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10 Reasons John Cena And Nikki Bella May Not Make It To The Alter


10 Reasons John Cena And Nikki Bella May Not Make It To The Alter

They are the WWE power couple right next to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. John Cena is not only a WWE wrestler, he has acted in many movies such as Marine and 12 Rounds. With the largest social media following for their reality shows, almost eclipsing Beyonce and Jay Z, this power couple is really living it large.

John Cena started dating Nikki in 2012, four months after he divorced his first wife, high school sweetheart Elizabeth Huberdeau, amid claims of infidelity and irreconcilable differences over home improvements. Nikki was also secretly married before, which means the couple came together with lots of baggage.  

Over the years, John had been categorical about his aversion to marriage and children. While he loves kids, he prefers to play with them and then watch them leave with their parents. He just doesn’t want the responsibility associated with raising his own children. He was reportedly opposed to marriage, fearing that getting married one of them would have to compromise on their position on children. That is why when he proposed to Nikki in the WWE ring in 2017, it caught many by surprise with most people putting a timeline on how long the relationship would last.

This celebrity union looks rocky because John is reportedly into female wrestlers and has been linked to one or two wrestlers, not counting Nikki. He also has another deep love that is not Nikki, his house. He is so in love with his home that it is rumoured to be the main reason his first marriage broke up and we would not be surprised if this one too broke up for the same thing.

As much as we like to speculate about their marriage and what makes them tick, we are rooting for this beautiful couple and we hope that they are able to prove us wrong and stick together. That said, here are 10 reasons why John Cena and Nikki Bella may not make it to the alter.

10. They Were Both Married Before

Even with his macho-man exterior, it seems this WWE superstar is a softy on the inside. Most of us marry our high school sweethearts and John Cena was no different. He married his now ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau. Even though they were seemingly very much in love, the couple stayed together for only three years. Nikki was also secretly married for three years and she kept the secret hidden so well that not even her parents knew about it.

While this may not be a reason enough to justify our speculations about their impending divorce, it may be a contributing factor seeing as what they have gone through tends to act as a building block for future actions. It is not easy to forget what one has gone through and it takes a lot of effort to move past our past. It seems John Cena carried the baggage from his first marriage and has dumped it on his new one. This action spells doom for even the best of relationships.

9. He Did Not Want to Get Married to Bella in the First Place

It is not anything to do with Bella as he seems to genuinely love her but, before he proposed to Bella in the middle of the WWE ring, John Cena had made it clear that he had no intention of getting married again or having children. For a woman, this is not something we want to hear from the man we love, but John seemed quite set on his decision. He seemed to have gotten a very deep aversion to marriage from his first marriage and it seemed he did not want to make the same mistake again. That is why all his fans and the WWE fraternity were shocked to see the public proposal.

While it is not known why he changed his mind, with some people speculating that it was a publicity stunt, their fans were truly excited because the pair does really make a very cute couple. Being in the same business and working for the same company comes with the benefit of spending more time together, but the chances of fighting over small misunderstandings do come up and since there is no wall between work and home life, it can make a marriage really hard to survive.

8. He Does Not Want Children Yet

They say we do not marry in order to have children, but rather because we love someone. Children are said to be a fringe benefit of marriage. It is, however, every woman’s dream to carry a child, have them and watch them grow. Loving someone who is categorical about not wanting children can be quite devastating for a woman. Bella wants children, but John seems reluctant to have any, probably because he is so much going on in his career and children do tend to come with some expectations and can take up a lot of our time.

For a career person, having a child seems to turn your days into 36-hour days because they can be needy and demand a lot of attention. These two are both wrestlers and having children would interfere with their promising careers. For Bella, it would mean losing her muscled body for a few months or years and putting her career on hold and for John, it would mean making a lot more time for her and the family. As much as he loves kids, he is totally opposed to taking on the responsibility that comes with having kids.

7. He Had Affairs before His Divorce

John Cena and his ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau had marital disagreements, mostly fueled by his wife’s claims that he was adulterous. Her evidence, his increasing attachment to Nikki Bella and of course the rumours about Maria and Kelly Kelly. Even though John Cena vehemently denied this, it has been said that a woman can sense these things. When he filed for divorce his ex-kept up the allegations and their divorce had signs of being a really strained one. She, however, retracted the accusations and they had an amicable divorce.

It is said that what is good for the goose is definitely good for the gander and having come between two people in a marriage, a woman always has this fear that what she did to someone else could happen to her. This nagging feeling of dejavu is probably what will contribute to this divorce as Nikki may be seeing shadows where there are none. John, on the other hand, may look elsewhere, seeing as there isn’t a shortage of pretty women on the WWE. Besides, a leopard never changes its spots.

