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10 Rules Kim Kardashian Makes North West Follow


10 Rules Kim Kardashian Makes North West Follow

There’s a baby bug going round in the Kardashian household and the new generation has already maxed out the next cast of their show ‘keeping up with the Kardashians’ with a new entrant every few months, the Kardashians seem to be in a competition to outdo each other but then again, with such good looks, its their obligation to keep a healthy dose of beauty in the world. By far the most popular Kardashian is Kim and she has earned that crown by going through weird publicity stunts just to get ahead. From the mistakes of her youth to her deliberate publicity stunts, as she matured, Kim has made herself visible and her gamble has worked. She is now a household name and by far, the most loved and hated celebrity in the world.

So what sets Kim Kardashian apart, to begin with, Kim is a popular character in Keeping up with the Kardashian and even though we like to pretend we can’t stand her, for us, the reason we watch the reality show is to admire her and see what she is up to. Kim is married to Kanye West who needs no introduction and together they have three children North West, Saint West and Chicago West. North West has a lifestyle akin to a superstar but even superstars have a few rules to follow and here are the 10 rules that Kim Kardashian makes North West Follow.

10. She Can’t Hear The Word Fat

Body issues in children develop early and the new generation is particularly vulnerable to this. Maybe it is because they are bombarded with images of perfectly thin people on the net and on magazines but whatever it is, children should be taught positive affirmation and it appears that the Kardashians are bent on ensuring that their children never get body issues. The first thing they have done is to ban the word ‘fat’. According to the talko, in one of the episodes of keeping up with the Kardashian, Kris asked Kourtney, if she thought she looked fat to which, to which Kourtney snapped back at her to never use those words in front of her daughter. The Kardashians are not just a talk, they also limit sugar intake to ensure that the kids never develop the weight problems.

Kourtney insists that sugar is addictive and that one develops cravings for it. She has become an advocate for clean eating in the Kardashian household and the rest of the family has followed the bandwagon and Kim has now instituted a diet for North which includes lots of organic foods with no processed foods or sugar. Kim defends her kids’ diet saying it is not meant to make her slim down rather it is a way of keeping her healthy. Whatever the reason is, the diet is bound to slim her down.

9. She Can Sport Hair Extensions at Under Three Years Old

The Kardashian children are groomed to be superstars and their business is to make headlines from the day they are conceived to the day they are born. Being born a Kardashian means that things normal kids do are not in their vocabulary and that at any time, one may be called upon to help keep the family name in people’s lips. Kardashian kids have no time to be kids as they are celebrities first and kids second. Being a Kardashian gives North the kind of leeway other children do not get. To begin with, she is allowed to have hair extensions. This was witnessed when her cousin Penelope got a treat from Khloe that involved extension hairs that reached to her waist. Not to be outdone, North was seen sporting woven braids.

The shocking thing is that at that time, North was only two years old and it is mind-boggling that a baby that young would sit still as someone weaves braids into her hair but then again, being a Kardashian she must have been born with special powers. Born rich, North can afford all the luxuries in the world and while at her age most of us are busy trying to save for our kids preschool, for her, she is already making money and so she can afford any type of extension.

8. Candy bribes to model

The super moms will scoff at this one but the truth is we all bribe our kids. Though we love them and they complete us, kids can be little terrorists and when that tiny kid stumps her feet and says no, it is really hard to make him say yes. So Kim found a rule,‘ I give you candy, you pose for photos, I let you wear makeup, you go to school’, she once posted a photo of North busy at work as she modelled for kids supply which is Kim and Kanye’s new clothing line, looking adorable in a fur coat and sucking on a lollipop captioned, ‘mom bribes’. It is ironic that Kim seems to shelve her no sugar rule when it comes to making money but strictly implements it in her diet. Even though we are not saying that she is being a bad mom, it would be wiser to be consistent with her rules as these kids can take any loophole and twist it to suit them. When it comes to makeup, we still feel that at her age, North should be growing up not wearing makeup. Some harsh chemicals in makeup can mess up her still delicate skin.

7. Want A Reality Show, Why Not?

North being a Kardashian has the opportunity to have her own reality show if she so desires. The Kardashians are big business and most people are interested in knowing the minute details of their lives. That is why Dream, who is Rob and Chynas little girl and when we say little, the girl is barely two years old but already her mother Blac Chyna is in talks to have her star in her own reality show. We do not know exactly how that would work and how she plans to make the kid sit still but then again, like we pointed out before, being born a Kardashian comes with superpowers.

Most two-year-olds can barely talk and are not even potty trained but for the Kardashians, it seems like their kids can do wonders. North who is a lot older can deliver better lines and it would probably make more sense if she were the one starting her own reality show. For those of us who have watched her model, the girl has the poses and the makings of quite a superstar thanks to her mixed heritage. By the time North is Kylies age, she is bound to give her a run for her money on the runaway.

6. She Has Own Separate Bodyguards

The Kardashian children are born wealthy and in a world where people believe in taking what isn’t theirs, these children are most vulnerable. Kim knows this all too well and after she was robbed in Paris, she became paranoid that her kids could get kidnapped.
Before the Kardashians could share bodyguards but now they find it necessary to get individual bodyguards for each of them meaning that North has to have her own bodyguard. While all children are precious, it would appear that Kim values her children lives a lot such that she has chosen to get elaborate protection to a tune that Aaron Jackson, the President of Finest Execution Protection, discloses can cost a whopping $100,000 a day!

