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10 Secrets About Wendy Williams Marriage


10 Secrets About Wendy Williams Marriage

Wendy Williams is an American television host and actress that has dominated her craft for more than three decades. She currently has a daytime talk show called The Wendy Williams Show. She has moved and ripped the fabric that makes up radio and television in the most professional way to think of. Nonetheless, nothing is perfect. William’s career has been hit with a splash of paint that revolves around her marriage with manager Kevin Hunter, an American television producer. Despite the fact that she has repeatedly denied on various occasion any wrongdoing by her husband, the media and the critics are not convinced. Here are ten secrets about Wendy William’s marriage uncovered by the media.

10. She Busted Him Red Handed

Wendy knew something was going on but she was not very vocal about it until 2013, when she decided to open up in an interview with Vladtv. She had already addressed the topic in her autobiography, but this time she opened up just a little bit more about the issue. Apparently, Wendy found out something was fishy in the 2000s right after having their child. It turns out that she heard some whispers and hushes in her home late at night. It seemed very unusual to her so she approached step-by-step, very stealthy to see what was going on.

Across the house, Kevin was on the phone having a secret conversation with an unknown person. Why was this happening? Nothing was completely clear at the time but it was proof enough for Wendy to believe that she was being cheated on. To confirm it all, Kevin was not just acting very shady, he was having a “nasty” exchange of words with the woman on the other end of the line. After that, Williams did not act immediately on the subject but she knew things were about to change in her life, without mentioning her baby.

9. She Forgave Him but Never Forgot

It is one of those experiences that life offers but no one wishes to go through. Wendy further explained in her interview with Vladtv that she forgave him for what he did but she surely did not forget, and never will. It is very difficult to go back to the way you were with a person after trust is lost, the sacred link has been bruised. She believes that no one can be that naïve to forget completely and continue to act as if nothing had happened. Wendy proudly pushes her marriage forward, where both Kevin and Wendy love each other enough to leave it behind, to a certain extent at least.

When writing her autobiography, she mutually agreed with her husband to expose what had happened to her readers. She thought that maybe she would not have taken the same stance when she was younger. A 25-year-old woman with a bright future ahead of her definitely would have taken a different route than the one that she took. However, in the end, she does not regret doing so. As over washed as it may sound, she firmly believes that the fact that her marriage went through something like that has strengthened it. That she is happy with where she is and what she has done.

8. Kevin Has the Upper Hand

Maybe things are not as transparent and clear as the media believes it is. If the relied sources are correct, Kevin controls most of the elements that revolve around Wendy. Being her husband and manager, Hunter has been able to administer most of the shots taken on the show. He has assigned Wendy a personal driver to take her where she needs to go that reports directly to him. In addition, sources believe that he even changed his wife’s telephone number so that she could be harder to reach. He is the bridge that represents any connection to the show or his wife.

Most fans and the press, in general, are confused and are not sure why Wendy puts up with this kind of behavior from her husband. She is a strong, independent woman who has shown throughout her career that she needs no one to take care of her and to achieve whatever she puts her mind to. It was only a matter of time until, in 2013, executives and senior staff from the show began to resent Hunter and asked for his removal from his duties. Someone had approached Love B Scott and claimed that the situation was in such a critical state that Wendy was beginning to consider leaving her partner.

7. From Manager to Abuser

We have seen what happens when long-hidden secrets about abuse and sexual harassment come to the surface with Harvey Weinstein’s case in Hollywood. Yet, it seems to be quite a different story for Wendy, Hunter and another woman named Nicole Spence. She is a talent scout who worked for the couple. Nicole stated that Kevin had made her feel uncomfortable while working with them. Hunter pushed Spence into some provocative sexual conversations over the phone and, apparently, Wendy knew about it and did nothing but, in a way, support the wrongdoings of her man. Spence told TMZ that Hunter had threatened her over the phone if she did not comply with what he asked for.

However, things did not stop there. Spence genuinely feared what Kevin was capable of doing since she witnessed on various occasion how the manager would insult and physically harm his wife on set. Things were so bad, that on one occasion she witnessed how Kevin rushed onto the set and violently demanded everyone leave. He later pinned Wendy against the wall and repeatedly punch the wall, only a few centimeters next to her head in order to induce fear and in search of getting his way. After all had ended, both Wendy and Kevin totally denied that such things had happened. The situation is incredibly toxic and worrisome.

6. Kevin Jr. is Close With His Father

What is important to point out is that Wendy implicitly demonstrates how much she has suffered from this whole situation. Williams presented on her own show how much it affected her that her son had a closer relationship with his father than with her, showing a subtle face of pain and sadness. It occurred in January 2014, on one of her most famous segments in front of a live audience where she drifted off from talking about Madonna and her son to her own problems at home. She began by telling her fans how her son did not like her anymore.

