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10 Reasons Why We LOVE Mindy Kaling

When it comes to Mindy Kaling, we can not help but smile. She is unique, smart, pretty and a huge power house. She is a definite role model in this day and age. With countless celebs being famous for doing absolutely nothing, it is time that we admire the ones that actually contribute to the entertainment industry for a good reason. It is time to give credit to those who deserve it and stop admiring the attention hungry Hollywood wanna be famous types. A lot of real hard work goes into maintaining a successful career in Hollywood. It is a place that is highly competitive and the next new thing is always around the corner ready knock you off of your throne and replace you. Kudos to Mindy for rising to the top and never falling. She is a woman of many talents and can be found behind the screen just as much as on it. She has created, wrote and starred in some of the funniest and popular comedy series on television this decade. She remains professional and is extremely hard working, which is why she is able to stay at the top. She has a great reputation and works well with others. She has great ways of approaching new ideas and carries them out start to finish perfectly. She is well sought after and is one to spearhead new projects and always has a full schedule. There is no question this woman knows what she is doing and that we love her for her. Here are just ten reasons of just why that is….

10. The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project is by far one of the best, if not “the” best creation that Ms. Kaling has made thus far. This show follows the life of Mindy Lahiri, a successful and quirky OBGYN who owns her own practice. Her love life is front row center as she never loses focus of her career. She is hilarious in this show and it airs on Netflix. Fans blast through the highly anticipated new seasons quickly. The only complaint is that new episodes should be made sooner! It is torture waiting on a cliffhanger until the new season airs. Mindy is the star in the series, but there are other characters that will definitely make you laugh out loud. She is in an on and off again relationship with Danny, whose character is her polar opposite. Somehow, the two are drawn to each other and make it work. The couple share a son Leo who is adorable too! The show is realistic as people can relate to Mindy. She struggles with the same things that almost everyone does, yet she manages to sky rocket to success despite any downfall she faces. The Mindy Project is highly recommended and once you tune in, you will see why!

9. Her body image

In a place like Hollywood, image is everything. There has been such specific ways of looking that are expected when it comes to a famous celeb. Eyes are constantly on you and every pound gained or loss is monitored and discussed for the public to dissect. It is unfortunate that so much pressure if put on celebrities to always look perfect, in shape and a certain size. When seeing a celebrity who does not fold under that crazy pressure to look a certain way, it is refreshing. Over the years, women have taken more of a stand and spoken up in what is right and wrong especially in Hollywood. They demand respect, equality and are not so quick to submit to double standards or degrading treatment. Mindy never fit the stereotypical Hollywood celebrity mold. She is comfortable not being stick skinny and even takes the comedic approach to poking fun at herself. She does not look bad at all and has her own style which works oh so well for her figure. She is beautiful in her own way and is proud and confident about her look. If more women had Mindy’ s attitude and outlook about their self image, Hollywood would be a much healthier place.

8. Her Twitter feed

Twitter is the most popular means of communication when it comes to celebrities communicating to the public. They are mostly public accounts where in 160 characters or less a celebrity can get their message across. Many famous faces have a huge following because of their Twitter accounts, like Chrissy Teigan and of course Donald J. Trump. Mindy is definitely a popular celebrity when it comes to her Twitter account. People look for fun and funny accounts to follow, they are not always interested in reading such heavy material on social media platforms. Kaling keeps it light and gives us an expected laugh here and there with her Tweeting. Some examples of funny tweets from the past include: “The main difference between LA and New York is that in LA if you’re impatient you’re the villain and in New York you’re the hero.“ back in August 2011. Another is: “I think I was the only person who ate food at the bbq I was at today – and I’m fine with that – I just want everyone to know that I know.“ Mindy keeps it real and definitely keeps us laughing, she is all of us inside and that is why we can relate so well.

7. The Office

If you have not seen an episode of The Office yet, you are really missing out. The American version of the show is based off of a British comedy with the same title. It surrounds the lives of a group of office workers who sell paper and are subject to a out of touch and ridiculous boss Michael Scott. Every episode depicts different scenarios found in every day office life and it can be pretty realistic. Mindy plays office tart Kelly Kapoor who is in love with Ryan, a co worker. The funny thing about this show is that it is actually written by B. J Novak and Mindy Kaling. B. J Novak plays Ryan in the series and this on screen duo are actually a real couple off screen. They have nailed working together as a couple really professionally. It actually just adds to the chemistry on screen because of their off screen romance. They have been on and off over the years, but there is no doubt that they know the importance of the show and handling set backs amazingly so that the show would go on despite a rocky romance. The Office is highly recommended if you are looking for a light hearted series.

