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10 Reasons Joe Rogan Is The Manliest Man

Joe Roagn is a man of many talents including comedian, martial arts enthusiast and commentator. He made news recently for having tech billionaire Elon Musk on his podcast. Footage from the interview show Musk smoking pot and drinking whiskey, manly behavior perhaps encouraged by Rogan. Few people will question the manliness of a man who has spent a lot of time around violent men who enjoy battling other men in hand to hand combat. But Rogan is also tough enough to go onstage and perform standup comedy in front of a hostile audience – that takes real guts and makes him the manliest man.

10. A Conspiracy Hoax?

Between 1969 and 1972 NASA launched 6 successful Apollo missions to the moon. A total of 12 astronauts walked on the moon, collected samples and took photographs. This hasn’t stopped a small, but vocal community from accusing the United States government of perpetuating a massive hoax on the world. These conspiracy theorists hunt through photographs and grainy video footage in search of “evidence” of their wild claims. Joe Rogan was one of these conspiracy theorists and had talked about it on his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.” To his credit, however, Rogan has changed his opinion after looking into the matter more closely. During an episode of his show in November of 2017 the host was man enough to admit that he didn’t know enough about physics and related sciences to make definitive claims about the conspiracy theories. Although during the interview he appears to maintain that some photographs were in fact faked he no longer equates this with a concerted hoax to fake the landings. Perhaps he will cover other conspiracy on his podcast going forward. He can always delve into the “flat Earth” conspiracy or the classic Free Masons conspiracies. Changing his mind and admitting he was wrong was a manly thing to do and Rogan deserves credit for it.

9. The Better Half

The say that behind every great man there is a great woman. It seems that behind manly man Joe Rogan there is a beautiful woman and mother. Jessica Schimmel, born in Scottsdale Arizona in 1978, agreed to become Joe Rogan’s wife in 2009, but decided to keep her maiden name for privacy reasons. The couple has 3 daughters together and they live in the Los Angeles area. Although the exact details of how they met have not been made public they both have worked in television for years. Jessica worked as a production assistant on several programs and her father, comedian Robert Schimmel had a long career in show business. Robert and his daughter appeared together on The Howard Stern Show several times. Tragically, in 2010 another Schimmel daughter was behind the wheel when her and her father Robert were involved in a serious automobile crash. Aliyah survived, but Robert died of his injuries at the age of 60. Jessica continues to shun the spotlight, but has been quoted as saying “I have a boring life of driving whatever car I want.” This is the kind of woman you’d expect a manly man to have. We can assume that Jessica is the calming voice of reason when Joe starts to get a little too amped up over a weird conspiracy or a difficult guest.

8. Colorful Man

Joe Rogan started his successful career as an entertainer as a stand up comedian. Most people will agree that facing an audience alone on stage can be a daunting challenge, but at least no one is throwing punches – at least not usually. Rogan had an interest in mixed martial arts and was able to turn this interest into a new career when he became a commentator for the popular MMA organization UFC. Rogan has called more than 2,500 fights over the years and is very much associated with the sport by many of the fans. Rogan was one half of a very effective broadcasting team. He called 2308 fights with Mike Goldberg making them the most prolific and recognized broadcasting duo in the history of the sport. Not only has Rogan worked extensively as a color commentator, he also has done a lot pre/post fight interviews with the fighters and is known for getting the athletes to say interesting things. In 2014 Rogan’s UFC career hit a serious snag when he tested positive for drug use, which was assumed to be marijuana. The violation caused him to be suspended from the UFC for a brief time before being reinstated by UFC president Dana White. Rogan has stepped into his share of controversy working for the UFC, but fans consider him to be an important part of the MMA culture.

7. Fight Club

Rogan competed in taekwondo in his early twenties and trained for years in Brazilian jui-jitsu, but is not a professional MMA fighter as many people believe. He has joked about not wanting to get is ass kicked as the reason he stays out of the octagon and is content to offer his commentary. But even if he doesn’t make his living beating people up he likes to train as though he does. MMA training was a passion for him even before he began his entertainment career as a stand up and then with hosting duties on the popular show Fear Factor. Rogan summed up the importance of training in his life when he said “The two things I understand best are stand-up comedy and martial arts. Both of these things require an ultimate grasp of the truth.” You have to be objective about your own skills and abilities to compete in both of these high pressure arenas. Rogan enjoys the intensity and focus mixed martial arts demands because it forces him to get out of his head and get a break from the pressures of daily life. The nuts and bolts of his workouts consist of a lot of sparring sessions with his friends in the octagon he built in his garage. He is also a big proponent of kettle bell sessions he adapted from the teachings of Mark Cheng. He believes that these workouts give him a good balance of strength, balance and flexibility and are a great complement to his MMA workouts.

6. Monkey Business

Sometimes it seems as though everyone is in the ball cap and t-shirt business and apparently everyone includes Joe Rogan. Rogan’s clothing company is called Higher Primate and it is an online business that sells a selection of hats, shirts and other accessories such as coffee mugs and tumblers. To the chagrin of some of his fans, Higher Primate also offers a line of fanny packs that are referred to as “Root Bags” on the site, but that doesn’t make it OK. Why is Joe Rogan – manly man selling fanny packs? The simple answer is money – the bags retail for $125.00. The t-shirts are mostly standard fair including one that admonishes you to “Conquer Your Inner Bitch” and another that shows off an “Iron Chimp Expresso” design complete with cartoon primate. The graphic t-shirts will set you back $30.00 plus shipping. Some fans on social media have complained about the prices and particularly the seemingly high shipping prices. Like many successful people, Rogan appears to be walking that fine line between devil may care rebel and corporate sell out. His fans will eventually decide which one they think he is. Either way – what are the chances he wears one of those fanny packs…root bags to the octagon?