While we all think that having a bodyguard is classy and glamorous and for those of us who have never been guarded body or otherwise, we are filled with lots of envy, this may not be that glamorous for North and her cousins. Having someone constantly look over their shoulder and follow them around must get quite irritating but it appears that the bodyguards are here to stay at least until Kim gets back her sense of security or feels the pinch of the wages paid to them, whichever comes first.

5. She spends her time in the Gated Community

To get into Hidden Hills, California, a gated community, one needs to go through very tight security this compound that also houses Miley Cyrus, Drake and Kathy Griffin, is always on lockdown and whenever the kids are not in school, they spend their days cooped up behind the gates. It appears that this family guards themselves so well that even one of them has trouble getting through the tight security. Via a tweet on snap chat, Kylie narrated how she pulled up to her gate and announced herself asking the guards to open the gate for her to which the guards wanted to know which Kylie she was. She let them know that she was THE Kylie Jenner not a friend of Kylie and not a look alike.

While this may sound incredulous, it appears that the Kardashian compound is that well-guarded and even the family has to give proof of who they are, not that there are very many Kardashian look alike walking around, but it seems that the guards have strict instructions not to allow anyone into the compound. With such tight security measures, the kids must feel like they are in prison each time they go through the gates and its seems there is no chance of North sneaking out anytime soon.

4. “Co-Sleeping” is expected

While for most of us co-sleeping is no big deal, we have always thought that celebrities have babies and lock them up in a nursery with a nanny and wait until they are past the terrible twos and become adorable enough. It appears our hypothesis was wrong and the Kardashians are more ‘normal’ than we thought. The family seems to treasure children we are not sure if it is an act but if it is, they seem to go to great lengths to pull it off. The Kardashian women are alot more hands on than most celebrities choosing to raise their kids under strict supervision.

While most people shift the baby to the nursery the first day home following the school of thought that babies sleep better and adjust easier when they sleep in their own beds and their own rooms, for the Kardashians, co-sleeping is the norm. According to Kourtney getting her kids to sleep through the night in her house differed with each child. She let us know that with her son Mason, co-sleeping came naturally and she found that it worked better since they were able to sleep through the night in close proximity without needing to keep waking up to check on the, Many people insist that co-sleeping increases chances of SIDs but we are of the opinion that at times the child is safer with the mother and for this we applaud them.

3. No Tacky gifts

For those who are into fashion and whats trending, whatever the Kardashians are wearing is what they want and this translates into big business for the designer. The family only dresses in designer clothes that belong to their designer friends and by so doing, their babies wind up with really classy and expensive designer clothes. North has received the kind of gifts we only dream of.

She has a Hermes handbag as well as a jewel-encrusted Balmain dress. If this doesn’t make us envious, then her Givenchy and Stella McCartney gifts should. To keep all these gifts straight, she has a wardrobe stylist a manicurist and a hairstylist who all keep her looking prim and proper. North doesn’t get tacky gifts and even a casual day out with mommy for her looks like she is headed for the runway. The surprising thing is that this child who is barely five is always crisp clean without a hint of stain on her designer clothes. We are not sure whether the child plays and what she wears as she rolls around in the dirt, because us normal folk would have the tacky clothes for those play dates and the classy clothes for really important outings.

2. She can’t wear pink

Little girls in pink dresses with matching hair accessories are usually a head turner. The Kardashians are all about ratings and visibility. They know that the best pictures will sell the most and get the most hits and with hits comes the kind of publicity this family lives on. North West is allowed to choose whatever she wants to wear as long as it’s not pink.

According to ok, Kim always loved wearing the color pink but that was before she met Kanye. She had to shelve her love for the color because the guy hates the color pink. He thinks it’s too cliché for a woman to wear pink and he does not want their daughter to dress in the color ever. They say marriage changes a girl and Kim dances to a different tune now. As much as we feel that a woman should submit to her man incase her vows had those words, which it would appear Kim’s had, it is rather wrong to stop a little girl from dressing in a color that every little girl adores and that makes her feel like a princess. While North has exotic looks that favor anything she wears, dressing her in black does not go down well with us and we hope that one day, cliché or not, Kim will let this girl dress in pink so we can see her gorgeous looks really shine through.

1. She Has to Share Birthday Parties

A girl’s birthday is a big deal. We wait patiently the whole year for that one special day when it’s all about us and when everyone is obligated to be nice to us and to give us gifts and in Norths case, pricey, classy gifts. Nothing hurts like being told we have to share our birthday with someone else and for us who grew up in big families we can attest to the fact that this was always a thorn in our flesh. While for most of our parents sharing a birthday was a matter of economics, for the Kardashians, it is lack of time.

With so many new entrants into the Kardashian family, the family-oriented Kardashians have to find a way to make sure the kids are having fun during their birthdays and what better way to do this than to have double birthday parties? North had to share her birthday with Penelope in a Moana and Hawaii theme party they held in their backyard. Saint and Reign also had to share their birthday party in the same year as it seems the family did not want to mess with a good thing. While having individual parties is fun as one is the center of attention, having a double birthday can be double the fun.

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