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10 Secrets About Nicolas Cage’s Kids

Nicolas Cage is a well-known eccentric. His bizarre ways are almost as famous as his films. His personal life has not been without its controversy either. Married and divorced several times, including liaisons with Patricia Arquette and Lisa Marie Presley, he has two sons. He had Weston Coppola Cage in 1990 with Christina Fulton and Kal-El Coppola Cage in 2005 with Alice Kim, a former waitress he met in a restaurant.

Given the nature of their father’s profession the sons were likely to be in the spotlight to some degree. Because of the intrigue that surrounds their famous father they were also likely to be brought up to lead unconventional lives. This is certainly the case for Weston and Kal-El.

10. He named one of his children after Superman

Despite having been married and divorced twice in quick succession, Cage saw fit to marry former waitress Alice Kim in 2004. They had a baby boy the next year and Kal-El Coppola Cage entered the world. According to Cage, it was Kim who decided that the baby should have an unusual and beautiful name. He thought of the old Superman comics and the name Kal-El, Superman’s original name on Krypton, came to mind. The couple decided that this name, with its magical connotations was perfect for their son and named him after the superhero.

Cage is an absolute comic book fanatic, and even owns a rare copy of Action Comics worth $2 million, according to Eighties kids. It was sadly stolen from him, but he still regards it as one of the best investments he ever made. Weston produced a comic book at one point called Voodoo Child, so the comic book passion seems to have been passed from father to son.

9. His son went through a massive transformation

Weston was often seen in public in full Goth gear, with black clothes, long hair, and makeup. He has undergone a mental and physical transformation and emerged as a cleaner cut, cleaner living version of his old self. The long hair has been replaced by a short, neat cut and his attire is more mainstream. He also bulked up after extensive work at the gym and built up an impressively muscular physique. He got to such a desperate stage with his addictions that he apparently told his friends he was going to die and gave instructions as to where his ashes should be scattered. When he had his son in 2015, Cage found new meaning in his life and began to turn his life around, according to The Daily Mail.

It is unfortunate that his mother took to social media to publicly blame Cage for Weston’s problems. Weston however, blamed his mother with whom he has an unhappy relationship at the moment. Whatever the reasons, Weston has managed to enjoy periods of sobriety when he has seemed happiest and physically has built his body into a better physique.

8. His son went crazy over a menu item

In 2011 Weston had to be rescued by his dad after getting beaten up and taken to hospital in an ambulance. The reason for the fight appears to be Weston not being able to get a certain menu item in a restaurant. He ended up getting so angry at being denied his favorite foodstuff that he kicked his personal trainer and ended up being beaten by him. Weston later admitted to being drunk during the incident and also revealed that he suffers from bipolar disorder and was put on psychiatric hold.

Weston has had further incidents involving drink which have caused disruptive behavior. In 2017 he was involved in a minor accident with another driver in the San Fernando Valley. Having agreed to exchange details with the other driver, he attempted to flee the scene when the police arrived. It emerged he had been drinking and was worried he would be prosecuted for a DUI. He got involved in a high-speed car chase with the police and crashed into a mailbox and lost a tyre from his car. This made the situation far worse than it would have been and he was prosecuted for a DUI, being twice over the legal alcohol limit.

7. The two brothers are not in touch

Cage’s offspring do not appear to be close. There are no pictures of them alone together and only a handful of them with their father. Pictures of them on family days out to Disneyland or restaurants show them apart from each other. There is a substantial age difference between the two boys but there is little evidence that they have attempted to cross this age barrier.

Theories abound as to why this should be, with some believing that Alice Kim is trying to keep her son away from Weston as much as possible, to avoid any negative influence. It is true that their father is no longer with either of their mothers, and he seems their only common link, but often half-siblings have a bond that exists only because of a shared parent. Weston has had a significant online social media presence over the years, but this has revealed nothing that points to a relationship with his younger brother. Weston lives in America with his new wife and Kal-El spends time with his father in England, so distance is not on their side, but this doesn’t explain the lack of contact.

6. Weston used to be in a band

Weston has always had a love of music and music of the metal variety. He started his first band when he was just 16, called the Eyes of Noctum. Their first album, Inceptum was received well by critics, once they had got past the prejudice that is sometimes associated with being the child of a famous parent. The band eventually split up acrimoniously. Weston had favored the inclusion of orchestral sections in their work and the other band members disagreed with this aspect of their music, so Weston left to pursue other ventures.

He formed a band called Arsh Anubis in 2012. He has developed a new genre of music called Ghost Metal and released an album under the title Prehistoric Technology under the name Wes Cage. It came out in 2015 and was well received but no more have been released since. Weston has been praised for his vocal range and his talent, so it remains to be seen if he continues with his music career. He has performed on vocals for hit films and they have also been received well by the critics. Perhaps he has hung up his microphone in favour of being a clean-living family man these days.

