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10 Shopping Secrets Walmart Doesn’t Want You To Know


10 Shopping Secrets Walmart Doesn’t Want You To Know

We all like a good deal when we go shopping, especially when we have to stick to a budget. And not many stores can compete with the likes of Walmart. With their big selection and low prices, Walmart is a one-stop-shop for all our daily needs. However, there are some little things we can do in order to make our shopping trip even cheaper. With this list, we look at 10 Shopping Secrets Walmart Doesn’t Want You To Know. 

10. Download The Walmart App

In the modern technological age we live in, most of our lives are run by apps. Over are the days when apps were simply for fun and games: now, they’re a part of how we live our lives. Whether it’s social media, dating, finances, or anything else in our daily lives, apps are here to stay. With that in mind, it’s good to know that stores also have apps available, and Walmart has one of the best out there. In order to get the most out of your Walmart shopping excursion, the app can be a real life-changer. Not only does the app list all the items available both online and in-store, but it also has a section for discounts and sales, which aren’t always listed or easy to find when you visit the store. The other good thing about this app is that you get early access to upcoming deals and specials. This way, you can plan your shopping trip in advance and create your grocery list according to the money-saving deals that Walmart has to offer. Armed with this app on your phone, you really will get the best out of shopping at Walmart. 

9. Check Online For Deals

When trying to attract customers, most companies have strategies and tools to ensure that they do just that. Nowadays, the biggest tool companies have is undoubtedly their online presence. By using websites to promote specials and exclusive deals, companies can hook you in and get you into their stores, and that’s exactly what Walmart does. As well as the excellent Walmart app, the Walmart website is also a great source for deals and money-saving products. This may not exactly be a secret, as most of us like to browse online for cheap deals, but it’s always good to be reminded of this fact. The Walmart website offers many daily discounts and promotions that are constantly being updated. Keeping an eye on their website will ensure that you get the best deals out of your trip to Walmart. The other good thing about the Walmart website is that if you find a good deal, they will match it in-store. Even if the in-store price is different, Walmart will honor the online price. As long as it is the exact same product, that is. Visiting the Walmart website before you venture out into the store is a sure-fire way to get the best deals and money-saving items from your local Walmart.   

8. Walmart’s Store Brand Is Just as Good 

Our next entry will have you saving plenty of money. How? By buying Walmart’s in-store brand, of course. We know that the thought of buying non-branded items, especially food items, can put some people off, since most store-brands tend to be of lesser quality than the branded items. While this is true for a lot of stores where the in-store brand should be avoided, for Walmart, it’s different. There have been several tests and consumer comparisons in which the Walmart store brand was pitted against name brand items, and a lot of people couldn’t even tell the difference. These generic brand products hold up well in tests, and many people nowadays actually choose to buy them, not just for money-saving reasons but because they prefer them to their branded counterparts. Not only does Walmart offer a great selection of store brand items, but it also actually offers a decent selection of specialized foods too. If you have a food allergy such as gluten, lactose, or nuts, the Walmart store brand offers a great selection of choices that take these food intolerances into account –  and at a much lower price too. Whatever your food needs are, buying the Walmart store brand will really help your budget go a lot further, and you won’t even notice a dip in quality or taste either. This secret is sure to please a lot of people. 

7. Online Coupons 

While we may be living in a world that is run by our phones – take online shopping, apps, and the many other ways you can shop without ever setting foot in a grocery store – some people may be pleased to know that you can still get your savings the old-fashioned way. Coupons have been a way for us to save money for decades. Cutting the little paper tickets out of magazines and circulars has been a real-life saver for many of us. You may well be pleased to know that coupons are still a big part of the grocery shopping scene, even at Walmart. There are several ways you can get your hands on some of these valuable coupons – Walmart’s website often offers coupons and vouchers on a weekly basis. Plus, there are the brand names themselves, whose websites also offer similar coupons. A quick internet search will lead you to many options for obtaining coupons. There is also, of course, the classic paper version of circulars and grocery store flyers which still list the weekly specials and coupons if you prefer your savings method to be more old school. As well as coupons, there are plenty of apps and websites that can help you save money by completing surveys, entering contests, etc. It can sometimes be a little time-consuming, but if you have some spare time, then it’s another good way to save some extra cash.  

6. Discount Aisle

If you are not the kind of person who likes to use apps or the internet for cheap discounts and specials, but is the kind of person that prefers to hunt in store for those special savings, then Walmart has a shopping aisle just for you. Every Walmart has a discount aisle, although they sometimes go out of their way to make it difficult for you to find. A good walk around and a little investigating could yield some great finds. The discount aisle in Walmart is the aisle in which all the stock that doesn’t sell goes. It’s also the place that slightly damaged or returned stock ends up if they can’t send it back. The good news for us is that all these products are marked down by quite a lot in some cases as Walmart just wants to get rid of them. Another good tip for in-store-only shopping are the ends of the aisle. Every now and again, the ends of the aisle are home to either promotional items or items that have been discontinued and need to be liquidated, and sometimes, you can get really good finds. There are also the Walmart sample displays – the vendors that come into Walmart to offer free samples, coupons, and free products. You can then collect as many coupons as possible and save them for a rainy day. 

