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10 Secrets You Missed About Hilary Duff

She is the most relatable mom in Hollywood with an engaging killer smile that leaves us feeling that there is hope in the world despite all the issues going on there. This gorgeous mother has been through what most normal mothers go through with as much dignity as any mother could have and she has come out smiling. Having risen to fame through her popular show “Lizzie Macguire” on Disney channel, Lizzie became every young girl’s idol and for most of us who grew up in the 90’s, she can do no wrong.

While most celebrities her age let their fame go to their head, Hilary has stayed grounded and become the kind of role model that was truly worth following through the years. Unlike her contemporaries like Lindsay Lohan, Hilary has stayed on track and managed to not only raise a family, but she has also managed to belt lyrics and star in movies all while remaining humble and down to earth. It could be because she had a supportive mother and sister as her career soared but whatever it is, Hilary has managed to keep her status untainted throughout while keeping a few secrets up her sleeve like the following 10 things you still don’t know about her.

10. She Is Thirty

This one caught us by surprise. Just the other day this famous celebrity was a teenager on Lizzie McGuire to us, she still looks gorgeous and is still that giggly teenager on the show, they say you are as old as you feel and it is true. For those of us who are the same age as she is, we still feel young and unsure and on most occasions, we still feel like that mama’s girl we were then. She may not look the age but with her six-year-old son and daughter on the way Hilary is no spring chicken. The young mother is a true inspiration to most of us who are still stuck in a rut and who feel that we need to keep beating our heads on the wall to make something that obviously doesn’t work, work. Hilary left her marriage because it was not making her happy before it could turn bad. This is the courage that a mature almost thirty years old would take. She has lived a full life and gone through the paces we are hoping to go through at over thirty years old and she has done this while balancing her work and her family to perfection. Even though she does make us feel old now that we know her age, not that she is that old, she is truly an inspiration at such a tender age.

9. She Had Funky Colored Hair

For those of you who didn’t know, Hilary has also been trendy having sported green/blue hair at one time. This is not the mistake of youth nor is it a teenage fancy, this was a decision made when she was around twenty-seven years old, something that takes real guts to do as a mother and even as a single woman at that age but going on holiday can bring out the crazy in anyone and there is always that holiday bug that bites and we find ourselves sporting a partly shaved head. For Hilary, the holiday bug bit her when she and her son went on holiday to Cabo and she decided to make her hair part of a rainbow. She loved her witchy look and so did we but what made her like the hair most is her number one fan, her son Luca who found her hair rather cool. Her ability to ditch her comfort zone and delve into the world of funky hair that shows a tone of attitude most of us are afraid to try is a true inspiration for us. Delving into the internet unearths lovely photos of her that show that being a mom doesn’t have to mean boring.

8. Her Sister Is a Foodie

Hilary gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy with her son Luca and after his birth, she still spotted some stubborn weight which she wore with grace vindicating mothers all over the world and letting us know that bouncing back is not a piece of cake like all the other celebrities make us think. The truth behind Hilary’s weight could be linked to her sister Haylie who was the voice behind Lizzie Maguire’s songs in the show Lizzie Macquire and back then, Hilary and Haylie were a package deal. It appeared like they were both set to become celebrity musicians and actors considering the set of pipes that Hilary came with and their combo songs were something to brighten any sour day. With maturity comes change and Haylie chose cooking which she is pretty good at. She is the author of the cookbook, ‘Real Girl’s Kitchen’ as well as a blog on cooking and to top up her cooking craze, is her TV show that goes by the same name. With a sister who can make such sumptuous meals, it is amazing that she still managed to shed the post-baby weight, an indication of true strength.

7. She Loves Interior Design

Every one of us has a passion, something we love doing that would make waking up in the morning a lot easier. While some of us get to live our dreams, most people just take the job that puts food on the table and that is available putting our dreams in the back burner with the quote’ we shall revisit’. Unfortunately we never do. for those of us who are in this world, we should take solace in the fact that even the best of the best go through the same, for example, Who amongst us has ever envisioned Hilary Duff as anything other than a celebrity? Hilary once disclosed that she loves interior design and if she was not a celeb, she would go back to college and take up that line of work. For Hilary, décor magazines are her favorite next to food of course, and for her, this is partly to get inspiration as well as to see what is trending in the interior décor world. This passion of Hilary has been shelved to give way for her second love and even though it is quite lucrative, her name is a brand in itself and we feel getting the interior design job as a side hustle would make wealth accumulate exponentially.

6. She Is a Writer

Nothing says a superwoman like Hilary Duff. Having a child at such a young age and also being an actress is hectic enough but for her, this does not deter her from following her other passion, writing. This famous actress is a published author with three novels under her belt. Yes, you heard right, three novels. Elixir written in 2010 was her first novel followed closely by Devoted in 2011 and True in 2013 which were all co-authored with Elise Allen. While most of us cannot hold one job and raise a kid at the same time due to the hectic schedules, Hillary managed to write all three books while still involved in her high flying career as an actress making her a champion multitasker.

