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10 Secrets About Amy Roloff We Bet You Don’t Know


10 Secrets About Amy Roloff We Bet You Don’t Know

Amy Roloff is a famous TV personality and celebrity. She stars in the TLC aired reality show titled Little People, Big World. The show features Amy Roloff and her family, then husband Matthew Roloff, her children Zach, Jeremy, Molly, and Jacob. The show’s main characters are the wonderful family especially Amy, Matthew, and Zachary, who all have dwarfism. It’s a reality show about a family with dwarfism and how they handle life and all of its drama in their nice and homey farm, the Roloff Farm, in Oregon. While Amy is a “big” celebrity now, she is also big on secrets, here are some that most people don’t know about her yet.

10. The Roloff family lawsuit

In 2009, on a nice, regular day, a group of people was happily touring the famous Roloff Farm in Oregon. As the group was exiting a picnic pavilion, a woman lost her balance and fell off the pavilion, fracturing her femur and tearing ligaments, tendons, and nerves. Linda Farrall sued the owners of the farm, Amy, and Matt Roloff, for negligence. She sustained the injuries in her left leg and, the total medical bill was $100,00 demanded $1 million for damages. The lawsuit claimed it was the couple’s responsibility to put guardrails if there were any on the pavilion she wouldn’t have been injured.

It further explained that when the tour guide was asking them to exit the pavilion, a person behind Farrall stumbled and accidentally pushed her, leading her to fall over and injure herself. The Roloffs filed a response saying Linda Farrall was responsible for her own injuries. The case was dismissed and settled out of court. The lawsuit put a dent in the farm’s day-to-day operations and we’re sure the picnic pavilion has a guardrail now. But it still remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area until today.

9. She was attacked by an intruder

Not more than a year after the clinic pavilion incident with Linda Farrall, another incident happened in the farm that warranted the intervention of the courts. It happened within the property, of course, on July 16, 2010. Amy cited in her official statement that the trespasser climbed over or crawled under a fence, where there was a clear No Trespassing sign and locked gates. She then saw the man taking pictures of her property. She approached him and asked who he was and why he was taking pictures of her farm, but the man did not identify himself and refused to say his intentions inside the property.

Amy called 911. Then the man ran over to his truck, Amy followed to interrogate him and take the pictures back and claims the trespasser pushed her out of the vehicle. The man was a building inspector named John Wheeler. He claimed he did not identify himself because they do not always provide notice when coming over. He also claims he never laid a hand on Amy Roloff. The Roloffs’ lawsuit demanded $160,000 for severe emotional stress and attorney’s fees. The lawsuit was dismissed in favor of the defendant.

8. Her views on the divorce

It really is surprising to learn that Amy and Matt Roloff were having trouble in their relationship. It’s especially surprising if you’ve been watching their show, there was no clue whatsoever or any hint. Perhaps the show’s producers and writers kept it hush and hoped there’s still a chance for them to get back together. By 2014, Amy and Matt announced their separation. A marriage of 30 years, that’s something. How can you stay married and together for 30 years and then decide to just call it quits? It must be something that the couple has talked about for a long time, something they’ve decided amicably and with respect for each other’s feelings. They owe it to their relationship and their children.

The divorce was finalized in 2016. Since then, the two were dating other people, and it made for a wonderful development in the show, a compelling plot development. In an interview with Amy, it seemed that the divorce was one-sided and not as we hoped it was supposed to be. She said that it’s always sad to know that someone doesn’t really want you in their life anymore. We feel you, Amy.

7. Amy Blames Matt’s Girlfriend

It’s hard to adjust after almost 30 years of being married. It’s even harder if you are still seeing your ex constantly, like every day in your farm, or every time you shoot an episode of your show. It’ the hardest if you have to be in the same room with your ex and his new girl. It’s a tough one for Amy because that is her situation now. When a woman is contemplating her long history with the man he loved and was with for 30 years while tending to pumpkins in her farm, she can’t help but wonder what went wrong. Then she looks at his side and sees the answer. The other woman. How dare she smile there working happily with him and pretending that everything is okay, that I am all okay with it?! That must be what’s on Amy’s mind when she said some things in an episode of Little People, Big World once.

She said that she had to take a little moment to have to interact with Caryn that way, said it was always difficult for her. That it takes everything she has to not bring up the past baggage and not bring it up now. That sounds like Caryn was a big part of their divorce, maybe she was the third party. Did Matt cheat on Amy with Caryn?

6. Amy’s Insecurity

Before Amy met her boyfriend, Chris Marek, it was a long stretch of being single. She could have put herself out in the market of single people when she and Matt separated. But it looks like she waited for the divorce to be final before she even started thinking about going out with other guys. Matt didn’t waste any time, being a good-looking man, he dove right into the water and caught himself a nice fish named Caryn. Amy kind of reveals her feelings about being single again in an interview conducted right after their divorce.

