans up to date with her epidural procedure as well as pictures of the monitor charting the baby’s heartbeat.

The run-up to the labor was shared by Grace Mongey as well. Followers saw pictures of her preparing for labor and trying to get contractions started. As the labor progressed, she felt it necessary to share the dilation of her cervix on Snapchat too. Although Grace did warn followers that they wouldn’t see anything too gruesome, the media picked up the story, with many readers horrified that someone would share these private moments with the world.

7. Mums send abuse to children on snapchat

Children are often embarrassed by their parents’ attempts to get the hang of social media. They regret befriending them on Snapchat after they receive messages that their parents have sent to them. But some mothers use the app to abuse their children and cause them distress, reports Buzzfeed. Not only that but there have been cases of parents showing themselves abusing their children, and sharing the results on Snapchat for entertainment. Two teenage parents shared their methods of ‘discipline’ by submerging their child’s head in the water and hitting him. They shared their incredulity that the child was still alive.

Police got involved after the parents were reported and they were questioned over allegations of child abuse. Luckily the child was alright. The parents may have cursed the moment they assumed that Snapchat evidence could not last and therefore could not be used in court. It can, along with other social media posts, such as Facebook comments. Another mother who had an argument with a family member sent an enhanced picture of her mother in law with a rude caption and sent it to her daughter. The daughter was more embarrassed by her mother’s behavior than anything else.

6. Sending naked pictures to teenage boys

A married mum put naked pictures of herself on Snapchat and sent them to boys to invite them to have sex with her. She pictured herself in the bath and performing sex acts to encourage the boys to meet her and have a sexual encounter. Having lured the boys to meet her with the sexy pictures, she then proceeded to have sex with the boys in her car, when they were aged only fourteen and fifteen years old.

The Snapchat pictures ended up with the American mother being sent to prison for four years. The boys in question reported being traumatised by the events and their mothers were outraged and heartbroken at the effects. The liaisons happened in the middle of the night. The woman was described as a ‘predator’ and reported to the police that she felt she was helping the boys with their teenage desires, reported Noosa News. She suffered severe emotional distress herself after what had happened and reported it as being ‘the biggest regret of her life’. She ended up being sentenced to a prison term for having sex with underage boys and was treated for mental health issues.

5. Mother goes nightclubbing after court and is caught on snapchat

A mother from New Zealand, whose toddler was murdered by her ex-partner, heard the verdict in court after he was found guilty of the crime, and then used her snapchat app to announce that she was going nightclubbing reported AU News. She didn’t hide the fact that she’d been to court and even posted on social media that she would be playing drinking games when she was out. She stayed out late into the night partying and unembarrassed by her behavior, seemingly unconcerned at what had occurred earlier in the day.

Her tiny son who was only just over one year old had been battered by her ex-partner and died of his injuries. He had 59 injuries in total and to add to the pain, the perpetrator tried to claim the child’s mother had inflicted them. Friends tell of the mother’s lack of emotion at the events surrounding the child’s murder and this continued through the trial and conviction. Apparently, she made social media posts during the trial emphasizing her love for the man who murdered her baby and had accused his ex-girlfriend of carrying out the vile act.

4. Woman caught cheating

One mother was found cheating by her husband after sending snapchat pictures to him. What appeared to be a wife sending a picture of herself in lingerie, revealed a pair of men’s boots under the desk of the hotel room where she was staying. The woman made no attempt to hide them. She claimed she was about to go to bed alone but neglected to think about who her husband would think had taken the picture. She claimed she was alone, but it was obvious she wasn’t. She tried to persuade her husband that she was not holding the phone, saying she had put her phone camera on a timer setting but the boots gave her away, reported

The husband saw the boots and announced that he was sick of her cheating and was going to call a lawyer. The couple has since divorced. It is becoming more common for social media evidence to be called upon in court, and is particularly relevant in this case, as it was evidence that the woman was involved in some sort of adulterous behavior. A picture tells a thousand words, as the saying goes. There have been other instances of husbands found cheating by wives who saw Snapchats, and a horrendous story of a girl who committed suicide after she admitted her infidelity to her boyfriend on Snapchat, by mistake.

3. Naked pictures sent by accident to boss

It’s got to be one of the most embarrassing snapchat incidents ever. A girl decided to send a picture of her naked chest to her boyfriend one evening, letting him know what he was missing. However, it turns out that she sent the picture to her boss instead. The boss replied by saying that he was aware she probably didn’t mean to send it to him, reports The utter embarrassment she must have felt, makes you wonder if she turned up for work on Monday even though her boss didn’t seem particularly cross in his message.

It raises concerns about Snapchat being used by youngsters to send pictures of a sexual nature, and this incident highlights how careful you need to be. It wasn’t a sinister outcome, but the fact that young people are sending these pictures on social media, worries parents and teachers about the long-term potential effects of having naked or semi-naked pictures out there in cyberspace. After all, Snapchat pictures, although they only last for a matter of seconds, can be saved, and once an image is captured on a phone, it was being used for less innocent purposes.

2. Mothers threatened with prison after children in their care were shown on Snapchat

Two childcare workers in the US have been threatened with prison by a judge after they shared images of children they were caring for on Snapchat. He commented that as caregivers and parents they should know better. It appears that the caregivers were actually encouraging the children in their care to engage in violent behavior. Although the Snapchat app images are deleted within seconds, it is possible to screenshot them. One recipient of the images did just that and reported the women to the police according to Mummy Pages. Not only did this revelation cost the women their jobs, but they were charged with child abuse after the images were viewed by the court.

The center where the children were being looked after was horrified by their employees’ behavior. The boys and girls involved were 6 years old and under. Understandably, the parents are carers of the children raised concerns that such irresponsible adults were in charge of their children. It seems that for these women, one moment of madness that they recorded on Snapchat, could end them up in prison for years.

1. Mum killed baby then sent snapchat to boyfriend

Another horrifying incident involving Snapchat centered around a desperate teenage mother. She found herself pregnant, and after giving birth prematurely at home, she panicked and threw the baby girl out of the window which was two storeys high, says the Daily Star says the Daily Star. The 16-year-old from Nebraska in the USA, texted her boyfriend to say she thought she was in labor, and then re texted to say that she thought she was having a miscarriage. She then tried to get a lift from friends to dispose of the baby’s body.

Her mother, who had been unaware her daughter was pregnant, called the emergency services in the middle of the night. The baby was taken to hospital but pronounced dead when it arrived. It had only weighed 2lbs and was 14 inches long. The judge who tried the case accepted that it was an act of panic by a frightened girl who had just gone through the ordeal of delivering a baby on her own at home. He sentenced her to reappear in juvenile court. If she had been tried as an adult, she may well have faced a long prison sentence.

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