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10 ‘Secret Menu’ Fast Food Hacks You Never Knew Existed


10 ‘Secret Menu’ Fast Food Hacks You Never Knew Existed

Secret menus at fast food restaurants give in-the-know diners the chance to expand their culinary horizons. When you learn about these secret menu fast food hacks, you’ll be ready to try some amazing new tastes from some of the world’s most popular fast food joints, including McDonald’s and Five Guys.

10. Discover The Land, Sea & Air Burger (McDonald’s)

The “McLand Sea And Air Burger” is another secret menu hack that is super-indulgent. It’s miles away from a lettuce-wrapped burger! It features a couple of all-beef patties, as well as a couple of chicken patties. It also contains a patty from a Filet-O-Fish, on a McDouble or Big Mac. Some people ask for these burgers at the counter, but getting them that way isn’t a sure thing. It’s probably easier to buy each component of this mammoth burger separately. Assembling this iconic secret menu item, which some people still don’t know about, will be entertaining. How will it taste? Well, the combination of meat, poultry and fish is definitely unique. If you eat the whole thing, you may find that you suddenly need a nap. Digesting this burger is going to be hard work for your body. When assembled, it is a sizable meal. Not sure about the calorie count, but it’s surely high. Now that you know some of the coolest lesser-known secret menu hacks, why not try some of them out? You may also want to come up with some creative secret menu hacks of your own. People are so curious about secret menus at McDonald’s and other fast food chains. Secret menu fans are always looking for something new to sample. Would you eat the secret menu items featured here today, or are they too far from the familiar? 

9. Create The Double Grilled Cheese Burger (Five Guys)

If you’re a fan of Five Guys, you may not realize that this popular fast food chain does have an exciting and filling secret menu item. It’s called the Double Grilled Cheese Burger and it’s made from burger patties and toppings, which are placed between a couple of Five Guys Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Some Five Guys employees may agree to make Double Grilled Cheese Burgers. It’s also really easy to make one yourself, whether you eat in or take out. Just order your preferred burger, plus a couple of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Then, replace the burger’s bun with the Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. This isn’t a light snack. It’s a secret menu hack that is going to fill you up. Try to save some room for this restaurant’s truly outstanding French Fries, whether you choose Cajun or Regular. When Barack Obama was the President, he made no secret of his fondness for Five Guys. He’s not alone. This restaurant offers generous portions, a down-t0-earth atmosphere and very tasty fast food. People love the big bags of fries that they get at Five Guys, plus the juicy burgers,  hot dogs, BLTS, veggie sandwiches and Grilled Cheese sandwiches. At Five Guys, there are 15 toppings to choose from and customers may select as many toppings as they like.  The eatery also offers handspun milkshakes and Coca-Cola Freestyle drinks. Are you hungry enough to inhale a Double Grilled Cheeseburger? If you are, be sure to treat yourself to this secret menu item today. You may want to Instagram this epic meal, just to share your new culinary experience with the world.

8. Add Bacon To Any Order (KFC)

Bacon lovers really need to know that it’s possible to add bacon to entrees or sandwiches from the KFC menu. This secret menu hack gives bacon fans the opportunity to satisfy their cravings, as they also enjoy KFC’s many appealing entrees and sandwiches, such as Famous Bowl combos and Smoky Mountain BBQ Sandwiches. Bacon is going to cost extra. To get it, request extra bacon from your server. It should be that easy to customize your KFC order. How much you’re charged for the bacon will vary based on which KFC you order from. This secret menu hack isn’t something that most people know about, but people who are into secret menu hacks love it. Bacon adds a lot of flavor to menu items. It’s an add-on that packs a lot of punch. It’s possible to dramatically change the taste of certain KFC menu items just by going for the extra bacon. Of course, adding bacon is going to drive up the calories, fat grams and sodium. Then again, a lot of people who visit fast food joints like KFC aren’t looking for diet-friendly options. They want to indulge. That’s why fast food restaurants sell more typical fast food fare, such as fried chicken and french fries, than salads. Healthier options are out there, but extra bacon is also an option. Just imagine your fave KFC menu item with added bacon. Then, live the dream by asking for extra bacon when you order.

