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10 Secrets about Paris Hilton

Fame is a simple thing and nowadays it seems easy to be famous. Make a funny video and post it online and you get your moment of fame. The consistency is the challenge. There are a lot of celebrities who are famous now, and people wouldn’t recognize them 2 years later. Paris Hilton has been famous since 2003, and she still is now in 2018. That is 15 years of consistent fame. How does she do it? Actors do it by releasing blockbuster after blockbuster in cinemas, some even get an Oscar nomination or the rare win now and then. Athletes have an expiration date. Musicians and artists have to have that genius-level to excel in their craft. What kind of celebrity is Paris Hilton? Is she an actress, an athlete, or an artist? Why is she famous? Here are ten things about her that most people might not know.

10. She is famous because she is famous

Paris is the great-granddaughter of Hilton Hotels founder Conrad Hilton. She is born into fame and fortune. If she was born in this generation, she would have been more famous. She was raised in an elite way of living, socialites, the common people refer them to. Every move she makes and everything she says is magnified, recorded and broadcast all over all kinds of media. Paris is famous just because she is. There is no skill, no inherent ability that stands her out from the rest, nothing special about her because everything is.

She is no freeloader, either. The empire she was born into is not enough for her. She had to prove to everyone that she can make money her own way. Which she did, rather successfully. She created her own little empire, a conglomerate of companies that manufacture and sell products from her best-selling perfumes to clubs, resorts, skincare products, and clothing lines. She said her perfumes alone, which have 20 different scents or varieties, earned $2 billion.

Whatever she does and however she does it, fame will still follow her. It’s because she was born with it. How many people can say that about themselves?

9. How did it all begin?

Even before the unexpected popularity of her reality TV show The Simple Life, Paris was kind of already a celebrity. Her childhood friends were the coolest of the cool and the hottest of the hot. She was chummy with people who don’t need introductions, Ivanka Trump, Kim Kardashian, and Nicole Richie.

Paris was born in New York City and had three more siblings. Having born into a money-making family, Paris moved a lot in her childhood. That also meant moving schools, she studied in over six different schools in different states until high school. At nineteen, she became a talent for T Management (Donald Trump’s modeling agency), her reputation as a party girl was documented colorfully in tabloids and she became the quintessential socialite party animal. In 2003, Fox started a reality TV show with her and Nicole Richie in the lead. It’s an easy-to-watch show that features the two friends’ adventures in everyday common life with different kinds of people in different kinds of situations, a kind of show that hooks one to reality television. The Simple Life pilot episode alone glued 13 million viewers to the screen.

After The Simple Life, the world was Paris Hilton’s oyster. She became a household name, a pop-culture icon, and an entertainment phenomenon over the years.

8. Her home is a shrine commemorating herself.

The Bling Ring were teenagers who broke into celebrity houses and stole clothes and jewelry. These juvenile thieves were reportedly led by Rachel Lee, a privileged girl who lived in Calabasas with her older sister and mother. She also liked watching reality television. This group of eight teenagers led by Rachel would go to homes of celebrities, take clothes and jewelry that they like, and any cash that’s lying around. Their caper started with just admiring celebrities and their fashion and style. If you are a famous celebrity, and your style does not suck, and you live in or around Hollywood, then you are a target for the Bling Ring. Things escalated when they knew they were getting away with it, and took more than the last heist every time they went. Police said they stole about $3 million in cash, jewelry, clothing, and other belongings through a 10-month breaking and entering spree.

Their unique story caught the attention of Hollywood and had a movie based on their wild antics directed by Sofia Coppola. Paris was also in the film as herself and she even allowed them to film in her real house where the group got $2 million out of the $3 million they stole.

One of the Bling Ring members, Nick Prugo, said in a Vanity Fair piece that Paris Hilton’s house was horrifying. They saw stripper poles and custom-made pillows with her face on them. The place is like a shrine that worships Paris Hilton, and the weird thing is that it’s owned by Paris Hilton herself.

