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10 Secrets About Hawkeye’s Avengers 4 Identity


10 Secrets About Hawkeye’s Avengers 4 Identity

Hawkeye has been a leader in previous stories, but mainly for smaller teams, mainly fringe groups, rather than the main event. For example, he has acted as the front man for the West Coast Avengers and also the Thunderbolts, when his aim was to rehabilitate former prisoners and turn their lives around to make them into leaders. Hawkeye has been a main character in the Avengers stories, but after retiring to spend time with his family, he returned to fight in the Civil War. The Marvel comic stories show Hawkeye putting down his bow and arrow, for which he was so famous, and becoming the character Ronin. Rumors seem to confirm this is the role he will take for Avengers 4.

Photos released from the film set, show the actor playing Hawkeye, is donning the black and gold outfit so reminiscent of Ronin. The character of Ronin is depicted in the Marvel comics as a samurai who wanders as a loner, with no lord or master. There is speculation as to what could transform Hawkeye into Ronin. In the comics the superhero’s family are killed and this leads the transformation, but in the films, this tragic detail has not been adhered to, so there will be another reason to transform Hawkeye into the wandering samurai.

10. There have been 4 Ronins

There have been other characters who have stepped into the role of Ronin over the series of the Marvel comics and in the films. The wandering samurai is a masked character, so the identity is secretive, but the speculation from the film sets seems to reveal that Hawkeye takes on this character. Clint Barton, who plays Ronin in this adventure, is not the first to take on that role. There have been others. The first was a character by the name of Maya Lope , formerly called Echo, who appeared in the Marvel comics as Ronin. After the Civil War, Clint took the name Ronin.

Other Ronins have included the former husband of the Black Widow. This Ronin lured his ex-wife and Hawkeye into a trap during his time in the role. The other Ronin was Eric Brooks, or Blade, who has also played the Marvel hero. He seemed to have happened upon the role by chance, after rooting through a selection of old clothes, according to Wikipedia. The reason for the ronin character is a shrouded mystery which the Marvel creators are keeping under wraps, but perhaps with Clint taking on the role again, this reason will be exposed finally.

9. Clint kept his identity a secret

Clint had to end his career as Hawkeye when he took on the Ronin role. This happened when he joined the New Avengers. He bestowed his previous title upon Kate Bishop. He is able to hide his true identity from the rest of the superhero community and work undercover as Ronin. The speculation as to why this happens, remain under cover. One theory is that his family is killed in a tragic act of retaliation against the superhero. This happens in the comics but has yet to be played out on the big screen. If it were to happen that clint’s family were harmed, it would seem to be an adequate motivation for Clint to put down Hawkeye’s bow and arrow and wander as a samurai in search of revenge.

The set pictures which seem to confirm the transformation into Ronin, are ambiguous as actors cover their costumes with long black coats, but sneaked photos reveal gold trim on Clint’s costume underneath, seeming to point towards a Ronin transformation. Of course, we will have to wait until 2019, when Infinity Wars comes out, to have this confirmed, but it seems to be a likely conclusion to draw.

8. The original Ronin was deaf

The original Ronin, Maya Lopez, or Echo was actually born deaf and has to use all her other senses to make her way in the superhero world. She is also an Olympic level athlete and she has a remarkable ability to copy other people’s movements. The Native American character finds it impossible to fight in the dark as she cannot sense danger coming, hence using super refined reflexes to detect her foe.

However, she is at a disadvantage in the superhero world, as she relies on understanding others by lip reading. Most superheroes wear thick masks which means Echo is unable to understand commands or instructions from them. If the mask is thin enough or some of the mouth is visible, she can understand, but it remains a disadvantage that she has to overcome. Maya took on the role of Ronin in order to investigate the Silver Samurai in New Avengers 11. Before Ronin was revealed as being Echo, there was speculation by fans, that the real Ronin was actually Daredevil, and there are rumors that this was the original intention, but it did not fit in with the film script stories. Her identity is completely hidden under the Ronin costume, meaning that it is impossible to tell her gender or face, a perfect guise to undertake her superhero feats.

7. Clint was a martial artists expert

Clint Barton was known for his archery skills after all his original training was in a carnival. He ran away to the circus after an unhappy childhood in foster homes. He developed uncanny archery skills whilst at the circus and claims that he aims to never miss. He took on the fighting skills of his predecessor, Maya, and honed his samurai skills, becoming one of the greatest martial artists ever. He learned these skills from Captain America, so he had the best teacher, and proved his skills in the New Avengers. In The Hand, he single handled fought off a team of ninjas, earning the respect of his peers. He is not only a skilled marksman but a clever thinker as well, adding to his arsenal of superhuman skills. He can turn his hands to many weapons as a result of his excellent reactions and coordination according to Marvel.wikia.

6. The third Ronin was a supervillain

The third Ronin, Alexi Shostakov was a villain who was also known as the Red Guardian. As the ex-husband of the Black Widow, Natasha Romanova, he was a Russian Captain America. This was the intention of the Russians who wanted to outdo the American counterpart. They wanted to find a figurehead to combat and defeat the American superhero league and employed devious tactics to carry out their plan.