She was asked about how she was now that they are divorced, she said she’s doing good and that her focus is now concentrated on her family and the business. She was then asked if she was seeing someone at the moment, her answer was that she’s definitely not seeing anyone and added that right now, it will be never and that she didn’t see it happening. Another statement that she made and is probably smiling about right now was that she said she doesn’t think anyone would be interested. Thanks to Chris those feelings of insecurity are now gone.

5. Amy is thinking of moving to Washington

Amy spent a vacation in her daughter’s home in Spokane, Washington. Molly Roloff and her husband Joel Silvius got married in the Roloff Farm and ever since then, Molly has not been seen in the show Little People, Big World anymore. It’s a far way from Washington to Oregon, Molly spends her normal days now with Joel, away from the cameras. But she misses the farm, of course, and Amy misses her. That’s why on a 3-day weekend, Amy visited her daughter and son-in-law in their residence in Spokane.

Spokane is a beautiful city along Spokane River, it also has nice-looking parks, a waterfall, and a big forest park. We’re sure Molly had Amy visit any one of these places or all of them Through Instagram, Amy shared her wonderful weekend with the young couple, and she seemed to really enjoy it. The trip had her thinking about relocating to Washington. She shared that Molly baked the best cinnamon rolls and that she’s liking Spokane now. Is she serious about considering Spokane as her new home? Is she doing it with Chris Marek, her current boyfriend? What would happen to the farm if Amy was serious about moving?

4. Who is Chris Marek

Chris Marek is a 54-year old real estate agent and has been in the business for more than 18 years. But long ago, he was a photographer. Chris went to Portland State University and has never married in his life, ever. He’s outdoorsy, loves to hike and ride his motorcycle. He is Amy Roloff’s boyfriend and has appeared in the show Little People, Big World more than a few times now. So, how did this relationship start?

Their meet-cute happened at a paint and sip event. This is an unorthodox event that mixes drinking and painting. Art and barf, as some say, in very classless manner. She was set up by a friend and they first met there. Afterward Chris asked her out on a date. Amy got to ride on his motorcycle and he got to met some of her family, Audrey and Jeremy. The first date has been followed by more and now they are officially going out. By now Chris has already met Amy’s family (except for Molly in Washington) and the relationship is looking pretty serious, and not to mention, very fun. Is Chris and Amy ready to take this relationship to the next level, we’ll soon find out.

3. Chris Marek’s interview

Gold digger, fame seeker, and creepy. Those are just some names that Chris Marek has been called after he’s appeared in the show Little People, Big World. Fans of the show are very vocal about their feelings, especially towards the characters in it. They poured it onto Chris right away. For a long time, Chris has kept to himself, never responded through social media and not going on any interview of any kind. But he finally accepted an exclusive interview just recently.

In the interview, he said that he gets hurt with what the people are saying about him and Amy. He also said he doesn’t understand and has no idea why they hate him a lot. He also claims they are in good terms, him and Matt Roloff, Amy’s ex. “We get along fine”, was his actual answer. In his relationship with Amy, he says everything is good. They are not at the point of getting married yet but he did not outright reject the idea. It’s only fair that he doesn’t respond to the name-calling and bad views of him, he knows what it looks like he’s doing, and ultimately, it’s going to be all him at the end. Whether this display of affection is all true, or what the fans are saying about him are.

2. Amy defends bf and hints on edited show

Every avid fan knows the story of Amy’s son, Jacob Roloff, calling out Little People, Big World as fake and staged, and a stupid show. His weapon is Twitter, his bullets are his words. He’s very honest in expressing his views through social media and sounds like he’s just another fan and not an actual member of the Roloff family. This predicament was recently echoed by Amy Roloff, in an effort to defend her boyfriend Chris Marek from bashers in social media.

One can say that Amy is not loved by all fans, she did some things in the show that were not received well by the viewers and the fans. When she went on a joy ride with Chris at the time when her grandchild is all about to pop out, people had a lot to say about her when that happened. Amy is a strong woman and she knows how to handle all these hate and anger directed at her. But she drew the line when it was her boyfriend getting it. She fired back on Instagram and asked the person not to make quick assumptions about anyone from what they see on an edited show. Hello, Jacob’s mom, now you’re sounding more like him.

1. Amy’s net worth and other ventures

$4.5 million, that’s how much Amy is worth. The net worth of $4.5 million is the same amount as Matt Roloff’s net worth. As a couple, they are worth 9 million big ones! It’s only understandable if you look back and realize that their show’s been running since 2006, and TV shows rake in a lot of dough. Whatever percentage Amy gets on every episode would certainly get her net worth up and rising as a new season gets inked and confirmed. At the moment, the show is on it’s twelfth season, and there are no news of cancellation. There have been 280 episodes and a number of specials that aired through the years.

But this is not the only thing that Amy does. As much as she’s on Instagram, she also spends her online time in her shop, Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen, an online shop that delivers her family’s favorite dishes all around the globe. She’s released a cookbook titled Short and Simple Family Recipes. But certainly,worth more than 4 million dollars are their four children and grandchildren who love her so much and has been with her through everything.

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