7. Customize Your Nachos (Chipotle)

Many Chipotle fans don’t realize that they can order nachos if they want to. They are a secret menu item that some people already enjoy regularly. In 2018, Chipotle’s execs decided to add nachos to the official menu of a Chipotle test kitchen in the Big Apple, but nachos probably aren’t going to make it onto the official menu anytime soon. To get the nachos that you crave, just ask for them. Most people who order nachos from the secret menu find that Chipotle staff are happy to give them what they want. Aside from nachos, the test kitchen in the lower part of Manhattan, NY offered tostadas with guacamole, queso for the nachos and quesadillas that were hot-pressed. To date, none of these “tasting menu” items have been transferred to the regular menu. Chipotle is wildly successful nonetheless. Chipotle fills a need in the marketplace, by offering some enticing regular menu items, including burritos, burrito bowls and tacos. Chipotle also offers salads, kid’s meals, sides and drinks. Since it’s possible to customize many Chipotle menu items, people who visit the fast food chain are able to personalize their food. Secret menu items make the entire Chipotle experience even more fun. One fun fact is that fashion designer, Marc Jacobs proposed to his now-husband at Chipotle. He organized a flash mob, who performed “Kiss” by Prince, inside of a Chipotle fast food restaurant, because his boyfriend loves Chipotle. They are now married.

6. Nosh On A Suicide Burger (BK)

Like the McDonald’s McGangbang, the Suicide Burger from BK is a secret menu item with a very edgy name.  This monster sandwich isn’t for the meek. It’s for those who are extremely hungry or determined to challenge their own capacity to eat big quantities of food in one sitting. This burger is made from four beef patties. It also features four cheese slices, two bacon slices and special sauce. All of these fillings are placed between two buns with sesame seeds. Those who aren’t in-the-know don’t realize that they can order this mega-cheeseburger just by asking for it. Most BK locations are more than happy to provide their customers with Suicide Burgers upon request. Best in mind this burger is just too much for some people. It’s reported to have 800 calories, and that’s not counting fries and a soda. If you’re starving and you want a novelty burger that you’ve never tried before, order the Suicide Burger. If your request for a Suicide Burger isn’t honored, for whatever reason, order a Triple Stacker King and a Single Stacker King. Then, assemble the Suicide Burger yourself. You’ll get a pretty close facsimile of the real thing. 

5. Ask for Sourdough Bread (Jack In The Box)

Sure, most people know that some Jack In The Box menu items come with sourdough bread, but they don’t usually know that they can request sourdough on other menu items. No one should feel limited by the regular menu. If they are craving sourdough bread, they can ask for it for any sandwich or burger, from a Breakfast Jack to a Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger and beyond. Knowing this secret menu hack will be useful if you prefer sourdough bread to buns with sesame seeds. Jack In The Box offers lots of choices on its regular menu, plus the secret sourdough menu hack. The fast food chain has been around since the 1950s. It was founded by Robert O. Peterson. These days, there are over two thousand locations. Most are found on America’s West Coast. You’ll also find Jack In The Box locations in some big cities that aren’t on the West Coast, including El Paso, Nashville and Denver. Be sure to keep this hack in mind the next time you visit Jack In The Box.  It’ll give you more choices when it’s time to place your order.

4. Get a Burger Wrapped In Lettuce (In-N-Out)

Low-carb diet fans will be thrilled to discover one lesser-known In-N-Out Burger secret menu hack. It’s possible to get a burger wrapped in lettuce, without the typical bun. It’s known as a Protein Style Burger. When you request a lettuce wrap, or protein-style burger, you’ll skip the carbs. Bear in mind that the toppings on your burger may contain carbs. Sometimes, skipping the bun is a smart decision. People may do it because they want to slim down or remain slim, or do it just to feel healthier. There is a trend towards providing the lettuce wrap option. At Five Guys, the lettuce wrap thing is happening and it’s not a secret menu thing. Some fast food fans are looking for ways to get protein, without the carbs, and fast food restaurants are catering to them. In the age of Atkins and the Keto Diet, some consumers want more fast food choices. Of course, a quick look around an In-N-Out restaurant will make it instantly clear that most people still want In-N-Out burgers with buns. Now, you know that you have a choice. If you’re craving In-N-Out, but you want a lighter meal, go for the lettuce wrap. This is one of the healthier secret menu hacks. Most are more decadent. 

