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10 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Costco Food Court Part 2


10 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Costco Food Court Part 2

Here’s a much-awaited sequel for all of the Costco Food Court lovers out there! We’ve listened to all of you in the comments in the hopes of keeping Costco Food Court fans and foes updated on what’s brewing inside what some consider to be the most mouth-watering fast food paradise known to humanity’s teeming and hungry masses. So here are 10 secrets you didn’t know about Costco Food Court Part 2.

10. Change Is in the Air for the Costco Food Court: Love It or Hate It 

Many people have time and again professed to anyone who will listen that they love the Costco food court to death. And no matter what the haters say, many individuals still insist that the famous or infamous food court of America does dish out great and tasty food. Unfortunately, some in the Costco boardroom have insisted on introducing some heartbreaking changes. Many people adore the great deals you can find at the Costco food court. One such fan asked why Costco increased the mocha freeze from $1.65 to $2.99, huh? That seems like an extreme price hike doesn’t it? Perhaps nobody will ever know, except Costco food court management. What once seemed like a great deal and perhaps a reason to make a special trip to Costco, now compares in price with many other coffee places offering the same ice drink. But if you need to pick up a 5 gallon jar of pickles at the same time, then it will still be worth the trip.

9.  How the Costco Food Court Slipped Deep Frying from Behind Our Backs

Here, at last, is the inside story. While many Costco establishments still sport the no-deep-frying look, the not-so-greasy outlook is definitely changing across the board. The powers that be at McDonald’s did an about-face when it abandoned the deep-fried apple pies in favor of the baked version. But could the Costco fast-food court haven be going in the other direction? The answer is yes, and evidently so, despite the question of their widespread existence. The Costco food court aficionados are weighing in, in what has now become the raging Costco deep fryer controversy. The scoop from one Costco fan is that Costco does have deep fryers, at least they do in Quebec, Canada. The poutine is the smoking gun for the existence of the Costco fast food deep fryer in this case. So if the Costco food court has cheese curds, gravy, and fries; there has to be a deep fryer somewhere. Others concur in regards to this matter. So the overwhelming conclusion is that Costco in Canada does have deep fryers. Have you checked your nearest Costco food court yet? Let the truth be seen and heard! Maybe we need to call in Shaggy, Scooby and the rest of the Gang to solve this mystery once and for all.

8. The Great Escape to the Costco Food Court (Sans Card Membership)

That you can escape to the Costco fast food court without the benefit of a Costco card is yet another raging controversy regarding the retail-wholesale giant that must be brought to light. That is, in the hopes that the controversy disappears like an ice cube in the sun. Oh, Houdini’s going to love this one! Many viewers suggested what to do if you’re not a Costco member and the food court is inside. This is where a little trickery is involved. Simply saunter through the exit. Apparently, nobody will check for your Costco membership there. Then just sneak your way over to the food court and place your order. Yeah, all you have to do when you don’t have $60 bucks to spare for a Costco membership is walk in the exit to get to the Costco food court. Since many Costco stores typically have a similar layout, most of the food courts are inside and on the exit side of the cash registers. All right, if your feeling brave, feel free to walk in through the exit and go directly to the food court with the hope no one batts an eyelash. Could it really be that easy? Some have said it’s even easier than that, with certain Costco food courts open to the public. There are some rumors out there that you can eat at the food court without any worries. You won’t be checked for the Costco card. Is that a promise? We sure hope so. Imagine the disappointment of being turned away at the door by Costco security. One Costco employee was happy to disclose online that their employer has an inside food court. You just walk in through the exit and you won’t get questioned. Really? Again, no security guard? Supposedly, Costco employees are supposed to let people in the exit without checking their card. Go figure. And what to do if indeed the unthinkable happens, and Sylvester the security guard shows up at the exit? All you want to do is chow down on a couple of hot dogs. One option if this happens is try to flash a similar colored card or an old receipt to the security guard. They’ll never check to see if it’s valid. Unless of course, you’re doing the chorus line or the moonwalk all the way to the food court. Whether these tips grant you free access to the Costco food court or not, we’ve also heard that the opposite is also true. That you WILL get stopped and are not allowed to access the food court without a membership. So be on the lookout, the fast food police are coming, maybe to a Costco near you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

7. Better Costco Food Court Deals  in Oh Canada

As the old saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side. The same can also be said when it comes to food options. Specifically poutine, the Canadian fast food consisting of fries, gravy, and cheese curds which is always a surefire knockout. Costco USA might have a more delicious pizza, however for a genuine feast, all you need to do is go to Canada! Welcome to the wonderful world of fries, gravy, chicken tenders, chicken wings, and espresso. And Costco’s hot dog and pop deal gets even better north of the border. According to one Canadian, the world famous Costco combo is $1.50 in Canadian dollars. So the sought after duo works out to around just $1.10 US when you consider the exchange rate. Plus, you don’t need a Costco card to eat. You enter via customer service and go directly to fast food heaven. The funny thing is, as per one die-hard Canadian Costco fan, 99% of Costco employees don’t realize that you don’t need a Costco membership to dine at the food court. So our question is, if 99% of the staff don’t know the rules, then how is the general public supposed to know?