6. The 75-Page Cohabitation Agreement

When two people are dating and in love, there comes a time when they decide to live together before the marriage. This is a normal occurrence, but what was weird about this relationship is that John made Nikki sign a 75-page cohabitation agreement before she could move into his house. Even though she did sign it, she found this controlling. I guess she was truly in love because most women would see that as a sign that the relationship is doomed.

When we are in love, it is meant to be blind and for most of us, we jump into the fire before we can even don protective gear. John supposedly had her sign the agreement because of his turbulent divorce barely a year earlier, but we find this excuse ridiculous. They were not married and therefore there was no way she could lay claim to his property, so why the agreement? How distrustful can you be to make someone sign a ‘pre-prenuptial’ agreement even when you have not put a ring on it?

5. She was a Rebound

John started dating Niki barely four months after his divorce from ex-wife Elizabeth. He had previously been rumoured to be having affairs with other women, but he did not wind up with any of them. Nikki was also dating Dolph Ziggler, but they had split up and she hooked up with John.

Rebound relationships do work, but in some cases, the fire dies down and the couple winds up separating. Nikki and John’s relationship is the slowest of them all, seeing as they started dating in 2012 and only got engaged in 2017, five years later. While this is normal for regular couples, celebrities tend to prefer shotgun engagements and it is not surprising to hear of a marriage one month after meeting. While Nikki always wanted to marry John, he was adamant that he did not want to get married again and he did not want kids. This could be the reason the engagement lasted so long.

4. They Work Together

Living with someone puts a strain on a relationship. Some married couples cannot stand each other’s bad habits. It is worse when you live with someone and then have to work with them as well. That translates to 24 hours of being around a person. It can get sickening. Relationships also get strained because petty work-based misunderstandings are taken home and it is hard for such couples to differentiate between the personal and work. It is not uncommon to see workmates becoming lifetime enemies and this is scary where marriages are concerned.

This celebrity couple has been working together for years now and when WWE was divided into Raw and Smackdown, Nikki chose to join John in Smackdown. She says she did it for John, but for a guy who is known to date wrestlers it could just be that she is trying to keep an eye on her man to prevent what happened to Elizabeth from happening to her. Being workmates and actors, one is left to wonder what they talk about when they get home, seeing as their experiences are all the same. Their personal lives must be pretty boring.

3. They are Both Hot Tempered

Every couple fights and some people tend to think that a couple that does not fight is doomed.  Some couples fight worse than others, but it is advised that when two people get angry, for the conflict to be resolved, one of them has to come down. Conflicts can never be resolved when people raise their voices and try to out-argue the other. Arguments only escalate a situation and in most cases when people argue, things are said that can never be unsaid.  

This couple is full of drama. They are both hot-tempered and whenever they fight, they do it in loud voices with screaming matches and throwing things. Their fights are never amicable. Much like their wrestling bouts, they have screaming matches that escalate fast. We feel they would both be able to hold their own if the fights got physical, seeing as they are both wrestlers, but we also feel that they both need a few sessions of anger management. If they do not find a way to tamper their tempers, they may just wind up in a divorce court faster than anticipated.

2. He Has OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) comes in so many forms and while it can have a devastating effect on some people making it hard for them to relate to others, it can be quite manageable in others and it is even known to make some people’s lives better. I mean, people who suffer from OCD can be quite organized and they are the best students because they believe in repeating until everything is perfect.

John has a milder form of OCD where he prefers things done a certain way. This form of OCD may be the reason his first marriage broke up where he sighted home improvements as part of the reason he filed for divorce. He loves his house and he has issues with people changing things from his preferred pattern. This could also explain the 75-page cohabitation agreement. This form of OCD brings a lot of strife in his relationships and could be reason enough for any woman to kick him to the curb, I mean, which woman wants to be forbidden from changing the drapes in her own house?

1. They are in the Limelight

Nothing puts a strain on a relationship more than too much publicity. Look at Princess Diana, the Kardashians and even Beyoncé and Jay Z. While it is glamorous to be a celebrity, the constant media glare can put a strain on any relationship. It requires a lot of discipline and a very stiff backbone for one to survive a media onslaught.

John and Nikki are not only WWE celebrities, they also have two reality shows  Total Bellas and Total Divas.  Being in a reality show means that they are followed by millions of people and that people tweet and constantly analyze their lives. The public puts a lot of strain on celebrities and their constant expectations and scrutiny.

Being in the limelight also makes their lives more public than private. A mere visit to the supermarket becomes breaking news and a minor road mishap can be blown out of proportion in an instant. This can get sickening for some people and they may decide to part ways in order to enjoy a little privacy, perhaps by marrying outside of the limelight.

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