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10 Shocking Things Carrie Underwood Is Hiding From Her Fans


10 Shocking Things Carrie Underwood Is Hiding From Her Fans

Carrie Underwood was fairly unknown prior to her appearance on the fourth season of American Idol in 2005. The innocent looking blonde with well-kept blonde curls and an angelic voice was a crowd favorite making every session of her singing on the show memorable. With bated breath we waited, hoping that our darling would win and as luck would have it, she emerged the overall winner and America won right next to her.
Born in 1983 in Oklahoma, this country music singer has come a long way from a village girl to a world-renowned singer with amazing accolades and awards. Carrie is married to National Hockey League (NHL) player Mike Fisher whom she met through her bandmate Mark Childers in 2008 while on a meet and greet tour. During the meet, it became apparent that the two were destined to be together as this beautiful couple hit it off instantly. They have one son, Isaiah, who makes their family picture perfect. With a documented net worth of more than $116 million, this inspirational singer is a force to reckon with. Not only is she a celebrity with a vibrant career, she is a mother, wife, and philanthropist. She founded the Checotah Animal, Town, and School Foundation in 2009. This foundation helps with the town’s issues that impact on the community directly.
Over the years, Carrie has won several awards, notably CMA awards, Grammy Awards and the World Music Awards amongst others. It seems that everything this golden girl touches turns into gold. With such a public lifestyle and having been thrust into the limelight fairly young, one would not expect there to be any secrets that Carrie would be hiding from her fans. However, you would be wrong. The aura of mystery that surrounds this celebrity is her way of telling us that she prefers her private life to remain private. We went ahead to scrutinize her life and bring you ten shocking things this household darling is hiding from her fans.

10. She Wasn’t Always this Cute

Kids can be cruel and life in school can get really tough if one is not what is known conventionally as beautiful. During an interview with People magazine, Carrie said: “I had bad teeth too, I had to get braces more than once.” We are not saying braces make one unattractive, but let’s face it, wearing braces gives one that geeky look that is not so attractive. Looking at Carrie, it is hard to believe that this modern beauty could ever be termed as ‘geeky’.
While it is quite normal for kids to wear braces to help straighten their teeth growing up, in Carrie’s case, she confesses that her teeth were so bad that she even had to wear braces on the lower teeth while on the red carpet. She says this made her feel like she had a secret that only she knew about. Her efforts seem to have paid off and she now has the perfect smile, but pictures of old are rarely seen implying that even with her perfect looks now, the celebrity would still rather not show us where she came from.

9. Details of Her ‘Gory Accident’

Carrie was involved in an accident in November. She was home with baby Isaiah where she claims to have fallen down the front steps of her house in Tennessee. When this incident came to the limelight, she at first claimed it was just a minor accident and she was fairly unharmed having suffered only minor scratches and bruises and of course a broken wrist. She later clarified that the accident wasn’t so minor after all and that she had to get around 40 to 50 stitches on her face and that she would require some work on her face to correct the facial anomalies.
It is usually normal for a person to have the correct figure of the number of stitches you receive when you visit the E.R. but here she seems to have a 10 stitch margin of error. The details of this freak accident are so vague and sketchy making it shady and quite unbelievable. It is not uncommon for celebrities to invent a story to justify some form of plastic surgery and we hope that that is not what happened with this lovely singer. Whatever the case, we hope the work done will not interfere with her good looks which, to be honest, did not even need enhancing.

8. She Has Some Hidden Tattoos

Celebrities come in different shades and sizes but one thing is for sure, most of them are drop-dead gorgeous. Despite their amazing looks, most of these celebrities go a step further to try and enhance their looks by getting a tattoo or two. From Mila Kunis, Julia Roberts to Angelina Jolie, these celebrities have tattoos that depict various aspects of their lives. Some of these tattoos are tiny and adorable while others are huge, covering most of their bodies, and others are just plain disturbing.
While tattoos are not a big deal to many, nor are they a declaration of a woman’s wild side, it is surprising to hear that this adorable singer is also on the list of celebrities who don tattoos. Not many Christian stars go for tattoos and this is especially rare with women from rural towns. The tats seem to be a private testimonial in the case of Carrie as they are hidden deep on her body and not many people can claim to have seen them. The good news is that with or without them, the singer is beautiful inside and out and will remain so.

7. She is Vegan

Carrie grew up on a farm in Tennessee. Here, animal ‘cruelty’ as some people would call it is quite common. Living on a farm means that you eat off the land. You raise your chickens and the pork and mutton all come from the animals you raise. At a young age, she witnessed her parents killing animals for meat and she was completely turned off.
While she chose henceforth to become a vegetarian, it is only in later years that she took it a notch higher and adopted a vegan lifestyle. She is not a completely strict vegan though as she has no issues with traces of cheese on her fries when she goes out, neither does she freak out over beef soup served in her rice. While she tries as much as possible to avoid animal proteins, she reserves this strictness for her home. This is one considerate lady who chooses not to inconvenience her hosts over her meals. That is why she is America’s sweetheart.