7. Paris is still haunted by her sex video.

Rick Salomon is a poker player whose biggest tournament was the 2014 World Series of Poker where he won $2.8 million. He is also known for having relationships with famous celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Shannen Doherty. You probably watched him in 1 Night In Paris, the sex tape he made with paris Hilton in 2003. This video was leaked shortly before The Simple Life was shown on TV. The success of the reality show might have gotten some help from this leaked video.

Lawsuits were filed against him, filed against the Hilton family, and filed against the company who released the video. Salomon later dropped his lawsuit after the Hilton’s was dropped.

Paris was only 19 years old when the video was filmed, an age that’s still too young for any bad situation to get entangled into, much less a sex video. In a 2011 CNN interview, she revealed that the incident will be there for the rest of her life, and that one day she would have to explain it to her children, and that she was never the same again. She also said in a separate interview that she was in love with Salomon then and that she did not think she could ever trust a man completely after that.

6. Paris made and executive produced a movie that tanked at box office.

What do you do when the toilet in your dorm explodes? You pledge in a sorority led by Paris Hilton. That’s a nice premise to a good comedy film. Sorority and fraternity films are wacky, anything could happen, right? Yes, anything. Even bomb in the box office.

This film was National Lampoon’s Pledge This! National Lampoon has made great movies over the years, the best is still Animal House. Huge stars and comedians have worked with the company, like Harold Ramis, John Belushi, Chevy Chase, and Ryan Reynolds (Van Wilder). If Animal House was one of the highest-grossing comedy films of all-time, Pledge This was one of the worst. It had a budget of $8 million and only earned $1.75 million. Critical reception was even worse, It had the lowest approval rating a film could get in Rotten Tomatoes, 0%.

It was bad enough that Paris was the lead in this movie, and this is supposedly her debut film. It was kind of a blessing in disguise for Paris Hilton that House of Wax came out in cinemas first before Pledge This. It was really bad that Paris was also an executive producer in the film, what an investment in a film that you are the star in and to watch it tank in the box office like that, “that’s sad”. Pledge This is a direct-to-video film, really interesting to watch and find out how bad it could have gotten.

5. Is she not a good actor?

All famous celebrities, wherever they come from and whatever they do, always get an offer in a film. We’ve almost seen them all, from Susan Boyle to Michael Jordan, or from Cindy Crawford to Elon Musk They have a tendency to get milked in the peak of their fame. It’s no different with Paris Hilton. At the height of her fame or notoriety, Paris has appeared in a number of films. But some people and most critics have the same thing to say, she’ not good at acting.

She’s appeared in hundreds of films, but only as herself, and mostly cameo appearances. With little or no lines, she would just smile at the camera, say one line of no more than five words, and the story goes on. She first cameo-ed in Ben Stiller’s Zoolander, not that special since this movie was a running display of who’s who in cameo appearances. Her official first feature film was a thriller titled House of Wax, Paris scrambled to hold her own with co-stars Chad Michael Murray and Elisha Cuthbert. Despite her efforts, or rather, for her efforts, she was awarded the Golden Raspberry Award for worst supporting actress. She then made a film with Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, called Bottoms Up. It had a poor Rotten Tomatoes rating (22%) and went straight to video. Her second best worst film and probably the last romantic comedy film she will ever make was The Hottie and the Nottie. She starred with Joel David Moore (who’s now having a tremendous career) and got Razzie Awards for worst screen couple and worst actress. Of course, her best worst film was is still Pledge This, no one can topple this, well maybe she can.

4. Is she a homophobic racist?

Over the years, Paris Hilton has been caught saying things that no celebrity of her stature should be caught uttering. Whether it was twisted, edited, or crucial parts were left out, she said the words, and no spin doctor could ever undo what’s said and done.