The books which all have adult undertones, are fun-filled and rather relatable making us feel that she does have something to fall back on if she does ever decide to ditch acting. For those of us who love the actress, these books are a sure read and are fashioned around the life of a young journalist and laced with a tinge of mystery and it convinces us that this youthful idol is worthy of all our accolades.

5. She is Joel Madden’s EX

When a girl is a teenager plunged into a world of adults, she is bound to make some teenage mistakes and even though her mistakes were few, she made one when she dated Joel Madden. They had the kind of relationship that demands emancipation with him being twenty-five years old and her only sixteen. For a baby girl that required a lot of motherly love and protection and a few rules when it comes to dating teenagers, she managed to lose her virginity to him and she continued in the relationship until she was nineteen years old. This screams of statutory rape! He managed to escape from this label because in the early 2000s life and rules were a bit more relaxed when it came to such matters with sexual relationships still being regarded as some sort of taboo in some circles. These are the years mothers bought us sex-ed books and discreetly placed them on our beds and tiptoed out. She may have been a little older than some girls are in the celebrity world when they become active but for a girl in the normal world, that was a bit rushed and with a grown man at that

4. Hilary Was Home Schooled

For most mothers, as much as we love our bundles of joy, the day a baby hits four or five we feel as if the weight of the world has been lifted off our shoulders. This is the day we wake up early and line up in the department store to get this little human some cute outfits to start school. We can’t wait to have at least six hours of peace and at least an hours nap without hearing ‘mommy, I am thirsty’. Hilary’s mom may have got all this but she chose to homeschool her daughter. Most of us abhor the word especially after Josh Duggar and all his shenanigans in his homeschooled family and to be honest, we would rather our kids go out into the world and learn to interact with other kids. For Hilary, she was homeschooled from the age of eight when it became necessary since she was already working. Homeschooling can be nice since one doesn’t have to wake up as early and the snacks are just a stone’s throw away. She may have missed out on making a friend from another country or making one genuine lifetime friend who can say we bonded when but, she escaped bullying by other kids which we envy her for.

3. She Never Went On Binge Diets

Being a mother in today’s world can be stressful especially when we are bombarded with photos of moms who have managed to bounce back one or two weeks after popping twins! Nothing says ‘ I feel fat’ like seeing a mother with whom you were pregnant sporting a push-up bra and a tank top with size zero jeans, I mean, how unfair can life be and what is this magic elixir that everyone is on and which supermarket can one buy it in? Hilary managed to make us feel that life is not as the internet moms portray it and that those leaky girls and the stubborn cellulite are all part of being a mom. Wearing this badge of honor without flinching is what motherhood is and when she gained a tone of weight during her pregnancy, she chose to take the journey of losing the weight in her stride and do it legitimately. By so doing, she was able to enjoy her son Luca and gain fans from every corner of the world including Tia Mowry who felt that she showed what being a mother truly is. The journey may have been hard but she never went on fad diets nor did she wear any ugly looking, restraining spandex to suppress eating.

2. She Is Not Into Marriage

Most people who have been married before feeling absence of emptiness ones the relationship fails and the feelings of ‘was it me, could I have worked harder at it or did I do something wrong?’ all pervade our thoughts leaving us with a desire to marry again and prove to the world and to ourselves that we can do it. The feelings are even worse when there were children involved as explaining to them while we are not together can be draining for them as well as for us. Divorce and separation, therefore, require an extra dose of strength that most of us lack. For Hilary, her amicable breakup with her husband did not push her into another marriage but it made her realize that she really did not want to marry again. She said that she had experienced marriage and for her it was wonderful but she had no desire to try again. She took her role as Lucas mom and did a great job as she waited for her heart to heal. She is now dating her boyfriend Mathew with whom she is expecting a child and we hope that after years of being single she has reconsidered her stance and is ready to marry again because the two do make a beautiful couple.

1. She Has Had Stalkers

Most celebrities are not as endearing in their roles as Hilary is and watching her movies makes everyone feel like she is one of the girls. This girl is so cute and adorable that we are not surprised that she had stalkers. While we are not condoning stalking, it is understandable that someone would want to breathe the same air as such a relatable character and maybe take a selfie. Most fans follow their idols and they stalk them online as well as physically but their stalking is usually not ill-motivated. In her case though, Hillary did not get the innocent stalker who just wants to shake hands, instead, she got the scary kind in the form of Maksim Myaskovskiy a Russian immigrant who was only nineteen and David Joseph Klein who was his roommate at the time. The duo had threatened her and Joel Madden who was her boyfriend at that time. She got a restraining order against them and while David’s charges were dropped after he made an apology and a promise never to contact her again, his friend was jailed for 117 days coupled with five years probation after he pleaded no contest to the charges.

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