5. Day Old Bakery Items 

Some of the more expensive items we end up spending our money on come from the bakery section. It’s not just for a loaf of bread but also for some of those special baked treats that we all deserve from time to time. Unfortunately, not all of our weekly budgets allow for us to grab those tasty treats – or so we thought. Luckily our friendly neighborhood Walmart is here to deliver us baked goods and at a very discounted price. Pretty much every Walmart has its own in-store bakery and bakery aisle where you can grab some freshly baked goodies. However, as good and tasty as freshly baked items can be, they can also be overly expensive, even at Walmart. But, if you wait till the end of the next day, then those same baked goods are marked down a considerable amount. Sometimes, you can even pick up a few baked treats for just under a dollar. While these won’t be the freshest items, being only a day old isn’t that bad at all. The taste and texture are pretty much the same and at a fraction of the usual price. The day-old bakery section is a real hidden gem when shopping at Walmart and is the first part of the store that should be visited when doing your grocery shopping. 

4. Non-Brand Supplements Are Bad 

On our list of the 10 shopping secrets Walmart doesn’t want you to know, we have mentioned many ways in which to save money on your weekly shopping trip. However, with this entry, we are suggesting something a little different. While this will help you save money in the long term, it may not seem that way in the short term. It’s no secret that no-brand items are a great way to save money. These items are cheaper, and in some cases, it’s difficult to tell the difference between the no-name brands and the famous brands – or at least most of the time, that is. There are many generic items at Walmart that are worth it and others that are a complete waste of money. One of those items is supplements. When it comes to vitamins and making sure we get our daily dose of healthy living, then buying non-brand supplements from Walmart is not the way to go. This is mostly because there isn’t as much goodness in those pills as may be advertised. Walmart’s supplements are so much cheaper than other stores versions, or even brands sold on the same shelf, and there’s a reason why – it’s because they are of low quality. Speaking of healthy choices, another food item to avoid at Walmart is anything from their organic section. While organic food is usually a lot pricier than regular fruits and vegetables, the Walmart section will put you even more out of pocket in the long run. The quality of their organic products and selection is not that good and is overpriced for the quality. If organic food is your thing, then buying it at another store is probably your best option.  

3. Be An Early Bird 

There is an old saying that goes, ‘the early bird catches the worm.’ Now, we have all heard this phrase before, and we all thought it was a way for our parents to get us out of bed and get to school on time. Well, while there may be some truth in that, Walmart has taken this phrase and made it a lifestyle. If you are really looking to get some great deals from the grocery store chain, then heading down to your local Walmart early is a great way to find some savings. The earlier, the better. If you head to Walmart right at opening, you’re bound to pick up plenty of deals. First thing in the morning, Walmart marks down a lot of things from the previous day. Bakery items, dairy, fruits and vegetables, and even meats can all be picked up at a lower price. However, these savings don’t last long and are usually all gone by noon. The other good reason to head to Walmart early is because that’s the time when all their shelves are stocked to the fullest. We’ve all had the experience of visiting a busy Walmart and finding nothing left on the shelves. That’s because Walmart tends to do their main self stacking at off-peak hours, such as overnight or early in the morning. These are just some of the great reasons to start the day off with a Walmart trip. 

2. Grocery Delivery/ In-Store Pick Up 

Walmart really is a great place to do your shopping, after all, you can pretty much buy anything you want all in one place. From groceries to clothes, kitchen appliances to furniture, Walmart is a true one-stop-shop. However, there are those that just don’t like going to the grocery store. Whether that’s because you don’t like the idea of plowing through the crowds or you just don’t live close enough to a Walmart, then fear not. Walmart has you covered in several ways, so you can get what you need without missing out on the savings and discounts. Firstly, there is the in-store pick-up system. This option is great if you are close to a Walmart but don’t want to avoid the line-ups. Not only can you order your stuff online, choosing the best and cheapest items, but you can then walk right up to the counter to collect your items with no waiting and no fees. Using the pick-up system will also entitle you to Walmart’s ‘pickup discounts,’ which gives you access to many exclusive deals. The other area to take advantage of is Walmart’s home delivery. With free two-day delivery to anywhere, you can also browse the lower online prices and deals for certain items. These specials change weekly, and you can save a tidy sum without even leaving your home. 

1. Cheap Electronics 

For our next shopping secret, we delve into the world of electronics. While most of us are looking for great savings and discounts on our weekly grocery shopping, sometimes we like to treat ourselves to something fancy – and Walmart is a great place to find gizmos and gadgets at the best prices possible. At certain times of the year, especially around Christmas time, electronics companies are preparing to release their newest products to the public. Because of that, Walmart slashes many prices on those items. However, they don’t like to make it easy for us and tend to put these great discounts in their glass cabinets. So, next time you are in Walmart, try looking through the glass to see if you can find a great bargain. Another tip for getting electronics at a great price is to check out Walmart’s refurbished section on their website. Although these are used items, Walmart takes good care in looking after them and bringing them back to an almost new condition and then selling them on at a fraction of the price. 

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