5. Dying Is Easy, Comedy Is Hard

Some people say that it was 17th century British stage actor, Edmund Kean, who said “dying is easy, comedy is hard.” Whether or not this attribution is correct the sentiment is certainly a real one. Joe Rogan began his stand up comic career in 1988 near Boston. When he was in his early twenties his martial arts buddies encouraged him to give stand-up a try. After 6 months of preparing and practicing his act he went on stage at Stitches Comedy Club on an open mic night. His style of material has been described as bawdy or blue, which probably describes the vast majority of comedians’ material today. While he was trying to get his comedy career off the ground he taught martial arts as well as working a series of odd jobs including limousine driver. In 1990 he got his first break in show business when a talent agent who saw his act offered to represent him. Two years after his debut he moved to New York to try to break into the next level. Fours years after the move to the Big Apple he moved to Los Angeles and signed a development deal with the entertainment giant, The Disney Corporation. he appeared on the television shows Hardball and NewsRadio. In 2000 he released a comedy special. The program was a success and it was followed by 7 more specials. 

4. Experience Joe Rogan

The Joe Rogan Experience was launched in 2009 by none other than Joe Rogan and fellow comedian Brian Redban. The audio and video podcast has a loyal following and has become one of the most popular shows on the Internet. Rogan’s program is pretty freewheeling and covers topics ranging from marijuana legalization to mixed martial arts. In 2011 The Joe Rogan Experience was picked up by the pay satellite radio company Sirius XM and began airing on its talk channel The Virus. On August 18, 2017 the show reached its milestone 1,000th episode and appears to still be going strong. Rogan is known to be very passionate about the show and often records the show for 6 or 7 hours at a time. Because of Rogan’s grueling pace the show hired a full time producer to replace Brian Redban. Freed from his time consuming producing responsibilities, Redban returned as a frequent guest on the show. The hard work has paid off and by 2015 the show could boast more than 16 million downloads a month. Free speech has been an important part of America’s principles and culture and The Joe Rogan Experience is a manly example of the first amendment in action.

3. The Roganmobile

Joe Rogan has become quiet successful in the entertainment business and one of the fruits of this considerable success was hiring Rad Rides by Troy to build him his ultimate manly muscle car. Rad Rides rewarded Rogan with a beautiful 1970 Dodge Barracuda. Barracuda’s are a classic example of 1970’s muscle cars and continue to have a loyal fanbase among hot rod enthusiasts. This particular Barracuda apparently holds a special place in Rogan’s heart and is a tribute to an old junker his mom gave him when he was struggling to make it as a stand-up comedian. Rad Rides was given a fairly big budget and freedom to follow the experts’ instincts to produce a truly special car for Rogan. They started by buying a 1970 Barracuda for $13,000 that was in pretty good condition then they went to work on it. The refurbishing project covered everything form fixing body damage to adding custom accents. The hot rod boasts an impressive fuel-injected 650 horsepower Hemi. The car is painted a somewhat elegant, but still manly color called Sporty Silver and satin charcoal used on the taillight panel, grille and hoodscoop that really makes the silver pop. Safety is also manly so the interior features 5-point harnesses that are welded to a full steel roll cage. Any way you look at it the Roganmobile is a pretty sweet ride.

2. Fight Factor

For several years Joe Rogan hosted the popular reality show called Fear Factor. Although this show is technically not scripted like conventional dramas and sit-coms, this and other reality shows are heavily managed to keep negative surprises to a minimum. However, things got real really fast during the filming of one episode of Fear Factor in 2016. It all started when an angry and aggressive female contestant shoved another contestant and was taken to task by Rogan for her obnoxious behavior. The irate woman’s husband, also a competitor on the show, went after Rogan to defend his wife’s supposed honor. This was a mistake because Rogan has practiced several forms of martial arts since he was a teenager and more importantly does not suffer fools. Before things could get too ugly another contestant, Michael Mizanin, who is a WWE wrestler known as The Miz, stepped in to separate the the would be combatants before any real damage could be done. The point is there is a lot of manliness to go around on Fear Factor: Joe Rogan did what he had to do to maintain the semblance of order on the show. The Miz, a formidable athlete in his own right, stepped up to help Rogan out when the situation called for it. Manly high fives all around.

1. The Elon Musk Experience

Elon Musk has quite an interesting biography: he has South African, Canadian and United States citizenship and is the founder of SpaceX, co-founder of Tesla, Inc., co-founder of Neuralink and co-founder of PayPal. His business ventures put him in the forefront of high technology industries as he tries to push hybrid automobiles, bio-computer interfaces and commercial space operations. He is an accomplished and famous venture capitalist who is known around the world as a larger than life character known for colorful statements on Twitter. However, his recent appearance on the popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience may push him into infamous territory. Musk can be seen and heard smoking marijuana and drinking whiskey during a wide ranging interview that lasted for more than 2 hours. There were also a flame thrower and a Samurai sword, but strangely these items get less attention than the drugs and alcohol. He briefly discussed his Boring Company that is trying to dig underground roads to relieve traffic congestion in Los Angeles, but admitted that red tape is making it very difficult. All of this seems like pretty manly stuff and it was an amazing scoop for Rogan. There were a lot of reactions on social media both good and bad. Musk has a bit of a cult following and for them the interview probably made him into a legend.

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