Yes, Wendy expressed how her son did not like her anymore. She believes that his behavior has to do with him going through a phase in his adolescence that will only last about 4 years, or at least that is what she thinks. On the show, she broke down in tears, displaying how much the whole situation is affecting her and how strong she is trying to be. For some reason, she’s very grateful that her son has his father to count on since she can not understand how some other men can leave their children.

5. Walking in at the Wrong Moment

Things are beginning to make sense. It is not far-fetched to think that maybe Kevin Jr. has a distant relationship with his mother because he once accidentally busted his parents getting hot and steamy. Williams made clear how they have established an open door rule in their home, meaning that no doors should be kept locked and that if anyone wanted to approach another, knocking on the door or giving some type of heads up before entering the room was the way that things around the house were going to be.

Apparently, the incident happened at 2 am. While Kevin Jr. was nearing their bedroom, he did not make any kind of signal so his parents could be notified that he was about to enter the room. To his surprise, he encountered a situation that will most probably never leave his mind. Wendy Williams commented on the situation on an interview with Conan O’Brien on his late night talk show in 2013 and she explicitly affirmed that after the awkward moment had passed, she deliberately continued with her nasty business with her husband. One can only imagine what went down and how mentally scarred Kevin Jr, must have been.

4. Who is Sharina Hudson?

This was the major scandal that brought the attention of many eyes around Hollywood. Sources from the Daily Mail reported that Kevin Hunter was cheating on Wendy once more with a mistress named Sharina Hudson in September 2017. Apparently, Hunter had bought Hudson a house worth about $765,000 dollars near his own multimillionaire home, where Wendy lives. Astonishing claims! Reporters went the extra mile and photographed the property for more than a year to find out what exactly was going on; to the extent of discovering that Kevin was spending a great portion of his earnings on the new house and the mistress.

Sources believe that he is living a lie. It seems that Kevin was often visiting the woman in the new house multiple times a week, sometimes even spending the night. They were spotted doing exercises at their local gym, going out together for lunch or dinner and ultimately looking like a regular couple while at the end of the day Kevin would return home to his wife. What is even crazier is that Wendy defends her husband’s sneaky acts by saying that they are only friends and that nothing out of scope was happening. It seems as if the actress is in denial. Could it be?

3. Wendy Wants Them to Stop Hanging Out!

Despite all that has happened, Wendy does wish for Sharina and her husband to stop hanging out. Besides her happiness, Wendy wishes for her to not be publicly humiliated anymore with the press. In front of the cameras, Williams has shown a strong façade to deviate every comment and allegation that revolves around her love life with Kevin. She cannot believe that after all this time Kevin has put her in such a difficult spot. Kevin has addressed the issue by stating that he has no other kind of amorous relationship with the woman other than being close friends.

It is normal and logical to think that Kevin is playing some stealthy business behind Wendy’s back since it would not be his first time. After going through such an arduous situation as Wendy did, it is very tough to win back the trust that was once invested in a person. After the storm has passed, sunshine might come again to their relationship but one cannot be blinded and think that things will be as they once were. Wendy has demonstrated that she deeply loves her husband, but she claimed that she is also willing to end their marriage if things escalated another time.

2. Contradictions – the Mistress’ Parents are Involved

If the situation couldn’t be any more tied up, Sharina’s parents have pushed Kevin to finally commit to their daughter and for him to leave his wife. Tough folks, huh? What kind of parent wishes for their daughter to be with a married man, no matter what the circumstances may be? The question will never be answered. What is even more twisted is that Kevin has openly stated that he will eventually choose her over Wendy, that he’s very confused because he doesn’t want to choose either of them because he loves them equally.

In addition, sources were able to discover that Kevin supports Sharina financially. What a great friend, huh? It seems clear to the public eye that this relationship (both relationships with Sharina and Wendy) are toxic for everyone who is close enough to the couple. Some things just do not add up! It is amazing how much Wendy has accepted and dealt with throughout her marriage and how despicable Kevin has been under the public eye. At this rate, it wouldn’t be surprising to know about another scandal soon enough.

1. Hopefully Ignoring the Issue

At this point in time, claiming that the man wears “the pants” in a relationship is an old-fashioned and detrimental way of looking at a partnership. Wendy has claimed to not question what her husband does or where he goes because of said reason. Kevin even told Wendy that he was leaving for a few days for a business trip, but it does not make sense. If Kevin is Wendy’s manager, what kind of business trip could he have gone on that his wife was not aware of? Nonetheless, reports state that Williams wasn’t truly worried about the issue since she “knows Sharina personally.”

Sources form Radar Online said that there was nothing to worry about since the couple had a strong connection and are deeply merged by their careers for over 20 years, in this case, Wendy’s career. The same source also denied every allegation against Kevin’s actions and confirmed that there was nothing to worry about. However, the public is still waiting to see what will happen with this troubled relationship. Who knows? Maybe in the end, reason will kick in and things won’t be as ridiculous as they have been.

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