5. Weston loves the occult

The lyrics from song of the Eyes of Noctum songs have led fans to question the influences behind them. Weston has expressed an interest in spirituality, the occult and mystical legends. He justifies any negative prejudice towards the occult by saying that he believes that original science was based in alchemy and that he has found mystical references on his travels. He confessed to an interest in occult literature in an interview, saying he had enjoyed Book of the Dead and Poetic Eddas, among others. Indeed, the name of his band, Eyes of Noctum, has dark references. According to mystical legend, Noctum is a monster that lives in darkness and wants to take others with him back to darkness through a dark vortex.

In 2018 he acted in a horror film called Get Gone, according to Horrorpedia. This latest film adds to his repertoire of other films he has acted in and produced, some of them based on science fiction or action and more mystical themes, such as Mesopotamia. The story of this film revolves around demons, gods, and goddesses. This adds to his film credits which delve into the supernatural. He appeared in Raven in 2009, a film about vampires.

4. Should they really be called Coppola instead of Cage?

Nicolas Cage was actually born Nicolas Coppola but chose to adopt the name Cage to try and avoid comparisons with his famous film producer uncle, Francis Ford Coppola. Cage is not a family name, Nicolas chose to pay homage to comic African American comic superhero, Luke Cage, when choosing his stage name. Cage is a known fanatic of Marvel comics, so it is no surprise that is where he looked when choosing a name.

However, as this is a stage name, there are questions as to whether Cage has legally adopted the name Cage. If he has not, then his sons should actually revert back to his legal surname of Coppola. Cage chose to include the Coppola name in both his son’s full names and this has made them instantly recognizable as his sons. However, if he had chosen the name Coppola instead, there would have been no doubt that they had film heritage in their blood as well. Interestingly, Weston chose to include the Coppola name when he became a father. His son’s full name is Lucien Augustus Coppola Cage. His grandfather’s name is August, so there is evidently a pride in the family and the name.

3. Weston is married and divorced twice

Weston was obviously going through a troubled time when he lost his temper over a menu item in a restaurant. This phase of his life was peppered with violent incidents, one, unfortunately, involving his then-wife, Nikki Williams. Apparently the twenty-year-old had got into a fight with his wife and both of them had responded physically which resulted in them both being taken into custody. After only a two-year marriage, this incident precipitated a divorce statement from Weston on social media. Weston defended himself and Nikki admitted she had been drinking during the fight. She claimed she was pregnant as well at the time of the incident, but no baby seems to have emerged.

He then married Dannielle Cage and seemed to be turning his life around. They had a child together, named Lucien and Weston credited his happiness at the birth and his marriage with being the catalyst that helped him conquer his addictions to drink and drugs and describing the three of them as a trinity. Sadly, the couple divorced, and evidently not happily as Dannielle served Weston with a restraining order during the proceedings. However, in February 2018 he married for the third time to Hila Arconian.

2. Weston has very diverse tastes

It is certain that Weston has an eclectic heritage. He has Italian blood in him from his father as well as Polish and German heritage. He seems to embrace many both cultures. He manifests his love of Russian culture in his infatuation with Sambo, a Russian martial art that was developed in the 1920s and which has become one of Weston’s passions. His father is also a martial arts nut and practices the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, according to Suggest.

Weston also acted with his father in a Russian film. When Nicolas portrayed Ukrainian Yuri Orlov in the film Lord of War, Weston researched the history and played a part of the mechanic, Vladimir in the epic. Weston has acted in other films too including Raven and Rage and has written music for Joe, in which his father starred. His taste in music is known to be based in black metal, a genre he has admired since his teens. He admitted that he spent a boozy eighteenth birthday partying with black metal chums and that his influences as a teen were metal bands. Although the band is no longer together, his first foray into the music industry was with a black metal band, Eyes of Noctum.

1. He trained with Muhammed Ali’s trainer

Weston’s love of martial arts and fitness is well known. He has been pictured many times in poses that show his pride in the muscular body he has developed. However, he has not picked the small fry among the training world. He has trained with the legendary Terry Claybon since he was a child. Weston has huge respect for Claybon who is a boxing coach that worked with Muhammed Ali.

Weston has always been keen on some physical sports, starting with wrestling at school. He has a passion for martial arts and boxing as well as weight training and gym work. However, if he has any dreams of entering the world of UFC and MMA, he has burnt his bridges. UFC boss Dana White said she would never consider letting him enter one of her rings. This stems from Weston’s two brushes with the law over domestic violence, something White is vehemently against, according to Celebdirtylaundry. So much for Weston’s dream of a face off with Kimbo Slice in the Octagon, according to White, this will now never happen. However, there are fighters who have entered the UFC ring after domestic violence charges, so maybe Weston shouldn’t give up yet, as long as he keeps his anger under control from now on.

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