Neil Strauss sat down with Paris Hilton back in 1999 and the interview got to dating. Paris then expressed her disgust towards dating black men. She said she would never date one. She even shared a story where she went out with an actor from Saving Private Ryan. She said that when she realized he was black, she got out of there as fast as she could. Asked further how black a guy would be to be turned down by her, she replied that 1% is a deal-breaker for her. Well, let’s just say Matt Damon is 2% black. Maybe it was Vin Diesel.

In a recording taken from inside a taxi cab, presumably recorded by the taxi driver, Paris was talking to a friend and said that gay guys are the horniest people on earth, most of them probably have AIDS, and that they’re disgusting. She further said that she’d be so scared if she was a gay guy because she’s like die of AIDS. Wait. Forget the recording and forget what she said. The real question and mystery is this: Why is Paris inside a taxi cab?

3. Paris earned $22 million just by product promotions and $1 million a night as a DJ.

Reports said in 2006 and 2007 that Paris Hilton earned $22 million for promoting perfume, clothing, apparel, wine and a lot of other products. Paris has been a popular endorser of products such as Guess, about 20 perfume labels (with even a Paris Hilton For Men perfume), Cryptocurrency, Hardee’s, Emirates, Elle, Azure Urban Resort Residences, and even that weird one with Carl’s Jr. She could endorse any product, and it would work. She could even be the new face of Storage Wars, think about it, it could work.

The DJ gig was in Ibiza. It may have started out as a curiosity, one drunken night in a club she may have thought that being a DJ could be hot. It looks easy, maybe I could do it. How hard could it be, I’m gonna give it a try. It is actually a serious business, as serious as $1 million per night. She is probably the highest paid female DJ in the world today, but she is in this not for the kicks, it’s not a phase that she’d be able to shrug off months later. In fact, she is traveling 250 days a year for this. We could call it her passion, she’s passionate at partying and clubbing, DJ-ing is a distant cousin.

2. Paris does not know what a phone bill or a producer is.

So they asked me two things in a lawyer interview, er, what do you call that thing where the lawyer asks the defendant or whoever, a question, but they’re not in court yet and there’s no judge yet. The lady typing everything you are saying was not even there yet. It’s called a pre-trial interview, Ms. Hilton.

The next things you’d read here are so unbelievable they could altogether be a work of fiction. Sadly, they aren’t. The first question was has she ever seen her mobile phone usage and the calls made to her by the producers. The second question was what were her responsibilities as an executive producer in the film. These were asked in a deposition in a lawsuit filed against Paris Hilton in 2006 for the film she starred in and was an executive producer as well, National Lampoon’s Pledge This!

Her answers to the first question were these. She said with her phone she doesn’t know because she loses it all the time, she gets a new cell phone every two weeks. She was shown a document, it was an actual phone bill, her phone bill. She just says she’s never seen a phone bill of hers in her life. Her answer to the second question had more in it, she said she’s not sure what a producer does, maybe help get cool people in the movie.

1. Paris is settling down.

Paris Hilton had been dating actor Chris Zylka for over a year now, but they first met more than 8 years ago. It was at an Oscars party, and she claimed it was love at first sight. For Zylka, well it’s only because he’s been a fan of hers since The Simple Life. Paris announced their engagement in January, right after she said yes to Chris’s proposal.

Chris Zylka is an American actor. He is 0% African American, probably of Ukranian descent. Like all budding actors in this business, Chris started with small roles on TV shows like Cougar Town, 90210, and Hannah Montana. Then he got the Joey Donner role in the TV version of 10 Things I Hate About You. His current show is HBO’s The Leftovers, where he is part of the main cast. His most memorable character on film was in Andrew Garfiled’s 2012 version of Spider-Man. He played Peter Parker’s school nemesis Flash Thompson.

It was an engagement ring that’s hard to say no to. A 20-carat diamond ring, a handsome guy going down on one knee, Paris was not given a chance. After being engaged more than thrice, we only hope that this relationship would last longer than all their past relationships combined.

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