3. Request A Meat Mountain (Arby’s)

This secret menu item will be just right for you if you’re interested in feeling stuffed to the gills after eating. You may be able to finish the whole thing. The Arby’s Meat Mountain is a sandwich filled with a dizzying and filling array of ingredients, including Angus steak, brisket, corned beef, ham, chicken tenders, Cheddar cheese and Swiss cheese. It also features bacon. Many employees who work at Arby’s are familiar with the Meat Mountain Sandwich and they are often more than willing to whip up these hearty sandwiches for customers. Customers usually need to pay about ten bucks to get Meat Mountain Sandwiches. If you ask for this sandwich and the employee isn’t familiar with it, request a sandwich loaded with all the meats served at Arby’s, along with two cheeses. With any luck, your request will be honored. If it isn’t, you could always order a few sandwiches with different meats, as well as chicken tenders, and try to assemble the Meat Mountain on your own. While a Meat Mountain probably isn’t the healthiest option, it’s fun. It’s sort of an eating challenge type of secret menu item. Arby’s is known for its sandwiches. This fast food chain has been around since the 1960s. It’s considered one of the most popular sandwich chains in the USA. There are 3,300 Arby’s locations.

2. Make Some Donut Waffles (Krispy Kreme)

This hack is a lot of fun. Krispy Kreme fans have been turning the chain’s addictively yummy donuts into waffles. While you can’t get donut waffles at Krispy Kreme, you can get the donuts that you need to perform this clever and delicious hack. Some people love using leftover donuts as waffles. To perform this hack, put a glazed donut into a waffle iron and heat the donut for a couple of minutes. Repeat with several donuts, depending on how many people want waffles. Once the donuts are squashed and heated, stack them on a plate and drizzle them with your fave toppings, such as syrup, fresh fruit and whipped cream. Yes, this is going to be one sugary-sweet plate of waffles. For Krispy Kreme fanatics, it may be a heavenly breakfast. A lot of people enjoy trying this hack at home. Sometimes, adults get their kids involved with turning Krispy Kreme donuts into waffles. It is a good way to use up donuts that are a little bit old, but still good to eat. It’s a lot like making French toast out of bread that’s just slightly stale. The thing is, some people don’t actually have leftover Krispy Kreme donuts. They just gobble them up. So, those types of people may want to buy donuts specifically for the purpose of making waffles. Eating Krispy Kreme waffles probably shouldn’t be a daily event. Think of it as a “sometimes” indulgence.

1. The McGangbang Has A Cult Following (McDonald’s)

This crudely named McDonald’s secret menu item is the stuff of legend. Initially, the McDonald’s McGangbang consisted of a McChicken sandwich that was placed between a Double Cheeseburger or a McDouble. This secret menu hack of the eatery’s Value Menu, which filled up budget-conscious Mickey D’s customers, by allowing them to eat hearty McGangbang sandwiches made of two cheap McDonald’s menu items, led to a variation on the classic McGangbang. The variation consisted of a McChicken placed in the middle of a Big Mac, after the middle bun in the Big Mac was removed. The McGangbang may also be referred to as the McNasty. Sometimes, people ask McDonald’s servers to prepare McGangbang sandwiches for them, and some customers may get their wish, but it’s more common for customers to order two Mickey D’s sandwiches and then combine them into one heartier, more unique sandwich. This is probably because saying the word, “McGangbang”, is a little embarrassing for most people. It’s usually younger customers who request this secret menu item at McDonald’s counters. There are people who haven’t heard of the McGangbang. Some people really aren’t up on the whole secret menu thing. These people need to know about this clever secret menu hack. It is an easy hack that’s affordable and a lot of people really like the way that McGangbang sandwiches taste. Don’t expect to find them on the regular menu soon, because the name of this secret menu item isn’t in keeping with the fast food chain’s family-friendly image.

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