6. To Get That Look She Exercises a Lot

It is said that it takes pain to gain something good. Carrie is known for her signature good looks, beautiful blonde hair, gorgeous body and oh yes, amazingly toned legs. For a mother, this is a difficult feat to achieve with most women unable to get rid of the baby fat years after the baby is born. Carrie’s son Isaiah is 2 years old and looking at her, one would be forgiven for thinking she is not a mother yet.
While she was in the bracket of the lucky few who do not balloon too much during their pregnancy. Her weight gain remained fairly manageable probably thanks to her vegan diet. Her body does seem to have bounced back perfectly post pregnancy and her legs are probably more gorgeous now than they were before. This look didn’t just appear. Carrie says to get to where she is, it took sweat and hard work. She did not go on fad diets nor did she starve herself; rather she ate healthily and exercised. This discipline has paid off and it has now become her daily routine.

5. Her Hair Wasn’t Always that Glorious

Women take years before they can get that one look that suits them. It is not easy, especially to get a hair look that makes you stand out and it is even harder if you are a celebrity. With fame comes a lot of expectation and your looks translate to your popularity. You may have amazing talent and an amazing voice but that does not matter. It is made worse by your fans who are quite fickle and prefer someone they can admire and ogle.
Carrie experimented a lot growing up in a bid to find that perfect look. There was even a time when she had her hair permed and went as far as to gel it up. This old faux pas paid off though in the end because this country siren now has the most coveted hair in Hollywood. It may have taken longer but we all salute her for her efforts and hope we can also get to where she is, hair-wise.

4. She Loves Horror Movies

Not most people love watching movies that depict things that go ‘bang’ in the night. Most of us prefer to keep that part of our imagination locked up. You wouldn’t know this looking at her or watching her videos as she coos on stage, but this innocent looking singer confesses to having a dark side. She says she is truly obsessed with the Walking Dead TV show and is known to gravitate towards horror movies. For a singer who does such beautiful love songs and gospel music, this one is quite surprising.
As much as it is not wrong to love whatever genre of movies, our illusions are a bit shattered as we all expected her to love romantic comedies like Sleepless in Seattle or Pretty Woman. It is said that we write what we know and what we watch or read contributes to what we create, but this American sweetheart seems to be an all-around, very creative individual who is able to compose a beautiful love ballad and enjoy a gory movie where zombies devour brains.

3. Tussles in the Marriage

Carry met hockey player husband during a meet and greet session. These two people are devout Christians, but their marriage seemed doomed from the start seeing as he was based in Canada while Carrie was based in Nashville. Long distance relationships rarely work and if they do, the couples have to put in 150%. It is quite rare to see a couple in a long distance relationship who do not fight over petty things in most cases.
Carrie is vegan while Mike is a meat person. The couple, on most occasions, makes two sets of meals and while we are brought up with the adage that ‘a family that eats together stays together’ this family rarely eats together due to their preferences. Mike is also said to be quite inconsiderate and has a tendency to invite people over who Carrie does not even know — since their friends are not shared, being from two different corners of the world. Carrie has been wanting to go for marriage counseling, but Mike has resisted this idea. These petty squabbles, if not addressed, may sadly spell doom for this lovely couple’s marriage.

2. She is Expecting a Second Child

Carrie and her husband have one son Isaiah, who is two years old now. She is, however, expecting her second child who is rumored to be a girl. Previously, Carrie had hinted at wanting a second child, but she had said that she was leaving the plans to God. With recent rumors of strife in her marriage, one may be forgiven for thinking she chose to have a second child to try and save the marriage.
While this is not a wise thing as kids rarely save marriages, it is reported that the couple seems to be closer now than before with Mike being a lot more attentive. Carrie has been hiding her baby bump, probably because she had only disclosed this status to a select few, but she is rumored to be extremely excited. Having conceived only two weeks after her devastating accident, this baby came as a ray of sunshine for the celebrity who was reported to be completely devastated by the accident that saw her getting 50 stitches on her face. Ouch.

1. She Once Made Out with a Fan

Every celebrity has a diehard fan and most of these fans have just one dream, to be allowed to just touch the hem of their celebrity idol’s garment. Mike was a Carrie fan and they met during a meet and greet tour. It is reported that the two hit it off instantly with some minor PDAs. For a staunch Christian, most people would feel this is an absolute no, no, but in this case, the fan turned out to be a Godsend.
While most of us want that Cinderella story where we meet a random stranger who later becomes the most important person in our lives, this dream may never come true because these things only happen in movies and marrying random strangers sometimes backfires on a person, but for Carrie’s fan, the dream came true and he is now her husband of several years. How lucky can this man be that he got to marry his celebrity idol? We say very lucky and we can hope that it stays that way for the rest of their lives.

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