This former test pilot had his wedding arranged by the KGB. After his death was faked by the KGB, his wife continued to work for the KGB and her husband was given the title of Red Guardian. Of course, the plot thickens, as the Black Widow eventually became romantically involved with Clint Barton under his guise of Hawkeye, his precursor to the Red Guardian’s alter ego of Ronin. He was not a true hero at all, certainly not of the Avengers ilk. This led to a perception of Ronin as a villain after the Black Widow identified her ex-husband as Ronin. She had thought her ex-husband was dead, but along with Hawkeye and Mockingbird, she found out that her ex had been masquerading as Ronin.

5. Clint Bartons new role

As Hawkeye, Clint Barton was one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’S main agents. As speculation mounts that his new role in the Avengers 4 movies is Ronin, the question on fan’s lips is what will he do and why the change? The rumors circulating, indicate that something happened in the Infinity War film which precipitates this change of alias. It appears that Barton is left in a dark place, and speculation abounds that it is the death of his family which brings about the shift, according to Cinemablend.

We know that Barton has a wife and family and that he is devoted to them. Indeed, he has attempted retirement from the superhero life several times, in an attempt to be more of a family man. Avengers 4 will be a sequel of sorts to Infinity War, but not in terms of a second part, more as a continuation of the comic stories. Thus, the events of one will influence the second. The former introduces Thanos as an ultimate villain, and speculation is growing that it is Barton’s clash with the villain that precipitates his change. Thanos assembles the six Infinity Stones to produce the Infinity Gauntlet which he uses to wipe out half the universe.

4. He rejected the captain America role

Clint Barton chose to take on the role of Ronin after his stint as Hawkeye. However, he had been offered the chance to be Captain America, after the original died in Civil War. Barton refuses as it would have involved siding with his enemies. The original Captain America and Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, had a love-hate relationship, and although there were many conflicts between the two, there remained a mutual respect according to Screenrant. In fact, Hawkeye appeared in the films but made himself very much absent, going on the run at the end of the Captain America, Civil War film.

Hawkeye was ‘dead’ for much of the duration of the Civil War and when he regained consciousness he was dismayed by the state of the world. Despite the difficult relationship between them, he was devastated by the death of Captain America. He was offered the role by Tony Stark and ultimately rejected it after he decided that he did not want to be involved with Stark and his campaign to stop superheroes from fighting crime. He realizes that Stark is not to be allied with after he attempts to arrest the new Hawkeye.

3. Ronin is a masterless Samurai

Ronin is known for being a fearless Japanese samurai, in fact, the name actually refers to this skill. The film, Seven Samurai is about Ronin warriors. There is speculation that the Ronin idea will be adhered to more strictly than in the comics, and that some of the scenes in the film, Avengers 4, will be set and filmed in Japan. The history behind the ronin dates back to the feudal period between the twelfth and nineteenth century in Japan. Whilst a traditional samurai would have a lord or master, a ronin was a masterless samurai after their leader was killed or the samurai had fallen out of favor with them.

The word literally means ‘wave man’, and refers to a wanderer or a vagrant in Japanese terminology. There was a certain amount of shame in being a ronin as a samurai was meant to commit suicide after the death of a master, so a ronin was in a kind of samurai no man’s land. A ronin would carry two swords or a staff if he were penniless. The skills he learned as a samurai would still be used, and sometimes to make a living, as the status of a ronin made it hard to earn money. Some worked as mercenaries or bodyguards, but many became involved in criminal activity as they saw no other option.

2. Ronin was created to be a mystery

The Ronin character was designed to be mysterious and multiple characters have played the role in the Marvel comics and films. The role was created by Marvel writers but other existing characters have used the Ronin alias. Ronin initially has the task of retrieving Spider-Man which he does by driving a school bus. After the ensuing battle with Kingpin, which leaves Ronin severely injured, he is forced to reveal his identity and be claimed as a hero for his acts.

We know of another revelation of the real character In the Marvel comics, Ronin decided he had to reveal his true identity so that he could prove that the man who was pretending to be Hawkeye was an imposter. He chose the forum of the national tv to do this and showed that Bullseye was actually portraying Hawkeye in his place. The character is designed to take on various roles within the storylines, all under the umbrella of the Avengers and to remain somewhat of an enigma.

1. Moon Knight was also Ronin

Moon Knight is another of the superheroes depicted in the Marvel comics. His alter ego, Marc Spector is an Olympic level athlete, as are many of the other superheroes that he fights with. Moon Knight is also an expert at hand to hand combat. He excels in boxing, martial arts and as an acrobat and gymnast. He has a complicated personality and believes he inhabits the Egyptian God of vengeance, so has no mercy when killing, he also believes that by killing enemies he avenges the deaths of those he murdered in his previous life as a mercenary.

Moon Knight was given his superhuman strengths as a result of a visitation by the Egyptian moon god and his powers are dependent on the phases of the moon, hence his name. His personality is complex and there are various facets to it. He has masqueraded as other personas during the comic and film series, including Ronin and Mr. Knight, a New York businessman. He has multiple personalities and ends up in a mental institution in one story. His adoption of other personas put great strain on his mental health in addition to his other issues, according to Comicsverse.

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