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10 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Costco’s Food Court

Solution to world famine? The Costco food court is a strong candidate. Photo from


10 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Costco’s Food Court

At 759 outlets and growing, the whole world already knows that Costco is all about buying in bulk and saving big. Everyone on the know takes advantage by getting his or her Costco card. And just like Ikea, the wholesale retail chain likewise maintains an in-store or next-to-store  fast food court that offers the cheapest food preparations in order to hold their customers hostage. And where is the herd going to go after walking five miles on the shopping aisles, hungry, spent, and exhausted? Behold are the ten top secrets of a wholesale-retail giant whose innovative concept has been keeping it successful and profitable since 1976, thanks to founder Sol Price and his son, Robert.

10. Limited Edition Food Court Access for Non-Costco Members

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there’s a way to get inside the Costco fast food court for non members. But then it’s limited edition, so read on closely. Only Costco stores with fast food courts situated on the outside are open to outsiders. And more often than not, these are the Costco outlets that are located in warmer countries. There’s no need to be a Costco member.  AKA: You don’t have to pay $60 for a one-year membership to get inside the fast food court. Just go in and enjoy. Costco is found in the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Iceland, and Spain. Find the warm countries from this list and spin a win. Else, you may want to talk the Costco security guard into letting you in and that definitely requires a lot of convincing power.  Celebrity power might work, too. If you’re a Hollywood A-lister however, you can probably afford to pay for a Costco membership card.

9. Nobody Sells $5 Whole Cooked Chicken Anymore Except Costco

That’s right! Not even Wal-Mart, whose whole priced chickens are sold at $6 each. And the going rate for the same item at the big chain grocery stores: almost $8. So you would be crazy not to jump on a three-pounder-or-over Costco  rotisserie chicken at $4.99, which has been a deep price freeze for decades. And you guessed right! Costco is actually losing money to the tune of  $40 million per year for selling on average 157,000 big birds for the same period.  So why the great sacrifice? The answer is the customer patronage that Costco is getting from all its loyal customers. For definitely at every end of walking all those long aisles, it feels like home to bring home one fat, already cooked chicken with you. Are you a bachelor who can finish one whole fried chicken before the end of a Star Trek TV episode on your beat-up couch? Or are you a soccer mom with three or more other hungry mouths to feed? It’s all good. You can buy two Costco rotisserie chicken without hurting your bachelor or family budget.  Listen: don’t make the mistake of buying whole fried chickens from the nearest grocery store near you. This is the easiest way to max up your credit card debt!

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