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10 Reasons Why Spain Must Be Your Next Vacation


10 Reasons Why Spain Must Be Your Next Vacation

Ahh, Spain! It is one of the most beautiful, fun and exciting places in the entire world. There are many reasons why this country rules and we are about to explore. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can experience in this amazing place. The food alone will leave you satisfied and craving more. There is so much flavor is every bite, that you just cannot experience anywhere else in the world. 

Do not forget about how amazing all of the beaches and waters are there. When the sun is shining hot, hot hot almost every day, finding one of these amazing beaches to take a dip and relax at should be at the top of your list. The culture is really hospitable, everyone is oh so nice, just adding the cherry on top of your sundae for this Spanish trip. It`s time to gather up your passport, back your bags and hop on a plane because we are going to Spain!

10. The food

There are so many different tastes that you can get in Spain from different regions. They are all so different but equally delicious. A common thing that is served there is tapas. Tapas is a variety of snack sized bites to share. If you go to Spain, you HAVE to try authentic Spanish paella. It is a rice dish that is combined with seafood,chicken,rabbit,vegetables and spices. There are many different ways to prepare paella but it will always leave you satisfied and wanting more. If you are lucky to visit some beach areas in Spain, you need to have some of the fish that is grilled right on the beach side you. You can not get much more fresher than this! The fish is cooked on burning coals and is the perfect snack on a hot day, so that you can still look good in your bathing suit. Spain is definitely hot, so make sure to also try out the gazpacho. It is a cold soup packing tons of awesome flavors like olive oil, vinegar, garlic, cucumber, tomatoes and even ham sometimes! 

9. The beaches

This country is surrounded by the most amazing beaches in the world, so you definitely have your pick. Why just stay at one, when you can hop around and visit them all, right?! You need to first check out Port de Pollença in Mallorca, also known as Puerto Pollensa. The view of the gigantic mountain above the pale water and flawless smooth bright sand is absolutely stunning. Imagine the sunsets there! Also check out Sotavento in Fuerteventura. This area of Spain is known mostly for the cycling and hiking because of the amazing trails, but the beaches have started to draw even more tourists. This beach is 5 km long and totally family friendly. Spain is an amazing place and the home of so many different kinds of beaches, there is so much to explore! Whatever beaches you decide to grace with your presence, do not forget to pack the sun screen. As beautiful as Spain can be, the sun never fails to be hot, hot, hot! It is easy to get lost in the moment of extreme relaxation and forget to protect your skin. No beach is worth suffering out the pain and stinging of a bad, ugly burn.

8. Hospitality

Wherever you go in the world, it is always a game changer when you meet really cool, hospitable and fun people along the way. They can help give you pointers about the underground places you can visit while on holiday that your tour guide just does not point out. Making connections with awesome locals is the best way to travel. They will point you to the places that tourists would never know and to the places that all the locals love to hang out. Not only in every day living do the locals make a big difference, but when dining out or frequenting a shop or the town, interacting with the business owners or wait staff can make your time extra nice. If you are having a nice meal out, a waiter who gives you service with a smile and is genuine about meeting you will make all the difference in the world. Spanish people are known for their patience and kindness towards visitors. They have the European mentality of family values, togetherness and the importance of kindness to others. These values and attitudes show all the time when interacting with the people of Spain. Do not be shy, they do not bite! 

7. The language

There is no better place in the world to listen to the second most spoken language around the entire world but Spain. There are over 329 million people who speak Spanish all over the world and they do not all live in Spain obviously. In 44 countries around the world there are at least 3 million people who speak Spanish. The beautiful Spanish language dates back to the 13th century. If you want to learn to speak this language it is actually one of the easiest languages to learn. The majority of Spanish is spoken in Latin America actually. There are very few differences in the dialect of people speaking from Spain versus Latin America. It is nothing major that would create a language barrier or difficulty in communicating with each other. It is very phonetic, meaning it is usually pronounced exactly how it is spelled, with a few exceptions. There are countless classes all over the world that teaches Spanish, it is an easy language to pick up and much worth the effort to learn. You will be happy that you learned to communicate and understand. Listening to how effortlessly the Spanish people let the words flow off of their tongue is an experience in it`s own. 

6. The white towns

The White Towns is an area of towns in southern spain that is categorized by white washed walls with red or brown roofs. The area is known as Peublos Blancos. What is so amazing about this area is that it is so old, it dates back to prehistoric times. Some of the areas even have rock paintings within the caves around that area. It is very mild in that area which allows for comfortable climate to bike and hike and do physical activities. It does possess a certain countryside vibrancy that attracts tourists. There are many villages within this area that are known for different things. The town of Frigiliana is known for musk wine and olive oil, Arcos de la Frontera is perched off of a cliff and known for Baroque churches or you can enjoy the panoramic views in Espera. You can enjoy being out in the nature and even take a horse back ride around different areas. The food is wonderful to experience and different in each area. It is a trip in it`s own to visit The White Towns. It is definitely where many locals reside allowing for you to experience authentic Spanish life and experience.