6. True or False: Costco Food Court’s  Pizza Is Still the Best Deal

Some might think that getting a Subway foot long is a filling and delicious deal of a meal. The Costco pizza may just give this deal a run for its money though. Costco pizza is awesome. It’s not only delicious, but for the cool factor alone, the Costco pizza robots get a huge thumbs up. Of course, we need to thank the Costco employees, too. After all, both humans and robots contribute to the making of this high tech dream pizza. While most reviews are positive, some believe that Costco pizza is not the real McCoy. Some are throwing shade at this top-ranking Costco food court item for tasting like canned spaghetti sauce over a rubbery crust. These types tend to believe that only people raised on frozen pizza or school cafeteria pizza could love this product. It’s short of saying that Costco pizza has a face that only a mother could love. Ok we get that it may not look like the perfect Hollywood picture perfect pizza slice, but shouldn’t taste matter? Yes, the slice looks lanky and soggy and all that, but it’s the taste that makes a big difference. It’s really cheap and it tastes pretty darn good. One thing that has been noticed recently however, is that Costco is starting to put less cheese on their pizzas. And more so when it comes to the company’s plain cheese pizzas. So see if you notice a difference next time you order a pizza from the Costco food court. Consider yourself warned.

5. Bursting the Costco Rotisserie Chicken Sacrifice Bubble

Sacrificial chicken? Not anymore. The claim that Costco actually loses money by selling its rotisserie chicken at five bucks a piece is now starting to look like an urban myth. If you were to do the math and take Costco’s 90 million members multiplied by the annual $60 membership fee, this would amount to $5.4 billion going into Costco coffers annually. With this obscene amount of money, Costco members are actually paying the company a staggering sum just for the privilege of shopping at the store. We don’t know the wholesale cost of chicken and what it costs to cook up, but at 5 bucks for a chicken, every member can by at least dozen before Costco starts losing any money on the deal. Besides, your probably going to buy yourself a set of tires and some cereal, then stop at the Costco food court before you leave the store anyways.

4. How Costco Beats and Does Not Beat Walmart at the Chicken Game

Costco believers are absolutely convinced that the company has the best deal in the whole of the USA when it comes to their rotisserie chicken for 5 bucks. In fairness, however, others allege that the Walmart equivalent is actually priced at $4.98, while the family size version sells for $8.88 at the discount chain. The proof? Well, we’re still searching. We went out to a few near by Walmarts in search of that better rotisserie chicken deal and left empty handed. Not only that, but when we asked for cooked whole rotisserie chicken, a Walmart employee actually grinned and said there was no such thing in these parts. So who are we to believe now? I guess it depends on the area you are in when it comes to that elusive Walmart $4.98 rotisserie chicken. So even if the Walmart equivalent is out there, with a two penny difference, can’t we all just shake hands and call it a tie?

3. Warning: The Great Chicken Wars Are Just Heating Up

It seems that the Costco rotisserie chicken has unleashed a ton of copy cats out there. Or is it the other way around? Let’s see. We’ve heard that certain Walmart outlets sell the equivalent of Costco rotisserie chicken for under $5 bucks. Others claim that Sams Club has the same chicken for $4.99. However, from another’s point of view, Sam’s Club members can snag a 3-pound bird for less than $10. Apparently, then, there are inconsistencies which makes it hard to compare when it comes to alternative rotisserie chicken deals. And here’s the scoop from another informant. Wegmans Food Markets, an American supermarket chain, sells its three flavors of rotisserie chicken for $4.99 a piece also. Furthermore, based on the observation of yet another fast food bargain hunter, BJ’s Wholesale Club has exactly the same cooked product for the same price that Costco has managed to maintain all these years–or is it decades at this point? Others have said that Kroger/Smiths also has cooked rotisserie chickens at 2 for $10. To add to the overheating cooked whole chicken price wars, there are reports that Priceless has $4.88 per chicken. And another bargain hunter attests that Winco superstore has whole roasted chicken (the exact same as Costco) for just $4. Others have joined the fray too, swearing on a chicken’s grave that other rotisserie chickens (aka non-Costco ones) taste much better. Well with the chicken price wars heating up, there is no reason not try them all and choose the best deal based on the best taste.

2. Playing the Costco Food Court Saving Game

Now that the word is out, fast food discounting will never be the same again. Certainly not with all the cost-saving possibilities that the Costco food court has unleashed. When you can grab a slice of pizza and a cooked chicken, eat the pizza and half the chicken, then use the other half of the chicken to make fried rice the next day, that’s $7 bucks for two meals. Now that is playing the food court savings game. Apparently, the local Costco in Westfield Wheaton in Maryland, has its food court outside the store but within the mall adjacent to the store. The word on the street is that this could be the best $3.70 anyone can spend in the DC area. And that, of course, is the cost of the eternal hot dog with drink and a pizza slice. Others have adopted a different style when it comes to the savings game. You may end up saving hundreds of dollars with your Costco membership, not only shopping but by stopping by the food court too. While this is not exactly winning the lottery, with the extra cash maybe go out to the movies or something. And on the way, drop by the Costco food court to get the mighty Chicken Bake. If you want to save tons of money, follow the leads! We’ve heard, the Costco food court Chicken Bake is a great value and one of the tastiest things on the menu. Like a hot pocket on steroids. Oolala. 

1. RIP: Polish Dog July 2018

We don’t want to break anybody’s heart, but unfortunately, this is just how the cookie crumbles. Apparently, Costco got rid of the Polish Hot Dog and only sports the Beef hot dogs nowadays. Luckily, the hot dog and pop combo, the amazing pizza deal, and of course, the great Costco rotisserie chicken have all managed to survive the test of time. The Polish dog will be missed. It was the reason that some patrons would hit the Costco food court a couple of nights a week, just for the famous Polish dog and a soda. Costco’s also reportedly making healthier changes to their food court menu. While Costco’s beloved $1.50 all-beef hot dog combo will remain, Costco shoppers and Costco food court lovers should brace themselves for the addition of more healthy eating options. Unfortunately, the Polish Dog was the first casualty in this changing of the guard. But if the recent Costco food court switch into the deep-frying business is any indication, the news is probably a just a rumor.

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