6. Positive role model

 It is so refreshing to see a successful woman in Hollywood who is comfortable in her own skin and who is raking in the millions with all of her hard work. Yes, Mindy fits this description to a tee. She is an amazing role model, especially for young women. She is a racial minority therefore representing people with her skin colour in a positive manner throughout the world. She breaks the mold of Hollywood stars always being Caucasian. She has a positive body image and portrays this in a really healthy manner. That is something the world needs more of. To be comfortable in your skin, whatever size you may be is always important. She has said that insults about her looks can not be the thing that harms her or her heart the most. Having a thick skin when it comes to scrutiny in Hollywood can be difficult, but Mindy is so secure and sure of herself that negative commentary stands no chance against her in her world. Another thing that is interesting is that Mindy identifies as an American woman who is making it in Hollywood and in doing so, she is completely herself. She is not changing who she is in order to be liked.

5. Her fashion

Oh my god! When it comes to fashion, Mindy Kaling has got it going on! Or should we say Mindy Lahiri, the character she plays in The Mindy Project. The fashion on her is so eye catching, that a website was even created surrounding the topic. She has mastered what works for sexy curves and is not afraid of bold and bright patterns. She suggests to always emphasize your waist especially when wearing a floral print. It helps draw the eye and evens out an over powering print. Wearing a nude shoe with bold prints is also an instruction. Having a busy shoe on top of a busy print is just overkill and you need to tone is down with a shoe that is not so in your face. Her style is ultra feminine and she always looks put together and cute. She is not afraid to try looks that are out there and not everyone can pull her style choices off. Some of her most memorable looks from The Mindy Project never go forgotten. Not everyone can pull off a lemon dress! She has a closet to die for and every outfit is one that is desired by most!

4. She’s a great BFF

When is comes to Mindy, the characters she plays keep you interested in her unique personality. She is even better off screen and values friendships dearly. To make your heart flutter even more, her best friend and on-off lover is B. J. Novak. That is what makes their relationship professionally and romantically work so well. It is based on friendship and who could ever say goodbye to your best friend, right? When you are famous, it is especially hard to find true and great friends. You will always second guess if this person is using you because of your fame and wealth or if they are genuinely interested in being your friend. She is very careful about friendships, she knows the strength of explosive chemistry and makes sure that everything lasts when it comes to relationships that matter to her. The cutest thing that B. J Novak said about Kaling is when he sent out his support about her making it in showbiz. “When I met @mindykaling she lived in a small apartment on Fairfax Ave. This is what’s in front of that building today. Congrats Mindy and a future congrats to all those who see you in it and are inspired to do great things. @WrinkleInTime“ he tweeted with a photo promo for her new film.

3. She’s a boss

What exactly constitutes as a boss these days? A superior title engraved on your office door? Your ability to call the shots and make people do exactly what you tell them? Sure, that technically can make you a “boss” but does not necessarily a good one. A boss is someone who can influence others in a positive way and Mindy possesses this trait to a tee. A boss is someone who owns their own life and takes control of it in all ways that they can. A boss is someone who will push forward and persevere in life no matter what hand they were dealt. A boss is someone who can juggle multiple jobs and responsibilities with professionalism. Mindy is hard working and without a doubt is a boss babe. When you are able to hold down your home life, your social life, your work life and constantly pursue your personal goals, you can take your boss pen out and sign on the dotted line because you rock! There are so many other traits and qualities that go into affecting positive change on a project or endeavor that once the task is complete you really can say that you gave it your all. This is exactly why Kaling is the boss of the modern decade.

2. She handles relationships well 

Sure, we have all had that one “friend”, “boyfriend”, “girlfriend” – the one in our lives that are are just not so sure how to put a label on it. Mindy is no different when it comes to complicated relationships. Relationships can be grueling and terribly confusing, but they can also be comforting and lots of fun. With all of the good must come the bad and celebrities do not get a hall pass on the make up-break up deal. Kaling has let others wonder “are they?, aren’t they?” when it comes to her relationship with co-star on The Office B. J. Novak. She has said: “I will freely admit: my relationship with B.J. Novak is weird as hell. He is not my boyfriend, but he is not my best friend,” she said. “I guess you could describe our relationship as a ‘romantically charged camaraderie with loud arguments,’ but I don’t think Facebook would accept this as a new status.” Sometimes slapping a label on two people can really make things crumble. It is easier to just go with the flow sometimes and see what fate has in store for your lives. Whoever ends up with this boss babe is definitely lucky to have found a great catch!

1. She’s a family gal 

Mindy shocked the world and her family when news revealed that she was pregnant! The identity of her baby’s father remained a tight lipped secret. People were dying to know who it was. In her late thirties she took on the new role. She had never planned on becoming mommy. Many people suspect that B. J. Novak is the father of her baby but they refuse to let the world know. It sounds kind of crazy, because it is nothing to be ashamed of. As a celebrity your private life is something that you cling to, unless you are a Kardashian of course! By keeping her family life under wraps, she is protecting a part of her life from being picked apart and analyzed. The only important thing is that she and her baby are happy and healthy. She is glowing when it comes to talking about her role as a mother and enjoys spending time with her baby. Photos were taken around the timeline of conception of the pair together and although it is not confirmed, it seems pretty obvious that the duo spawned a little one of their own. Power to the on and off couple and congratulations on the birth of Mindy’s child.


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