5. The art

One of the most famous Spanish artists ever known is Picasso, who really made an artistic impact all over the world. Spanish art goes far beyond this talented artist though. Spanish art has been known to have very distinctive and unique characteristics in order to define itself. It embodies political and cultural aspects in it`s delivery. There are many sculptures all around Spain that are absolutely breath taking. Sometimes seeing a piece of art in person impacts you so much more differently than seeing it in a photo. Spain captures paintings, murals and frescoes. There are some major works that you cannot afford to miss seeing if you visit Spain. An absolute must to check out is Guernica by Pablo Picasso at the Reina Sofia. Picasso painted this after the German bombing of the Basque Town during the Spanish Civil War. It is extremely powerful because it depicts the consequences of war and the effects it has on people and entire countries. It shows distraught and shattered people and animals. An overall brightness is lost due to the travesties of fighting and war and it is shown perfectly in this painting. It embodies the idea of Spanish art encompassing responses to politics.

4. Affordable

When travelling to Europe, it is easy to spend a lot of money if you do not know how to budget correctly. Depending on where you stay and what you do, your cost can fluctuate immensely. Thankfully, Spain is one of the countries that is very accommodating when it comes to not spending too much money. You can get a dorm/hostel type of stay for about 15 – 30 Euros per night. This is a smarter option that shacking up at a very expensive chain hotel. Air BNB are also a new and amazing option and is more comfortable than a hostel now a days. You are able to enjoy the privacy and comfort of a home for half of the cost. For about 3-7 Euros you can always get inexpensive tapas style food that will keep you full and not break the bank. As for transportation there is the metro and bus lines that cost you about 1-3 Euros per trip. It is much less than a cab and probably a lot fast and you will not get scammed by a local trying to rip a tourist off. Look to spend about 50-60 Euros per day and you should be all set for your Spain vacay!

3. Cycling

Cycling is one of those surprising things that Spain is amazing for but not a lot of people know about. Because there is so many mountains and trails, this country is a biker’s dream. Some of the greatest trails include: Costa Brava, Camino de Santiago and Mallorca. What is amazing about some of these trails is that they flow along the coast line. When it gets too hot and sticky on your ride, you can always pull over and take a dip in the Mediterranean to refresh yourself! You can travel back in time as you bike through ancient villages and observe old monasteries and primitive looking villages. Do not forget that some of these trails travel around beautiful lakes and wineries, making some stops an amazing place to finish off and treat yourself after your exercise. The rides will go by effortlessly as you are absorbing the amazing scenery and taking it all the smells of fresh European air. Some trails have peak seasons to travel them where you will get the most out of your ride. Do some research online to plan your amazing biking trip and get ready to have one of the most unforgettable rides of your life!

2. The dancing

Dancing is like breathing for Spaniards, it is embedded in their culture and 100% a part of them. Spain in rich in dancing history and can be quite complex. When you think of Spanish dance, flamenco immediately comes to mind. You think of the beautiful Spanish guitar, the stomping of the feet and the colorful and intricately patterned outfits. Dance is a form of expression and communication in Spain. It is powerful and speaks for itself through movement, it is definitely something to take part in and experience. There are many different styles of Spanish dance to explore including: Paso Doble, Bolero, Sardana and Zambra. These different styles of dance can range from lively and happy to passionate, traditional and quick. The official dance of Spain is the Fandango that is lively, happy and danced in a pair. The most popular form of dance still is the Flamenco that derived from gypsies and has international recognition. Dancing does not always need to be an organized event, it is also fun to hit the night life and shake it at the local club. Everyone is full of energy and ready with open arms to teach a tourist some authentic Spanish moves!

1. The festivals

One thing about Spain that you can guarantee is that there is always something lively going on. There are countless festivals throughout the year that will keep you busy all the time. Carnival is a festival that encompasses a lot of music, rhythm and fun! The entire month of February is all about Carnival, it is a very visual celebration with loads of color and glitter, you want to be seen! There are non stop contest, parties and celebrations. The Fallas of Valencia is also a wonderful celebration that occurs in March. It is a time where gigantic and colorful statues and figures are shown throughout the main town that reference things that have happened throughout the year. They can be stemmed from politics or pop culture references for people to admire. There is music and plenty of fireworks daily up until the very last day which is the most exciting. All of the figures are burned during an extremely entertaining light show. Do not miss other festivals such as: La Tomatina, The April Fair of Seville and Saint John’s Eve. Spain is a lively place with many things to explore, experience and adore. Pack your bags and plan your trip, paradise awaits!

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